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I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.note 

"I have been assured by a very knowing American of my Acquaintance in London; that a young healthy Child, well nursed, is, at a Year old, a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome Food; whether Stewed, Roasted, Baked, or Boiled; and, I make no doubt, that it will equally serve in a Fricasie, or Ragoust."

A villain/overlord so evil that they literally eat babies.

This is often used as an indication that a character is well beyond the Moral Event Horizon. Can be Played for Laughs, given the sheer over-the-topness that the accusation of "baby eating" usually invokes, but can also be Played for Drama (or for sheer Squick).

This is a subtrope of I'm a Humanitarian as well as of Would Hurt a Child. Also compare Exotic Entree. If the villain specifically targets babies, rather than just being repugnant enough to eat one if the chance comes up, then they're a Child Eater as well. If the villain, especially an animal villain, eats a baby that is inside an egg, then it's Evil Egg Eater. If they eat their own babies, then it's also Offing the Offspring (unless someone else did the actual killing).

If this trope is invoked to test a potential Baddie's moral fiber (or lack thereof) it's If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten!.

There is a word in the English language - Brephophagist - specifically meaning "one who eats babies".

Fictional accounts of people eating infants are disturbing enough, so No Real Life Examples, Please!


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  • The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball: Rlim Shaikorth, the white moth ghost, specifically targets children, eats their souls and turns them into eggs for more moth ghosts. Other ghosts usually don't target kids specifically but are more than willing to eat children's souls if they're available.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Battle Girls: Time Paradox: Mitsuhide was supposed to spread the rumor that Nobunaga was a friend to all children, but thanks to gossip evolution, the only thing that made it through was that Mitsuhide was responsible for eating children.
  • Beastars: Subverted in one chapter of the manga when Bill discovers a live fetus inside of an egg he cracked open while making a meal and wonders if it would be ok to eat it since it will probably die anyway. He ultimately isn't able to do it and ends keeping it alive with the help of Pina and Aoba before handing it over to the police.
  • Berserk:
    • In the very first story, the Baron of Koka Castle helps himself to a baby-kebab on his halberd during his evil rampage through the village before throwing down with Guts.
    • Much later, a family of refugees are seen eating their youngest child alive.
  • In Chainsaw Man, all Devils want to Kill All Humans, but the Gun Devil specifically goes out of its way to target children after the President of the United States sics it on Japan to kill Makima. What makes it even more monstrous is that as Devils are powered by fear, its Improbable Aiming Skills have an even longer range when targeting children as opposed to adults specifically to create more terror. Although it's unclear whether this was a willful choice or it was an Almighty Idiot simply obeying its nature after being turned into a Sealed Evil in a Six Pack.
  • Havoc from Darker than Black was an uber-powerful contractor whose remuneration was drinking the blood of children. There's a reason she doesn't want her powers back. Worse, it's implied that it didn't actually have to be from children.
  • Delicious in Dungeon: A human-type mermaid is shown eating a piscine-type mermaid's hatchling in an omake.
  • Ginga Densetsu Weed (manga only): Shogun is an Ax-Crazy gelada baboon who brutally abuses his fellow monkeys. But what really makes him creepy is how, when he's hungry, he'll snatch an infant monkey from its mother so he can eat it. He also likes drinks mixed with puppy blood and liquor.
  • Hellsing:
    • Played straight in the Hellsing OVA and manga, where one of Millennium's vampire soldiers is seen with a baby in his jaws.
    • In the Hellsing television series, it appears as though Incognito enjoys stewed babies. Possibly; it is a little hard to tell what exactly he's eating there, but it sure looks like stewed babies.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood: A woman begs vampiric villain Dio to do whatever he wants to her but to spare her baby. Dio obliges and turns her into a vampire. She proceeds to eat her own baby.

  • Francisco de Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son portrays an insane Saturn grabbing one of his children and biting their head off.
  • Peter Paul Rubens painted the same subject.
  • The statue in the photo is on the Kindlifresserbrunnen (Kiddy Eater Fountain) in Bern, Switzerland. The fountain was built in the 16th century and the name has been commonplace since the 17th, but the exact origins of the image are unknown. It may be the Greek god Kronos, it may represent an antisemitic blood libel or it may simply be a bogeyman used to scare children.
  • Antoine Wiertz's painting Hunger, Madness and Crime depicts a woman who has gone mad from hunger and has killed her child to put it in the cook-pot.
  • Performance artist Zhu Yu used a fetus taken from a medical school and took photos of himself cooking and eating it as a statement on cannibalism in an October 17, 2000 performance "Eating People" or "Man-Eater", part of the "Fuck Off" art exhibit in Shanghai. This lead to a hoax that restaurants in Taiwan were regularly serving cooked fetuses, or that fetuses were being sold and cooked in China, with the photos as evidence. Zhu Yu admitted it tasted bad and vomited several times.

    Audio Play 

    Comic Books 
  • Subverted in Batman: No Man's Land. The Joker's Evil Plan is to murder dozens of babies in order to break the city's spirit and give everyone in Gotham one bad day while it's already on the verge of collapse. After trying to justify it to himself with his Straw Nihilist ideology as a Mercy Kill and promising to make it quick & painless, he ultimately finds himself unable to go through with it after Gordon's wife sacrifices herself trying to stop him.
  • In The Boys, the Homelander kept receiving photos depicting himself actually his clone Black Noir dressed up as him eating babies, among other horrible things. It's one of the major reasons he finally snaps.
  • Villainess Baba Yaga from Fables mentions that she enjoys eating mundy (real world) babies.
  • In Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, a young mother in one of the side-stories does this.
  • Marvel Comics:
    • A What If? (v2 #6, "What If... The X-Men had lost Inferno?") had a demon-corrupted Wolverine get handed a squalling infant by N'astirh, followed by a claw-popping snikt! and a barely Discretion Shot of Wolverine bending over the child's body. Immensely disturbing.
    • During the Inferno (1988) event in the main Marvel Universe, a few demons mention that "Nothing in Limbo [is] as good to eat as human babies," and come for the infants the New Mutants rescued earlier. The teens are able to drive them off. Whether or not the demons ate any other babies during the event (or even during Magik's tenure as ruler of Limbo) is thankfully left vague.
    • Sabretooth eats any human he wants, when he feels like it, but he favors the flesh of young children. He was once depicted breaking into a daycare center to eat the children inside, doing so as casually as if he was getting some snackfood at a store.
    • Eric Morrell had three kids before Cletus Kasady decided to crash at his house during the events of the Carnage USA story arc, and only two kids after.
  • In the world of Transmetropolitan, people eat anything, and it's apparently legal to serve cloned human meat as long as it wasn't taken from anything with a brain. "Powdered Children" are available in grocery stores, and protagonist Spider Jerusalem enjoys them.
  • Bodie Troll: One buck-toothed, bald-headed Kobold apparently feeds on babies.
  • The Chronicles of Wormwood one-shot The Last Enemy features a back-up story titled "Donna Partie: God Will Forgive Her", the titular character being a woman with a nasty habit of resorting to cannibalism when she gets too hungry. After her friend picks up her baby, they get in a traffic jam and end up resorting to eating the baby.


