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  • All-Star Cast: Aside from Americans William Fichtner and Taye Diggs, the cast is full of fairly well-known (or soon to be well-known) British actors, including Christian Bale, Emily Watson, Angus Macfadyen, Sean Bean, and one of the last roles of David Hemmings.
  • Cast the Runner-Up: When it seemed like Christian Bale wouldn't be available, Dominic Purcell was cast as Preston. When Bale became available, Purcell was cast as Seamus.
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  • Creator Chosen Casting: Christian Bale was always Kurt Wimmer's first choice for John Preston after seeing him in American Psycho.
  • Completely Different Title: Known as Rebellion in Japan.
  • DVD Commentary: The director's commentary was primarily just a very long apology from Kurt Wimmer, apologizing for the various things that they had to cut corners on for bugetary reasons, and generally discribing the superior film that could have been made had they been given enough time and money.
  • Never Work with Children or Animals: According to the DVD Commentary, the story had to be changed slightly because the dog had grown too quickly and so they couldn't use it for reshoots. In several scenes, the same footage of the dog is used several times.
  • No Stunt Double: The only time Christian Bale used a double was for the two flips Preston does. Otherwise, he did all the action sequences himself, even completing the pistol whipping sequence in just 30 minutes.
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  • The Other Darrin: Preston's wife was played by two actresses. They'd shot the execution scene first, but when it came time to shoot the other flashback, they couldn't find the first actress and had to quickly find a substitute while not having the time or money to reshoot the other scene.
  • Shoot the Money: The interrogation scenes between Preston and Mary, despite simply being two people speaking to each other, were incredibly expensive. Mary required multiple dresses of various shades of pink, and each scene required a smaller table than the one preceding it. Director Kurt Wimmer felt that it was absolutely necessary, despite squeezing the film's already-tight budget, because the richer colors and the closing distance between the two characters showed that Preston was emotionally opening up and beginning to perceive beauty.
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  • Vindicated by Cable: The film was released with minimal promotion and was savaged as a low-rent Matrix rip-off. It took a few years, but people came around to appreciating it on its own merits and managed to make back enough money in home video sales so that Kurt Wimmer could go on to make the big-budget Ultraviolet (2006).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The final fight between Preston and Brandt was originally planned to be a longer running, more epic sword duel, especially with the set up from their practice fight earlier in the movie, but due to scheduling issues Taye Diggs was unable to be around for long enough for such a thing, so in the final product Preston kills Brandt easily with three swipes of his sword before Brandt can do a thing.
    • Daniel Radcliffe auditioned for the part of John Preston's son.
  • Word of God: Kurt Wimmer says that Brandt is under-medicated for most of the movie, which is why he constantly seems to be teetering on the edge of showing emotions.
  • Working Title: Librium.