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Warning: Late Arrival Spoilers for Scarface (1983) ahead!

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a Wide-Open Sandbox game based on the movie Scarface (1983), developed by Radical Entertainment and published in 2006 by Vivendi Universal Games.

The game presents itself as an Alternate Continuity to the end of the 1983 film, opening with the climactic shootout that involved Tony Montana (voiced by André Sogliuzzo, Al Pacino's understudy) engaging in a seemingly-hopeless battle against an army of goons sent by fellow drug kingpin Alejandro Sosa (voiced by Robert Davi)... except this time, the player rewrites history by taking control of Tony, who survives and escapes his Miami mansion while losing all the goods and money he had amassed up to this point.

Three months later, Tony arrives back in Miami, looking to restore his reputation and rebuild his empire again from the ground-up — and running into an assortment of friends (and enemies) along the way as he seeks vengeance against Sosa for destroying his operation.

Several of the actors who starred in the original film (including Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia and Al Israel) return to voice alternate characters in the game, while the plot and storyline builds on characters and situations referenced during the movie. The game takes several cues from the Grand Theft Auto franchise (particularly, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which centers around a sun-soaked city where the protagonist builds his empire from the ground up, complete with buying property) to re-create various setpieces and encounters from the original film in video game form.

Though plans were considered by Vivendi for subsequent sequels to this game (including a sequel set in Las Vegas, as shown in pre-alpha footage leaked online in June 2022), no plans materialized, as the rights to the property were later transferred to Activision (and then back to Universal Pictures) in the late 2000s.

This game contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Actionized Sequel: While the movie is a really bloody crime drama with intense action IN IT, the game is a revenge story with nonstop action that's bloodier, gorier, and even more violent than the film.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Sometimes when negotiating with a street dealer Tony will say "Make me an offer I can't refuse." Given how Tony is depicted as a big fan of American movies, it is also completely in character for him casually drop a Godfather quote. A bit more indirect than most examples, however, due to his recasting.
    • This isn't the first time Robert Davi has played a ruthless Latin American drug lord, or even the first time he's played one in a violent sandbox game set in the 1980's.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Characters who only got a brief mention and/or appearance in the movie such as Gaspar Gomez, the Diaz Brothers and Nacho Contreras feature more prominently and get a lot more lines. Most of them serve as de facto Mini Bosses standing in Tony's way on the road to Sosa.
  • Adaptational Heroism: A minor example. Chi-chi is killed in the movie because Tony abandons him outside his office during the final shootout. In the game's version of the event, Chi-chi is killed before he can even reach Tony's office, thus making his death not Tony's fault.
  • Adaptational Karma: In the film, Sosa and his men got off scot-free after the Skull killed Tony during the shootout. The game allows you to kill everyone in Sosa's organization, except one of his henchmen who becomes Tony's butler.
  • Anachronism Stew:
    • A soundtrack example. While the game takes place in the early 1980's, several songs (such as Ministry's "Burning Inside") are from the late 1980s, the 1990s and even all the way to the 2000s. That said, sticklers for historical accuracy can fix this using the game's custom mix feature and manually selecting tracks that fit with the game's time period.
    • There is rampant Product Placement for gambling site, which wasn't founded until 1994.
  • An Interior Designer Is You: Not only can you give your mansion different styles, but you can purchase furniture, souvenirs and other knick-knacks - even Manny and Gina's ash urns - and choose where to place them. Humorously, placing the items is done to a Muzak soundtrack - including a version of "She's On Fire".
  • An Arm and a Leg: It's possible to shoot limbs off of enemies and watch them writhe in agony for a few moments before dying.
  • Assassin Outclassin': The prologue mission allows the player (as Tony) to turn around and kill the Skull, who shot Tony from behind in the film.
  • Badass Boast: Tony delivers one just before getting revenge on the Diaz brothers, saying "Soy el Diablo!", or "I am the devil" in Spanish.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Tony's Enforcer wears a suit with tie, and Tony can get various tieless suits.