    Eastern European Animation 
  • In Soviet Toys, the first animated short produced by the Soviet Union as a propaganda tool, "the Capitalist", who is the villain of the piece, is seen at one point feasting on a small pig that is drawn to look like a baby. At the time, it was actually fairly common for Soviet mothers to tell their children bedtime stories about capitalists eating babies.

    Fairy Tales 
  • Baba Yaga, as well as various other witches and monsters, are notorious baby (and child)-eaters.
  • The tribe of ogres featured in Madame d'Aulnoy's "The Bee and the Orange Tree" will eat their young if they do not sleep with their golden crowns. Aimée, the princess in the story, steals crowns from two young ogres to give to her and her prince—these two ogres end up getting eaten.
  • In the The Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Evil Mother-in-Law", which is more or less identical to the second part of Perrault's "Sleeping Beauty", the eponymous mother-in-law attempts to eat the heroine's children.
  • This was the witch's plan for "Hansel and Gretel".
  • In the early versions of "Snow White", Snow White is only seven years old when she surpasses the evil queen in beauty. The queen sends her into the woods with a huntsman; he has instructions to kill her and bring back her heart. He lets her go, kills a young deer and brings that heart back to the Queen, who then proceeds to eat it.
  • In "Sun, Moon, and Talia", an older variant of "Sleeping Beauty", the prince actually rapes the princess while she's asleep, eventually impregnating her, and she wakes once she's given birth and one of the babies accidentally sucks the splinter of flax out of her finger. In the "happy" version, she winds up marrying the king after he first executes his jealous wife; the ickier version has the princess, once she realizes what's been done to her, wind up so enraged she eats the babies. Even in the "happy" version, the jealous former queen attempted to coerce the cook into making the children into supper. In some versions she gives detailed culinary instructions as to how she wants them cooked.
  • In Franz Xaver von Schönwerth's "The Three Flowers": The main character Katie's wicked mother-in-law kills her babies and then accuses Katie of eating her own children so she is put to death.

    Fan Works 
  • Comes up in both the Homestuck fan album The Baby Is You and its sequel. In the original, Bro suddenly appears and starts rapping about how he wants to "eat all the babies in the human race", starting with Dave's. In The Baby Is 2, meanwhile, Dirk decides that eating his own baby is somehow the only way to regain control of his life, and discovers he likes the taste, resulting in a Call-Back to the scene with Bro.
  • A logical nessesity for trolls in Hivefled, as grubs are born millions at a time and would consume all other resources on their planet if their numbers weren't reduced.
  • In The Loud House fanfic, The Nightmare House, Lily, who is only one year old, has a nightmare about a blob monster picking her up and preparing to eat her.
  • One notorious Chinese Touhoi Project yukkuri doujin has Yuyuko raising yukkuris so she can eat their young as snacks.
  • Parodied in this X-Men fancomic by waitingforthet. Sabretooth threatens to eat Jubilee's adopted baby Shogo, but she just points out how over-the-top, cartoonishly evil that is.
    Sabretooth: I am literally going to eat your baby.
    Jubilee: And then you're gonna steal all of the colour from Rainbow Valley and teach kids that smoking will make them popular.
  • Dragonball Z Abridged: In episode 43, Cell coughs up a baby's pacifier. It should be obvious what happened to the baby...
  • Vision of Escaflowne Abridged: Dilandau is referred to as a "Dilandau Snack".

    Films — Animation 
  • My Little Pony: A New Generation: During her "Fit Right In" song, Izzy mentions that pegasi are thought to eat their young.
  • The Haunted World of El Superbeasto: One of the first things Dr. Satan does in his rampage after gaining his desired demonic form is break into a delivery room and devour a newborn baby, sucking up the umbilical cord like a piece of spaghetti.
  • The Prince of Egypt: Out of fear of rebellion, Pharaoh Seti had his soldiers steal Jewish babies from their families and feed them to crocodiles; the scene is later depicted in Moses' nightmare and on a wall painting.
  • Sausage Party: A couple of baby carrots try to run away from being killed by Camille, but they fail, and she starts eating them. All of the other foods are horrified upon seeing this, Carl in particular:
    Carl: They're eating children! FUCKING CHILDREN!!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Although not shown directly in Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem, it's implied that the Predalien devours the babies in the nursery of the hospital maternity ward.
  • The Anthropophagus Beast, Cannibal Campout, Slow Torture Puke Chamber and Automaton Transfusion all have scenes where fetuses are ripped out and eaten.
  • Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies.
    • FB also trys to eat MiniMe because he looks like a baby, and a deleted scene shows him reading a book titled 1001 Ways to Cook Baby.
  • While not used in the film, there a photo of a scene from Count Yorga depicting one of his vampire brides eating a baby.
  • In Dotor Jekyll e Gentile Signora the titular character fancies about a child in his oven, as he waits for his butler to serve him supper.
  • Häxan: given that the movie is essentially a dramatization of the Malleus Maleficarum, yes, we do see baby eating. Quite a shock tactic for a film made in 1922.
  • In Legend (1985), Blunder contemplates eating a human baby in its crib. This oddly horrifies his fellow goblin, Pox.
    Blunder: I simply adore milk-fed meat!
    Pox: What are ya, some kind of animal?
  • In Muppet Treasure Island, one of the pirates is called "Big Fat Ugly Bug-Faced Baby-Eating O'Brien", who turns out to be an extremely attractive woman with an unbelievably deep voice, a la Dr. Girlfriend.)
  • In Pan's Labyrinth, art on the wall of the Pale Man's lair depicts him eating children.
  • Sleepless Nights features people who drink babies. The evil vampires in it have a baby in a refrigerator from which they extract blood.
  • Combined with No Party Like a Donner Party and played for drama in Snowpiercer. In the backstory, the people at the back of the train were reduced to cannibalism early on, before the protein blocks were provided.
    Curtis: You know what I hate about myself? I know what people taste like. I know babies taste best.
  • Team America: World Police depicts Michael Moore telling a person to say this for his Documentary of Lies.
  • The Dumplings segment of Three... Extremes. The secret ingredient in the eponymous food items that help to rejuvenate the eater's youthful appearance is chopped up aborted fetuses. The segment was so popular that it was adapted into a feature length film of the same name.
  • The witch in The VVitch kidnaps the family's baby and is seen in the woods eating its guts.

