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Mecha Maid: Look out for her, she has her own gravity.
Spinnerette: That's just mean, Mecha Maid! Sure, her BMI is on the high side, but—
Mecha Maid: No, that's Greta Gravity! Her superpower is local control over gravity!

The ability to control gravity as a superpower (or Applied Phlebotinum that serves the same purpose). Traditionally, this has two main applications: increasing the weight of something and placing an immense crushing force onto it, or reducing the weight of something, which can either make it light as a feather (potentially enabling Not Quite Flight) or entirely weightless (which will usually result in the affected object hurtling into space).

Such a power is often coupled with a large amount of leeway as to how gravity works, such as making gravity a force with an exact cut-off range, only working on a specific object, or the third law of motion being violated with only one object being attracted to another. This power is essentially telekinesis with different flavor text,note  sometimes coupled with the ability to make things implode.

Note in Real Life, everything that has a mass will have their own gravity, but only sufficiently heavy objects (such as, say, planets and stars) can create powerful enough gravity force to have any discernible effect on other objects. Fictional gravity-users rarely have such issues.

Compare Magnetism Manipulation, a similar power; both it (electromagnetism, technically) and gravity are one of the four fundamental forces of the universe. Users of those are potentially among the most powerful of people. Compare also Power of the Void, which may encompass this. Artificial Gravity is when this is explicitly a technological feat. Control over gravity is one way a character may create a Corralling Vacuum.

Of note is that control of gravity is sometimes (especially in Japanese media) associated with control over darkness, letting the user create Black Holes. Expect plenty of Artistic License – Physics along the way. This character might also favor purple clothing, because that's the color gravity often is represented with. For marginally more realistic ways to use strong gravity fields, see Powered by a Black Hole.


