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The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things.
"For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times... before the Empire."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, A New Hope

Star Wars: The High Republic is a Star Wars Expanded Universe multimedia project. Due to being advertised as both an era and a sub-franchise and having more in-depth mapping compared to previous Star Wars eras, it has its own franchise page.

Set around 382 to 82 years before the Battle of Yavin, in a time where the post-Jedi-Sith Wars Galactic Republic was at the peak of its influence and culture, the Jedi were active guardians of peace, and the Outer Rim was considered a frontier waiting to be explored and colonized. However, while the threat of a galactic war would still be far off, a huge disaster changes the status quo and an unknown ruthless enemy appears out of the Outer Rim to terrorize the Republic.

Originally revealed as Project Luminous, the High Republic is a new era of Star Wars media that will include books, graphic novels, comics, and television shows, and is penned by an all-star group of writers such as Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, and Claudia Gray among many others.

The High Republic brand is meant as a starting point for new fans, advertised with a Lighter and Softer tone, more episodic (yet interconnected with Continuity Nods) storytelling, and emphasis on young Jedi Padawans and their adventures and discoveries in an unexplored Outer Rim. However, it would also delve into darker and more serialised territory as time went on.

The series officially launched on January 5, 2021 with the book Light of the Jedi. It is planned to consist of three phases released over the course of several years: Light of the Jedi, Quest of the Jedi, and Trials of the Jedi. It was later revealed that with Quest of the Jedi, the initiative would go even further into the past of the Star Wars universe by covering events a century and a half before Light of the Jedi.

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    Phase I: Light of the Jedi 

Part 1: The Great Disaster

  • Starlight: Go Together (December 15, 2020 & February 10, 2021): The first of the Starlight short stories in Star Wars Insider, with part one in Issue 199 serving as a prequel to Light of the Jedi and part two in Issue 200 serving as an epilogue to the novel.
  • Light of the Jedi (January 5, 2021): The official beginning to The High Republic series. Immediately upon the Great Disaster, the Jedi are beckoned to a distress call in the Hetzal system, which is threatened by incoming debris from a ship destroyed in hyperspace.
    • The Great Jedi Rescue (January 5, 2021): A young readers' book retelling the Part 1 of Light of the Jedi.
  • A Test of Courage (January 5, 2021): A junior novel about the newly knighted, young Vernestra Rwoh as she and her escortees are stranded on a moon after being struck by the Great Disaster.
  • Star Wars: The High Republic (2021) (January 6, 2021 - March 2, 2022): The main comic series of the same name for the High Republic era, focusing on the adventures of the newly knighted Keeve Trennis and her master Sskeer.
  • Into the Dark (February 2, 2021): A young adult novel about Padawan Reath Silas and his companions finding shelter in a mysterious space station after being impacted by the Great Disaster.
  • The High Republic Adventures (2021) (February 3, 2021 - February 23, 2022): A miniseries under the Star Wars Adventures label, centering around padawans Lula Talisola, Farzala Tarabal, Qort and the Force-sensitive tagalong, Zeen Mrala.
  • Starlight: First Duty (March 17, 2021 & April 27, 2021): A short story in Star Wars Insider 201 and 202 about Velko, the first aide to the head of the Starlight Beacon.

