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"Well, I wish it could be Christmas every day
When the kids start singing and the band begins to play..."
Wizzard, "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day"

A character or group of characters experiences "Christmas Every Day," sometimes as a "Groundhog Day" Loop or as Christmas literally occurring every day. Sometimes a Whole Plot Reference to the short story "Christmas Every Day" by William Dean Howells.


The reason for the repeats varies — a character who really loves Christmas might wish that that every day is Christmas Day, and it somehow comes true. In these cases, the entire cast might feel the holiday repeating. Alternatively, a "Groundhog Day" Loop resets to teach a character a lesson, often the True Meaning of Christmas or An Aesop about valuing friends and family during the holiday season. This variation will usually have only the protagonist (who, by contrast, dislikes Christmas) be aware of the resets. Either plot will also center around trying to find a way to break the loop.

Sister trope to "Gift of the Magi" Plot, How the Character Stole Christmas, It's a Wonderful Plot, and Yet Another Christmas Carol, other common Christmas-themed Whole Plot References. May be a series' Christmas Episode or a stand-alone Christmas Special.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Kimagure Orange Road: Kyosuke uses his Psychic Powers to repeat Christmas three times, trying to get to the party with the "right" girl (without pissing off Madoka or crushing Hikaru's happiness). No-one else is aware of the repeats.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics: In one issue, Jingles allows Archie to repeat Christmas Eve for a day so Archie can have more time to prepare, but the computer he used to turn back time gets frozen into a loop.
  • The 2018 Judge Dredd Christmas Episode, "Jingle All the Way" in 2000 AD Prog 2111, is set in March ... everywhere except Gareth Hule Block, where a psychic known only as "Mr Jingles" is making it eternally Christmas, whether the residents like it or not.

  • In Elmo Saves Christmas, Elmo wishes for it to be Christmas every day using a snowglobe. This causes things to go From Bad to Worse.
  • The film 12 Dates of Christmas, where a woman named Kate relives Christmas Eve over and over. She theorizes that the Love Triangle she's in might be the key to breaking the loop.
  • The Hallmark movie Pete's Christmas, where a selfish teenager named Pete relives Christmas over and over. Eventually, it leads to self-improvement and newfound appreciation for his family and friends.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas Eve: Calvin, a successful businessman who neglects those close to him, gets into an accident and is given twelve chances to achieve the perfect Christmas eve.
  • A Christmas Wedding Date: Rebecca flies to her hometown for her old friend's wedding on Christmas Eve, has a horrible experience, and then wakes up again. She realizes that the taxi driver who drove her to the venue is trapping her in a loop until she learns some lessons.
  • The 2000 TV movie of A Christmas Carol starring Ross Kemp follows the book plot but adds such a loop; after each visitation Eddie Scrooge would wake up and it was still Christmas morning. After the first spirit, he was extra nasty just to prove it hadn't had any effect; after the second one he wanted to look like he'd changed, so gave people extravagant presents without finding out what they needed; and after the third one he finally got it right.
  • An older Freeform (formerly ABC Family) Made-for-TV Movie, carrying the trope name, stars Erik Von Detten as a typical surly teen who goes through the loop after his little sister pressures him to make the wish.
  • Monty Python's The Meaning of Life climaxes with a sketch depicting heaven as a glitzy Vegas-style resort, where it's literally Christmas every single day. There's even a musical production number about it, provided by a smarmy Lounge Lizard singer.


