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Pinball / Dr. Dude

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"Get hipper... with flippers!"
"Say Ahh-some!"

Welcome to the Kinetic Clinic! Dr. Dude is the coolest dude in the pinball universe, hands down — and because he's so cool, he wants to make you as cool as he is. While you're reading the Doc's story on the backglass, the nurse will check your reflexes and administer the "I" exam. Once that's done, go and gather up the three Elements of Coolness: a Magnetic Personality, the Heart of Rock 'n Roll, and the Gift of Gab. Then take the three of them, get yourself blended in the Molecular Mixmaster, and step under the EXcellent Ray for a blast of instant hip!

Dr. Dude (full title: Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray) is a Physical Pinball Table designed by Dennis Nordman with art by Greg Freres, released by Williams Electronics under the Bally label in 1990. Festooned with Comic Book pop-art, Speech Bubbles, and more surfer slang and puns than you can shake a thermometer at, this game challenges players to prove their cool by raising the Dude-O-Meter. The hotter you get, the cooler you'll be; if you can raise yourself up to a Super Dude, you'll get a chance to collect pinball's first-ever Gazillion Jackpot.


A digital version of this table was formerly available as part of FarSight Studios' The Pinball Arcade before their license to all Williams and Bally tables expired on July 1, 2018. Dr. Dude reappears on Pinball FX3 as part of Volume 6 on October 20, 2020.

This pinball game demonstrates the following tropes:

Surgeon Dude sez: Playing this game could make you "Way-Cool"... dig it!

Alternative Title(s): Dr Dude And His Excellent Ray