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  • BoBoiBoy: Yaya's powers were initially known as flight and Super-Strength. Her true power is gravity manipulation; upon this reveal and onwards, she is also capable of causing others and herself to be bound to earth or to fly, as well as 'control the gravity' of nearby objects, enabling her to make them fly like projectiles. Super-Strength is explained as amplified gravitational force in her direct attacks.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Femto of Berserk has this as just one of his many abilities upon his ascension as one of the God Hand during the Eclipse, used most prominently to hurl Guts in full berserker mode away from him as he's having his way with Casca before allowing his minions to hold him down and make him watch.
  • Black Cat: The Brute Maro can both control the gravity around him and project super-dense gravity bombs.
  • Black Clover: Dante Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom, specializes in Gravity Magic. He can use it to increase or decrease the weight of anything he wants, and he demonstrates his power to the Black Bulls by leveling a forest. He can also apply Selective Gravity to a small scale where needed, augmenting his swordsmanship by quickly and precisely altering the weights of his sword and his arms. When he goes all-out, he can even make singularities capable of obliterating matter in their path. As it turns out, it's not his Magic specifically, but rather that of the devil he's bonded to. Said devil is Lucifero, the most powerful devil in the world.
  • Bleach:
    • Aizen's ace move, Hado #90: Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin)'s effect is stated to be something along these lines during his fight with Ichigo, a sort of localized black hole trap with enough oomph behind it to 'warp time and space' at full incantation, at least according to Aizen himself.
    • To a lesser extent, Izuru Kira (3rd Squad Lieutenant) has a zanpakuto named Wabisuke. In its released form, the sword ends with a weird square-shaped hook (edge in the hook), but anything struck by this weird blade suddenly becomes twice as heavy, and the effect accumulates to the point after several hits his opponent is forced onto his knees and helpless for Kira to show the reason for that odd hook.
  • Bungou Stray Dogs: Chuya's ability lets him manipulate the strength and direction of the gravitational pull of anything he touches. He often uses it creatively to add more force to his punches and kicks. Also, like Maro above, when in his "Corruption" state he has such fine control that he can pull individual particles together into super-dense balls he throws that almost act like black holes.
  • Buso Renkin: Victor Powered's great-axe Buso Renkin, Fatal Attraction, has the ability to strengthening, weaken, or even reverse the pull of gravity on an object, allowing him to levitate or crush his enemies. According to the author's notes, at full power Fatal Attraction can create miniature black holes to utterly destroy anything it strikes.
  • Castle Town Dandelion: Akane has the power Gravity Core which allows her to manipulate the weight of herself or anything else she touches, and make them lighter or heavier. She mostly uses this to Not Quite Flight and run faster than normal.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: Raifu Wanigawa can alter her personal gravity to make objects orbit around her body before she sends them flying in the direction of her choosing. She likes to use this as an Attack Reflector to redirect the trajectory of anything coming at her to hit her enemies, and in a pinch can even bend light with her gravity control to make her opponents see illusions and make their attacks miss her if they're coming at her too fast or close for her to make her powers take effect.
  • The Falling Devil from Chainsaw Man is the Anthropomorphic Personification of the Primal Fear of falling, and as such she can manipulate gravity to the extent of making people fall upwards. Later on it's shown that her mere presence on Earth disrupted gravity on a global scale, causing mass casualties worldwide.
  • Aion of Chrono Crusade anime has this as just one of his many abilities upon his ascension as one of the Sinners during the World, used most prominently to hurl Chrono in devil mode away from him as he's having his way with Azmaria before allowing his minions to hold him down and make him watch.
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: The Arasaka Cyberskeleton uses gravitational field generators extensively, allowing it to modify gravity on itself and its surroundings to the point it can crush armored vehicles, punch holes in asphalt, turn human bodies into paste, and even fly with the aid of the thrusters on its back. When David dons it, he becomes a One-Man Army capable of wiping out whole squads of armed-to-the-teeth outlaws and MegaCorp-backed forces without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, even discounting the huge physical and mental strain it puts on the user, the cyberskeleton is so heavy it needs those same gravitational field generators just to move around, meaning if those are disabled it's a sitting duck. This leads to its would-be user Adam Smasher to dismiss it as a failure, and he exploits that very weakness to destroy it.
  • Darker than Black:
    • Three examples: First there's a guy who can make himself or any other person weightless in the first episode, but needs to break his finger every time he uses it; another guy can increase the pull of gravity within a certain area, and a third guy with a power similar to the first, briefly seen in the last episode of the first season.
    • Four examples: The OVA features an unnamed female Gravity Master who can make things/people become heavier and/or fall up.
    • Main character Shiki Granbell has the Ether Gear "Satan Gravity", which allows him to alter the gravity of himself or any person and object he touches, allowing them to float, run along walls, and "fall" sideways across great distances when in midair. His weight-shifting abilities also create the illusion of Super-Strength, making his punches hit with the force of a speeding truck, or making a spaceship about as light as a beach ball. According to Shiki, however, there's a limit to how light he can make things. In an even more clever application of his gravity powers, he can convert the kinetic energy of other objects into more extra gravitational force than he himself can generate at a time. He can also create small balls gravity to launch at enemies and create an anti-gravity field to repel projectiles. He also has a Logical Weakness in that his powers are wonky underwater because buoyancy acts as an opposing force to gravity. When he uses his Overdrive, it's commented by several characters his gravity powers are comparable to that of a black hole, capable of pulling objects towards him, including memories from other people.
    • Demon King Ziggy, Shiki's adoptive grandfather and the original owner of Satan Gravity, was this as well, albeit on a much higher tier. We get to see how much higher when he Came Back Wrong Back from the Dead as the new Big Bad, whereupon he causes an entire planet to tear apart with its power. He can also weaponize gravity on a conceptual level, such as making other's powers "fall" into him. The irony being that he's a time-displaced version of Shiki from a Bad Future.
    • Xenolith, the Old Master who originally trained Ziggy, is capable of such feats as pinning down an entire planet's worth of robots as well as manipulating "figurative" concepts like "lightening" someone's pain to relieve their injuries or "attracting" someone's feelings to become The Empath.
    • Poseidon Shura is another gravity wielder, albeit much crueler than Shiki or Ziggy pre-turn to villainy. Unlike Shiki, who prefers to manipulate his own personal gravity, Shura prefers manipulating other objects' gravity, allowing him to manipulate objects in a manner similar to Telekinesis from ripping whole wrecked spaceships out of the earth to disassembling an object and manipulating its inner components. In his first scene, he reverses gravity on two of his hookers for pissing him off and sends them smashing into the ceiling so hard it kills them and causes their blood to rain down quite graphically (though the conditions of their bodies thankfully are never seen). Unlike the previously-mentioned, however, Shura is both Incompletely Trained and Unskilled, but Strong, lacking the ability to manipulate "true" gravity that would let him affect figurative and conceptual things with his power.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Bluenote Stinger, who can pin people down, alter the landscape, and even create black holes.
    • Kagura Mikazuchi, in addition to being a Master Swordsman, uses Gravity Change magic, which lets her alter the gravity of any target, including herself, either by making them lighter or heavier, or changing the direction of its pull. She also taught fellow Mermaid Heel member Risley Law this magic.
