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"Swords cannot reach far enough. Chains cannot strike hard enough. An eternal dilemma, but a simple one."

What's better than a whip to show others who's the boss or a sword fit for a hero? A whip sword, of course! They have the flexibility and long reach of a whip and the cutting power of a sword, meaning that all sorts of fancy tricks can be done with them while cutting people to pieces. Most fictional examples are made from separate sword segments threaded through with the whip, which can expand and contract on command, usually with the press of a button on the sword handle (though this is rarely shown). Some can even separate the segments completely and attack with them and then have them return and form the sword again. How they do this is almost never explained, not even with "magic".

This type of weapon often falls squarely into Awesome, but Impractical, where you'd need a pretty impressive engineering setup to create a mechanism and spring capable of holding the sword in sword form without violating basic structural integrity and capable of sending it out as a whip. As of yet, no one's managed to make a working model of such a weapon in Real Life (though some come close in principle), but fiction usually Hand Waves any structural issues through magic, or electromagnets. The closest practical Real Life equivalents, like the chain whip and Indian Urumi, usually lack the cutting power of a sword or the reach of a whip.

But then again, making a whip sword is only half the battle, since you would need extensive training to actually use it or else you'd be more likely to hurt yourself than anything you're trying to hit. This is not impossible in real life, as demonstrated by the use of the Urumi weapon by the Indian Rajputs, but will likely speak more of the extreme skill of the wielder than any inherent practicality.

A downplayed, more plausible (but still Awesome, but Impractical) version of this is a normal sword/knife tied to a rope or chain, like the Chinese rope dart (but sharper). It avoids the "cutting whip" problem, and it's easier to make, but then controlling it to actually hit enemies is another matter.

