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"Release the— bogus!"

Duuuude! This guy is, like, Totally Radical! He's a lot like The Stoner, except, like, mostly without the drugs, man. But, you know, he might smoke some pot once in a while, dude. Most of them don't actually surf, although some may own a surfboard for the sake of validity. But they're still most totally gnarly, bros. And they're most excellent in Surfer Speak. They all tend to like, live in California, because California is, like, most excellent and all that. If not California dude, expect to be, like, Hawai'i, Australia, or any cool place with a cool beach, with all the sun and the sand dude, and totally surfable waves with a lot'o rip. Plus, there are way many hot babes there, dude! Most triumphant!

You comparin' that to Valley Girl, my man? And remember, Like Is, Like, a Comma.

Examples, dudes and dudettes!

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    Abridged Series 

    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Surfing culture is an important part of the American manga Goofyfoot Gurl.
  • One of the villains in Madame Mirage is the aptly-named Dude, a airheaded surfer and bodybuilder from Malibu
  • Impact of Cyberforce was a carefree surfer until the accident that killed his father horribly maimed him. He still has long, unruly hair, though.
  • One Marvel What If? Comic parodied the Silver Surfer by giving him this kind of characterization.
  • Superboy learns to surf while living in Hawaii and incorporates some surfer lingo and local pidgin into his already odd vocabulary.

  • In the Captain Planet and the Planeteers fanfic Heroes For Earth, Gi's personality is that of a genius who is all about surfing and enjoying the life of a beach bum after her finishing college, until she gets a magic ring from the spirit of the Earth that allows her to control water and changes her life forever.

    Films — Animated 
  • Chicken Joe and Geek/Big Z from Surf's Up.
  • Finding Nemo had that awesome elder statesman of surfing, Crush the Turtle. For a totally bogus time, he was going to be more of a gnarly balls-out insane hippie dude. Then the director hung out with some aging surfers, realized how totally cool they were, and a scene-stealer was born.
  • Daphne Blake in Aloha, Scooby-Doo!.

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live-Action TV 
  • The Amanda Show: Totally Kyle, dudes!
  • Colorful character Roy G. Biv in Beakman's World.
  • Lucky London from Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. His transformation phrase was even "Surf's up!"
  • Michael Westen from Burn Notice pretends to be one of these for a bit in an episode in season one. He notably rolls his eyes when he stops with the "Duuuuuuuude!"
  • Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars. And what a name for a Surfer Dude, dude.
  • Spinelli from General Hospital starts off as this. His surfer slang turns to Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness over the course of the few years he's been on through transformation into The Woobie.
  • Zoe from Knight Rider 2008, while being a Cunning Linguist and Asian and Nerdy, speaks like a surfer (awesome is her favorite word) so it is no surprise when she turns out to be an actual surfer chick, which allows her to get some field experience in 'Knight of the Iguana'.
  • Wilder from The Latest Buzz is more of a skateboarder, but his speech is, like, totally Surfer Dude.
  • One episode of Seinfeld has Elaine dating a guy named Tony. He is not a surfer, but he has a surfer-like attitude, and he likes dangerous activities. George admires him, but Jerry is not impressed.
  • Deconstructed in Angry Boys. The Mucca Mad Boys are a violent gang and the entire town hates them.
  • Bucket and Skinner of Bucket And Skinners Epic Adventures
  • Bayside High School in Saved by the Bell seems to be largely populated by surfer dudes and dudettes. The show was set in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles, so this is probably Truth in Television for any high school or college located in that particular area of Los Angeles county in Real Life. Bayside High School and the surrounding areas like the movie theater or the mall are just chock full of this subculture, as Surfer Dudes wander around the halls of Bayside so that they can comment that whatever Zack and his friends are up to is "radical!" and "awwwesome." Played for Laughs of course. Naturally, the episodes that take place at the Malibu Sands beach resort have the gang interacting with a veritable army of surfer dudes and dudettes (much to Stacy Carosi's initial chagrin).
  • A young James Caan played one in the Kraft Suspense Theatre episode "The Hunt".
  • Emerald Cove, the teen soap that was a Show Within a Show on the 1990s revival of The Mickey Mouse Club, featured a character nicknamed "Wipeout", who was an avid surfer and is actually Smarter Than You Look, but didn't like people to know that side of him.
  • Oddly flipped around in Power Rangers Ninja Storm - while Tori was the pro surfer of the team, it was motorbike fanatic Dustin who most resembled this stereotype.
  • KrisMunroe on Charlie's Angels.
  • Parodied on The Nightly Show whenever Larry interviews a "Radical Muslim"... invariably on the beach or the slopes. He's a totally radical Muslim who thinks it's like, totally bogus the way his religion is being misused and mischaracterized.