    • The Celestial Spirit Libra can alter gravity by tilting the scales she carries. However, Kagura was powerful enough to cancel her gravity alterations with her own.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA: Julian Ainsworth has a Noble Phantasm called Authoritarian Personalism: Faceless Jet-black Sovereign. When activated, it causes people to be pinned by extremely strong gravity. He can even choose who it affects, so he and his allies can move around fine while his enemies are rendered helpless.
  • Flame of Recca: Joker has a madogu which grants this ability - though he initially pretends to simply possess incredible strength.
  • Guyver:
    • At least one Zoalord, Richard Guyot, has the power to manipulate gravity. His most basic attack, Gravity Bullets, fires tiny orbs of super-gravity clean through a target, while his ultimate move, Gravity Crusher, creates a black hole — when he first uses it, even the other Zoalords call him insane, warning that he could potentially consume the Earth and everything on it with that attack.
    • The Guyver units themselves have gravity control via the Gravity Medal at the waist. The basic version allows flight and powers the Pressure Cannon attack but the Gigantic Exceed version can also use a black hole, with considerably more control than Guyot demonstrated.
  • All Automated Dolls in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, and by extension The 'Verse of the author, have the ability to manipulate gravity. They've been seen using it to move ships, put up barriers, fight horizontally, to emulate Gate of Babylon, or even compress concrete into giant swords and guns to fight Giant Mecha on foot. And for some reason, most of them are dressed like maids.
  • Genshi Tenson from Hoshin Engi wields the super paope Bankohan, which takes the form of a large black orb the size of a basketball constantly producing smaller clusters of orbs around the user. Its powers allow him to alter and increase gravity in an area, which can cause black holes and severe risks of destroying the surrounding environment. He nearly kills Bunchuu with it.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • In Diamond is Unbreakable, Koichi Hirose's Echoes Act 3. Its primary ability is to increase gravity on one object, to the point where they can hardly move at all. Bizarrely, said ability seems to come from Echoes' ability to manipulate sounds.Explanation 
    • Stone Ocean:
      • The Stand C-Moon (user: Enrico Pucci). The user becomes the center of a 3 km. reverse-gravity radius (aka. everything falls away from the user). Also, everything punched by the Stand will turn inside out.
      • Spit of Lang Rangler's Jumpin' Jack Flash can make objects and people weightless. Not only that, but everything touched by the affected person or object also becomes weightless, starting a chain reaction. Main danger of this ability is the fact, that it affects air around the victim, eventually creating vacuum around them.
  • K: Isana Yashiro
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid: Fabia Crozelg has a gravity increasing Curse called Gravity Bless. People enchanted with it will suddenly find themselves forcefully pinned into the ground even if they were fighting in a zero-G area.
  • My Hero Academia: Ochaco Uraraka has pads on her fingertips that can reduce the gravity of whatever she touches to zero, making it near weightless. Her main weakness is that if she overuses her powers she suffers vertigo symptoms.
  • My-HiME: Isaac, Alyssa's Child from the manga, can manipulate gravity.
  • Naruto:
    • The Deva Path of Pain is able to manipulate gravity to use different techniques to push objects away from him (Shinra Tensei) and pull them toward him (Bansho Ten'nin). Nagato, the body's controller, can also do these as well as launch a black sphere that sucks in everything around it (Chibaku Tensei). He uses up a large amount of chakra to create a Shinra Tensei that completely levels the city of Konoha.. There is a period of time between each use, the length of which is dependent upon how much power is put into the technique.
    • Onoki, the Tsuchikage, can greatly increase or decrease the weight of an object, though it seems he's changing it's mass instead of just its weight.
    • In ancient times, the Sage of the Six Paths wielded the same gravity powers as Pain. Except he was vastly stronger, and his Chibaku Tensei created the moon.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Albireo Imma is a master of gravity magic, his most common spell being massively increasing gravity's effect on his opponent, though he has other tricks up his sleeve. Sequel series UQ Holder! reveals that he created a katana with a dial on it that controls how much gravity can affect the sword. When turned down, the blade is effectively weightless. When turned up, it becomes incredibly heavy (and thus, hits that much harder). It's unknown how high the dial goes, but a 10,000x gravity setting is known to exist.
  • Nobunagun: Jess Beckman, the reincarnation of Isaac Newton, can increase the gravity of anything she stomps on, so anything she stomps on will be pinned down and eventually go squish.
  • One Piece:
    • The Yami Yami no Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit), which was eaten by Blackbeard, can make a dark miasma that crushes whatever it covers, or can suck anything into it (which Blackbeard can also regurgitate back out). Blackbeard can also pull anyone directly to himself by pulling them towards him, which goes hand-in-hand with his ability to negate Devil Fruit powers by simply touching the user. Unfortunately, this also leads to two major weaknesses: since the fruit's powers pull everything towards him, projectiles slightly home towards him and attacks which hit him are actually increased in strength a bit, and it keeps his physical form compacted, preventing him from turning into his element to avoid attacks like other Logia powers.
    • A smaller example is Miss Valentine of Baroque Works. Her Kilo Kilo no Mi (Kilo-Kilo Fruit) allows her to make her own weight anywhere between 1 to 10,000 kilograms, letting her float around with her parasol or crush someone like an egg. Later on, we see there's a Ton Ton no Mi (Ton-Ton Fruit), which works exactly like the Kilo-Kilo Fruit, but with tonnes instead of kilograms.
    • A representative example of this power appears after the Time Skip in the form of Issho, a.k.a. Admiral Fujitora. His Zushi Zushi no Mi (lit. Thud-Thud Fruit) grants him the ability to straight-up manipulate gravity. By doing so, he can create gravity wells, barriers, levitate large objects, send gravitational forces in any direction, or Colony Drop his enemies by using gravity to bring down meteorites on them.
    • Machvise, member of the Donquixote family possesses ability to change his weight, similar to abovementioned Miss Valentine. However, abilities of his Ton-Ton no Mi (Ton-Ton Fruit) are significantly stronger, allowing him to increase his weight up to 10,000 tons (although, unlike the Kilo-Kilo Fruit, he apparently cannot reduce his own weight). Naturally, he fights by jumping into the air, and falling on his opponents.
  • Psyren: Asuka, Ageha's father, has this as his Psi powers. When using his strongest form he can downright slow time in a limited area, which allows the protagonists to train for 3 days in only 2 hours.
  • Rave Master: Pumpkin Doryuu wields the Sinclair Dark Bring "Vampire", whose power of Darkness allows him to attract and repeal bodies around him, making Doryuu a Master Swordsman in combat as he can repel enemy assaults and attracts enemies to himself when he attacks. He can even "pull people into Darkness", represented by the victim having circular pieces of himself being sucked in the Dark Bring one at a time.
  • Reborn! (2004): Kozato Enma seems to have powers based around gravity, but the full extent of these powers is not yet revealed.
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo: Chinmei, one of the Five Stars and the 2nd Red Cross Knight of has this power, as well as the bad guy in psycho academy. He mostly uses it to fly, manipulate rocks and, when serious, summoning Black Holes.
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Hearts the God Hater can create energy cages that drastically increase the gravity inside, powerful enough to pin down people like Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren. He can make the cages as big as planets and in his Super Mode, he can increase gravity enough to annihilate immortal beings.
  • Tiger & Bunny: Hero Golden Ryan / Ryan Goldsmith can increase the gravity over a given area in front of him, using it to incapacitate anyone caught in it through sheer crushing pressure.
  • Tokyo Underground: Chelsea Rorec is apparently the only gravity Elemental User (fire was not cool enough, ya know).
  • Zatch Bell!: Brago, Zatch's initial rival, casts spells that increase gravity to crushing levels over an area of effect. They're associated with darkness, as both said spells and his personal color scheme are mostly black.

