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"But you and me we know we got nothin' but time.
And time won't give me time... Won't give me time."
Culture Club, "Time (Clock of the Heart)"

Of all the concepts in Speculative Fiction, Time Travel is probably the one that, over time, has provided us with the most possibilities for storytelling, and therefore the one that has been (clocked as having been) exploited the most. Whether you're casting a critical eye on the past, satirizing the present through a warped future, or just looking for an excuse to have dinosaurs rampaging through New York, time travel is the way to go. Or, possibly, the way to have been going. It's so hard to tell these days. Or those days. Or whatever. Or whenever. We tend to get grammatically confused when talking on this subject.


Also, try saying the name of this page ten times fast.

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