  • The Beach Boys popularized surfing and its style in their early days, and are still commonly associated with the sport. However, Dennis Wilson and Bruce Johnston were the only ones of the band who surfed in real life.
  • Weezer, who don't surf either, lightheartedly spoof this trope in "Surf Wax America."
  • Many songs by The Ziggens either feature surfer lingo or exaggerated fake surfer accents, including "Outside," "Surf's Up," and numerous instrumentals.

    Newspaper Comics 


    Professional Wrestling 
  • "Surfer" Ray Odyssey, whose ring attire looked like a wet suit, minus the mask and flippers. He had stints in the National Wrestling Alliance, American Wrestling Association, ECW and others. He was a jobber in the WWF though he did manage to beat Tasmaniac. He was part of the Surf & Turf tag team with Jimmy Deo and the Beach Bullies with Inferno Kid.
  • Sting used to have a surfer dude look before settling on a The Crow-inspired Perky Goth look that he would become best known for.
  • The Sandman, before he became known for drinking beer, originally had that name in reference to the fact he was a surfer dude.
  • Rob Van Dam sometimes talked like this in WWE. In TNA he began to act much differently, although sometimes he still acknowledges that the Surfer Dude is part of his personality. He is also The Stoner.
  • The perpetually depressed Raven regards his time as surfer dude Scotty Flamingo with shame and will degenerate into madness if the crowd chants Scotty, Flamingo or anything surfer related at him.
  • Chuck Palumbo's first gimmick was that of a surfer called "The Dude".
  • Genki Horiguchi was at first known for having a long haired surfer gimmick, however, fans began chanting H-A-G-E at him in Toryumon when his hair started receding. So he became the HAGE of evil, one of the most popular wrestlers in Dragon Gate.
  • Micah Taylor, who was dubbed "Sandy Beach" in Pro Wrestling Zero 1 because of this trait and his dirty blond hair. His finishing move is, not surprisingly, Wipe Out.
  • Tracy Taylor's not so much a surfer dude but a lover of all good things Hawaii, which just happens to include surfing.
  • From Kaiju Big Battel came Tadd Bradley, Hawaiian Paddler who was a surfer martial artist chicken from Hawaii. Most of his finishing moves make use of his board too.
  • Puerto Rican Gangster Grizzled Youth by contrast has laughed at his time as a jobber surfer dude and has poked fun at the "Dreadlocked Demolition Man" Tyler Reks for his own period as a jobber surfer dude in WWECW.
  • In Chikara, The Stoner tag team Up In Smoke became surfer dudes.
  • Randy McKenzie carries a surfboard to the ring and his wrestling gear even resembles swim trunks.
  • The Magnificent Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title holder Johnny Wave, a throwback surfer dude. Even his photos are washouts.
  • After Demolition dissolved, Brian Adams entirely changed his ring gear and attitude, entering his face "Kona Crush" era, wherein he emphasized his Hawaiian background and would frequently throw "shaka brah"s.
  • In Progress Wrestling there's Chuck Mambo, in and out of the ring. Beach balls are even thrown around the crowd while he makes his entrance.

