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The first two panels of the first comic.
A Modest Destiny is a Pixel Art Comic by Sean "Squidi" Howard. Unlike sprite webcomics, the pixel art used in AMD is created by Squidi himself. This led to some copyright issues early in the comic's run with people using his intellectual property the same way people typically use sprites ripped from games. His reaction to this then-controversial event led to a lot of hatedom directed at Squidi.

The comic is also infamous for having been canceled, then uncanceled, then canceled, then uncanceled, then canceled yet again, then uncanceled. Squidi once said he would not finish it, as he didn't like the direction it had taken, but in a 2010 blog entry he claimed that he would be reviving it once again. The fourth chapter has concluded, and the fifth chapter is "coming one day".

The comic consists of four arcs which follow the adventures of Maxim, a young man seeking his fame and fortune by joining a guild. Thanks in no small part to his unusual heritage, he winds up saving the world. Not only once, but twice.

The comics themselves are well executed, with good characterization, genuinely funny moments, and, in spite of a sudden shift in mood halfway through, a remarkably consistent myth arc. Tropers will probably enjoy the occasional lampshade hung on various RPG and Fantasy cliches.


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