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  • So, Applejack's just found an Eldritch Abomination, a Wicked Witch, a Creepy Mortician, and A Creepy Ghost Guy with a Creepy Ghost Dog in her orchard, digging up an ancient rib. What does she do? Why, steal the rib right out from under their noses while kicking their asses, of course!
  • Rainbow Dash's first appearance — showing up like a superhero to rescue Lyra from a burning house.
  • Twilight Sparkle tricking Dirt Nap into following her after she teleported away Dracula’s rib. She'd hid it under Applejack's hat, and sent AJ running in the opposite direction.
  • Twilight casting a spell on Dracula's rib that's channeled to the other body parts and mutes their presence, keeping Dracula's minions from being able to find them easily.
    • What's doubly awesome about this? She casts it right in front of Actrise without her ever suspecting it!
  • Admit it. The first chapter of "Original Sin" had so much Castlevania fanservice it made you squee.
  • Twilight sees through Actrise's attempt to lure her into a trap by kidnapping Cadence, recognizes that she'd lose on a straight up fight, and refuses to play by the witch's rules, coming up with a counter strategy.
  • Babs, cornered in a literal hole in a wall in an alley by The Creature (Yes, THAT The Creature), defends herself by cutting off its hand.
  • Shatterstorm shows his Determinator side by slamming his body against his cell door — designed specifically to never be broken — for hours until he finally knocks it off its hinges.
  • Rainbow Dash matches Shatterstorm as a Determinator, fighting the Wharg when locked in a room with it, managing to hold her own even with her wings bound for the first part of the fight. And when she gets her wings free, she proceeds to own the fight, eventually beating the Wharg unconscious. After which, she has only one thing to say to the traitor Royal Guards who were treating the whole thing like a spectator sport.
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  • Shatterstorm's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Whisper White is gruesome, but also cathartic, given what a monster the guy is.
  • Rainbow Dash and Shatterstorm's escape from Rose Blade's base. While carrying Dash, Shatterstorm proceeds to smash through a barred iron gate and a window, outflies his pursuers, and then outruns a small army of Dracula's minions. And during that part, Dash helps out, launching small tornadoes at the monsters chasing them.
  • Twilight's first training duel with Sypha, which she wins by copying one of Sypha's spells. Sypha is impressed.

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