  • At least one third of all Dead Baby Comedy could go on this page. The second third is merely polite enough to omit the obvious part where everyone gets their nomnoms. The final third are just being wasteful. Why, back in my days we used to eat the entire baby! We never just killed them just for fun or sports, except at certain events, and we didn't have those pre-canned babies, either, nosirrie! We had to go out into the woods and pretend to be trolls stealing away the little buggers ourselves!
    Question: How do you get 20 babies into one glass bowl?
    Answer: Use a blender.
    Question: How do you get them up from the glass bowl again?
    Answer: Tortilla chips!
  • W.C. Fields, staying in Child Hater character, asked how he liked children, replied "Parboiled!"

  • While it doesn't actually happen, it's brought up in All Quiet on the Western Front at one point as French propaganda claims that German soldiers eat Belgian children.
  • In one of the earlier Anita Blake novels, the titular heroine is chasing a zombie through a hospital only to catch up to it in the maternity ward.
  • Played for horror with Laird Barron's recurring villains of his Cosmic Horror Stories, the Children of the Old Leech, who appears in The Croning, as well as the short stories The Broadsword, The Men From Porlock, and Mysterium Tremendum. The Children treats human babies and children as a delicacy, less because of their flesh, but more because they are Emotion Eaters and they classify the sheer, uncomprehending terror an infant or a child feels upon being violently consumed by them as absolutely delicious.
  • Just in case you had any sympathy left for the Grol (orc-werewolves) of The Blood War Trilogy, their leader assembles the babies of a town for his supper.
  • All the giants in The BFG except the Big Friendly Giant eat children.
  • The Changeover: The villain, Carmody Braque, although his methods are a little less literal than the other examples on this page, being an energy vampire.
  • The Tendu of The Color of Distance have a life cycle where the first two stages aren't sentient and are far more numerous than the sentient population. Ever since a long-distant disastrous population boom Tendu have eaten their own and one another's fertilized eggs and tadpoles, until the tadpoles grow forelegs. A human living among them is horrified, especially thinking back to when she's eaten eggs and tadpole flesh, and later it's a concern when Tendu come to Earth. However, they're intelligent people who adjust to the idea of one big helpless offspring at a time quickly, and when it's brought up they are shocked and offended by the notion of eating human babies.
  • Donald Kingsbury's novel Courtship Rite features the extremely rare non-evil, non-comedy version. Well, somewhat non-evil. Cycles of famine for a Lost Colony on a harsh planet has made cannibalism necessary and socially accepted, and baby-eating has become morally ambiguous. The two main clans known for eating babies during non-famine years (out-of-season, as it were) are the protagonists' clan, the Kaiel, who ruthlessly cull their own mass-produced Designer Babies, a practice most Getans find gauche at best, and the Mnankrei, sea-raiders who prey on coastal villages, and are generally disliked by everyone.
  • The villains in the Doctor Who New Adventures novel St. Anthony's Fire. One of them offers the Doctor a candied baby cheek, which he politely declines.
  • In the Dracula novel, it's implied that Dracula's brides ate a baby: they're after Jonathan's blood, but Dracula tells them to leave him alone because he's still needed for the big real estate deal. One of them whines, "Are we to have nothing tonight?" and they are subsequently contented with a small, writhing bag. A peasant woman arrives at the castle gates later, screaming for him to return her child. And when Lucy Westenra rises as a vampire she preys upon very young children, though thankfully none of them were seriously harmed before the heroes manage to put her to rest.
  • In Dreams of Joy, the sequel to Shanghai Girls, Joy catches her husband Tao waiting for their baby to die so that he and his family can eat her. Probably one of the more justifiable examples of this because they are living on a commune in China during the Great Leap Forward. Truth in Television as well.
  • In The Dresden Files novel Death Masks, Duke Paulo Ortega of the Red Court tries to paint himself as a Worthy Opponent but fails when Harry makes him admit that he also drinks the blood of children and infants if needed.
  • Neil Gaiman wrote his "Babycakes" short story for PETA where all the animals disappear one day so people start eating babies, making their skin into leather and using them for animal testing. At the end of the story the babies all vanish and the narrator says they'll figure something out.
  • Orson Scott Card's fantasy novel Enchantment, based loosely on the Russian version of Sleeping Beauty among other fairy tales, plays with and subverts this trope somewhat with Baba Yaga by indicating that while she never actually had eaten a baby, hearing about this in the many slanderous rumors about her made her want to try one "just to see what all the fuss was about."
  • Evil Food Eater Conchita: The titular Villainous Glutton attempts to eat her own baby. This example is ultimately subverted, however—it turns out she isn't quite that evil.
  • Justified and deconstructed in Marti Steussy's Forest of the Night. Tree Walker didn't want scavengers eating her dead son, after all; that would be an insult to his memory (and possibly give said scavengers a taste for Lodgeless babies). And her species wasn't portrayed as evil, just very alien (although she was able to accept cremation as an equally valid death rite).
  • In Fungus the Bogeyman, Bogeys used to eat human babies ages ago but don't now.
  • Mary Gentle's Grunts!!: The Orcs who're the novel's protagonists certainly don't baulk at eating children. Even the ostensibly good Will and Ned Brandiman will chew on their corpses after murdering them to make it look like orcs did it.
  • Auntie the Snowy Owl from Guardians of Ga'Hoole pretends to be a caring nurse maid in The Capture. But The Siege reveals that she actually eats eggs and hatchlings in the eggorium (a hatchery).
  • In Chapter 28 of the Horus Heresy novel "Angels of Caliban," the Night Haunter claims that he likes children because "they're tasty." Considering his attitude, it's unclear if he's joking.
  • Discussed in the Land of Oz, where the Hungry Tiger is always hungry because what he wants to eat is fat babies, but his conscience won't let him.
  • The Laundry Files (by Charles Stross): The Fuller Memorandum has Bob giving a long internal monologue about the enduring nature of the Blood Libel - how every culture seems to have some outlying group that it defames with rumors of how they're so evil, they're willing to kill babies to provide blood for their holy rituals. Bob finally realizes to his horror that this legend has a basis in fact when the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, who currently have him captive, slaughter a newborn to start the ritual to bind an Eldritch Abomination.
  • In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf hints that Gollum would sneak into houses to eat babies.
  • In Masques, shapechanger Aralorn finds a book that claims that "shapechangers eat babies". She points out that, even if she ate humans, she'd not waste her time with babies, but would go after adults who write crappy books. One of her preferred forms is a mouse, but such is not mentioned in the book, presumably because "mice can't eat babies".
  • The titular, demonic Villain Protagonist from Clive Barker's Mister B. Gone bathes in a tub full of blood from dead babies. He complains of how difficult it is to keep them alive long enough so the bath would be warm when he empties their blood into the tub.
  • A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift plays this trope for laughs, advocating baby-eating and using it as satire to illustrate the cruel treatment of the Irish by their English landlords. Unfortunately, people didn't get that it was a joke.
  • Subverted in River Secrets, by Shannon Hale. When Razo (from Bayern) and Dasha (from Tira) meet after the war, they compare the ridiculous propaganda that their countries have spread against each other, including accusations of "You eat babies" from both sides. In reality, no one in Bayern or Tira is known to have a habit of eating babies any more than they have horns and tails.
  • Horrifyingly addressed in Cormac McCarthy's The Road, where food is so scarce after the collapse of civilization and the ecosystem that people have turned to cannibalism.
  • Shel Silverstein's poem "Someone Ate the Baby" is about this. (The last line reveals that it was the narrator.)
  • Invoked as the most common justification of Fantastic Racism against goblins in the Discworld novel Snuff. As it turns out it is true after a fashion; if food is so scarce that both mother and child would starve to death, the mother will indeed eat her baby, but she will also make a literal Soul Jar for her child's spirit in hope that she will be able to birth it again in a better time.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, Daernarys Targaryen is shaken when a farmer shows her the charred bones of his daughter, and claims that Drogon roasted and devoured her. This makes her see that the dragons aren't her sweet little babies, they are dangerous powerful beasts that need to be tamed.
  • In Space Marine Battles novel Malodrax, the cursed daemon known as brood mother eats her own offspring right after they're born. Not all of them, though, as Lysander finds out soon after learning that fact.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel
    • In "That Old Gang of Mine", Gunn's former gang of anti-demon vigilantes seize Caritas and condemn him for not killing a demon there who eats babies. The demon concerned doesn't help his case by threatening to eat their children and talking of how good they taste, until a distraught Gunn shoots him.
    • In early season 5, we are introduced to Grox'lar beasts, who only eat the babies' heads.
  • Blackadder:
    • "Money" has the Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells.
    • In "Amy and Amiability":
      "People are worked up, sir, because they are so poor that they are forced to have children as a cheap alternative to turkey at Christmas."
  • House of Cthon head Charlotte in Blade: The Series is shown partaking in baby-eating in the episode "Sacrifice". "You're so cute. I could just eat you up, yes I could." To the baby handed to her in a duffel bag by a minion. Thankfully, the scene cuts away before we actually see her doing it.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Angelus is willing to kill a child For the Evulz.
    • In "Band Candy", the Mayor arranges for numerous chaotic events to occur so babies can be kidnapped from a hospital to sacrifice to Lurconis.
    • Used for Black Comedy with Olaf the Troll in "Triangle" who constantly demands mead to drink and babies to eat. Spike suggests he try the hospital.
  • It's mentioned briefly in the Criminal Minds episode "Lucky" that the UnSub was institutionalized at the age of seven, after he tried eating his baby sister.
  • In Doctor Who, the Doctor's companion Leela came from a planet where he had become their devil figure and was reputed to eat babies, as a consequence of his fondness for jelly babies. Then in "The Face of Evil"...
    The Doctor: Would you like a jelly baby?
    Leela: It's true, then. They say the Evil One eats babies.
  • In I, Claudius, Caligula chains up his sister, Drusilla, during a sex game, cuts out the foetus (of which he is the father) and eats it. Claudius hears screaming, knocks on the door and is met by a terrified Caligula in a bloodsoaked fake Zeus beard who tells him...
    Caligula: Don't go in that room...
  • After getting hooked on steroids to win a boxing match in an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dee threatens to eat her opponent's babies... bitch.
    • In a later episode, Pappy McPoyle, terrifyingly Cronusesque patriarch of the bizarre, incestuous McPoyle family, starts ranting about how all the McPoyles "sprung from (his) loins fully formed" and one of the babies tried to eat him but he ate it first.
  • The plot of episode two of Mongrels involves psychotic fox Vince eating a litter of baby foxes because he was hungry and it was either them or a pot of rhubarb yogurt. Played for Laughs obviously.
  • Scrubs:
    • Jordan had claimed that sex was only for revenge and making babies. Elliot immediately responded that Dr. Cox would hardly find sex a revenge and it couldn't be for making babies 'cause Jordan would just eat them anyway. (This is before Jordan had Jack or Jennifer).
    • In a fairy tale episode, there is a rumor that the giant (played by the Janitor) eats babies. According to him, this is untrue; he eats toddlers.
  • Supernatural:
    • Lilith apparently ate babies - according to her helper demon who was trying to get babies out of the maternity ward for her in the season four finale.
    • Demon king Crowley offers the Leviathan leader Dick Roman a bag of muffins made from baby uvulas (gluten free!) to smooth over the alliance he wants to make between their armies. Dick declines, but not on moral grounds — he just considers Crowley a pest to be exterminated. Crowley lets him keep the present.
    • The demon Abaddon threatens to take over Dean's body and make him kill children and eat infants.
  • Multiple vampires in True Blood mention that they find infants to be especially delicious.