But hey, you have to admit they look cool, hence this is a Sub-Trope of Impossibly Cool Weapon.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Battle Angel Alita attempts a realistic-ish approach with a character wielding a highly magnetic sword coated in iron filings which extend to a whip when she swings it at high speeds. (She also ups the quota by using said whip to aim seven bullets at various weak spots on an enemy's face and igniting them simultaneously, but that's neither here nor there.)
  • Shenhua from Black Lagoon fights with twin whip kukri. She's good enough to take people's heads off with them from thirty feet away.
    • Note that these are a much more practical version of a whip sword. They're just kukri knives tied to a piece of rope tethered to Shenhua.
  • In Berserk, Silat wields two Urumis called "Rope Knives" in the Manga.
  • Kuroki of Blazer Drive's BFS has recently been revealed as one of these; it too looks very similar to Renji's (the "sword" half looks a lot like Allen Walker's BFS).
  • Bleach:
    • Renji's sword Zabimaru turns into this in its shikai form. Its fake bankai form is a giant snake.
    • Rose's sword Kinshara becomes a golden whip with a star at the end in shikai form.
    • One of Liltotto's Vollständig techniques revealed in the anime is Spife, in which she unfurls one of her teeth-like bracelets to use as a bladed whip.
  • A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun:
    • Mikoto Misaka can use her electrical powers to magnetically form iron sand into whip chainsaws.
    • Terra of the Left has control over flour. His constructs are just as hard and sharp as real ones, and he often forms whip swords out of them.
  • A rather impudent bandit in Claymore tried to use one such sword to bully Teresa. He may have had time to regret it.
  • Hibana from Deadman Wonderland wields a BFS whip sword similar to Renji's. Very impressive for an approximately eight-year-old insane Creepy Child.
  • Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba wields a custom-made sword made of very thin, flexible metal, which she uses like a whip or gymnastics ribbon when fighting. Due to the difficulty of handling such a sword, she's the only one who's able to use it effectively.
  • The Digimon Slayerdramon wields a flaming whip sword named Fragarach. Furthermore, Rosemon's "Roses Rapier" is depicted as such in Digimon Data Squad, growing and extending in order to reach its target.
  • Van's sword in GUN×SWORD is a partial example; while it's flexible enough to wrap around his waist, he never attacks with it until it's stiffened into its full sword form.
  • One of Iori's opponents in Gamaran Shura is the ninth Hyakka Bakken Magami Raio, also known as the "Shinigami and the Strongest Assassin, whose deadly weapon of choice is a three-bladed Urumi poking out of his sleeve he calls Brahma. While deadly and able to corner Iori, the latter points out the greatest weakness of such a weapon by deflecting the thin blades with a swing of his sword before wounding his opponent to the chest. He also possesses a second, single-bladed but heavier urumi named "Shiva", which he can dual-wield with Brahma to deliver four-bladed attacks.
  • Jakotsu in Inuyasha has a sword referred to as the Jakotsu-to ("snake bone sword") with this capability. It consists of a crescent-bladed sword with about a dozen more crescent-blades linked tip to tip attached to it, allowing him to flick out a chain of cutting edges. Interestingly, it's the only (regularly-used) sword in the show that doesn't have any magical powers or get a magical upgrade.
  • The title character in IRIA: Zeiram the Animation wields a whip sword, though she vastly (and justifiably) prefers guns and grenades.
  • Knight in the Knight Hunters Radio Drama Crashers: Knight and Ran uses a whip sword referred to as a "cordon d'argent".
  • The Lyrical Nanoha series has Signum, whose sword can take the "Schlangenform" (Snake form) to split into segments and be used to form a whirlwind-like effect. She can also light it on fire.
  • Princess Tarta from Magic Knight Rayearth has a sword that can transform into a whip.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing has a couple of mecha that wield heat rods, which are essentially giant whips made up of conjoined blades - sort of like a whip sword that can't become a sword. Oh yeah, and it can be super-heated too.
    • The version of Epyon from SD Gundam Force actually uses a whip sword, which is in effect the original Epyon's two main weapons (heat rod and large beam sword) combined into one.
    • From SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden, Kakouton Giros wields a sword that separates into a chain-whip sword.
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Julieta's customized Reginlaze Julia has a pair of more traditional Whip Swords mounted on its forearms; she's utterly shocked when an enemy pilot is able to dodge an attempted surprise attack with the whip form the very first time it's deployed.
  • Shizuru Fujino in My-HiME can separate her naginata into sections and use it to whip an enemy and grab people, making her extremely deadly whenever she gets mad.
  • A filler character in Naruto possessed one, using his chakra to control it.
    • Akatsuki member Sasori usually uses a puppet named Hiruko which has a poison whip-sword for a tail (Sasori means "scorpion").
    • Kimimaro has a rather morbid variation: he makes weapons out of his own bones, one of which is a Whip Sword made by pulling out his own spinal cord.
  • One Piece:
    • Ohm from the Skypiea used an Eisen Dial, which could produce the extremely strong yet extremely flexible iron cloud, as his main weapon. He primarily turned it into a flexible strip of iron to use as a whip, while using his mantra to pinpoint an enemy's location.
    • Snake from Movie 3 has a more standard snake sword.
    • Foxy's Slow-Slow Beam Sword is this; it doesn't hurt on its own, but it does channel his Slowmo Photons with more precision.
    • Funkfreed the Attack Animal-sword is something like this in his hybrid form. Probably something like stretching his literally elephantine mass out as an impossibly long sword.
    • Holdem's "Karakuri Sword" is this in the anime. He even covers it in flames as well.
  • Kyouko Sakura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica fights with a spear that can extend and break into sections linked by chains.
  • Cho, the sword Otaku member of the Juppongatana in Rurouni Kenshin possesses a super-thin sword that can be utilized as a whip (likely based on the urumi; see also "Real Life"). When not using it, he wears the sword as a belt.
  • The Galient Blade in Panzer World Galient from 1984 is actually the source of this trope. Story goes, it's based on Indy's whip and the bicycle chains 1980s punks would use as streetfight weapons. Because it's stored in Galient's forearm area, it's kept in its whip form until being solidified into sword form in battle. Part of this is explained by Galient being a transforming mecha, which means having a compact form for its primary (and for a significant amount of time, only) weapon prevents it from getting in the way - and also by it being an interesting visual take on Iaijutsu. It justifies what is normally an impractical weapon by having a retraction mechanism strong enough to stop the whip's momentum and pull it back into a sword, and having the robot's systems handle the skill needed to wield it.
  • Spider Riders's Prince Lumen has one of these, though he seems to use it more as an extending-length sword than an actual whip. Beerain owns the real thing.
  • One of signature weapons of Madoka Mawari in Tenjho Tenge is a Whip Sword that doubles as a BFS (especially with her small stature).
  • Jil gets one in The Tower of Druaga ~The Sword of Uruk~.
  • Fay uses one in Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- while in Infinity.