    Comic Books 
  • Captain Gravity: Whoever grabs Element 115 gains the power to manipulate gravity, like Hunac Ceel and Joshua Jones.
  • The DCU:
    • The Flash: In The Flash (Rebirth), people who can tap into the Strength Force, which include Alexa Antigone/Fuerza, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, Axel Walker/Trickster, and Barry Allen naturally gain Super-Strength. The Strength Force also grants control over gravity, density, and mass as well as Dishing Out Dirt powers. However, Fuerza rarely used the gravity powers as she felt beating people up with her super strong fists was more enjoyable.
    • Legion of Super-Heroes:
      • Ayla Ranzz, in "Light Lass" mode, has the ability to cancel gravity to make things float in the air.
      • Star Boy has gravity powers of his own. Interestingly, in some versions, most notably pretty much all of the Postboot continuity, Star Boy's power is increasing (or occasionally decreasing) a specific object's gravitational mass, thus affecting the weight of that object and that object alone.
    • The Outsiders: Geo-Force, sort of, but all of his powers are specifically connected to the Earth.
    • Starman: Almost every version of Starman. However, they largely derive from the gravity or cosmic rod.
    • Supergirl: In Strangers at the Heart's Core, the Gravitron Man and Gravity Lord have a disruptor backpack and a gravitronic ray gun which can affect and alter the fields of gravitational force around any physical body, including Earth.
    • Wonder Woman:
      • Back in the Golden Age under her original writers Wonder Woman, had the ability to drastically alter her weight termed "Gravity Control". It was evidently just a matter of training and tied to the Amazons' Supernatural Martial Arts.
      • Wonder Woman (1942): The Saturnians have developed two different types of rays that temporarily alter the way gravity works on the target.
  • Disney Ducks Comic Universe: In one of the Don Rosa Scrooge McDuck stories to feature Magica DeSpell, "A Matter of Some Gravity," she uses a special magic wand on Scrooge and Donald to change the direction of their personal gravity. At first it becomes horizontal so they're doing things like walking on walls, but when they catch up with her she changes it even further to vertical, so they have to be damn careful not to fall into the sky.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • The Avengers: The supervillain Graviton. Unlike most users of this power, he was a juggernaut capable of taking on entire Avengers teams — indeed, in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, they formed specifically to stop him.
    • ClanDestine: Rory, one of the youngest of the titular superpowered family, can use his gravity powers to fly, ignore bullets, contain explosions and (when combined with his sister Pandora's energy powers) bend light to make things invisible. He decides to fight crime in the costumed identity of the Crimson Crusader.
    • D.P. 7: Deadweight, a CIA assassin from is #29 of The New Universe series, can increase the weight of his targets.
    • Fantastic Four: The Wizard has vague but highly effective powers in this area. Basically, he can do anything the Invisible Woman can do except turn invisible.
    • Gravity: The superhero named Gravity. Guess what his superpower is.
    • Nova: Richard Rider has control of the Nova Force, which grants him gravimetric powers.
    • Power Pack: Alex Power often has this power; because of the interchangeable nature of Power Pack's abilities, all of his siblings have had it at one point or another, but Alex is most commonly associated with it.
    • X-Force: Risque create localized gravity fields which cause inorganic matter to compress into small, high-density masses. She can telekinetically propel objects at high velocities as well as create concussive blasts of psychokinetic energy.
    • X-Men: Harry Leland, the original Black Bishop of the Hellfire Club, used it to curb-stomp Wolverine by making him so heavy that he crashed through the floor and landed in the sewers. However, he's also a fat man who does very little exercise, so not only is he vulnerable to someone catching him off guard, he also died from the strain of using his powers to bring Sebastian Shaw, who had been tossed into orbit, down on the original Nimrod Sentinel with the force of a small meteor.
  • The Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Victorion, the combined form of the Torchbearers. She can use gravity manipulation to fly, trap foes in gravity fields, or make herself virtually invisible by bending light.