  • What is implied on the original cover art of The Beatles' Yesterday and Today album.
  • Brotha Lynch Hung. Example: "Return of the Baby Killa."
  • The cover art of the Cannibal Corpse album Violence Unimagined depicts a mutant-looking woman devouring a baby (which seems to be her own, if the placenta attached to it below her is any indication).
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson's Historical Villain Upgrade in Jonathan Coulton's song Kenesaw Mountain Landis:
    He weren't the nicest fellow and he had a couple problems
    Cause he drank a lot and he beat his wife and he always acted rude
    He killed and ate some babies and he copped an attitude
  • Played straight with GWAR. Their alien personas frequently boast about eating people, including babies. One notable example is in the song "A Fistful of Teeth", where lead singer Oderous eats his own mutant baby:
    A fistful of teeth!
    As I eat our baby, I'm thinking of you
    You're not here to feed me,
    So I ate our child- I wish we had two!
  • Necro: "They're eating babies in China."
  • The video for the gag song "Rats On A Budget", a fake commercial for an all-rodent-menu fast food joint, includes a clip of the singer putting a live, hairless baby rat into her mouth.
  • They Might Be Giants' "Synopsis for Latecomers" promises explanations - which it never gives - for a series of recent events straight out of a Cosmic Horror Story. One of which:
    I know the question that is foremost in your thoughts
    Who ate the babies?
    Who ate the babies?