Part 2: The Republic Fair

  • Starlight: Hidden Danger (June 22, 2021 & August 10, 2021): A short story in Star Wars Insider 203 and 204 involving a Drengir attack on Starlight.
  • Race to Crashpoint Tower (June 29, 2021): A middle grade novel focusing on a Jedi mechanic, taking place around the same time as The Rising Storm.
  • The Rising Storm (June 29, 2021): The sequel to Light of the Jedi, centering on Stellan Gios and the Republic Fair.
    • Showdown at the Fair: A young readers' book retelling The Rising Storm.
  • Out of the Shadows (July 27, 2021): A young adult novel focusing on Vernestra Rwoh, Reath Silas, Avon Starros, and other characters.
  • The Monster of Temple Peak (August 11, 2021 - November 17, 2021): A miniseries about one of Ty Yorrick's monster hunts, set shortly before the Republic Fair in The Rising Storm.
  • Tempest Runner (August 31, 2021): An audio drama centered around Nihil leader Lourna Dee as she advances the ranks of the Nihil.
  • The Edge of Balance (September 7, 2021): The first installment of a manga series by Viz Media.
  • Life Day Treasury (September 7, 2021): A compilation of in-universe short stories revolving around Life Day. The story, Heart of the Jedi, centers around Stellan Gios on patrol on Coruscant during the festivities.
  • Starlight: Past Mistakes (September 21, 2021 & November 2, 2021): A short story in Star Wars Insider 205 and 206 about Velko's confrontation with her ex-boyfriend Vane Sarpo.
  • Trail Of Shadows (October 27, 2021 - February 9, 2022): A comic-book series about a Jedi and an investigator uncovering what really happened at the Republic Fair.

Part 3: Going Dark

  • Starlight: Shadows Remain (December 14, 2021 & January 25, 2022): A short story in Star Wars Insider 207 and 208 about Ghal Tarpfen's past coming back to haunt her.
  • The Fallen Star (January 4, 2022): A sequel to The Rising Storm centering on the Jedi of Starlight Beacon as they deal with the Nihil crisis.
  • Eye of the Storm (January 12 & March 2, 2022): A two-part comic miniseries telling the backstory of Marchion Ro.
  • Midnight Horizon (February 1, 2022): A young adult novel where Masters Kantam Sy and Cohmac Vitus, along with Padawans Ram Jomaram and Reath Silas, investigate rumors of an underground Nihil presence on the Core World, Corellia.
  • Mission to Disaster (March 1, 2022): A middle-grade novel taking place before The Fallen Star, where Vernestra Rwoh and Imri Cantaros must rescue Avon Starros after she is kidnapped by the Nihil while Avon uses her smarts to survive while in captivity.

    Phase II: Quest of the Jedi 

Part 1

  • Tales of Enlightenment: New Prospects (September 13, 2022 and October 25, 2022): A short story in Star Wars Insider 213 and 214 where Keth Cerepath, an attendant at the Temple of Kyber on Jedha that longs for adventure, listens to a story from a hyperspace prospector looking for work.
  • Path of Deceit (October 4, 2022): A young adult novel where Jedi Master Zallah Macri and Padawan Kevmo Zink investigate the planet Dalna to follow a connection to the Path of the Open Hand, a missionary group who believes the Force should be untouched.
  • The High Republic (2022) (October 12, 2022 - May 24, 2023): The main comic series of Phase II, in which Jedi Knight Vildar Mac comes to Jedha as a fragile peace between the various Force faiths starts to crumble.
  • Quest for the Hidden City (November 1, 2022): A middle-grade novel following Jedi Knight Silandra Sho and her Padawan Rooper Nitani, who in the midst of trying to find a missing Pathfinder team, are led to the ravaged planet, Gloam, which is said to be haunted by mythical monsters.
  • Convergence (November 22, 2022): The first adult novel of Phase II. When an assassination attempt disrupts peace negotiations between the planets Eiram and E'ronoh, Jedi Knight Gella Natai is sent to investigate the incident, while Chancellor Kyong Greylark sends her son, Axel, to represent the Republic's interests. As the two conflicting personalities are forced to work together, the conspiracy gets more complicated.
  • The High Republic Adventures (2022) (November 30, 2022 - May 31, 2023): A mini-series following the adventures of Sav Malagan when she was a Padawan.
  • The Blade (December 28, 2022 - March 29, 2023): A comic mini-series following the legendary Jedi swordsman Porter Engle in his youth as he wanders the galaxy with his sister, Barash Silvain.
  • The Battle of Jedha (January 3, 2023): An audio drama covering a conflict that ensues on Jedha when negotiations to end the Forever War between Eiram and E'ronoh go awry.

