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Fanfic / Erin's Total Magical Adventure

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Erin's Total Magical Adventure is a Mega Crossover Total Drama fanfic written by BubbleMomoko15. It's the spin-off of Total Drama and before its sixth season Total Drama Pahkitew Island. Unlike the actual series, this fanfiction, Lighter and Softer, which means less drama. In this fanfic, they are divided into teams and given challenges every three or so days; whenever a team loses a challenge they have to vote one of their members off the show, after a handful of contestants from either opposite team are eliminated (in a combined total between both teams), the teams merge and the remaining contestants compete as individuals and engage in a free-for-all where it's every man (and woman) for themselves. The last contestant standing wins C$1,000,000.


This story provides examples of:

  • Big Bad: The usual main antagonist is J.Z., while in some episodes, they are differents main antagonists.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Like All-Stars, this series basically brought back every Big Bad and villain who had ever appeared in the series (coupled with newcomer J.Z., a fan to Disney Villains to date) and put them on one team, where they predictably spend every challenge arguing and betraying each other. They only manage to stay in the game by doing what villains do best: deceit, blackmail and sabotage, but somehow they still end up winning more challenges than the heroes do.
  • Curse Cut Short: Lightning after when he got eliminated in "Logo Loco-Motive." He was going to call Jo and J.Z. an obscenity, but got teleported away by Truman X.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Erin, SG, Gard, Sylvia, Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, and especially Noah.
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  • Exhausted Eye Bags: All the contestants in "Wake the Hotel of the Dead" develop these as a result of the challenge being who can go the longest without sleep.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to its parent work, the fanfic is more light-hearted and has less drama, much to Courtney and Heather's chagrin.
  • Split Personality: Mike and Selene has this, althrough the former has it only inside a talisman.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl:
    • Within Team Hope, Sylvia and Gwen (tomboys) and Selene, Zoey, Kotone and Dawn (girly girls).
    • Within Team Wonder, Beth and Hollie (tomboys) and Lindsay, Coco and Shana (girly girls).
    • Within Team Spirit: Bridgette and Eva (tomboy) Anne Maria and Megumi (girly girls).
    • Within Team Jafar: Jo (tomboy) to Heather, Courtney and Blaineley (girly girls).
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: An episode had some of the contestants face their fears while inside of Haunted House. Some have legitimate fears while others have weird or silly fears.