    Mythology & Religion 
  • Classical Mythology: Cronus (Kronos) does eat his offspring, since it had been prophesied that one of his own children would displace him. Rhea tricks him into swallowing a stone instead of Zeus, and the prophecy comes true: Zeus (in disguise) and Rhea give Kronos some magically-drugged wine, which causes him to vomit up Hestia, Poseidon, Hera, Hades, and Demeter who help him overthrow Kronos and the other Titans. In Roman mythology, the story is the same, only the names are changed: Cronus becomes Saturn, Rhea is Cybele, and Zeus is Jupiter. The baby-eating itself has been the subject of paintings by Rubens and Goya.
  • Hariti was a Mother of a Thousand Young who kidnapped other people's babies to feed to her own children. Her victims eventually pleaded to Buddha, who then taught Hariti about the pain of losing one's child by kidnapping one of her children, causing her swear off eating babies and switched to pomegranates afterwards.
  • The Krasue doesn't only eat babies - they also love to eat fetuses in their mothers' wombs in order to make their Black Magic stronger.
  • The Bible features this trope in 2 Kings Chapter 6. King Jehoram is sought out by a woman who out of desperation to survive a devastating famine cooked her baby and ate him alongside the woman she lived with. Said woman had promised that they would eat her baby the next day but later broke her promise and hid the baby which prompted the first woman to seek Jehoram's help.
  • In the early Christian church, eating babies was something that both 1) Roman persecutors accused Christians of practicing, and 2) Christians accused rival churches of practicing. Ancient apologist Minucius Felix describes and retorts these accusations in his book Octavius - he describes how the Romans accused them of cannibalizing children as an initiation rite, while pointing out how utterly incompatable this is with actual Christian teaching. Centuries later Christianity was legalized in Rome, and many of the same accusations were made against the Gnostics and Montanists by apologists like Epiphanius and Cyril of Jerusalem respectively. Cyril even went as far as to say the Montanists were the reason the earlier accusation existednote .

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • In the Dark Sun setting , the tembo is a Heinous Hyena-like mutant monster that deliberately prefers to eat the children of sapient races for the grief that the act inflicts; there's a theory they may be some kind of Living Weapon left over from Athas' apocalyptic past. It truly says something that despite Athas being full of cannibals, raiders and slavers, all of Athas' humanoid residents, even deadly enemies, will team up without hesitation to kill a tembo when one is sighted.
    • A Dragon article used this scenario as an example of a sort of Wham Line to introduce the fact that you're working for a secretly Decadent Court: you've accomplished the task set out before you, driving away brigands or retrieving a lost heirloom or whatnot, and are invited to a feast by the local baroness. It's a night of extravagance and merriment, then the main course is served, a barbequed dragonborn infant. Which she and the court carve, serve, and daintily consume like it was a Thanksgiving turkey. Suggested bonus points go to any party members that join in, especially if there's a dragonborn in your party!
    • In the Dragonlance setting, the minotaurs have made bitter enemies of the kyrie both by stealing the sacred Northstone, an artifact they used to navigate long distances, and by deciding that a "revolting" (as the sourcebook describes it) soup made of kyrie eggyolks and mutton fat is a delicacy.
    • In the Ravenloft setting, hags steal human babies to eat, and also consume any male babies they give birth to. If a hag gives birth to a daughter, the infant will be safe from her mom's appetite, but not from other hags' appetites, grandmothers and aunts included. This has been/become general traits of hags in all other Dungeons & Dragons settings, even Pathfinder. In Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition, eating a baby is actually part of their reproductive cycle.
      • The description of Tepestani goblins in one of the Ravenloft Gazetteers mentions that they very much enjoy eating both human and goblin babies. This could be because the darklords who dominate Tepest are a trio of hags.
  • Exalted:
    • Raksi is this as well, though her main hat is being a Child Eater. She also requires this of her minions, so anyone thinking to infiltrate Sperimin for their own purposes had better have a strong stomach...
    • From Dreams Of The First Age, a Fair Folk noble has a human baby served on a dinner plate. She's also wearing a dress made of severed hands, and her guests are chained to their chairs.
  • Desdemona Deathangel from the 2056 juncture in Feng Shui is an abomination (a supernatural creature modified with arcanowave technology) disguised as a drop-dead-gorgeous woman, and the public at large adores her. However, the CDCA has some nasty little secrets about her that they'd like to keep hidden, such as the fact that she kills virtually any man she sleeps with, or that she likes to eat people, especially babies, which are her favorite.
  • In GURPS Cabal, there's a sample immortality ritual that requires the user to eat a royal infant every year. For various reasons (such as the milky aftertaste), the example character is still searching for a better method of living forever.
  • The In Nomine supplement 'Superiors 2' includes a demon who is said to love kids so much that she tries her best to 'only' eat one a year. Naturally, she serves the Demon Prince of Gluttony.
  • Kobolds Ate My Baby is a game where a kobold tribe has sent its youngest, most pathetic members off to either get dinner for tomorrow's big feast or be dinner for tomorrow's big feast. The only thing tastier than another kobold is a baby. Eating a baby restores your health, as does eating another player. Babies can suffer Spontaneous Human Combustion. There is a random chart of horrible baby deaths. There're several pages of Random Horrible Kobold Death Charts. It's a pastiche of every fantasy RPG ever, a parody of low-level Dungeons & Dragons, and a whole lot of Black Comedy.
  • In the TCG The Spoils, the card "Smear Campaign" portrays a (literal) fatcat senator frantically ripping down pictures of him about to chow down on a human infant, some of which are captioned "BABY EATER!"
  • Warhammer 40,000, naturally. Although Dark Eldar generally avoid it (as babies make terrible torture victims), Chaos knows that the effectiveness of sacrifices is proportional to the innocence of the victims. And KHORNE CARES NOT FROM WHENCE THE BLOOD FLOWS, ONLY THAT IT FLOWS. Although Khorne generally prefers that you kill something that has a chance of fighting back, he appreciates any bloodflow, but don't try to impress him with the infant skulls. He's put guy's heads on his own throne for making that mistake.
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse, in the revised tribebook for the Get of Fenris. After the tribe becomes conflated with the Nazis by other werewolves (due to such factors as a power center in Germany, a tribal symbol that looks rather like a swastika, and some actual collaborators), an indignant Get gives a speech including the line "You name us as eaters of babes".

