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The gang's all here.note 

U.S. Acres was a short-lived comic strip created by Jim Davis, far better known for his role as the creator of Garfield, and assisted by Brett Koth. The strip focused on a cast of talking animals who lived together on an unnamed farm:

  • Orson, a pig with an overactive imagination and fondness for books
  • Roy, a prankster rooster
  • Booker, a yellow chick
  • Sheldon, a partially-hatched chick
  • Wade, a paranoid duck who is afraid of everything
  • Lanolin, a really mean sheep
  • Bo, her really kind (but not too smart) brother
  • Cody and Blue, a puppy and kitten, respectively

The strip, begun in March 1986, was not a success (especially compared to Garfield), and it came to an end just three years and one month later in April 1989. As a result, U.S. Acres and its cast are much better-known in animated form, due to appearing in Garfield and Friends. There, it existed for seven years as the "B" in that series's A-B-A format – that's right, the animated version lasted more than twice as long as the strip did!


They also have their own Facebook page.

The characters also appeared in the Android and iOS Garfield's Defense' games to help said title character against food aliens and zombies.

Known as Orson's Farm outside the US and on the Garfield and Friends DVD set, since the versions used are international instead of domestic. The strip is also referenced as such on the "Professor Garfield" children's educational website.

Paws, Inc. has reposted all strips on Garfield's website, here.

The rights to the franchise were sold to Viacom, along with Garfield, in August 2019. Whether or not there are plans to do anything with the U.S. Acres franchise remains to be seen.


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