    Fan Works 
  • Pure Light: Gravity is an element normally accessible only to purple dragons. The lung Casi can also control it, and uses it to move objects, throw enemies about, and fly despite his lack of wings. The fact that this should not be possible for a non-purple dragon is what clues the Chronicler in that Casi isn't what he seems.
  • Rise of the Galeforces gives us Kate Squall, aka Apogee, who can wield black holes, gravity bolts, and levitation fields to great effect. It's not shown a lot, but damn, does it look impressive!
  • This Platinum Crown: Lord Cruciger's magical abilities allow him to increase gravity to a high enough level to completely suppress enemies. He also occasionally drops castles on people, er, ponies, with this power.
  • The Bridge seems to have this as a genetic trait for Ghidorahs. Grand King Ghidorah can fire beams of plasma netted with gravitons, manipulate his body to fly faster; and levitate objects in a form of telekinesis. Monster X and Kaizer Ghidorah have the same abilities, though with some variations. After absorbing some of Kaizer Ghidorah's energy into her necklace, Aria Blaze begins to be able to do this too, but doesn't know how to control it, until Monster X starts training her. Later, Adagio Dazzle absorbs some of Monster X's power and gains this ability.
  • Pony POV Series: Leo, one of Celestia's brothers, is the Anthropomorphic Personification of Gravity. Of course, given he's a Concept, more accurately he is Gravity.
  • Equestria: Across the Multiverse: One of the tribes of the alien Celestial Ponies are the Graviton Ponies, who have the ability to manipulate their personal gravity and anything they're touching. As their Alicorn equal, Queen Asteria and Princess Nova also have this ability.
  • Amazing Fantasy: The Prowler is able to manipulate her own gravity, allowing her to run on walls and ceilings. She can also apply this to things she's riding, letting her drive her motorcycle along a wall.
  • Uravitation: Along with her canon abilities to reduce mass to zero, Uraraka can also manipulate her own mass, increase mass, manipulate gravity from a distance, outright fly, attract objects to each other, and so on.
  • RWBY Zero: Hazel Rainart has a Noble Phantasm that increases his target's weight proportional to how old it is. Since Servants are from ancient times, it affects them more severely than regular people. Regular people are simply pinned, Servants start to sink into the ground.
  • DNMC: Master Aztec can change which direction is down for her using her Semblance, allowing her to increase her speed by letting gravity pull on her diagonally, run up walls, and even fly.note  According to her bio, she can also use this to give anyone she's grabbing an aerial advantage.
  • Scoob and Shag: JFK's Ballyhoo allows him to manipulate the gravity of inanimate objects, making them orbit around himself. His gravity pull is incredibly strong, which means that any object he affects can accelerate until it becomes a very fast projectile — and he's pretty good at directing them where he wants them to go.
  • A Moon and World Apart: In chapter 26, Cadance makes use of a spell that increases a target's personal gravity, making them feel too heavy to move, against a group of attacking ponies.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Godzilla franchise has the Ghidorahs as stated above. In most appearances, King Ghidorah can shoot golden Gravity Beams from its mouths to blast or even lift opponents. In Rebirth of Mothra 3, it can even use gravity to lift itself up after losing one of its wings. In Godzilla: Final Wars, Monster X can shoot gravity beams from its eyes and levitate off the ground and as Kaizer Ghidorah, it can use its gravity beams to toss rubble to harass Godzilla and then toss him around like a rag doll.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Through a combination of cybernetics and Bio-Augmentation, The High Evolutionary has the ability to control gravity around him. It ultimately proves useless against Rocket's gravity boots, which allow him to wall on any surface while ignoring gravity, leaving the High Evolutionary defenseless against a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from all of the Guardians.

