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  • Actor Allusion: When Aeon reveals his backstory and mentions St. Germain, Rarity thinks the name sounds familiar.
  • Creator Backlash: The author has admitted that the interlude arc between the first two major arcs was a very boring excuse at World Building and laying groundwork for the rest of the stories proper in the series, and that if he could, he'd go back and rewrite it (but won't because it'd be a waste of time and effort).
  • Creator Breakdown: Currently (as of September 2014), the author is going through a real life Trauma Conga Line and suffering depression as a result, which is naturally slowing down his writing. He's stated his intention to keep writing, however.
    • He seems to have recovered.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Marble/White Dwarf was just going to be Actrise in disguise. But so many readers saw that coming, the author decided to rework the character.
    • In addition, Word of God is that Shatterstorm was actually supposed to die early on in the story.
    • Pinkie Pie was supposed to be the one that Shatterstorm and Spike ran into during their stroll through town, but for the sake of fleshing out the plot, it was made Rarity instead.
    • Soarin's first appearance got pushed back for pacing reasons.
    • The chapter that introduces Baldwin and Vinyl was meant to be an interlude during the portion of the story when Rainbow Dash and Shatterstorm are dealing with Rose Blade. However, it ended up moved to be published afterwards.
      • Upon consolidating the volume into a single book, however, the chapter was moved to its originally planned position.
    • The author's decision to consolidate the series into a single volume means that all plans for a multi-book style series have been scrapped.
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    • While consolidating the story, the author came across a set of old notes for the story, and then published in a blog some of the more notable changes between the original idea and what was written.

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