  • The Trope Namer and likely Trope Maker is an 1892 short story by William Dean Howells titled "Christmas Every Day", where a greedy little girl asks the Christmas Fairy for...well, Christmas every day. The Fairy agrees to a trial run of one year of Christmases. Hilarity Ensues. Everyone gets sick of Christmas pretty quickly, and it takes a turn into Black Comedy when you hear about the widespread poverty (from everyone being forced to spend their money on presents) and the massive deforestation (for Christmas trees) and the psychological effects on the little girl herself.
    In six months she was perfectly exhausted; she couldn't even cry anymore...and by Thanksgiving she was crazy, and just slammed her presents across the room.
  • A German short story by Heinrich Boll, "Christmas Not Just Once A Year" (or alternately, "Christmas Every Day"), has a family recovering from a costly war. After one relative suffers a severe mental breakdown at the end of the Christmas season, the rest of the family attempts to keep her cheerful by celebrating Christmas every day, which entails rallying everyone to repeat each day with activities such as decorating the tree and singing Christmas carols. This daily charade eventually creates a horrible strain on the rest of the family.
  • Sweet Valley Twins: In one book, Jessica is forced to relive Christmas Eve day until she figures out it's because she's selfish.
  • The Isaac Asimov short story Christmas On Ganymede has a Mega-Corp getting a man to dress as Santa to motivate the native aliens to work. It works until they demand annual visits. They mean the time that Ganymede takes to orbit Jupiter which is once a week.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Jamie Foxx Show episode "Christmas Day-ja Vu": When Jamie King's friends and family buy him some gifts, he buys himself an extravagant ski outfit, instead of returning the sentiment. A mall Santa places a spell on him, where he keeps pestering Jamie if he's learned the True Meaning of Christmas, while Jamie's reliving that moment over and over again.
  • In Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman's special "'Twas the Night Before Mxymas," Mr. Mxyzpltk traps Metropolis in a time loop over Christmas eve. Things get a bit worse each time, to eventually result in The End of the World as We Know It. World War III is looming by the time Lois and Clark fix things.
  • The ABC sitcom You Wish! did this with its own Christmas episode, thanks to the genie granting his master's kids one free wish as a present and the boy foolishly making this one. The danger was Cabin Fever from all the snow, as the girl was Dreaming of a White Christmas when she made her wish. Somehow, learning the True Meaning of Christmas caused it to end.

  • The Wizzard song, "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day" provides the page quote.
  • Gil McLachlan's 2008 childrens' edit of "Big Rock Candy Mountain" says that on the titular mountain "Your birthday comes around once a week and it’s Christmas every day".

    Web Original 
  • SF Debris's short story titled "You Better Watch Out" inflicts this on a criminal as punishment, doomed to take up the role of Santa Claus and deliver presents to everyone on Earth for eternity.

    Western Animation 
  • The first Christmas special of The Fairly Oddparents is titled "Christmas Every Day!" and shares this premise — Timmy wishes for every day to be Christmas. However, the plot goes in a different direction — as a result, snow piles up everywhere, and the banks are closed. This makes people unable to get money or food. Timmy thus needs to find a way to reverse his wish, as he discovers that Cosmo, Wanda, and the other fairies actually lend Santa their magic for 24 hours every Christmas to help him deliver the gifts and the loop has rendered them powerless.
  • The first story of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is "Donald Duck Stuck On Christmas" which was inspired by the "Christmas Every Day" short story. It involves Huey, Dewey and Louie wishing upon a star for Christmas to be everyday. At first they are delighted, only to discover it's not just Christmas everyday, but the exact same day even down to their presents from the previous day getting wrapped up again. After getting fed-up they try to ruin Christmas to put an end to it. However they then notice a card from Donald and Daisy explaining the true meaning of Christmas in being about family rather than presents, to which the boys embrace the Christmas spirit and help everyone else enjoy Christmas, thus breaking the time loop.
  • Canadian cartoon The Bagel and Becky Show (about a cat and dog, not a sentient bagel and her friend as the title seems to sound like to someone who hasn't seen the show), had a plot in the episode "The Quadrillion Days of Christmas". This was very clearly Played for Laughs. However, since the show has Negative Continuity, don't expect this to be referenced in a future Christmas Episode.
  • The Trope Namer story by William Dean Howells got an Animated Adaptation in 1986.

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