    Comic Books 
  • The weapon of Black Siddha is a whip sword based on an Urumi, which is fitting since the main character is of Indian descent and is the reincarnation of an ancient Indian warrior.
  • Snapdragon from Kabuki uses one.

    Fan Works 
  • The Night Unfurls:
    • Hugh's Threaded Cane is able to transform into a whip, its blades sharp enough to tear through orcs' skin and cause them to bleed profusely.
    • Kyril's Beast Cutter (exclusive in the remastered version) is able to switch from a heavy Serrated Blade of Pain into an exaggerated variant of this trope — a ponderous whip with bladed segments. Although there isn't a scene depicting him actually using this mode to hurt his foes, the fact that the whip creates a large gash when it hits the ground is enough to strike fear into Maia and Alicia's hearts.
  • Not the intended use (Zantetsuken Reverse): Mina, not wanting to be a Damsel in Distress anymore, asks Julius to teach her how to fight with a whip sword. Later, when Leon accidentaly possesses Soma, he borrows Soma's own whipsword for a weapon since Leon is more used to whips as opposed to Soma's BFS collection. It's also part of Author Appeal as the author admits in the notes that the Whipsword was their favourite weapon to use in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.
  • Kodachi Kuno in Voyages of the Wild Sea Horse replaces her whip and sword dual-wielding combo with a singular whip sword. Some of the issues are subtly addressed; the blade is created from the shards of a shattered Great Grade Blade called Blooming Garden, making the edges absurdly sharp and thus relying less on raw weight to cut through when extended. The chain that links the blade fragments together and the internal mechanism to allow it to extend or retract were created by the same smith who forged the original sword, explaining how he had the skill to do so. Finally, Kodachi's ability to wield the weapon without hurting herself is justified by her experience using a gymnastics ribbon as a weapon, thanks to her expertise in Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics.

    Film — Animated 

    Film — Live Action 
  • Tuo-tuo, the Dark Action Girl assassin from 14 Blades, wields a whip-sword that doubles as an E Pic Flail, and she's damn good at using it.
  • In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, predator Wolf uses a bladed whip that can slice up xenomorphs after wrapping around them.
  • Chief Guardian Gang-Lim in Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) wields a whip sword that can become red-hot on command.
  • The French film and book Brotherhood of the Wolf had a segmented bone sword that was utilized this way.
  • In the 2015 Jackie Chan film Dragon Blade, Jackie Chan's unit has special equipment that attaches a cord to the handle of their swords, preventing them from being disarmed and allowing for surprise attacks.
  • Anita Mui's character from Heroic Trio has one that can go from a straight blade to a Whip Sword.
  • Saviour of the Soul has not a whip sword, but a yo-yo sword.
  • The "sword" of the rebuilt Gipsy Danger in Pacific Rim starts as this, but can click together into a regular sword. The whip form seems to be a way to store the weapon in Gipsy's arm instead of a viable weapon by itself.
  • Roxy's weapon of choice in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of these, worn as her belt.
    • If it helps, it doesn't retract into sword-form, it's just a bladed whip that she swings around. (Special features reveal it's modeled on a gymnastics ribbon, so it's probably much "floatier" than the real thing could be. More suited for dramatic shots, though.)
  • Lots of it in Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain:

