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Fanfic / Equestrylvania

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"Something is very wrong in Canterlot, and as the sun finally, reluctantly rises, it brings with it a very hollow morning, devoid of warmth or meaning. Today, Celestia is not here. The sun rises without its mother: it is awake and very, very afraid."

Formerly known as My Little Castlevania, Equestrylvania is a crossover fanfiction between the settings and characters of both the Castlevania and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic series, with a writing style inspired by Stephen King and an overall apocalyptic plotline that draws heavily from The Walking Dead.

While the story was originally broken up into Books, the author has decided to consolidate them into a single volume.

Despite the consolidation, there's still a separate story, Equestrylvania Adventure, which is a collection of side stories focusing on characters outside the Mane cast.

What a Horrible Night to Love and Tolerate These Tropes:

"What is a pony? Nothing but a miserable little pile of friendship!"

Alternative Title(s): My Littlecastlevania