  • Bag of Spilling: With the exception of a single gun and a couple of transport options, Tony loses everything when Sosa's hit squad invades and takes over the mansion. Even when Tony later buys back the mansion from the Miami-Dade informants, the interior has been trashed, the prize tiger is nowhere to be found and all that's left are a couple of pistols and an SMG in Tony's personal gun case, necessitating that he builds his empire back up from scratch. Luckily, the player can purchase exotic items from a catalogue gifted by the local bank.
  • Beef Gate: You can access all areas after the first few compulsory missions. However, enemy gangs will have a clear firepower advantage.
  • BFG: Not only can you use the M16+ M203 from the film, but Tony can also use a SAW (and is able to fire it while running) and a four-barreled missile launcher.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: The game has Alejandro "Alex" Sosa, Gaspar Gomez and Nacho "El Gordo" Contreras as Tony's main targets, with Sosa being the ultimate Big Bad.
  • Black Comedy: Though the movie does have sprinklings of this trope, the game has noticeably more of an emphasis on this. Try running over pedestrians while in a vehicle then taunting them for instance as Tony has some genuinely enjoyable material employing this trope.
  • Bland-Name Product: The cars follow this model, though the guns use their real names.
  • Bond One-Liner: To Gaspar Gomez's security chief, after throwing him off the side of a tall building:
    Tony: Adios, amigo.
  • Book Ends: The World Is Yours begins with the invasion of Tony's mansion by Sosa's men and concludes with Tony invading Sosa's mansion.
  • Border Patrol: Spend too long in the water, and Tony will be eaten by a shark!
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: Chainsaw users.
  • Bottomless Bladder: Averted in that Tony can pee behind a dumpster to regain health.
  • Bottomless Magazines: In Blind Rage, as well as in the very first mission.
  • Black-and-Grey Morality: Along with Sosa, there are drug lords who are even worse than Tony. Special mention include Nacho Contreras and the Diaz brothers.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: The film itself was pretty violent, but The World is Yours cranks up the carnage even more. It's also this compared to many Wide-Open Sandbox games at the time. Even GTA, for all its notoriety, was pretty light on graphic violence (barring uncommon occurrences such as Ludicrous Gibs in one cutscene, Helicopter Blender in one cutscene, and Ludicrous Gibs as a result of combine harvester) with popping heads with sniper rifles being as gory as it got when using firearms (GTA III does have firearms-triggered dismemberment, but only on the PC version of the game, which was quickly overshadowed by the succeeding games). The World is Yours, on the other hand, allows you to blow off limbs and heads with even the common shotgun and assault rifle. Unsurprisingly, the developer of this game went on to develop [PROTOTYPE].
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Getting 100% Completion gets Tony's ladies to come along as additional firepower. However, by the time they're unlocked, there is very little real opposition left except in Felix and Sandman led side-quests which do become mercifully easier with their help.
  • Break Them by Talking: When you finally meet Sosa, it is actually possible to make the final fight very easy with him. This is accomplished by talking with him as you would with any other pedestrian in the game. If you've acquired enough balls during the game, it is possible to make him plead for his life as soon as the conversation is completed allowing you the opportunity to mow him down.
  • Briefcase Full of Money: Some gangsters drop these.
  • Bring It: You can hit the Taunt button to make Tony talk, and he'll often drop lines of this nature in combat. Doing this fills up your Balls meter, which allows you to enter Blind Rage... in which Tony shouts phrases of the sort automatically.
  • Broken Bridge: Averted and played straight.
    • You can access all of Miami as soon as the free-roaming becomes possible... but not the relevant plot missions.
    • You cannot access the islands until you get the Float Plane.
  • Call-Back: A spectacular moment with elements of a Hannibal Lecture and Shut Up, Hannibal! culminates near the end of the game, after Tony has gunned down Sosa's men at his estate and is literally walking into Sosa's living room for the final showdown and highlights the exact moment in the film where the relationship between Tony and Sosa went irrevocably sour:
    Sosa: So... how's this going to work, Tony? How do we solve our problem?
    Tony: You're going to die, Alex, for everything you've done in your entire life.
    Sosa: (laughs) What about what you did? I told you not to fuck me, and you did Tony.
    Tony: There were kids in the fucking car, Alex! Innocent kids! Huh, what kind of animals you've got working for you?