  • Konrad the assassin in All Tomorrow's Parties carries an urumi-like flexible blade inside his belt, mechanically triggered with a device in the buckle. Technically we never "see" this employed, but we get a very good idea of what his imminent plans are for it before the Fade to Black...
  • One of the Denarians in The Dresden Files book Death Masks has long ribbons of metal for hair that act just like a whip sword.
  • Whip knives were developed by the people of Port Kar in Gor. The last 18 inches of the whip has twenty small knives set into it, they are apparently quite effective.
  • The spear-whips in Minidoka: 937th Earl of One Mile Series M by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  • The Red Rising trilogy written by Pierce Brown features swords called Razors, which are about a meter long and can be toggled to change shape. The blade can be stiff like a sword or loose like a whip.
  • Saintess Summons Skeletons: Sofia's [Spine of the Black Sun] is a blunt segmented longsword that can also be used as an extendable whip. Upon impact, it deals very little physical damage, but creates Area of Effect solar bursts that only damage enemies, and which also heal Sofia. It gets her through floor 98 of the second filter trial; she's not fast enough to directly hit her opponent, but she manages to catch him with the edge of a solar burst.
  • Shannon fights against someone with a whip sword in the first Scrapped Princess novel.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe has lightwhips, which are usually explained as being actual, physical (metal) whip strands - much more similar to a Warhammer 40K energy blade than a standard lightsaber. It's incredibly rare - only two characters have ever used it on a regular basis.
    • The High Republic introduced Vernestra Rwoh, a young Jedi Knight who modified her lightsaber so the blade can switch to an energy whip stance. She's notably the first the Light-Sider in Canon or Legends to wield such a weapon.
    • There are also the Vong amphistaff and tsaisi, which get a pass for being actual living creatures (and still take substantial training to use well).

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger introduces the Eagriser, Zyuoh Eagle's personal weapon. The Eagle Zyuman, Bard, also has his own version of the Eagriser as well.
  • In Ice Fantasy, Yan Da uses one as her preferred weapon.
  • In Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Raia wields one of these.
    • In Kamen Rider Kiva, Taiga Nobori/Kamen Rider Saga has a rapier-like weapon that can convert into an energy whip; he continues to use it even after he inherits the power of Dark Kiva. The Blue Sky Organization circa 1986 gives its warriors a Swiss-Army Weapon that can go from long dagger to whip sword.
    • In Kamen Rider Den-O, much of the variants to Sword Form's Extreme Slash has Den-O flinging the blade around, with electricity tethering the blade to the hilt.
  • In Metal Heroes, Space Sheriff Shaider used a laser sword that he could transform into a laser whip at will.
  • In Power Rangers Wild Force, the Wild Force Megazord's Sword and Shield Mode used one of these. (a transformed robot elephant trunk)
    • In fact, most combinations using the Elephant Zord can count as this.
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger obliges this with the Kyoryumaru, which is used by any Shinkenger in Hyper Form. Based on a dinosaur-based mecha, it moves like a snake and strikes with its teeth (rather than anything particularly dinosaur-like).
  • Ultraman Fuma from Ultraman Taiga, the ninja-themed Ultra and third member of the Tri-Force, uses an energy flail that can unfold into a sword as his standard weapon.