  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Biagio Busoni, who increases his opponent's personal gravity until they can barely move.
    • Accelerator, whose power of redirecting ANY movement vector can perfectly mimic gravity control, simply by redirecting gravity in whatever direction he pleases, to the point where he has to consciously allow gravity to affect him.
  • Chrysalis (RinoZ): In an early evolution, Anthony gains access to a gland that gradually converts regular mana into gravity-attributed mana, with a variety of interesting effects. It can yank an enemy closer, stick other enemies to the target, make nearby enemies (but not allies) extremely heavy, or even, with sufficient effort, create temporary miniature black holes that act as Anthony's Nuclear Option against tough foes.
  • In The Dresden Files, gravity control is a subset of Earth Magic, and as a result of the main character's lack of skill with that branch of magic, it only really shows up once. It takes awhile to pull off, but the results are devastating.
    • To sum up: gravity vanishes from an area miles in radius for a quarter of a second... and is focused into an area "perhaps two hundred yards across". Nothing in that area survives. Not subtle.
  • Dekka from the Gone series.
  • Both Sullivan and his brother Madi have this power in Hard Magic. Sullivan had enough time to practice with it in prison that he's able to do things that other Heavies never even dreamed of.
  • Torque, the Team One IPB leader in The Infected has this power. He can slam and pin any one person to the ground with increased gravity. One on the one hand, this only affects one person at a time and won't help much if four guys jump him. On the other, he can pin anyone to the ground no matter how strong they are, which lets him punch way above his official weight class.
  • The K'Chain Che'Malle in The Malazan Book of the Fallen have this as their primary Warren.
  • In New Jedi Order, the Yuuzhan Vong have creatures called dovin basals that are able to manipulate gravity in various ways. They use these creatures as propulsion systems for their organic starships, as well as for defensive (they can open micro-black holes to suck up incoming missiles and blaster fire) and offensive (they can strip away the Deflector Shields of conventional starfighters) purposes. At several points in the series, particularly powerful dovin basals are used to destroy entire planets by pulling the planet’s moon(s) out of orbit into a collision course.
  • Protector features Jack Brennan, who discovers how to create a "gravity polarizer" and uses it to build a Super Mario Galaxy-style planet out past the orbit of Pluto, with a gravity lens bringing in light from the Sun.
  • In Shadow of the Conqueror, some Worldbinders can manipulate gravity, with a specialized user of the ability (like Kennet) being referred to as a Graviten.
  • The title character in the Simon Bloom books gains this power relatively early in the first book.
  • Szeth son-son Vallano from The Stormlight Archive is a specific kind of "Surgebinder" with access to a set of powers he calls "Lashings" which turn out to be from the Order of Windrunners of the legendary Knights Radiant. There are three kinds of Lashings which actually come from two different surges, Gravitation and Adhesion. A Basic Lashing allows the user to redirect or redifine the effect of gravity on any object they touch (including themselves), causing objects to "fall" in any direction, including straight up. Reverse Lashings increase the gravitational pull of an object, allowing to to draw other objects towards it. Full Lashings are not actually gravitation based at all, but use Adhesion to stick objects together with a nearly unbreakable bond. All three abilities (and all other forms of surgebinding) require a source of Stormlight to use. Like all magic in The Cosmere, this has its own very deliberate rules, with the Glossary to the first book documenting some of them in-universe. The Order of Skybreakers also have access to Gravitation, though their second surge is Division instead of Adhesion.
  • In Super Powereds, Alice Adair is introduced as a flyer, but eventually discovers that she is actually this and that flying is merely the most basic manifestation of it.
  • Sword Art Online: Sugou uses his Virtual-Reality Warper powers to increase the gravity around Kirito and Asuna and render them helpless. They are saved when Kayaba's Virtual Ghost grants Kirito admin privileges, allowing him to shut off Sugou's powers.
  • Leviathan in Unlimited Fafnir is a whale-like dragon with this power. It uses it to levitate its enormous body and to create repulsive fields that can be used offensively or defensively. The fields can be shot forward as an attack that literally splits the sea, or used to deflect any attack (even antimatter projectiles and lasers). After killing Leviathan, Yuu inherits a weaker version of its power.
  • In, this is one of the 6 Core Powers, and when all the MacGuffin crystals containing it are properly assembled into their wand shape, full control is gained (though it is possible to use it to s lesser extent with fewer). Jake accidentally uses it to create a black hole in the last book, putting the moon on a "crash course" towards the Earth.
  • Hiram Worchester from Wild Cards can make things lighter or heavier by enhancing or lessening the gravitational pull on them.
  • Worm:
    • Topsy from Worm has a wide area-effect power to make gravity go in whatever direction he wants, be it left, right or up.
    • Snag from Ward can manipulate his own personal gravity to "fall" in any direction he wants.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has Graviton, based on the classic Comics supervillain, although this time he's Glenn Talbot instead of Franklin Hall.
  • Bunta Daichi from J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai has this as part of his powers as Clover King. Soukichi Banba, being Big One, can also use it.
  • Shouji of the Heavenly Gravity Star from Gosei Sentai Dairanger uses this power.
  • Kamen Rider OOO's SaGoZo Combo.
  • Kamen Rider Wizard in his Land Dragon Form, by using the Gravity Ring; its Finishing Move involves lifting the opponent off the ground, then slamming them back down into it extra-hard. The White Wizard has his own version.
  • Kamen Rider Ghost has Ghost’s Newtown Damashii form, based off Sir Isaac Newton.
  • Kamen Rider Geats has Kamen Rider Ziin manipulate gravity to give himself an edge and make his opponents barely able to even try to fight him, as suddenly the wall is the floor or vice versa, and they and their attacks 'fall' every which way but down. He also uses his gravity powers to levitate.
  • On Babylon 5, Ambassador Delenn has a Gravity Ring that allows her to manipulate gravity as a weapon. It is only seen in the pilot and never spoken of again.
    • Artificial gravity is a common technology for the most races except humans, so only humans have rotating parts in their spaceships to provide comfortable gravity.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise. In the Mirror Universe episode, the crew find themselves fighting a Gorn, whom they eventually defeat by increasing the artificial gravity on the deck plate the Gorn is standing on.
  • On the Doctor Who episode "Flatline", it is revealed that the TARDIS manipulates its own gravity. The outside of the Bigger on the Inside TARDIS has shrunk with the Doctor trapped inside, and the Fridge Logic of the TARDIS' weight matching its disguised appearance and not its massive true size and contents is answered:
    Doctor: Clara, I need you to pick up the TARDIS. Carefully. It should be possible; I've adjusted the relative gravity.
    Clara: You mean you've made it lighter.
    Doctor: Clara, it's always lighter! If the TARDIS were to land with its true weight, it would fracture the surface of the Earth.

  • In Stargate, hitting the Horus Guardian statues blocking your path causes them to float up and out of the way.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Aberrant RPG power "Gravity Control".
  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy has the spells in the Earth school allowing the caster to decrease, augment, and manipulate gravity-most of them very high level.
  • Champions has Gravity Control as a power set.
    • Among the most powerful beings in the Champions setting is the aptly named villainess Gravitar. While she wants to (and could) use her powers to conquer the world, she tends to be lazy or use her powers for petty reasons (such as threatening to destroy Seattle unless Defender went on a date with her).
    • The frog-like Gadroon race practically embodies this trope, having access to absurdly advanced (and extremely lethal) gravitic technology at their disposal.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The classic spells reverse gravity and feather fall / anvil fall (changes the terminal velocity).
    • Forgotten Realms' "Pages from the Mages" has the lessen gravity spell.
    • Spelljammer has Gravs — dwarflike (but three times as dense) humanoids who can reduce gravity, usually when hauling stuff around or suspending those who bother them too much in the air, until the grav decides to move away or affect something else.
    • There is also the gravity master class. Magic Knights capable of manipulating gravity to increase their weapon damage and make them harder to knock down, increase their speed similar to the biotic charge from Mass Effect 2, and hit the ground hard enough to knock other people over.
    • The gravorg is a magical beast that looks like a giant fluffy sloth. It hunts by reversing gravity on its prey and bouncing them off the ground until they die.
    • In Fifth Edition, amethyst dragons' breath weapon is a wave of gravitational force.
    • Fifth Edition eventually canonised Critical Role's dunamancy magic as official content in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. This includes a small smattering of gravity-themed spells such as magnify gravity, gravity sinkhole, and gravity fissure, along with a gravity-themed wizard school called graviturgy magic.
  • Mage: The Awakening features rotes allowing for the control of gravity at Forces 5.
  • The Mutants & Masterminds power "Gravity Control". It only does two things- lessen gravity and increase it in a bubble around you, making it a cheaper version of Telekinesis. It should be noted: This being Mutants & Masterminds, you can buy "alternate powers" to represent different forms of Gravity manipulation.
  • CthulhuTech has gravikinetic parapsychics.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has Grav weaponry, which causes pinning, and uses the enemy's armour save as its to-wound roll. Gravguns squish the toughest enemies under the increased weight of their own armour, at the cost of being basically useless against enemies wearing little or no armour.
  • Somakinetics in Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution subtly and unconsciously affect gravity around them to exercise their muscles without moving and boost their strength and speed at will.