    Sosa: I want to clear something up with you Tony, before I kill you. When you move 400 kilos a month, it's imperative that you do kill children. That way, heroes don't get confused and go on 60 Minutes. They instead crawl back into the hole they came from.
    Tony: Hey, Sosa! Maybe it's time for you to make that crawl, huh?
  • Canon Foreigner: Quite a few in the game who play major roles in The World is Yours. For example Felix, who is introduced as one of Tony's most loyal distributors back when the world was his and helps him in his quest to regain it all back from Sosa. Later on in the game Tony is contacted by The Sandman, a Caribbean coca grower who's shown to be a major competitor of Sosa and joins forces with Tony in his Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • The Cartel: Tony breaks it apart and replaces it with his own organization.
  • Chainsaw Good: Chainsaws have one-hit-kill power, which works both ways.
  • Character Development: After the raid on his mansion - Tony invokes Heel Realization about his actions leading up to it and resolves to become more of a Noble Demon, particularly by not Getting High on Their Own Supply again.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Tony is real hard to kill, and the only explanation given for Blind Rage is sheer Balls.
  • Checkpoint Starvation: A few missions have checkpoints, but it seems to be pretty randomly applied. In particular, getting killed at the end of some of the longer business leads and distribution runs will probably leave some players crying.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Unlike its purpose in the film, the tiger Tony bought as a glorified showpiece gets in on the action during the opening mission, mauling one of Sosa's goons as he escapes from the mansion.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Virtually everyone, but especially Tony, in keeping with the film's liberal usage of profanities. One conversation with a pedestrian Lampshades this, as they call out Tony's excessive swearing.
  • Continuing is Painful: Dying or failing to interrogate the police via proxy meter, all of the drugs and dirty money are all lost which can be incredibly irritating if the player had millions of money and lots of grams of coke.
  • Continuity Nod: The game is full of these.
    • Tony meets Coco on referral from Felix at the bar by the Grove. Coco remembers seeing Tony there a long time ago with a "tall, good looking Cuban guy", during the scene from the movie where Tony tries to show Manny how to put the moves on a woman.
    • When Tony meets the Vice squad outside the entrance to his mansion, he mentions how Mel Bernstein tried something similar before that didn't work out for him.
    • When Tony talks to the manager of the Sun Ray Hotel in his bid to acquire it, he mentions how he owes it to the memory of his friend Angel to make the place better. If you've seen the movie, you'll know that this is where Angel had a rather nasty encounter with a chainsaw.
    • Two of the exotics that the player can purchase are urns containing the ashes of Manolo and Gina, which can be placed in the mansion..
    • At the end of the final mission, Tony sees one of Sosa's employees begging for his life. Tony seems ready to kill him, and then asks him if he wants a job. This is similar to what happened with Ernie, Frank's former employee after Tony killed Frank.
  • Coup de Grâce: You can get Tony to carry out "Executions" by closing into melee range while having a gun out.
  • Cowboy Be Bop At His Computer: The song Cocaine Blues is credited to Johnny Cash, but the version featured in the game is actually a cover by Hank Thompson.
  • Death by Irony: In the movie's ending / the game's beginning, Sosa has Tony killed/ruined in his own house; by the game's ending, Tony kills and ruins Sosa in his own house.
  • Death or Glory Attack: Laundering money can be this, as can making drug deals, since both use the same mechanic. To make the deal, you hold down a button while a circle fills up. The goal is to stop filling the bar within a very narrow window. If you stop it early, you get a poor, but successful deal. If you overshoot, the deal fails completely. In the case of the suppliers, a failed deal causes their whole gang to attack you.
  • Decapitated Army: Unless you kill the gang leader, the gang in question will return.
  • Defiant to the End: The ending, where despite Tony holding him at gunpoint and having pretty much killed all of his men and associates, Sosa still defiantly taunts the former while ranting on how much sacrifice he's willing to do to get what he wants. Tony puts at least a dozen bullets into him for his trouble.
  • Developer's Foresight: If you shoot Sheffield in the final mission with a firearm, a cutscene will show Tony blowing him away. If you put your weapon away and hit him, Tony will deliver a merciless beat down before snapping his neck instead.