Part 2

  • The Nameless Terror (February 22, 2023 - May 17, 2023): A mini-series where when a Jedi mission to Dalna goes awry, they are attacked by unknown assailants and forced to retreat to an ancient structure. There, they are faced with an unknown terror. This story is told as a Whole Episode Flashback by Ty Yorrick after the fall of Starlight Beacon.
  • Cataclysm (April 4, 2023) — The second adult novel of Phase II and the sequel to Convergence. After the failure of the peace treaty on Jedha, conflict reignites between Eiram and E'ronoh. With evidence suggesting that the Path of the Open Hand has been instigating the conflict, the royal heirs of the two worlds work to quell the chaos while the Jedi split their forces to investigate the truth behind the Battle of Jedha.
  • Quest for Planet X (April 4, 2023) — A middle-grade novel that serves as a sequel to Quest for the Hidden City. Under the guise of joining a contest to chart new hyperlanes between the San Tekka and Graf families, Dass Leffbruk and Sky Graf recruit Jedi padawan Rooper Nitani to seek out the mysterious Planet X. However, plans change when they encounter the Path of the Open Hand.
  • Quest of the Jedi (April 26, 2023) - A one-shot comic in which Jedi Knight Barnabus Vim and his Padawan Vix Fonnick journey to the planet Angcord in search of an ancient Force artifact known as the Echo Stone, only to get more than they bargained for. This comic is told as a historical flashback while Jedi Knight Azlin Rell investigates the aftermath of Zallah Macri and Kevmo Zink's mission to Dalna.
  • Path of Vengeance (May 2, 2023) — A young-adult novel that serves as a sequel to both Path of Deceit and The High Republic (2022) comic, focusing on Marda and Yana Ro as they are driven apart by their beliefs, while the Jedi Knight Oliviah Zeveron and Padawan Matthea Cathley investigate the Path of the Open Hand.
  • The Edge of Balance: Precedent (May 23, 2023) — A distant prequel to The Edge of Balance following the Wookiee Jedi Arkoff and his battle with the Path of the Open Hand on Dalna. Told as a Whole Episode Flashback after the events of Volume 2.

    Phase III: Trials of the Jedi 
  • Tales of Light and Life (September 5, 2023) — An anthology of young-adult short-stories following characters from throughout the High Republic publishing initiative, ranging from the Phase II era to post-Phase I.

Part 1

  • Shadows of Starlight (October 2023) — A four-issue comic mini-series detailing what happened in the year between the fall of Starlight Beacon and the beginning of Phase III.
  • Untitled Chronicles from the Occlusion Zone (October 24, 2023) — A short story in Star Wars Insider 222
  • The Eye of Darkness (November 14, 2023) — The first adult novel of Phase III, set a year after the fall of Starlight Beacon.
  • The High Republic (2023) (December 2023) — The main comic series of Phase III, following Keeve Trennis as she comes to terms with becoming a Jedi Master.
  • The High Republic Adventures (2023) (December 2023) — A mini-series following Zeen Mrala and Qort.
  • Escape from Valo (January 30, 2024) — The first middle-grade novel of Phase III.
  • Defy the Storm (March 12, 2024) — The first young-adult novel of Phase III.

Part 2

  • Temptation of the Force (Summer 2024) — The second adult novel of Phase III.
  • Beware the Nameless (Summer 2024) — The second middle-grade novel of Phase III.
  • Tears of the Nameless (Fall 2024) — The second young-adult novel of Phase III.

Part 3

  • Trials Of The Jedi (Spring 2025) — The final adult novel of Phase III.
  • Into the Light (Spring 2025) — The final young-adult novel of Phase III.
  • A Valiant Vow (Spring 2025) — The final middle-grade novel of Phase III.

    Non-Publishing Initiative Works 
These are works that take place in the High Republic era, but are not officially under the High Republic label.


  • The Halcyon Legacy (February 2, 2022: A comic mini-series used to promote Disney World's Galactic Starcruiser, where the Halcyon's attendant droid D3-O9 tells tales of when the ship was attacked throughout its 275 years of existence in the midst of a pirate-attack during the First Order-Resistance conflict. The first issue recalls an incident in which the Nihil attacked the Halcyon during the High Republic era.
  • Yoda (November 23, 2022): A comic mini-series where Yoda - during his exile on Dagobah - recounts some of the lessons he's taught and learned in his long life. The first three issues has him recount a mission to the planet Turrak during the High Republic era.