    Tabletop Games 
  • The Scorpio Ars Magna school in Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Wielders need a basic understanding of Supernatural Martial Arts to use it. In the game's official setting Lilith, one of the four Knights of the 7th Heaven, uses this weapon.
    • In the game Anima: Beyond Fantasy, the expansion book Dominus Exxet, the sword whip is a viable weapon, along with the gunblade and other weapons in the category "Impossible Weapons".
  • There is a drow weapon called a lashwhip (redundant, I know) in the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 supplement Arms and Equipment Guide, which is described as a whip with lots of shards of metal and glass protruding from the lash. If a non-drow uses it, it magically attacks them instead of their intended target.
    • The game also had the spiked chain. Depending on who you asked it was either a Game-Breaker or the only exotic weapon actually worth spending a feat on.
  • The third-party Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition supplement Torn Asunder provides us with the chain blade, which is essentially this trope played entirely straight. It's also a noted Game-Breaker as being a one-handed reach weapon with a long sword's damage and the single largest critical range in 3.5 at a staggering 17-20 standard. In other words, it's everything a melee combatant needs in a one-handed weapon and then some with the only downside being that it's exotic and the sourcebook is almost impossible to find. Oh, that and no DM in their right mind use the thing.
    • The weapon was made more mainstream in Secrets of Sarlona as the Spinning Sword, albeit significantly nerfed (but still viable for a melee combatant).
  • The Urumi is available in GURPS: Martial Arts, sadly it has none of the strengths of a whip and none of the strengths of a sword.
  • In the Iron Kingdoms setting the Satyxis aiders of Cryx and Bloodrunner master tormentors of the Skorne use a variation of this. Neither have swords that transform to whips, but the Satyxis have whips with sharp blades attached to them throught their lenghts and the master tormentors have whips that are comprised of circular blades linked together.
  • Planeswalker Gideon Jura from Magic: The Gathering wields a three-bladed whip they call a 'sural' or 'urumi', and it is believed they were referring to the Indian chuttuval.
  • Ultimate Combat, a Pathfinder splatbook, features a "Scorpion Whip." It is described as having a "series of razor-sharp blades and fangs inset along its tip" can deal lethal damage, and is not hindered by armor, unlike a normal whip. It also includes real-world weapons like the urumi as exotic weapon choices.
  • In Rocket Age the Sawbark Plantain is a plant with thorn-edged, moving vines that attack those that approach it. One Venusian warrior cult venerates the tree and its wasp symbiotes making use of spiked whips. This is noted to be ineffective in modern warfare, but very impressive nonetheless.
  • Probably drawing their inspiration from the William Gibson example above, the monofilament whip is a staple weapon in many cyberpunk roleplaying games, especially Shadowrun.
    • And then they invented the monofilament GRENADE.
  • Violet from Summoner Wars uses this.
  • In the older editions of Warhammer Fantasy, this was essentially one of the possible powers that could be enchanted into a sword by the touch of Chaos. It didn't physically change, but the blade could extend and bend like it was a prehensile tongue made of razor-sharp steel.
  • In Warhammer 40,000, the fifth edition Dark Eldar have razorflails used by their wych cults.