  • Dirty Cop:
    • The two Vice cops, who in the Justified Tutorial section below imply that the whole Vice squad is corrupt as well. Fortunately, not only they're (mostly) on your side (as they tend to ignore gang wars and Tony's territorial takeover), should you get to their bad side, you can easily sway the favor to yours.
    • This is also the case with non-Vice cops too, as there's a mission involving you killing a dirty cop in order to take over the Peninsula Lounge.
    • This trope even extends beyond the Miami mainland too. When you reach the islands at around the game's midpoint and meet with Venus for the first time, she will point out that the law enforcement in her region is pretty thoroughly rotten as well.
  • Downer Beginning: Despite Tony surviving the mansion shootout and escaping with his life, he still loses his money, his mansion, and his criminal organization to both Sosa's men and the Miami Police Department. Also, Manny and Gina are still dead, and Tony himself is reduced to living in a hut in the Florida Bayou.
  • Drives Like Crazy: The game actually rewards Tony for doing this. Near misses and driving on the wrong side of the road will increase his Balls.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Subverted, citizens will eventually come to recognize and respect Tony.
  • Due to the Dead: The player can purchase urns with the remains of both Manny and Gina, which can be placed within the mansion.
  • Eats Babies: When they meet in the final mission, Tony asks Gaspar how many babies he's eaten today.
  • Escort Mission: The game has a few of these with the most notable ones involving you as helping a VIP in the Babylon Club escape from an attempted mob hit and an optional side mission in which you help a father in the islands rescue his daughter from drug dealers who have kidnapped her.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The Miami Police, SWAT, and the DEA showing up to wipe out whatever is left of Sosa's hit squad. Showing the player that the last thing Tony wants to do is have the Police on his back.
    This is the police! Don't you fucking move!
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas:
    • A continuation from the movie. When Tony finds out his rivals have killed his mother, he sets out to murder those responsible with a chainsaw.
    • On a slightly sadder note, one of Tony's death lines is "I love you, mamá..."
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Unlike most other video games of the genre, Tony will outright refuse to shoot an innocent bystander.
    • Tony's desire for vengeance on Sosa stems from Sosa's men trying to blow up a car with children in it. Sosa has the audacity to claim that it is necessary to kill children for profit, at which point Tony fills him with lead.
  • Every Car Is a Pinto: When your car gets shot up enough, it starts on fire. After a few seconds, it will blow up.
  • Every Man Has His Price: Bribing gangsters or cops to lower Heat.
  • Evil Pays Better: You have to deal drugs if you want to make money in any reasonable amount of time.
  • Fame Gate: You need to reach certain Reputation levels in order to unlock storyline missions.
  • Fisticuffs Boss: Gaspar's head of security and some other characters.
  • Fix Fic: Fits the formula; it's a "what-if" style pseudo-sequel to the movie in which Tony survives the final shootout and escapes, comes back to rebuild his empire, and exacts revenge on those who betrayed him.
  • For Want Of A Nail: The premise of the spinoff media: Tony turned around and realized Skull was behind him.
  • Forced Level-Grinding: Building Reputation, money and Balls.
  • Foreign Cuss Word: Often, from both Tony and his foes.
  • Flat Character: You can hire and then play as an Enforcer or an Assassin for a series of randomized side missions. The former is good for a little extra cash and to lower gang heat (reducing the chances of retaliation damaging Tony's business and vehicles), while the latter is good for a modest sum of cash only. Both of those character didn't have as much as characterization as Tony.
  • Getting High on Their Own Supply: Subverted. Since the game's first mission starts during the last gunfight of the movie, Tony Montana is high off yeyo during it but manages to kill The Skull and escapes when the cops arrive. Once Tony begins to build his empire again, he completely swears off cocaine for the rest of the game, as mentioned below in Going Cold Turkey.
  • Going Cold Turkey:
    • Tony apparently quit his cocaine habit sometime after the game's opening battle:
    "Yeyo - that shit make you crazy, man. Never again."
  • Gorn: Ooooh boy. This game is very violent with dismemberment and decapitation being very common when you kill enemies.
  • Groin Attack: Hit locations include "Right Nut". Also the left nut. And the groin as separate region itself.