    Video Games 
  • Borderlands 2 has several examples:
    • According to Mad Moxxi, Motor Momma eats her own children.
    • One of Krieg's quotes on finding rare items: "I like my treasure like I like my baby steaks: rare!"
    • Tiny Tina jokingly threatens to eat the player's (non-existent) babies in one of her mission briefings.
    • Handsome Jack believes both Bandits and the Vault Hunters do this on a regular basis, as shown in one of the ECHO logs located in Opportunity and the "Statuesque" side mission.
      Handsome Jack (to Vault Hunters): Oh come ON! What's wrong with that statue? I'm holding the Vault Key and a BABY. You know what babies are, right? Those little soft pink things your kind eats after you're done rolling around in your own feces? Ring a bell?
    • Upon entering Dr. Zed's clinic, the patient on the operating table is heard raving "I'M STARVING! I WANNA EAT YOUR BABIES!"
  • Online forum-based game Cyber Nations has one faction, for years the dominant one, start mocking its critics and announcing that they ate babies.
  • The Black Ninjas from Destroy All Humans! 2!, being Card Carrying Villains, boast, "We do not eat kittens. We eat babies!"
  • To prove just how far off the deep end Adell goes in the Bad End of Disgaea 2, one of the very first things he does as the new incarnation of Overlord Zenon is kill and eat his little siblings. Complete with actual eating sounds. Thankfully, it is all offscreen.
  • In Drakengard, baby eats you. That said, Arioch is a Child Eater.
  • Although not actually in the game, a popular mod for Fallout 3's expansion "The Pitt" enables the player to become this. Baby Marie was born with an unusually high resistance to radiation. So if you, uh, have a little snack, you will become immune to radiation.
  • One of the things that was cut from I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream was giving Benny the option to try and satiate his intense hunger by eating babies out of her cribs.
  • inFAMOUS 2: When Cole first meets La Résistance in New Marais, one of them mentions he heard rumors that Cole eats babies.
  • [PROTOTYPE] features, in one of the Web of Intrigue sequences, babies cannibalizing other babies.
  • In the Red Dead Redemption DLC Undead Nightmare, there is a sidequest involving Sasquatches who are said to eat babies. They don't and are creatures which try to be harmless, which you don't realize until after you kill all but one of them.
  • Romancing SaGa 3: The game's Eldritch Abomination the Death Eclipse shows up to consume all newborn life on the planet every 300 years when the stars are right. The rare survivor tends to grow up into some kind of chosen one for good or ill.
  • Scarface: The World Is Yours: When they meet in the final mission, Tony asks Gaspar how many babies he's eaten today.
  • In Scribblenauts is perfectly possible to have baby-eating if you are creative enough. For example, glue a steak unto a baby and release a carnivore beast. Or if you want to get extra creative, add the adjective "grassy" and you'll get a baby-eating cow.
  • In The Shell Rokushiki didn't actually eat the aborted fetus himself. Oh no. He tricked the mother into eating it out of a twisted sense of justice.
  • For The Sims 2, there's the Babbyque.
  • Stars in Shadow: The Gremak, one of the major races and factions in the game, are known for eating their own young; this is in fact one of the reasons why many Gremak do not live to reach adulthood.
  • Team Fortress 2: Some enterprising gamer skinned the Heavy's Sandvich to look like a baby. 8 (A baby doll ripped from Half-Life 2, to be exact.)
  • The Great Dreamer in X-COM: Terror from the Deep feeds on Human/Alien hybrid fetuses. In order to kill it, you have to kill the fetuses, thereby cutting it off from its source of power.
  • Chicken Police: One of the worst crimes to come out of the insect Hive neighborhood involves mothers selling their infant larvae on the black market to be eaten as illegal cuisine for particularly macabre clientele.

    Web Animation 

  • Sebastien from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja takes his cruel cuisine seriously.
    Sebastien: We feed the cow with nothing but cream cheese, sour cream, heavy whipping cream, and rich creamery fresh butter. Then we feed the steaks to 14 month old babies... and a day later drink the baby's blood. It is so decadent. (Beat) The babies hate the steaks.
  • Zexion and Axel forced Sora into the 'Spock diet' in Ansem Retort, which consisted entirely out of dead babies.
    Zexion: Hey! They were alive when we killed them!
    Axel: You will drink the baby smoothie! Do you have any idea how hard it is to fit them inside a blender?
    • They've upgraded to fetuses: specifically, the aborted fetus of Axel and Aerith.
      Zexion: You're not leaving until you finish it, you know.
      Axel: EAT MY ABORTION!
  • Axe Cop and his mother ate babies. Supposedly, however, these were food babies, not normal babies, although the six-year-old author declined to clarify this point. (At a restaurant, no less, implying that's actually normal in the Axe Cop universe.)
    • Apparently it is normal in the Axe Cop universe; Episode 34 has a supermarket selling 'Baby Cheese. Made with real babies.'
  • Backwards Compatible: Nom!
  • During his Hostile Show Takeover of Brawl in the Family, Waluigi got to indulge himself.
  • Done in Bruno the Bandit by the main villain of the Good Guy storyarc, a parody of the Sword of Truth series. The villain himself, a parody of Darken Raal, is seen munching on a baby leg during a televised interview where he's explaining how not evil he is. Another character tries to defend this by saying that its a baby from the overlords own realm so its not as evil.
  • A Does Not Play Well With Others strip had Mrs. Agnieszka, a Baba Yaga who misunderstood Hallowe'en as children being "offered" to her. To make amends, she served pies. Unfortunately, she was rather senile, creating more problems...
  • In Girly #761...
    Otra: Way to go, Winter! No one eats babies like you!
  • Exterminatus Now once had Lothar waking out of a drunken stupor, yelling "YOU CAN'T PROVE I ATE THAT BABY!"
  • FreakAngels: A nasty occurrence in the backstory (Panel 1) of a Crapsack World.
  • Richard from Looking for Group is a baby-eater, which is not surprising since he's doubly evil being an undead warlock. This is played for laughs though, including the time he referred to a nursery as a "buffet". It cannot be described with mere words.
  • Nini from Manala Next Door. Justified in that she's a Kappa.
  • In Men in Hats, Aram seems disappointed that a sandwich he's eating lacks "a few slices of baby flesh."
  • In Episode two of A Modest Destiny the Vampire Lord Fluffy invites the Crimson Blade to dinner. "No way! I'm not eating with you! You'll feed me babies or something." "Don't be silly. (Babies were last night.)"
  • MS Paint Adventures:
    • Jailbreak: Elves treat babies as enough of a delicacy that they'll trade a wish just to eat one. Not children, though: when Prisoner #1 tries to give them a trio of schoolchildren as payment for his second wish, they pointedly refuse.
    • Homestuck:
      • Played for Laughs, when uu tries to set up a Sadistic Choice for Dirk forcing him to draw weird porn for him, which Dirk agrees to instantly. However, uu's kinks turn out to be normal and vanilla examples of romantic affection like staring longingly or getting married. Right up until the end, anyway, when uu suddenly asks Dirk to draw Jake eating his and Roxy's own baby and Dirk does so without question. Roxy even makes the image her phone's wallpaper.
      • Implied to be widespread in troll society, based on the existence of grub sauce and grub loaf. Newborn trolls are basically grubs (although they're usually referred to as wigglers), and grub sauce and grub loaf are food products which are made from some form of grub.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Parodied with the Monster In The Dark; he mentions that Xykon tries to feed him children, but he finds the idea creepy, so it "just moves them around on my plate then throws them in the trash." The strip is here (don't worry, the kid survives).
      Kid in Trash Can: Hello? Mommy?
    • It was implied in a much earlier strip in which Xykon promises to get the Monster a "Kids Meal" from a nearby village. It's entirely likely that the later strip was written partly to reassure the audience that he didn't actually eat them.
    • In the Snips, Snails and Dragon Tails bonus strips, the vampiric, half-dragon, half-troll, lycanthropic, phrenic snail comments that you can't force a dominated character to act against its nature, like forcing a paladin to eat babies, or forcing a blackguard to eat babies without mustard.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
    • In "The Life of a Puppet", Pinocchio becomes a politician and, thanks to his practice in never telling statements that could be false because he has to suffer the consequences of lying, manages to appeal to everyone. An example is that he can manage to "answer" a question about eating babies without angering either baby-eaters or everyone else.
    • In "Paradise", God complains about how the logic of Heaven forces him to sometimes let in people who eat babies.
  • Unity from Skin Horse here:
    Unity: Y'all tried eating unoiled babies?
  • Unsounded:
    • While Murkoph wouldn't visit upon children some of the horrible actions he's happy to inflict on adults he's got no problem with eating them. He's very hungry.
    • Cutter says that in his perfect world there'd be a baby in every crock-pot. The Silver later messes with him by creating a "fruit" for him to eat that breaks open to reveal that its innards are shaped like an infant Inak in its shell.
  • What's New? with Phil and Dixie shows a "badass villain" while speculating on what the Fortress storyline may be. The villain is shown making a baby sandwich.
  • One World of Warcraft comic series featured a troll nicknamed "Baby-Eater". He was rather irate about this, insisting it was only one time and on a dare.