  • Dark Legends (August 30, 2020): A compilation of in-universe short stories with horror elements. The short story, A Bitter Harvest, centers around the Drengir in an Early-Bird Cameo.
  • The Vow of Silver Dawn (December 16, 2020 - present): A daily Chinese web novel about a padawan named Sean and his master Mostema in their adventures through the Outer Rim in the decades leading up to the Skywalker Saga. Released prior to Phase I, but is set closer to the end of the High Republic-era than other Phase I entries, which are set over a century prior.


  • Young Jedi Adventures (May 4, 2023) — A preschooler-to-grade-schooler aimed animated series set during the High Republic era.

Video Games

  • Tales from the Galaxy's Edge (November 19, 2020): A VR game for the Oculus Quest. The episode "Temple of Darkness" is set in the High Republic era, focusing on Padawan Ady Sun'zee and Yoda investigating a disturbance in the Force at the Jedi outpost on Batuu.

    Future works 
  • A secret project by Claudia Gray.
  • The Acolyte: A live-action mystery-thriller series helmed by Leslye Headland (from Russian Doll fame). The Acolyte is set 100 years before The Phantom Menace, and thus 100 years after the Starlight arc. It will explore "a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark side powers" according to the official synopsis.
  • Star Wars Eclipse: A video game from Quantic Dream. Set at some point during the era, but seemingly closer to the events of The Phantom Menace than most works.

Tropes in this series include:

  • Anachronic Order: While many of the works are organized by Phase, not all of the series are released in chronological order, and some stories happen concurrently with others. For example, The Fallen Star, the novel that launched Wave 3 of Phase 1, chronologically takes place near the end of Phase 1, while Mission to Disaster takes place before that. Phase 2, Quest of the Jedi, takes place further back in time, 150 years before the Great Disaster. Meanwhile, The Acolyte takes place 100 years after the Great Disaster, and The Vow of Silver Dawn is listed by different sources as occurring either 32 to 150 years after the Great Disaster.
  • Anti-Magical Faction: The Elders of the Path are a religious cult that believes that the Force is a wild and dangerous thing that should not be touched, and persecute the Jedi Order or any Force sensitives that live within their group (forcing some like Zeen to suppress it). Phase II introduces the Path of the Open Hand, which the Elders were once a part of. They follow the similar principles but with different reasoning - that any action taken by manipulating the force will have an equal but opposite reaction elsewhere in the galaxy, usually in the form of people dying in the stead of those the Jedi save. The Nihil also have roots in the Path via Marchion's ancestor, Marda Ro.
  • Big Bad: The Nihil, a group of essentially Space Pirates on a much more dangerous and larger level than we've previously seen in canon with other pirates. They orchestrate the Great Disaster in order to attack and loot unsuspecting, vulnerable worlds.
  • Book Ends: The first entry in the High Republic Phase 1 Light of the Jedi was written by Charles Soule. The very last in Phase 1, Eye of the Storm, is also written by him.
  • Call-Forward:
    • Keeve Trennis is one of the main Jedi in the series. Dooku Jedi Lost, written by The High Republic writer Cavan Scott, mentions a Trennis as one of the Lost Twenty…
    • Yoda is already a Grand Master, and Oppo Rancisis and Yarael Poof are already members of the Jedi Council.
    • Avon Starros and her mother Senator Ghirra Starros are members of the Starros clan, otherwise known as the ancestors of Sana Starros, a major character in the Original Trilogy-era comics.
    • The San Tekka clan is an organization of explorers and are allies of the Jedi, and are ancestors to Lor San Tekka, a member of the Church of the Force who will help the Resistance find Luke in The Force Awakens.
    • The Graf clan, who have descendants that are the main characters in Adventures in Wild Space and the side stories of the Star Wars Adventures comics (both written by Cavan Scott), turn out to have been rivals of the San Tekka clan.
    • The political efforts to rebuild after the disaster include lessening taxes on trade routes and creating economic incentives for droid production, which eventually lead to the conflict in The Phantom Menace.
  • Child Soldiers: A Bilingual Bonus in Shadows of Starlight makes a list of systemic changes by the Jedi Order in response to the destruction of Starlight Beacon, the resurging threat of the Nameless, and the Nihil's establishment of the Occlusion Zone. These include the fast-tracking of Padawans' trials and accelerating the combat training of younglings.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: The Nihil are different from any other major enemies in Star Wars to date. They're not Force-wielders like the various Darksiders, they're not religious fanatics like the Sith cultists, they're not an enemy nation, they're not a race of extragalactic invaders, and they're not even high-level criminals like the Hutts or the Shadow Collective. They are basically just a random band of marauders who lucked into a huge technological advantage. Even then, it's repeatedly made clear that the only reason they are a real threat to the Republic is because it's an unprecedented era of peace and there's barely any military presence in the Galaxy. However, they become much more dangerous once they have control of the Nameless to use against Jedi and access to hyperspace mines to keep the Republic Defense Coalition from coming into their territory once they have control of the Outer Rim.
  • Culture Clash: A prominent conflict in Phase II is how others interpret the Force. In the main High Republic comic, Jedha serves as a convocation for many Force faiths, but are often butting heads with each other and are in fragile peace to start with (and some of these faiths, such as the Sorcerers of Tund, worship the Dark Side). Also of note is the Path of the Open Hand, who preach that the Force should not be used at all.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: As a parallel to lightsabers, the franchise introduces Vectors and Vanguards, spaceships and land vehicles designed specifically for the Jedi. They have ludicrously high specs for their class, capable of dancing on a pinhead, but they require such impossible reflexes that you basically have to be a Jedi to pilot one. They also have powerful weapons systems that use the Jedi's own lightsaber as a focus (which has the added benefit of meaning the lightsaber acts as a key so that no one besides a Jedi can use the weapons), with variable power so that they can fight without killing if necessary. Vanguards also come with Veil speeders, which are described as little more than sticks with engines—again, requiring Jedi reflexes to use safely.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Prior to the proper reveal announcement and release of the series, the writers placed hints and other references to the High Republic era in their other works:
    • The Rise of Kylo Ren has a holocron dating back to the days of the High Republic, and it has a recording from Avar Kriss.
    • The Amaxine space station in The Rise of Kylo Ren is the station that Reath and co. come across in Into the Dark.
    • Adventures Issue 30 (written by Cavan Scott) has Emil recount a story about a lost library dating back to the age of the High Republic.
    • Dooku Jedi Lost mentions a Master Trennis as one of the Lost Twenty, and Yoda notes that their story was very sad...
