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Nightmare Fuel / Scarface: The World Is Yours

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Remember all the graphic violence that the film had? It's still there, but Up to Eleven.

  • Executions. When Tony approaches an enemy with a gun, he will kill him in an excessively brutal way. That includes banging the head and shoot it with a bunch of bullets leaving a bloody mess.
  • Even when you do not make executions, gunfights are incredibly brutal, even more than Grand Theft Auto. When you shoot an enemy with a submachine gun or assault rifle, you have the freedom to shoot at any of the body, that includes amputating legs, arms and heads with a lot of bullets. Grand Theft Auto's gunfights are practically light compared with this.
  • When you kill enemies with a chainsaw, violence is excessively brutal and graphic, since you have the freedom to completely dismember an enemy. Remember that infamous scene with Hector the Toad in the film? That scene is vanilla compared with Tony dismembering enemies.
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  • Chainsaw users. They are every bit as terrifying as Dr. Salvador. Especially if you're almost finished with a collection run and just have to save one more of your fronts before hitting the bank, kill most of the gangsters, but then hear that horrible revving and whirl around in a panic trying to kill the son of a bitch before he chops your head off and throws all your effort out the window.
  • What happens when you swim too far out. It's not that bad if you know what's coming, but if you don't...
  • The cops in the game. Believe it or not, Miami's law enforcement is what you should always be on lookout for, as they are the most dangerous enemies in the game. Killing a cop does not award you balls (instead, you LOSE balls), which means you cannot restore your health with Tony's rage mode in a shootout with them, forcing you to always run away when the cops are onto you before the game gives you the "You are fucked!" message. Explanation  It doesn't help they come in swarms, have strong firepower and are relentless in their job of taking you down until you get out of the red zone in the map.
    • The track that plays when you are being hunted by the police is a form of communication the game uses to tell you that you should not fuck with them and you better start running.
  • Don't let the beautiful, vivid nature of the islands fool you. Islands are by far the most dangerous areas of the game, each one infested with rival Cartels, smugglers and kidnappers armed to the teeth and ready to open fire at the slightest provocation.
    • Heck, anytime you have to fight the Cartels from the islands is heart pounding. Just goes to show how dangerous it is to go around looking for trouble in places like these.
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  • Gomez Cartel. Unlike other thugs, these thugs have extremely sophisticated weaponry: snipers, machine guns, carbine rifles and even bazookas. Sure, fighting with this Cartel can be quite terrifying at times.
  • The sight of the ransacked mansion when you return to it for the first time. Debris littering the ground, bullet holes and bloodstains on the walls, destroyed furniture, and Chalk Outlines of people that died during the shootout. Even after you have the mansion restored to its former glory, the underground passageway that you used to escape from the mansion at the beginning of the game still looks like this.

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