    • One side mission has Tony clearing a motel of transvestite hookers by seeking them out and kicking them you know where.
  • Gunship Rescue: For the enemies.
  • Hand Cannon: The venerable Desert Eagle.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Sort of. Tony's still an unrepentant crook by the end of the game, but no longer qualifies as "evil".
  • Hero Stole My Bike: A particularly amusing effect of having a high Reputation is that Tony can stand in front of cars and make the driver give them up willingly.
  • High-Pressure Blood: Removing an enemy's head or limbs will result in blood spraying from the stump.
  • Hollywood Silencer: Averted. Enemies and pedestrians that are nearby can still hear suppressed weapons.
  • 100% Completion: Acquiring everything in the game results in a special congratulatory message and the ability to bring Tony's mistresses on missions as backup.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Averted. Montana may carry only three types of weapons (four with upgrade) with limited ammo. Where he hides the bazooka or assault rifle is another matter.
  • I Fought the Law and the Law Won: If you see the message "You're Fucked!" while being chased by the police, you have no chance of escape.
  • I Have a Family: After Tony finishes slaughtering his way through Sosa's mansion, a random mook appears and begs for mercy using this. Tony offers him a job.
  • I Shall Taunt You: You can do so to gain Balls.
  • Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence: Unlike other games of its ilk, Tony can't even jump, much less climb.
  • It's Up to You:
    • For a drug lord rebuilding his empire, Tony Montana has to do much of the dirty work himself. Even the goons who deliver cars to him proceed to take the passenger seat and leave their boss to drive, and missions that have you take over a rival gang's property only give you one henchman (if any) to help you out. While players can switch to playing as the hired muscle, that is, except for a grand total of one mission, an almost entirely unexplained, optional, plot-irrelevant element.
    • This is justified at first, as he has lost all of his assets and friends, and is effectively reduced to a common street-level criminal again. As you gain more of your reputation and empire back again, it starts to become quite eyebrow raising as to why he doesn't just get others to run his errands, specifically drug smuggling and dealing, for him.
  • I Will Wait for You: Interestingly, Tony's ambient dialogue in his mansion suggests that he still hasn't got over Elvira leaving him and is desperately trying to find her, as he muses aloud about her whereabouts at several points (and even affectionately refers to her as "Elvie"). When Sheffield offers to give him information on Elvira in "Freedomtown Redux", Tony drops everything to head to the meet and find out if she's still alright.
  • Justified Tutorial:
    • The actual tutorial sequence is ostensibly a historical glimpse into Tony's Cuban Army past.
    • And there's also a brief tutorial on Cop Heat when Tony gets back his mansion that's skillfully portrayed as movie-style dialogue completely within the fourth wall that's also a Call-Back:
      Tony: The Government not paying you clowns enough?
      "Crockett": Hey buddy we're Vice, not some loose knit government agency looking for handouts. You know how this is going to work from here on out, don't you?
      Tony: Fuck you. Mel Bernstein tried this shit on me once, and it didn't work out so good for him you know.
      "Tubbs": Mel? He wasn't a team player, Montana. You did us all a favor.
      "Crockett": Look Montana, Miami is our back yard. The people pay us to make sure scumbags like you keep the economy nice and stable. We don't want to get in the way unless you force us to, understand? Our boys in the streets keep tabs on you. You start doing too many things that upset the people, then your Heat goes up. If your Heat gets too high, then we'll be forced to make a house call. So... if you want to keep it cool with us Montana, we suggest you make a donation. (Gets in the van)
      Tony: Maybe you two should go home and donate a little something to your wives, you know? (Hands over a stack of $10K) Relax a little.
      "Tubbs": (Chuckles as the van starts up and takes off) We're watching you boy.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Sosa got off scot-free in the original movie. Here, it takes Tony three months and however long the game lasts, but he finally gets to make him pay for his crimes.
  • Karma Meter: "Cop Heat" and "Gang Heat" effectively serve as two separate ones. Escaping from and/or killing cops raises the former while taking over gang territory and killing gang members raises the latter. High cop heat means increased police presence in the streets and at extreme levels may result in the police seizing Tony's money. High gang heat makes street dealers raise their prices or even refuse to deal with you, and high levels will provoke retaliation attacks against Tony and any fronts owned.