    Video Games 
  • In the Final Volume of .hack//G.U. Last Recode (Vol 04 Reconnection), Haseo gains the 8 Phase Blade, which aside from the usual Whip Sword properties gives him direct access to the 8 Epitaphs powers.
  • Invidia, one of the Black Knights in 11eyes, wields a whip sword that resembles a human spine. It's very destructive.
  • The Dynasties of India DLC for Age of Empires II Definitive Edition introduces the Dravidian civilization, whose unique unit is the Urumi Swordsman: these bare-chested warriors are armed with a buckler and an urumi sword, can charge their attack to deal more damage on their first strike and excel against buildings and infantry. Their unique tech, Wootz Steel, allows them to ignore enemy melee armor.
  • In Aion, every melee weapon type has extend-able long-range versions.
  • Hawken from the Armed With Wings games uses the somewhat more practical Blade on a Rope variation, in the form of a regular sword with a cord attached onto the hilt which he swings around by. The extended reach from it can end up making him into That One Boss in Armed With Wings 2, so beware.
  • In Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Merietta Lixiss, the last member to join your party (unless you go to the bonus dungeon after beating the game once to get another character) fights with a Whip Sword that has a strange star-shaped point. Also, she can conduct Lightning through it.
  • You can buy a long-ranged, but fairly weak whip spear in Ballpoint Universe Infinite.
  • Bloodborne
    • The Threaded Cane starts out as a Sword Cane, with a whip sword being its secondary function. The whip form is slower and deals less damage per strike, but makes up for it with better range and the ability to hit multiple enemies at once.
    • The Old Hunters DLC adds another in the form of the Beast Cutter, often described as the Threaded Cane's roid-raging older brother. Where the Threaded Cane is a nimble, agile Sword Cane, the Beast Cutter is basically a great honking slab of iron on a stick, with some saw teeth cut into it for good measure. Likewise, its whip mode is both bigger and slower than the Threaded Cane's but makes up for that lack of speed by hitting like a freight train at ranges beyond even those of its counterpart, along with a much higher tendency to stagger enemies.
  • Soma Cruz in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow prefers swords instead of Belmontean whips, but there is a Whip Sword in both games if you want something with some reach (though due to the way Soma uses them in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, they essentially function as overly-complicated rapiers).
  • Darksiders III: Fury's main weapon is a bladed whip. It also doubles as a Swiss-Army Weapon, as it has at least 4 alternative forms that can emerge from the hilt.
  • The Dark Souls II DLC "The Crown of the Sunken King" added the Puzzling Stone Sword. As its item description states; When swung its segments separate and the sword strikes in a whipping slash.
  • This was Dante's main weapon in the early concept of DmC: Devil May Cry, but it was quickly changed to making Rebellion a Morph Weapon.
  • You can find an urumi in the vast open world of Elden Ring. It's held in your hand like a coiled whip and you use it like a somewhat stiffer but more aggressive whip, though, inexplicably, the blade can also be made rigid with a thrust to pierce through an enemy like an extremely long straight sword.
    • There's also the Nox Flowing Sword and Nox Flowing Hammer, which are made out of liquid metal Blob Monster remains and can be swung around like whips.
  • Garland from Final Fantasy has one of these in Dissidia Final Fantasy. Or, to be more precise, he has a sword that can transform into two swords, a hammer, a lance, and a whip.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Miraak's Sword transforms into a tentacle when using a Power Attack, giving off this effect. It's only cosmetic, though; it keeps its original range instead of the entire tentacle being dangerous.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Attack of Darkforce: Yami clan member Engetsu Ryu is a master of the whip sword "Dragon King".
  • Rider from Fate/stay night uses a pair of the dagger-on-a-chain version, known as "Nameless Daggers". In her initial appearance, she tends to stab with them and then use the chain to sling her victim around, but in later media (such as Fate/Grand Order) she uses them as throwing weapons and even grappling hooks.
  • Seven from Final Fantasy Type-0 uses a whip sword that's more of a whip with sword-like qualities than a sword that becomes a whip.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses has the Sword of the Creator, which can transform into an extendable whip. This one has an explicitly magical explanation (it's made of dragon bone that might still be semi-sentient and only responds to certain people), and even then Byleth is noticeably light on the theatrics when using the sword's whip form, largely reserving it for simply striking enemies from a distance. Even in cutscenes, the weapon is kept fully retracted as a rigid greatsword if Byleth's doing any acrobatics.
    • Fire Emblem Gaiden actually had an earlier instance of this trope in the form of a Bonewalker's default monster weapon called the "Bone Sword". Incidentally, it does share a trait or two with the Sword of the Creator such as being able to extend into a bladed whip and of course being made from bones itself.
  • Kratos carves a bloody swath through Ancient Greece using a pair in God of War, though it's actually swords chained to him. The impracticality is handwaved by the Blades being explicitly magical in nature.
  • The King of Fighters: While it's neither a whip nor a sword, Billy Kane's bo certainly qualifies, as it can also extend into a 3-section staff when necessary, yet it never does so when he doesn't want it to no matter how much he flails it around. The explanation? It's more or less implied to be held together by industrial-strength springs, and he's so ridiculously strong that he can cause the joints to extend simply by thrusting it forward with one arm.
  • Ries Argent, a main playable character from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd and Scarlet from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel have this as weapon of choice. It is implied that all Gralsritter squires in Trails Series are trained to use what in this universe is called "Templar Sword". This is a hint that Scarlet used to be member of Gralsritter, although she quit midway in her training.
  • One of the later introduced combat-related Talents in the MMORPG Mabinogi revolves around a weapon of this type (called "chain blades" in-game), called the Chain Slash Talent. It is a ranged weapon that deals damage as though it were a melee weapon, and its damage is determined by the Luck and Dexterity stats.