    • The first arc of the second run of Doctor Aphra (which is not written by a The High Republic writer) has Eustacia reading a book called "The Lost Legends of the High Republic", supposedly for her dissertation, and Aphra’s crew find High Republic-era murals adorning the walls of the underground workshop in Vaale that forged the Rings of Vaale, implying that the relic is also High Republic-era.
    • The first arc of the 2020 run of the main Star Wars comics (written by Charles Soule) feature an old High Republic-era Jedi outpost on Tempes.
    • Also from the same arc, Commander Grek also proposes naming their mission, Operation Starlight, in tribute to the High Republic's Starlight Beacon.
  • End of an Age: The Acolyte television series is slated to be one according to its reveal announcement at Disney's Investor's Day 2020, taking place in the final days of the High Republic.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Defied. Early in the story, the Jedi are frequently surprised by the complete lack of empathy that define the Nihil, and the audience is shown many, many instances of people in the organization engaging in For the Evulz behavior. This ranges from the extremely casual murder of subordinates, to open complacency regarding cannibalism in the ranks of the Storm.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Being set long before the fall of the Republic that began with the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY means that it will end with the erosion of the Republic's ideals, the Jedi becoming complacent, and the Outer Rim being mostly ignored by the Republic, leading to the rise of criminal cartels and unchecked intergalactic corporations.
  • Forever War: One of the prominent conflicts in Phase II is a war between the sister planets Eiram and E'ronoh, which has been described word-for-word as a Forever War. This conflict wouldn't be fully resolved until 125 years later via the efforts of a few Jedi, including the Phase I characters Cohmac Vitus and Orla Jareni.
  • Hypocrite: The Nihil preach doing what you want without rules... but you still have to follow orders. One of the Tempest Runners lampshades it, but doesn't actually care.
  • Inciting Incident: The Great Disaster kicks of Phase I and is a direct plot point in most of the early storylines. The Legacy Run encounter an unknown object in Hyperspace (later revealed to be a Nihil ship travelling on a Path), and the evasive maneuvers caused it to explode, showering the Outer Rim with wreckage travelling at near-lightspeed.
  • Moral Myopia: The Nihil hate the Republic for being "tyrants" encroaching on their "freedoms". The freedoms in question being the freedom to raid and pillage the entire Outer Rim. The tempest riders appear to just be paying lip service to the ideal as a means to control their people, but Marchion Ro seems to genuinely believe it at least to some extent.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The series title of Star Wars: The High Republic is one to the Star Wars: The Old Republic label.
    • There are three Grand Masters, borrowing a concept from the Star Wars: Legacy comics where the Jedi Order was led by a Council which consisted of only three Jedi Masters (although mostly because most of the senior members were wiped out in another Jedi Purge).
  • Series Mascot: Avar Kriss is prominently featured in many High Republic content. She was even the first original High Republic-era character to appear in canon, with her holocron recording from The Rise of Kylo Ren being her "debut".
  • Simultaneous Arcs:
    • Light of the Jedi, A Test of Courage, Into the Dark, and the first arc of The High Republic Adventures all start with the Great Disaster and end with the dedication ceremony for the Starlight Beacon. The first issue of The High Republic comic takes place after the main story of Light of the Jedi and ends with the ceremony.
    • The Rising Storm, Race to Crashpoint Tower, and the Drengir arcs of both the main High Republic comic and The High Republic Adventures take place around the same time. This is relevant in that the Nihil were using the Drengir as a distraction for the Jedi while the Nihil attacked the Republic fair.
    • The first few issues of Trail of Shadows happen concurrently with The High Republic Adventures Takodana arc, Out of the Shadows, and Tempest Runner.
    • The Fallen Star, the final issues of The High Republic comic and The High Republic Adventures, Midnight Horizon, and the last two issues of Trail of Shadows take place around the same time when Starlight Beacon falls.
    • In Phase II, the main High Republic comic overlaps with The Battle of Jedha audio drama and The High Republic Adventures. In Part 2 of the phase, Path of Vengeance overlaps with the second half of the comic, The Nameless Terror, Quest for Planet X, Cataclysm and the beginning of The Edge of Balance: Precedent, all of which lead into the Night of Sorrows. "All roads lead to Dalna" indeed.
  • Tailor-Made Prison: Marchion Ro has a prison with seven captives. The lights are so bright they are blinded, they are given random electric shocks to keep them in pain, and they are slowly driven mad from sleep deprivation and worse. And all that is to contain the eighth captive, a Jedi, who will be severely weakened by all the pain and fear surrounding them.
  • Tempting Fate: The synopsis and introduction for Light of the Jedi describe this point of the High Republic era as a time of peace. Of course, we know from the summaries and the overall synopsis of the series that the Great Disaster will turn things upside down...
  • Villain Protagonist:
    • The Eye of the Storm two-part comic features Marchion Ro, as he recounts his family history and how he came on top at the end of Phase I.
    • In Phase II, Path of Deceit and Path of Vengeance feature Marda Ro (Machion's implied ancestor) as a Villain Deuteragonist, where she's radicalized by the Path of the Open Hand's teachings.
    • Based on the synopsis of The Acolyte so far, it appears that the Sith (or another Dark Side user) will serve as the main characters in contrast to the rest of the High Republic media.

Alternative Title(s): The High Republic