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The strip is Orson hallucinating as he slowly dies of hunger on the side of the road.
Similar to the Garfield fan theory. About 3 weeks into the strip, Orson is taken from his mother (since he's the runt and would probably starve if left there) but falls off the pick-up truck taking him away onto the side of the road. Orson demonstrates a strong sense of imagination later on but who's to say that it wasn't always there? It's possible that the farm and everyone on it are a way of coping. He may have found an abandoned farm nearby and imagined friends to keep him company. It would explain how it took so long to meet some characters like Bo and Lanolin, despite everybody living on the same farm. It would also explain why everybody's appearance changed over time and why Cody and Blue disappeared from the strip.
  • That's the OLDEST WMG in the book! Charlie Brown 'imagined' his friends, Angelica Pickles 'imagined' her friends, Arnold 'imagined' his friends, Spongebob hallucinates. Besides, it's Jossed, since his friends can speak to US in Facebook.

Sheldon is a Time Lord.
No prize for guessing what his TARDIS is.

The Little Girl who found Orson, is adopted by Doc Boy.
If Orson and the gang do live in the Arbuckle farm, then the little girl is possibly adopted cause we never heard much about her and Doc Boy's not married. It may have took place sometime after the Garfield chrismas special and of course before the Orson and the others joined in U.S.Acres.
  • Jossed by the book Garfield's Christmas Tales. In one of the stories featured in that book, in which Garfield helps Orson, Wade, and Roy win a snowball fight against Orson's brothers, U.S. Acres is actually confirmed to be right next door to the Arbuckle farm, so it's likely that the farmer and his daughter from the early strips are, in fact, the Arbuckle family's neighbors.
    • Darn...well, Orson and the gang may not live in the Arbuckle farm, but according to "Suburban Jungle" from the "Garfield and Friends" version, Jon still has a niece for some reason.

The TV show takes place in an alternate universe from the one seen in the comic, where Orson was born on the same barn as the rest of the characters.
  • Proof of this could be seen in the flashback sequences in "Caverns of Cocoa", because the ancestors that found the chocolate mine looked like Roy, Orson, and Wade.
    • Although Orson in the comic was born in a different farm from the one he currently lives in now and the other characters(besides Booker and Sheldon) might have lived somewhere else before moving to U.S.Acres, the Alternate Universe is highly likely. In the comic version, they're more like Talking Animals that grow up just like farm animals in real life while in the TV show, they're more in levels of Funny Animals because they grew up and went to school just like humans do. Their ancestors were also found in the two "Barn of Fear" episodes. Also in the TV show version Roy and Wade seemed to knew each other for over fourteen years according to "Once Upon a Time Warp". Although some of the "quickies" in the TV show may not follow through the continuity of the TV show episodes cause the quickies were based more on the comic version.

The episode "A Little Time Off" is really the finalized version of the episode "Much Ado About Orson".
  • Both episodes had similar plots (Orson wants to help Lanolin with chores). In "The Mail Animal", we only know that Orson was going to actually help Lanolin with chores by doing them for her, but possibly the creators of the show thought this plot was rather bland and wouldn't work, so they changed Orson doing Lanolin's chores to Orson taking her on an imaginary vacation through time. Plus, the idea for the episode was brought up during the period where episodes would have a song,so another possibly reason they changed it was because they couldn't write a song for it.
    • There were some exceptions, such as "Barn Of Fear". And in the actual episode itself, Wade sings "Wild Blue Yonder" for no reason at all.

The episode "The Discount Of Monte Cristo" predicted the reason for the end of the Garfield and Friends series, which was due to budget cuts.

When Paws Inc took down all the Garfield and Friends episodes off YouTube, they kept up the episode containing the episode "The Bad Sport" because Orson made a joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger in it.
  • They deleted that too.

Jodie gave Roy the stereo in "Wanted: Wade".

Snow Wade died not because she'd "try anything that's free", but because Orson did not want to save her because Orson secretly hates Wade.
  • I knew it! Stupid Orson! It explains a whole lot. I always thought Orson secretly hates Wade too but is too polite to say it to his face(Wade's sorrow wasn't pretty in "Quack to the future"). The friendship always on Wade's part while Orson always gets annoyed/tired with him and yells at him. Orson's not any better in the comic strip version and I always felt that Orson's trying to kill Wade on purpose but Wade's too stupid to notice.
  • But, it was the Wicked Queen (Lanolin) who gave Snow Wade the poison apple. Orson wasn't even present at that time. Unless you mean the scene where Orson was forced to replace Roy as the prince and had to kiss Snow Wade awake, then I can see how Orson's failed attempts at reviving Wade could be an implication that he secretly hates him.

Wade's songs were supposed to be on-key, but became off-key because Howie Morris goofed during the recording session of "What Harm Can It Do?"

Roy was jealous of Wade and Orson's friendship in the earlier episodes of Garfield and Friends.
  • According to the episode "Once Upon a Time Warp", Roy and Wade knew each other for fourteen years or so. They may have been close but something must've happened between them before they moved to the farm because we don't see them get as close again until the later seasons. Examples like "National Tapioca Pudding Day" when Roy asked Wade if the present was for him. Wade said it was for Orson which got Roy jealous and in "Fortune Kooky' it was weird that Roy was coming between Wade and Orson's picnic(though Orson tried to invite Bo with them). It was no contest though since the friendship between Wade and Orson felt kinda more one-sided on Wade's part(it looked more like Orson was trying to put up with Wade)and Orson was always getting annoyed or yelling at Wade and their friendship kinda went downhill in the middle/later seasons(He KILLED Wade in the snow Wade two part for pete's sake!). Roy hinted to to felt sorry for Wade about that, in the middle seasons. Luckily Roy and Wade's friendship eventually got back better(they're hints/moments of it in the early seasons, it was building up in the middle seasons and they got closer by the last three seasons).

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