  • Karmic Death: Sosa and his henchmen.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Played straight and subverted. At low reputation levels, you can outright steal cars on the road but the police will spot you quicker than if you fought gangs. With a full balls meter and at higher reputation levels though you can have Tony ask civilians to hand over their car and they will happily comply.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: If you're attacking a gang hideout and the cops show up, you can put away your gun, approach one, and pass the QTE to make them friendly, then sit back and watch them shoot it out with the still-hostile gang. More often than not, the cops will wipe them out for you.
  • Life Drain: Available in Blind Rage.
  • Likes Older Women: Though he can flirt with many of the younger women pedestrian characters you encounter throughout the game, Tony will also indiscriminately flirt with the older ones too. He even proudly admits to liking older women in the initial first encounter conversations he has with two of them and even admits he considers older women to be "like a fine wine."
  • Limit Break: Fill up your Balls Meter, and you can hold a button to enter Blind Rage, in which the game temporarily turns into a FPS with an invincible Tony completely slaughtering the enemies, gaining health with each kill.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: If you have a powerful enough weapon (or just a chainsaw), you can brutally dismember legs, arms, and heads, complete with over-the-top sprays of blood.
  • Marathon Level: Sosa's mansion. Drug distribution runs also get lengthy after you need to supply fronts in all four key areas.
  • Mêlée à Trois: One takes place during the opening level, between Tony and his surviving gang members, Sosa's men, and the Miami Police Department.
  • Mook Chivalry: The game is schizophrenic about this.
    • Facing off against Tony's armored, machine-gun mounted SUV while armed only with chainsaws? Okay, sure. But if the last guy does decide to run for it and steal a car and escape, Tony better get him or there will be reinforcements.
    • And yet, when Tony is set upon in the abandoned Freedom Town, the mooks gracefully wait for him to defeat the Machete Man. -Then- it's time for a mass charge. Tony has to hunt down someone with a gun and chop them so he stands a ghost of a chance.
  • More Dakka: The SAW, which somehow manages to squeeze 100 rounds into a 30-round magazine.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Tony has such a moment after he escapes the mansion shootout and is laying low out in the boonies.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The money Tony lost in the beginning is no random number. It's how much Scarface made at the box office.
    • In the movie, Octavo the Clown becomes an unfortunate bystander caught in the crossfire when Tony was ambushed at the Babylon Club. In The World Is Yours, Octavo becomes one of the gunmen trying to take Tony out a second time at the Club.
    • After acquiring the Oakley Drive-in Theater, Tony tells the manager to have a Bogart week, and start with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. This might be a reference to Paul Monette's novelization of the film, where Tony is mentioned to have watched the same movie while being held at Fort Chaffee.
  • Neighborhood-Friendly Gangsters: Downplayed. Tony may be an unrepentant drug pusher and killer, but he refuses to harm civilians, which is more than can be said for his rivals.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: In Blind Rage.
  • No-Gear Level: Freedomtown Redux starts Tony off with his weapons confiscated, while the start of Sosa's mansion has Tony with almost all of his weapons gone, save the Desert Eagle and rather little ammo.
  • Nobody Poops: Averted the same way as Bottomless Bladder, above.
  • No Animals Were Harmed: The final words of the instruction manual are "The makers of this interactive experience want to personally apologize to any flamingo that was personally offended or traumatized by Tony's comments referring to flamingos and 'pelicans'."
  • Non-Standard Game Over:
    • Believe it or not, you can still let The Skull kill you at the start of the game, causing a cutscene which replicates the end of the movie.
    • If you mess with the cops long enough, you're fucked, and the HUD disappears as you make your last stand at least until you respawn. What, do you think you can still stand without the law on your good side?
  • One Bullet Clips: Played straight on foot, subverted in a driveby-capable vehicle where you cannot reload halfway. note 
  • One-Man Army: Tony, naturally. The game starts with him fighting through the swarm of mooks that attacked his mansion, and throughout the game he goes on to clear many enemy-dense locations usually single-handedly.
