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Tear Jerker / Equestrylvania

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  • Fluttershy burying her dead animals. If you've ever seen the show, you know how deeply she cares for her animal friends. It's almost like watching someone bury their babies...
  • Rarity's Heroic BSoD when Sweetie Belle is poisoned.
  • The very last scene of the first book. Twilight finds a group of dead foals in the hospital's boiler room, and finally breaks.
  • The first book's epilogue gives us Shatterstorm's Shower of Angst. He's... been through a lot.
    • And on the note of the epilogue, Sweetie Belle's recounting of her Dying Dream. Anyone who's ever read about a child nearly dying and dreaming of entering the kingdom of Heaven will feel it.
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  • Pretty much everything that's happened to Roseluck. By the second arc, she's completely broken, and declared mentally unstable and locked up in the hospital's mental ward.

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