  • Maplestory:
    • The Xenon class has a whip blade as his class-specific weapon. He can extend, retract, run an electrical charge through it, and even make it produce explosions for one of his skills. During his questline, he attempts to give a whip sword to Claudine, who refuses because of a sentimental attachment to her current weapon.
    • The Nova classes also have grappling hooks in their weapons that they can use either to navigate their environment or to impale enemies. Kaiser's BFS counts as this trope, while Angelic Buster has the grapple as part of her Arm Cannon.
  • In Melty Blood, Sion Eltnam Atlasia wields a monofilament whip called the Etherlite.
  • In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Metal Gear Sahelanthropus is equipped with a nanofiber archaea blade which can function either as a whip to strike the ground and summon columns of explosive rock, or as a sword that can impale enemy vehicles.
  • Takahashi Takeda from Mortal Kombat X. His suit is fitted with gauntlets that house retractable bladed whips capable of severing arms in a single stroke. They can be electrified to deal further damage and also double as grappling hooks.
  • In Ninja Blade, one of the three weapons available to you is a pair of knives with detachable blades that are attached to the hilts by wires. As you would expect, they deal very little damage but do so many times in a very short amount of time. They can also be used as grappling hooks.
  • All of Jacques Blanc's weapons in Onimusha 3: Demon Siege are some variation on the Whip Sword, ranging from spears to maces to the regular sword.
  • The Dark Prince in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones uses a weapon like this called the Daggertail as his main weapon, and is very, very efficient with it.
  • In [PROTOTYPE], one of Alex Mercer's viral power-ups is the Whipfist, an extending grapnel made of biological matter that replaces one of his forearms. It's quite effective in a fight, too.
  • Chainblade, a boss in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando , wields two Whip Swords. One of his attacks has him extending his blades to stab Ratchet while he is hovering midair.
  • In Resident Evil 5, Wesker gets a massive tentacle with sharp chunks of metal embedded into it for an arm and swings it fast enough to resemble a gigantic living chainsaw. That... thing also doubles as a flail, a drill, a sling, and a pogo stick.
  • Kaihime from Samurai Warriors 3 uses one of these.
  • Roxie Richter, the 4th boss of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, uses a whip katana. A compromise between the books, where she uses an ordinary katana, and the film where she uses a bladed whip.
  • Takenaka Hanbe from Sengoku Basara wields a whip sword to graceful yet devastating effect. Since he himself is rather fragile, he tends to use its long range to attack people In the Back.
  • In Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson and that point onwards, Hikage's main combat knife is turned into a whip knife. One of her alternate weapons is even called "Whip Knife".
  • This is Ivy's signature weapon in the Soul Calibur series (as pictured above), dubbed the "Snake Sword" in-game. The name of the one she uses most often is "Valentine" though others are useable in gameplay (Though if they actually exist in-universe aside from the "Prototype Ivy Blade" mentioned below, or Soul Edge and Soul Calibur in the form of one, is debatable...).
    • Her joke weapon is a mechanical failure of this concept, though she still manages to use it to fight. The actual sword uses alchemy/magic to work properly, making the sword itself sentient.
      • Her joke weapon becomes a "Magical Sausage" in Soul Calibur IV.
    • Create a Soul characters in 3 also have the option of a similar sickle, except that nearly all of its attacks use it as a whip. Its best use? Making Indiana Jones and Franziska Von Karma.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Byleth's Sword of the Creator is their primary weapon, and its whip form gets much more use than it did in their source game, being used for things like rapid attacks as well as tethering to ledges.
  • Nash Latkje, from the Suikoden series, is a man of many hats. In addition to training with The Howling Voice Guild before becoming a spy a la James Bond—with a matching set of womanizing ways—he has, at points, used a Whip Sword named Groß Fluß ("Gross Fluss", "big/great river"). While, at first glance, it seems to be a good weapon for a discrete spy, being easily concealed and flexible enough to be useful in closed spaces, Nash will warn allies to leave the room when he uses it, because it apparently triggers some sort of magical bloodthirst. This is why Nash only uses it in dire circumstances during the Suikogaiden side stories. As a party member in Suikoden III he instead relies on throwing knives and magic. Both because Groß Fluß's berserker mode is unsuited for the open battlefield and because using such a unique weapon would draw entirely too much attention to himself.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, one of the strongest weapons available for Rita is one of these. As a Shout-Out, it's named the Ivy Sword.
  • Terraria's 1.4 update introduced whips as a weapon class for summoners. One of these whips is the Durendal, that looks like a sword (and is named after a sword of legend), but is used like a whip. When used, its blade extends into segments, each connected by some sort of red wire, to strike enemies.
  • Warframe: One of the standard weapon types. They work great with sliding spin attacks, and before spins got nerfed a bit, they were generally the best melee weapon types in the game. Even after the nerf, the Atterax (a whip with spinning blades attached to the end) is still a top-tier melee weapon.
  • Avril's Absolute Zero ARM in Wild ARMs 5, though she only uses its whip form in her Finest Arts and some of her Combination Attacks.
  • Janne from World Heroes.
    • Beaten out by one year as Ur-Example by the Great Dragonian, probably the coolest boss in Capcom's arcade "hack'em up" The King of Dragons. The game didn't appear on home consoles until three years later, however.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Mòrag's Blade, Brighid, wields two of these in combat, with deadly efficiency. Interestingly, Mòrag mentions a few times that it took a lot of training to get as proficient with them as she is. When Rex uses Brighid late in the game, he has very slow and slightly clumsy attack animations, lending credence to this.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY has Ilia Amitola's weapon, Lightning Lash, a thin blade that separates into segments for whipping. It also has a gun component and both forms are electrified.