  • Player Mooks: The Assassin, Enforcer and Driver. The Assassin is featured in one of Tony's Story Missions (U-Gin Shotgun Bar) but otherwise they are each intended for a specific purpose.
    • The Assassin can reduce Tony's Cop Heat by pulling off a hit and getting away in time.
    • The Enforcer lowers Tony's Gang Heat similarly.
    • The Driver's primary job is to make money through Grand Theft Auto and taking the cars to a designated chopshop.
  • Precision F-Strike: In an unexpected spot. When you die, instead of "Game Over" or "Try Again" or whatever, the screen simply says "You Fucked Up." Could also qualify as a hilarious Truth in Television.
  • Precision F-Strike with Bilingual Bonus: The Chinese owner at the U-Gin Bar inserts the Mandarin insult "Sha Bi" when referring to her ex boyfriend without losing stride. It was Tactfully Translated as "bastard" but means "stupid cunt".
  • Press X to Die: One cheat code "KILLTONY" kills Tony.
  • Pretty Little Headshots: Played straight with pistols (except the Deagle), and submachine guns, which will kill enemies with a single headshot but leave the head intact. Averted with every other weapon, which will cause the unfortunate enemy's head to burst like an overcooked pizza roll, complete with blood spraying from their open neck.
  • Product Placement: For online gambling site Bodog, where slot machines in the game are labelled with Bodog and the best car, Bodog Stampede, a LMG equipped Hummer H1 Expy, are labelled by Bodog livery. Additionally, you can encounter Bodog banners scattered to and fro when you're at Nacho's casino tanker.
  • Psycho Rangers:
  • "Psycho" Strings: The creepy tune that played whenever Tony noticed a guy hovering around Gina in the movie now plays when Tony goes into his Limit Break.
  • Put on a Bus: Elvira Hancock doesn't appear in the game at all and is only briefly mentioned by Tony.note 
  • Rank Scales with Asskicking: Sosa can really take a pounding and enemy gang leaders often pack better heat than their underlings.
  • Rated M for Manly: It's a Scarface video game, so no shit. Turns out Tony somehow survived being riddled with lead at the end of the film, and your goal is to make sure all Miami take notice that Tony is BACK and he's BAD. You even have a special meter, "Balls", which can cause you to fly into a rage when filled by doing macho stuff like shooting guys in the dick and making profane taunts.
  • Redemption Earns Life: Directly contrasting Redemption Equals Death in the movie, as Tony survives the final fight in the movie with lots of bitter lessons in his head.
  • Rewrite: The opening mission is this in spades, partially to justify the entire premise of the game.
    • The first — and biggest — change is that the player can change history by having Tony turn around and shoot The Skull, the assassin who shot him In the Back at the end of the film.
    • Unlike the film, in which Sosa's hit squad are seen methodically eliminating the exterior security before moving inside, more of Tony's employees are seen to have survived the initial skirmish. One tries to guide him to an underground passage (only to be shot by a hit squad member when he opens it), while several others are seen engaged in an ongoing battle with Sosa's goons on the grounds of the mansion.
    • The final segment of the opening mission involves a Race Against the Clock to get to Tony's car before the Miami-Dade police force invade the compound due to reports of gunfire, making it clear that even though Sosa's goons would have won regardless, they still had to deal with law enforcement.
    • Sheffield bears little resemblance to his original portrayal in the film for some reason.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge:
  • Secondary Fire: Just about all of the weapons have a secondary firing mode.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The two Vice cops Tony has to bribe to get his mansion back look an awful lot like Crockett and Tubbs, especially the 2006 versions.
    • The car model which looks an awful lot like a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is named "Bandit".
  • Slo-Mo Big Air: Sometimes crops up before large "Air Time Bonus".
  • Sniper Pistol: The Deagle is pinpoint accurate.
  • Sociopathic Hero: Tony, more so in the game than in the movie.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Weapon Effectiveness: You start out with a wimpy 9MM pistol and unlock bigger and better weapons as you progress through the game.
  • Story-Driven Invulnerability: When you finally fight Gaspar in the final mission, he can take any number of shots as you chase after him until you finally corner him in a certain room.