    • There's Toa of Gravity and Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity. While they were never really shown in detail, the Dark Hunter Lariska mentions she once fought such a Toa whose favorite tactic was to avoid his enemy's attacks and then erase the gravity around them to leave them floating helplessly to make them easy to deal with. Having scouted him out, she practiced fighting while affected by Levitation Kanohi Disks to be ready for it.
      "And he wasn't ready for me being ready."
    • Nuhvok-Kal made extensive use of this power, having used it to send a swarm of Tahnok reprogrammed by Tahu Nuva into orbit before increasing the gravity on the Toa himself to bury him in the sand. When its power went out of control from overload, its own gravity powers crushed it into a singularity.
    • The Makuta species can also control gravity, and, in turn, spawn Rahkshi of Gravity. As shown by Makuta Icarax attempting and making progress in destroying the Codrex with his power before being interrupted, they're more than capable of crushing large buildings like overripe fruit.

    Video Games 
  • In Age of Mythology Atlas' divine power is the Implosion: a sphere that use gravity to suck all the enemy units in its radius (it even bends nearby buildings) and then explodes, spitting back the surviving enemies.
  • Amorphous+ has the Void Eater. It's a Blob Monster with extremely high, compressed density, allowing it to manipulate gravity. It can:
    • Utilize a gravitational field to draw the player towards it.
    • Compress and decompress itself to send out a deadly shockwave.
    • "Collect and compress local particles and then project this incredibly dense material in a type of 'Density Stream' which would draw in and obliterate any nearby matter". In other words, a Disintegrator Ray that sucks the player towards it.
  • In Apex Legends, Horizon has her abilities revolving around gravity manipulation. Her tactical ability lets her create a vortex lift that lifts anyone above it vertically into the air. Her passive ability prevents her from experiencing the momentary stun that normally affects legends who fall from tall lights. Her ultimate involves spawning a non-lethal Black Hole that pulls nearby legends into its center. Her finishing moves are also gravity-related, which can involve her either lifting a downed opponent into the air before slamming them into the ground or sucking them into a Black Hole.
  • Armed and Dangerous had the Topsy-Turvy Bomb, an awesome gravity-controlling weapon that first anchors the player to the ground, and then somehow flips reality upside-down, causing any nearby enemies to fall into the sky then back to the ground when it turns off.
  • BioForge: The entire race of Phyxx. Their civilization was built upon the mastery of gravity. The upper class lives in low gravity cities where little physical effort is needed, while the worker/soldier class were grown in high gravity environments to make them stronger.
  • The BioShock 2 DLC patch Minerva's Den introduced the "Gravity Well" plasmid, which allows you to throw a ball that exerts a massive gravitational pull which can suck in all the enemies and objects around it for a short period, immobilising them.
  • BioShock Infinite features the "Bucking Bronco" vigor, allowing the player to release a wave of energy that launches and suspends enemies up in the air, leaving them helpless for you to wail on them with gunfire or other powers.
  • Black-aligned elements in Chrono Cross invoke precisely the non-distinction between gravity and darkness described in the page intro. This is because the creators wanted a Color-Coded for Your Convenience magic scheme with a range of Elemental Powers but, for simplicity's sake, all represented by only six or seven colors, so every magic color in the game covers multiple elements.
  • Gravity Control is one of the powers in the MMO City of Heroes, available to the Controller and Dominator archetypes.
  • In an example of this trope crossing over with Casting a Shadow, the main character in The Darkness can do this as part of his suite of darkness-themed superpowers, generating a miniature black hole that sucks everything in the vicinity into it. The sequel had him instead take one in lieu of a heart from one of his victims at random to use as a makeshift grenade.
  • Quantum-Genesis heroes in Darkspore are either this or Time Master.
  • Whalers in Dishonored can telekinetically pull Corvo towards them. Daud also has this ability in The Knife of Dunwall.
  • The Origin Crisis DLC for DCUO includes a Quantum powerset, which has a mixture of Time Master powers and this.
  • A mage player character in Dragon Age II can take the Force Mage specialization, which is... well, it's this trope. The player character's mage sister Bethany will become one if she lives past Act I of the game.
  • The Sorceress of Dragon's Crown has the Gravity spell, which creates a black dome that forcibly drags every enemy caught in it towards its center while simultaneously damaging them. Putting more skill points in it increases both the dome's radius and the strength of the gravity pull.
  • Elden Ring: Gravity magic is a subset of Sorcery, so it's entirely possible to build your character as one, regardless of the lore figures below.
    • Gravity magic is the provenance of star-spawn creatures, such as the Alabaster & Onyx Lords, Fallingstar Beasts, Malformed Stars, and Astels. The Alabaster and Onyx Lords are sapient and capable of teaching their magic to others (Radahn, below, learned from an Alabaster Lord), while the others are essentially animals who happen to be able to summon meteors to hunt and defend themselves.
    • General "Starscourge" Radahn is a hulking 20-foot tall demigod whose mastery of gravitational magic is such that he can cast gravitational sorceries as easily as breathing without even needing a staff to do so, can lift off into space and come crashing down like a meteor, and can even hold the stars themselves in place. All of this, mind you, with his mind degraded to that of a feral beast due to scarlet rot infection. Imagine what he was capable of when he was actually of sound mind. And what makes these feats even more impressive is that the only reason he even bothered to learn gravity magic in the first place was so that he could keep riding his scrawny childhood horse without crushing it.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Attack of Darkforce: Dark Force himself is able to increase the gravity around him, making it impossible to fight until a way can be found to counteract the gravity effect. His all-black colour scheme is even punctuated with purple.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • Gacha World: DJ Clover adjusts her own gravity parameter to float upwards before dropping trains that she summons onto all enemies when summoned.
  • The newest character, Ley, in Grand Chase mixes this trope up with Summon Magic.
  • This is the heroine's (as well as one antagonist's) power in Gravity Rush. Complete with a Gravity Cat. Those with this power are referred to as "Shifters" by the city folk. Interestingly, their normal flying gravity power isn't merely levitating but actually reorienting what direction gravity pushes them, so their flying makes them spin in the air.
  • The famous Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (alias "Gravity Gun") from Half-Life 2. Slightly justified in its potential failing of physics in that the 'Gravity Gun' is just a nickname. Whatever mechanism it actually uses for throwing stuff around is not explained.
  • Halo: The Brutes have Gravity Hammers, the more advanced versions of which can do things like suck in targets or shoot powerful shockwaves at enemies.
  • In Heroes Rise and its sequel, the Powered individuals in the Infini-Power range are able to manipulate gravity on the atomic level, but the ability can be unstable. In the sequel, the corrupt Presidential candidate uses Infini-Powered individuals as an example of the necessity of the Super Registration Act.
  • Seymour the Turtle from Insaniquarium is a pet that can warp the gravity applying to the coins dropped by the guppies, slowing them down and making them easier to grab.
  • Jiggly Zone has the Gravity Ribbon, which allows you to invert the pull of gravity. It's great for reaching areas that are beyond the Jump Flower's range.
  • Newcomer Hein in The King of Fighters XIV uses this ability in the form of reddish-black energy. Best seen during his Domination super.
  • Kingdom Hearts has Gravity spells in the first game and Chain of Memories, and Zero Gravity spells in Birth by Sleep. The arrowgun-wielding Braig / Xigbar has gravity powers in addition to his control over space, though he mostly uses it to suspend himself in the air instead of attacking Sora and co. with it.
  • Wilhelm von Clausewitz Halcyon HISUIMARU, of Len'en Project. Apparently, his/her abilities are powered by his/her own delusions.
  • All biotic powers (with the exception of Dominate) in Mass Effect are achieved by mass manipulation, and thus could be called a form of gravity control. A low-mass field will lift an object or move it in any direction. A high-mass field will slam it into the ground or crush it. Biotic characters can even use the Singularity power to generate miniature black holes that will attract all loose objects and weakened enemies (though strangely not stronger enemies or fellow party members). Also, the Normandy uses a similar effect to achieve thrust while still remaining stealthy. The Tantalus Drive Core generates a high-gravity field in front of the ship that the Normandy "falls into", and momentum carries it from there.
    • In fact, mass manipulation (or "mass effect") is how everything in the series works, via a strange material called "element zero" or "eezo". How it works is simple: positive charges to it increase its mass, and negative charges decrease mass. The possibilities explode from there. For example, FTL travel is achieved by making the net mass of a ship negative, thereby making relativity look the other way. BioWare really did their homework.
    • Some Asari, having had millennia to train their biotic abilities, demonstrate that it's possible to fly using this technique, though it appears to be very physically taxing and so is mostly used slow their descent when jumping from heights. Justicar Samara is the most frequent user, though the much younger Liara pulls it off while chasing Tela Vasir.
  • Vampire programs in The Matrix: Path of Neo have the ability to control gravity. Like, walking up columns, somersaulting and rolling for cover on the ceilings.
  • Gravity Man from Mega Man 5.
    • Galaxy Man's Black Hole Bomb from Mega Man 9 works in this way, even though the robot master himself does not have a particular affinity for gravity.
  • Gravity Beetle from Mega Man X3 and Gravity Antonion from Mega Man X8, the latter even turning the screen upside-down for some reason.
  • Metroid: The boss Nightmare, which relies on a gravity manipulating device to be this trope.
    • In Metroid Fusion, it can control gravity, making it take longer for you to reach your full jumping height and making your Missiles fall to the ground. Only your Pure Energy beams can work in the high gravity. This only happens before the gravity manipulator is destroyed.
    • In Other M, it uses a gravity field to weigh down Samus while peppering her with energy spheres and lasers until she can short out its generator with the Ice Beam during the first battle. The second battle? It uses its gravity powers more defensively, including shooting a black hole from that generator that causes all of Samus' projectiles to warp off their path and into it. Luckily, Samus herself is by this point using the Gravity Feature upgrade, note  which renders her immune to the effects.
  • The M-308 Gunner mecha from the NES game Metal Storm has the ability to flip gravity.
  • In Overwatch, Zarya's ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, does this. While it does little damage on its own, it pulls in and traps any hero unfortunate enough to be within its blast radius, leaving them sitting ducks for either Zarya's plasma grenades, or just another, stronger ultimate. Learning to coordinate this ultimate and use it well with the rest of the team is half the challenge of learning Zarya, but when it's done well, it can wipe teams easily, and many a game's course has changed when a good Zarya used it.
    Sigma: Gravity is a harness. I have harnessed the harness.
  • The Dark element in Phantasy Star Universe takes the form of damaging gravity fields.
    • Even before Universe, the last three games in the original series had the Grafto line of techniques, localized as Gra, which damaged its targets with intense gravity.
  • The Pokémon move Gravity allows several Mons to do this. Using it removed the immunity to Ground attacks Flying types and Pokemon with Levitate have, prevents use of attacks which involve jumping or flying, and reduces everyone's evasion by 2/5, all of which lasts for five turns. Gigantamax Orbeetle can do this as well after causing damage with its signature move, G-Max Gravitas.
  • Strider:
  • In Super Robot Wars, Shu Shirakawa's Granzon is able to manipulate gravity to a physics-breaking extent. In event scenes, it uses this ability to throw its enemies around like ragdolls. In actual combat, it gets more creative, using attacks that create wormholes and fire miniature black holes at the enemy. A few other mecha have lesser gravity-based powers, such as warp field barriers and weapons that fire beams of gravity at the enemy.
    • The latter could be justified if the beam's effect is to create a rapidly-shifting gravity field which causes objects inside to vibrate rapidly and hence disintegrate - sort of like a sonic weapon that works IN SPACE! - or, more mundanely, if it simply fires a beam of gravitons.
  • In Tales of Maj'Eyal, the Paradox Mage class are spacetime mages rather than pure time manipulators. They have a family of gravity spells that manipulate enemies' positions.
  • In Terraria, gravitation potions allow you to reverse your gravity using the W key.
  • Papyrus, from Undertale, can subject your soul to gravity, turning the game's Shoot 'Em Up style dodging into a platforming session. His brother, Sans, can do the same, but in every direction.
  • Evie in Vindictus can acquire the power "SP: Gravity Inversion", which does the same thing.
  • In VVVVVV, it's the only ability you have. You either flip up to the ceiling, or flip to the floor.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 