  • From A Modest Destiny, The Crimson Skull's signature weapon, the Chain Sword.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Mao primarily uses his ribbon weapon in the form of a whip, though he also changes it into a dagger. After it gets dissolved, he obtains them as two separate weapons instead.

    Western Animation 
  • In Zorro: Generation Z, the Scarlet Whip wields twin laser whips.
  • In The Dragon Prince, Rayla's mother Tiadrin wields a sword whose blade is segmented. Said segments can detach while being linked by a cord, turning into a chain whip.

    Real Life 
  • If you don't need to ever pass your weapon off as a rigid sword, there's the Indian urumi, a multi-tail whip made of spring-steel blades. Its actual combat effectiveness remains hotly debated, as it was never widely used, and any combat forms which utilize it are, by definition, almost impossible to demonstrate in a sparring match without serious risk to one or both combatants.
  • The Romans had Scourges, whips with metal or glass shards tied in. Notably, they were used as torture implements, not proper weapons.
  • Chinese martial arts include the 9-section steel chain whips as part of their arsenal. As awesome as it sounds, it doesn't have that much killing potential.
  • The Gastonia was a dinosaur that more or less had one of these built into its tail.
  • A saw chain may be used as a weapon the same way as a bicycle chain, though you'll need to wrap one end in something as a makeshift handle.


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