    Web Original 
  • In episode 14 of Code MENT:
    Lelouch: My Tamagotchi died from eating its own babies. THAT'S NOT FOOD, TAMAGOTCHI! THAT'S JUST NOT FOOD!
  • In the Das Sporking review of Breaking Dawn, Mervin points out that this is essentially what the practice of creating the Immortal Children entailed: since vampires couldn't voluntarily stop drinking blood until they were full, the vampires who made Immortal Children must have kidnapped and killed untold numbers of children before managing to stop draining the blood of one.
    Mervin: These vampires were EATING. BABIES. It's canon — vampires have a lot of trouble making new ones, so more than likely, several babies had to die just so they could get the one they wanted. Because remember, a human adult has eight pints—a baby has nothing. By the time they got control, they probably would’ve drained it dry. And to make it even creepier, that is assuming that the vampire in question did their best to take the edge off of their appetite before they tried to do that. If they didn’t? More than likely they went through maybe a DOZEN OR MORE before they finally got it right, because as I said, they can eat up to ten adults at one sitting before they can finally just quit and move on [...] This is not some over-the-top description on my part, guys! When I say this, this is not like how you demonize a hammy villain, you know, like me laughing it up that the Volturi must eat babies and kick puppies and steal from the poor and tie fair maidens to railroad tracks. No, these vampires were LITERALLY eating babies! Babies! Dozens of them! These things probably ate dozens if not hundreds of babies over their reign of terror! Forget the immortal children and how they have a high death toll, at least they aren’t consciously eating babies, just because they want a child and will do anything they can to get it!
  • "HE ATE A BABY" has become a standard response to HABIT fangirls in Everyman HYBRID fandom.
  • Nice Peter: Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, Babies!
  • The Nostalgia Chick was rather creeped out by the Witches in Hocus Pocus:
    The Nostalgia Chick: Please don't refer to the child as an hors d'oeuvre, I'm pretty sure that's illegal in most states.
  • In The Nostalgia Critic commercial special "Battle of the Commercials", The Critic is freaked out by the infamous Little Baby's Ice Cream commercial. He replays it again but cuts out the mentioning of ice cream.
    Narrator: I eat little babies. It keeps me young. It keeps me light on my feet. When you eat little babies, you'll wink and nod. This is a special time. Little babies is a feeling.
  • According to The Onion, the unemployed Karl Rove eats canned babies.
  • A parody video in response to the National Organization of Marriage's "Gathering Storm" ad has the following dialogue midway through, after some more typical complaints that same-sex couples threaten marriage or could turn others gay:
    Woman 1: They are shapeshifters.
    Man 1: They want to end baseball.
    Woman 2: They're going to turn tampons into rocket ships.
    Man 1: They're going to eat baby Jesus...
  • This (NSFW) episode of Rats on Cocaine.
  • SCP-352, aka "Baba Yaga". Quite a few other SCP objects also eat babies. Enough so that there's a tale with the actual title "The Foundation Eats Babies" centered around the Foundation's Ethics committee debating whether to use an SCP object that generates otherwise perfectly normal babies through a rather ghastly means to produce the necessary sacrifices. Some of the committee members balk in disgust, but reluctantly concede that it's relatively more moral and more efficient than outright abducting babies.
  • In this Shadowrun Storytime, Mrs. Johnson hires the runners to rescue her kidnapped children. She was actually a nightmare who consumed the kids' essence and Knight Errant "hires" the team in turn to permanently destroy her.
  • Played for Deliberate Values Dissonance in Three Worlds Collide, to highlight the potential challenges of encountering Starfish Aliens with Blue-and-Orange Morality.
  • The first pack-in minicomic that appeared with many early Transformers: Armada toys was widely considered underwhelming at best, and otherwise would've been forgotten by the fandom at large...if not for the work of a certain fan who turned it into a Remix Comic (which later became an Ascended Meme, horrifyingly enough, re-imagining the cast as buffoonish ignoramuses and turning Hot Shot in particular into a deranged, Word Salad-spewing Cloud Cuckoolander. At one point, Hot Shot threatens to eat Jolt's babies, despite that not being even remotely close to how Cybertronians reproduce.
  • In RanguGamer's vidsos, it has become a Running Gag to talk about how eating children is "super mega cool" and is "an irreplaceable part of our lives" after he turned "EATING CHILDREN" into the most recent trend in Dewford Town, thus causing everybody to start talking about how awesome it is.
  • Implied with this post of a pelican speaking Intentional Engrish for Funny asking someone to put a baby directly in its mouth.
    "Pelican Mouth! Perfect size for put baby in to nap inside!"

    Web Videos 
  • On Critical Role, Nott is a goblin who ran away from the rest of her clan. She confirms to the rest of the party that her tribe actually did abduct children to eat them, but while she has eaten human flesh she hasn't knowingly eaten a baby.
    • Later in the campaign, the party is examining the lair of a slaver named Lorenzo. In his private quarters they find children's bones with teeth marks.

