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A Sub-Trope of Fan Webcomics where a franchise as you know it (movie, TV series, cartoon, etc.) doesn't exist. Instead, the world and the characters are all part of a custom Tabletop RPG campaign. The player characters—playing the main characters of the original work—are completely new to this story, which the DM completely controls. The comic is composed of stills taken from the cartoon, TV show, or movies, with the players (who are never seen) providing both in-character and out-of-character dialogue, and the DM acting as both narrator and harried omnipotent author—and occasionally a character.

Oh, and some of them tend to have an Alliteration & Adventurers-style Alliterative Titlenote .

Shamus Young's DM of the Rings is the Trope Maker, since almost all of the comics it inspired use the same visual vocabulary (like yellow Speech Bubbles for the DM and NPCs).

Not to be confused with Interactive Comic. Or a RPG Mechanics 'Verse, where the rules are in play but there aren't a DM and players behind it all.