    Video Games 
  • Funky Kong from the Donkey Kong games, especially in the cartoon, where they gave him a Rasta voice that was somehow even sillier.
  • Ivan Rodriguez in Snatcher was an air surfer, dude. Subverted when it turned out he actually did have the drugs, also, dude.
  • Disgaea: Prinnies, dood!
  • Jeff from Maniac Mansion! Gnarly!
  • Snap Lockitt from LEGO Island.
  • Bonaire in Alundra, though that was probably an invention by Working Designs.
  • Dynasty Warriors
    • Ling Tong, in Dynasty Warriors 6. Especially hilarious because this game is set in ancient China.
    • Sun Ce was this in Dynasty Warriors 4. He even calls Sun Jian 'pops', not 'father'. By the 5th installment, he drops it.
    • Maeda Keiji has a surfer accent in Samurai Warriors 2, though he didn't use the associated slang. In the crossover and future titles, he dropped the accent.
    • Beecher gets a similar treatment in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series.
  • Super Macho Man has fully transformed into once of these in the Wii edition of Punch-Out!!.
    • He had elements of Surfer Dude beforehand. His new Theme Music positively screams this. Nintendo was probably going this route when they created him, but he ended up looking like a psychopathic killer in the arcade Super Punch-Out and a mafia-esque thug in the NES version. They did get the look right in the SNES Super Punch-Out, though.
  • The surfer otter from Spyro: A Hero's Tail on Coastal Remains, who gave you the "Fill the Pool" mini quest. He was such an obvious parody that his talk after you beat the quest is nothing but him saying the word dude a dozen times.
  • Totally Rad, dude!
  • In the American version of Kingdom Hearts II, Xigbar has this accent, though he's not just ANY old dude…
  • Erik Stream from Backyard Skateboarding.
  • Matt Engarde from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All totally talks like this, dude. Like, even when he's arrested, y'know? At least until he decides to drop the charade...
  • Ximon in Daxter
  • Inverted in Pokémon. Morty, a Ghost Gym Leader, has a look very similar to a stereotypical surfer dude in GSC. His design was changed to fit his type in HGSS, though.
  • The Gunner in Monday Night Combat, who is even actually Hawaiian. His taunts include touting Maui as the best and using his dual mini gun as a board! "Become one with Kai, brah."
  • Deanu, one of the Kid Kings from Monster Tale.
  • Moose in Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan. And this dude talks in Surfer Slang, bro.
  • Inazuma Eleven has an Okinawan student Tsunami Jousuke, introduced as a regular Surfer Dude who also happens to be in a football club. His initial special ability in a football match is to create a huge wave out of nowhere and surf along it. See it yourself.
  • Yun-seong dresses like one in Soul Calibur III.
  • Double Dragon Neon runs on nostalgic Camp and applies "bro" anywhere it possibly can (Bro-op, Bro-dozer, Ro-Bro) along with Billy and Jimmy using words like "tubular" or "un-gnarly".
  • Reality-On-The-Norm has the character Josh Beachcomber, who is the protagonist of the game Purity of the Surf.
  • Wonder Blue from The Wonderful 101.
  • The North American version of Super Mario World uses some of the lingo for the names of the Special World stages.
  • Doc from Chrono Cross.
  • Artie from Labyrinthine Dreams has some of these traits, including referring to everyone as "man" or "dude" regardless of gender.
  • Surfer Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. He took up surfing because he thought it would make him look cool. But then he was a natural, and he did become cool.
    • In fact, the entire Big Wave Beach world is built around this. Dr. Zomboss even writes in surfer speech.
  • Ponder Stibbons speaks that way in Discworld II. Possibly because he's made to resemble a computer scientist from California.
  • Mega Man Star Force has Ken Suther, owner of the Battle Card shop "Big Wave". In the third game he gets a Wizard named Hang Ten who matches the motif.
  • The pastor in The Darkside Detective.
  • Slipstream 5000 has Ted "Malibu" Beech, one of the drivers. He comes from California, talks Totally Radical, dresses like he's on a beach (rather than a racetrack), and calls his vehicle the Wave Rider.


    Web Originals 
  • Inverted in a way with Joseph Trundle, a basketball player in the Furry Basketball Association. He is an English nobleman—12th Baron Overstone, to be exact. (Yes, he is often called Lord Trundle, a Shout-Out to the Fern Hollow series). He has the appropriate mannerisms and accent of the peerage—but is an avid surfer, and plans to use a ocean-side manor in northern Scotland as a surfing resort when he retires from sports, advertising the waves as some of the most dangerous in the world.
    • The one who taught him to surf, Desmond Macon, fits this trope to a T.
  • From We Are Our Avatars, there's William Palakiko. He is also Broseidon, God of the Brocean. This fits him because surfers would love to manipulate the ocean tides to get few "gnarly" waves.
  • Positivo from Lazyworkcreations is a surfer dude character who as his name implies is positive.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Craig Venter, CEO of Celera Gemonics and head of the parallel Human Genome Project. He has now joined together his love of the water and love of biology by running a gene sequencing lab on a yacht.
  • Kary Mullis, 1993 Nobel laureate in chemistry. He surfs, does LSD, lives in California, and is quite nuts.
  • Hollister, a sub-brand of Abercrombie and Fitch, tries to cultivate this trope in promotional images.
  • "Rockin' Fig," a fixture of the Southern California surf scene for decades. He served as the announcer for the US Open of Surfing for years, gave daily surf reports on Los Angeles' KROQ, and runs a surf shop in Huntington Beach.
  • A good command of English is pretty much the hallmark of a good education/upbringing in Israel, so you can hear more well-to-do people peppering their speech with English loanwords and phrases, and some young Israelis even go as far as communicating very often if not (almost) exclusively in English when chatting online. Among the more common words used, younger people often use the loanword ‘dude’ (even imitating the long vowel―Hebrew doesn’t have those) only when saying, e.g., ‘Dude, seriously/wow,’ so ironically, saying ‘dude’ like that in Israel pretty much conveys the message of ‘I’m cool and laid back but also smart and kinda rich’.
  • Chris Hemsworth is such a passionate surfer that he once broke into Manly Tears over his dad meeting and surfing with legendary surfer Kelly Slater.