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When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.
I wish for a cool million dollars, right now!
(Beat Panel, nothing happens)
If Jiminy Cricket were here, I'd skoosh him.

Wish granting is a popular concept in fiction with numerous tropes, and several magical creatures and artifacts acquiescing to these desires, typically genies and fairies, but witches and wishing wells are not unheard of.


The wishes are commonly defined by the way they're granted. Hopefully they'll be carried out as you intended, but watch out if your words are taken literally, and woe betide you if they're deliberately misinterpreted...

See also Deal with the Devil for outright infernal entities who will grant your wish, although they usually have a rather demanding price.

Not to be confused with Wish Fulfillment, which is about the audience's wishes being fulfilled in the story.




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