  • Super Cell Reception: Having one of the very first satellite phones ever, stolen from a rival crimelord, is vital to the plot and many of the gameplay mechanics. It always works, from inside any building to remote island dirt roads. Possibly handwaved in that if you're a millionaire drug kingpin, you can afford the best.
  • Super Mode: Blind Rage, need to fill up meter leads to overlap with Limit Break.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: As the mansion shootout escalates, the Miami Police Department are called in, thanks to Tony's neighbors reporting to them about gunfire being heard. Not long after arriving, they mow down Sosa's and Tony's men rather easily, forcing Tony to escape as fast as he can.
  • Take Cover!: Tony can take cover behind corners and pop out to aim.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: Inverted; you talk to women to recruit them and gain benefits from doing so.
  • A Taste of Power:
    • The first mission, being the film-ending shootout, lets you use Tony's trademark M16 with grenade launcher. Of course, he loses it after escaping and it only reappears fairly late into the game.
    • A minor example, provided you didn't grind for reputation to unlock it: In the mission to acquire the Babylon Club, the owner lends Tony a Desert Eagle just for the job of protecting a VIP. Meanwhile, he can't switch to his other guns throughout the mission. That Deagle is all you need, as one bullet is enough to kill each and every Nachos gangster stupid enough to try and come after you, only being hampered by its rate of fire. At the end of the mission, you lose the Desert Eagle and then you can switch to your current weapons again.
  • Threatening Shark: Swim too far out and you'll get chomped by a huge Great White. They're not completely bad, however: you kill Nacho Contreras by shooting him with a sniper rifle while he's swimming, making him bleed. Take a wild guess what happens next. But taking into account that Nacho liked to dump the bodies of local women after beating them dead to the sharks, he was also indirectly hoisted by his own petard.
  • Trash Talk: Tony can taunt his enemies to gain Balls towards powering up his Blind Rage. In addition, each time Tony gains a Reputation Level after the first- by which point he's stolen Gaspar's satellite phone- he'll get a call from Sosa taunting and/or threatening him. Taunting after crashing into another driver (or even being hit while on foot) will also fill up the balls meter.
  • Universal Driver's License: In addition to cars, Tony also knows how to drive boats and fly planes.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Played straight in the mansion siege, and then transformed into the Limit Break.
  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: Sosa's mansion, a unique area bigger than any other front you can capture that can't be accessed via the open world during normal free roaming.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: While you're playing as Tony, he will refuse to shoot any innocents due to his strong (if twisted) moral code. Of course, nothing's stopping Tony from terrorizing the living crap out of those innocents by beating them up and shooting anything and everything that looks breakable as well as doing hit and runs (and taunting them). Once you've bought one of his henchman (Enforcer and Assassin), there's nothing stopping you from taking control of them and going on a killing spree. Also, the chainsaw lets you cut off specific limbs, so you can either end it quickly with a decapitation or chop off their arms and legs, letting them suffer.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: From the movie. Towards the end, Sosa mentions his wife is expecting their child in three months. The game takes three months after the movie's ending, and not a single mention is made of his wife or the child.
  • What If?: The whole premise of the game: What if Tony realized Skull was behind him, killed the assassin first and managed to escape?
  • World of Ham: Oh, boy... Just about everyone invokes Cluster F-Bomb and No Indoor Voice during firefights. And don't even get started on Tony's "Balls" mechanic.
  • Would Not Shoot a Civilian: Unlike other games in the genre, you're not allowed to shoot at bystanders. This occasionally becomes problematic if you attempt to lock onto an enemy when a civilian is crouched in front of them as it will lock onto the civilian and prevent you from shooting. "Accidentally" running over them or catching them in the blast radius of AOE weapons is another thing though, and most of the time, they'll woke up and run away. It's also worth noting that the "no bystanders" rule only applies to Tony - switch to his driver, assassin or enforcer, and they're fair game.
  • You Don't Look Like You: George Sheffield has a drastically different appearance and personality than in the movie, having a thinner build and being a fast-talking schemer as opposed to being calm, serious, and willing to help Tony like in the film.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Unless you're using the basic pistols or SMGs, this is the typical result of shooting an enemy in the head.