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Beth: I'm not sure where I'll end up, but it has to be an improvement. What's that saying? "Life sucks and then you die?" Pretty much. But how did I even get here?

Labyrinthine Dreams is a moody, unique puzzle game made with RPG Maker VX Ace about a sick young woman named Beth, who is on the verge of death. While dreaming, she reflects on significant moments in her life. After a traumatic childhood and an uncertain entry into adulthood, she was just beginning to find herself when she was diagnosed with a serious illness. As she wanders the dreamscape, Beth wonders if she should simply give up on her difficult life or if it's worth it to fight for a better future.

The core of the game is a series of mazes separated by brief portions of the story. Each of the mazes has a unique mechanic, challenging the player while also complementing the narrative. For example, the first set of mazes force Beth to find her way through without ever turning left while she reflects on how her life was compromised by arbitrary rules of the real world. She also has recurring encounters with a monster who seems to represent her illness but may also represent the forces that drove her to despair before she even got sick.

Released in May 2014, Labyrinthine Dreams is the first commercial work from the team at Solest Games, who were previously known for Freeware Games like Master of the Wind and X-Noir. After establishing the story and gameplay with a demo version, the team raised a small budget on Kickstarter and were able to considerably upgrade the game. The final version features art from several contributors, including Ronove of Star Stealing Prince fame, as well as voice acting and a full original score.

Labyrinthine Dreams can be purchased on Steam here.

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