    Western Animation 
  • In Adventure Time, Jake's favorite book as a kid was "Baby Eating Fox and the Babies". Jake doesn't realize how morbid this book is until he starts reading it to his own kids. He then throws the book out the window...where a group of foxes find it and decide to start eating babies.
  • According to a history book written by Stan Smith of American Dad!, former president Jimmy Carter kidnapped and devoured twelve Christian babies.
  • In the episode of Ben 10: Alien Force when Ben first gains his Rath alien form, he, Gwen and Kevin had to deliver a cute baby alien prince to another alien world's leader as a peace treaty. However, it turns out that the baby prince was meant to be eaten by the leader...which he is. To quote Rath before the ass-kicking, "Eating... BABIES... IS NOT... COOL!!!!"
    • By Omniverse an artificial version of said species's babies has become a very popular ice cream—even Ben and Rook love it!
  • Played with in the 2006 revival of Biker Mice from Mars in the episode "Bringing Up Vinnie", where Vinnie becomes a baby as the result of Dr. Catorkian's age-reversing experiments. While no baby-eating actually occurs and Vinnie is eventually restored to his normal age, he is at one point spotted by the villain Cataclysm. Having already been established as being interested in eating Martian mice, Cataclysm refers to the infant Vinnie as a miniature mouse snack pack.
  • In Castlevania (2017) one of the first things Trevor sees as he approaches Gresit is a pack of Dracula's demons, with one carrying a dead baby in its teeth. Later on Dracula's generals attack a nearby town to feed, and we see one corner a mother holding her baby.
  • A baby-eating claim forms one of JFK's campaign ads against Abe Lincoln when they're running for class president in Clone High.
  • The Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "Watch the Birdies" had Courage and Muriel tasked with looking after three baby birds while their mother was out looking for a husband. At one point, Courage accidentally awakens a villainous rattlesnake who tries to eat the baby birds.
  • In Dan Vs.., Dan threatens to devour the children of his latest target. Chris tells him it's disgusting, and impractical.
  • In an episode of The Drinky Crow Show, Drinky Crow and Phoebe Bird are going to have babies, but Drinky Crow cooks the eggs into an omelet at the Baby Shower and feeds them to Phoebe, much to her embarrassment.
  • In Family Guy, when running against Lois in an election, Peter declares that she eats babies during a debate.
  • The Planet Express crew of Futurama become very wealthy after finding and selling what turns out to be edible alien babies. Leela is horrified when she discovers this.
    • Then there was the time Dr. Zoidberg asked a hot dog vendor for " of [his] young on a roll". The vendor's response? "We're out of rolls."
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
    • The Brain-Eating Meteor from "Little Rock of Horror" is at one point shown eating a baby's brain. If his song is anything to go by, he also finds infants' brains to be especially delectable.
    • While stranded with Grim in the desert in "Fear and Loathing in Endsville", Dracula at one point cooks and devours the young of a giant scorpion monster, who is completely horrified to see the vampire eating her children.
      Scorpion Monster: My babies!
      Dracula: Well, maybe if you didn't make your babies so delicious, Dracula wouldn't have to eat them!
  • In Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, while discussing a local taco place, Gir says, in his usual chirpy voice, "I ate a baby there!"
    Zim: He did.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In "Bewitched Bunny", Bugs finds himself in the Hansel and Gretel story - Witch Hazel is seen reading a cookbook with recipes like "Waif Waffles" and "Smorgas Boy".
    • In "A Mouse Divided", Sylvester and his wife, due to a mixup by the stork, become parents to a baby mouse. Sylvester's reaction to his new son: "Cute? He's delicious!" Ultimately averted, though— just as he's about to successfully have a baby mouse sandwich, the kid calls him "Daddy" and awakens his parental instincts. He spends the rest of the cartoon defending his son from other cats.
  • One episode of Metalocalypse featured a "cannibalistic baby murderer" who has killed and eaten over 200 infants and toddlers. The episode ends half a second before he skewers a baby with a giant fork. Ironically, even he's appalled by Dethklok.
  • Rick and Morty:
    • A subplot of the episode "Auto Erotic Assimilation" plays with this trope, mostly Played for Laughs. Beth and Jerry find an alien hidden under the garage, and one of Jerry's arguments against the creature is that it probably eats babies. Said alien gets free, picks up a device that translates his alien speech into English, and proceeds to tear into them for all their bickering, while acknowleding that he does in fact eat babies.
    • In the episode "The ABC's of Beth", we discover that, as a child, Beth abandoned her friend Tommy in the artificial fantasy world Rick created for her. Tommy survived by having sex with the creatures of this world and eating their babies.
  • In the Robot Chicken skit "Preciouszilla" the title character is apparently questioned by a social service and reveals this secret... among other things. The skit turns out to be some asshole lying about the movie so his girlfriend won't rent it.
    Unnamed Social Worker: What happened to yo baby Precious?
  • The Rugrats Movie has the wolf and Rugrats Go Wild! has Siri the leopard.
  • The Samurai Jack episode "Jack and the Baby" began with Jack rescuing an infant from being eaten by some cyborg ogres. Jack spends the rest of the episode taking care of the baby and looking for his parents, finally returning the child to his mother after getting into a fight with the same ogres seeking revenge.
  • Sparks makes reference to A Modest Proposal in Sealab 2021. He does it mainly to freak Debbie out.
  • Subverted in The Simpsons when Maggie goes missing and Moe is suspected of kidnapping her. Marge and Homer become even more horrified when they see Moe put something Maggie's size into his oven. Thankfully a police raid reveals it was just a ham, and Moe, cleared of his baby-eater accusations, wants to help find Maggie.
  • In South Park, Christopher Reeve eats fetuses for their stem cells so that he can walk again. Then he continues eating them until they give him superpowers.'s that kind of show.
  • In Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Rhombulus is convinced that this is why Eclipsa is evil, but the other members of the Commission say he's thinking of Bobipsa the Barbarian Baby-Eater instead. Becomes a Running Gag when he asks Eclipsa at her trial if she ate babies, and is once again corrected. She says she didn't.
  • In Transformers: Animated, Megatron has become such a bogeyman figure that he is said to eat protoforms - Transformer babies - by young Autobots. He's actually far more classy than that, though dangerous enough that his status as The Dreaded is still well deserved.
  • Babies are just one of the many unwholesome things demons will eat on Ugly Americans.
  • The punchline of Don Hertzfelt's Wisdom Teeth is that the main character somehow has a baby come out of his mouth after his stitches from removing his wisdom teeth are undone, afterwards he gets attacked when a woman sees him trying to get the baby back in and assumes he's trying to eat the baby.


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