  • In Pacificators, Muneca is the only Pacificator of Gravity in existence. However, she can't decrease or increase gravity - what she can do is "move" gravity around. For a more in-depth explanation, look here.
  • Schlock Mercenary, gravitic technology is used for both protection and offense ("gravy-guns"), as well as sundry other uses such as Artificial Gravity and ship propulsion.
    • The UNS Tunguska, like all Battleplates, has extremely precise control of its ability to sling around gravity, lifting the Toughs into the air as a show of force, transmitting a message by using gravity to rattle the ship's hull, and even gravitically controlling Tagon to shoot Jak in the head. All of this is notable in that it probably is NOT Art Major Physics.
    • The Pa'anuri, being dark matter-based Eldritch Abominations, have this as their only way of interacting with regular matter. Considering they're really pissed at organics for teraport usage, that interaction usually involves crushing.
  • The aptly-named supervillain Greta Gravity in Spinnerette possesses gravity-altering powers. She has demonstrated her powers in the comic mostly by levitating objects, but has also used it to make the eponymous heroine heavy enough to crack the sidewalk just by standing on it.
  • Wayward Sons: Hermaz can decrease gravity's effectiveness on himself and others, and somehow use it for midair propulsion. He once increased it instead, grounding and immobilizing a winged enemy.
  • In Gravity Break: Cataclysm all catgirls have some kind of gravity power due to the effect of the panyacea.
  • Sidekick Girl: Illumina's insane brother, Declan, has gravity powers, which he used to wage war on the heroes and villans alike. In the final showdown with Declan, Illumina finds out she has full-on gravity powers as well.
  • Sleepless Domain: In Chapter 2, Team Alchemical (sans their leader Tessa) encounter an exceptionally strong monster with the ability to alter the force of gravity on its victims, lifting them high into the air before slamming them forcefully into the ground. Sylvia notes that even her own control over air is of little use against it.
  • Grrl Power: Super Massive is a supervillain with an extremely precise control of gravity, to the point he can give trouble to Maxima, despite her Flight, Super-Speed and Super-Strength powers, even diverting her Hand Blast around himself. Stalwart, who can control his own mass and density, fares better against him, and Super Massive is finally taken out by teamwork.

    Web Original 
  • Solar Max II from the Academy of Superheroes ASH universe is an extremely powerful gravity-wielder, enough so that he can make black holes and bend space. Devastator, a supervillain, has power over multiple forces including gravity.
  • In New Vindicators, one of the students from the European school, Kasimir Flaegler is a German boy whose powers manifested when he was blinded and nearly killed during a boating accident. He can alter local gravity enough to let others have a limited kind of flight, fly himself, raise or lower gravity, fire gravity blasts, and at one point helped keep the falling sky island of Laputa aloft.
  • Fantasy artist Robin Wood's "Theory of Cat Gravity", which holds that cats lie in the sunshine to absorb some of the sun's considerable gravitational force. They release that gravity when they're sitting on their owners, which explains why it's so difficult to get up when your cat has you pinned.
  • This is common enough in the Whateley Universe that there are standard 'moves' for gravity-wielders.
    • Jadis' new roommate Misty can lift several tons, or can slam someone to the ground with several tons of force. Misty has (unfortunately) named herself "Superchick" and adopted a trademark-violating costume she made herself.
    • Then there's G-Force, who is one of the Capes (the Future Superheroes of America club) on campus. When attacked by G-Force, Phase demonstrated that this power set has some distinct weaknesses.

    Web Videos 
  • In Critical Role, the second campaign introduced a new subset of magic to its setting. Called dunamancy, it is essentially theoretical physics in magic form. The two big elements of it involve manipulating space and time, and of course the former primarily manifests as gravity manipulation. As mentioned above in the tabletop games section, this was eventually canonised into official Dungeons & Dragons content via the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.
  • The Mercury Men: A supervillain known only as the Chief Designer, apparently a former head of the Soviet space program, created a device called the Gravity Engine, strong enough to pull the Moon from its orbit, and gave it to the Mercury Men to do just that.

    Western Animation 
  • Graviton in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He gets really, really caught up in how awesome this is.
    Graviton: I control one of the FOUR FUNDAMENTAL ASPECTS OF REALITY!"
  • One of Ben's new aliens in Ben 10: Omniverse is Gravattack, a walking mini-planet that can manipulate gravity.
  • Gravitina from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, the "Mistress of Mass and all its Attraction". Notably, her powers made her head roughly the size of a go-kart. There's an episode where she swells Buzz Lightyear's head up to match hers and this gives him the exact same powers.
  • Exo Squad gives us the Grav Sheild, a weapons system which manipulates gravity to crush fleets of enemy ships like beer cans. Neo Sapien-occupied Earth is protected by one of these for a time,note  and later on the Exo Fleet base on Io is also protected by such a devicenote . For vaguely-explained reasons, the Grav Sheild is entirely ineffective against cloaked ships, showing that the only way to fight phlebotinum is with phlebotinum.
  • Peter Griffin in Family Guy. He is fat enough to have his own gravitational pull and, in a Cutaway Gag, he was able to defy gravity while on a fireman's pole.
  • The Galaxy Trio:
    • Gravity Girl is from the planet Gravitas and has control over gravity as a racial superpower.
    • In "Gralik of Gravitas" the villain Gravitas develops a gravity ray that can tremendously increase gravitational force on an object or apply Anti-Gravity to it.
  • Tso Lan the Moon Demon in Jackie Chan Adventures.
    Tso Lan: Behold, my mastery of gravity.
  • The Villain of the Week Massive from Loonatics Unleashed.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, "The Crystal Empire, Part 2", Twilight Sparkle demonstrates that her magic arsenal includes gravity spells. She uses one to bypass an impossibly tall spiral staircase: rather than climbing the stairs, she reverses her own gravity and slides up the bottom of the staircase.
  • The ThunderCats villain Tug-Mug could increase people's weight to pin them to the ground or decrease it to leave them floating helplessly in the air.
  • Superman's "death" in the Justice League episode "Hereafter" leads to a Bad Future where the immortal villain Vandal Savage perfected a device with the power to control gravity, defeated the Justice League in a way largely left to the imagination, and more to the present point effectively destroyed Earth as we know it by stranding it in an orbit incompatible with non-immortal life, leaving him entirely alone.
  • The Wizard, the leader of the Frightful Four in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series has this ability thanks to his tech, specifically his gravity discs.
  • Atylon, the villain of the first arc for Ultra Force had gravity as his special power, with which he used to steal a number of nuclear warheads he planned to use to attack the surface world. It should be noted that this wasn't a power shared by the rest of his people, making it a legitimate superpower.
    Atylon: You do not grasp the gravity of your situation ::fists begin to glow along with various parts of the background:: And Gravity is my domain.



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