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Amorphous+ is a free flash game by Innocuous Games. You play an unnamed man wielding the Splatmaster3000 and kill various types of Blob Monsters. During the course of the game, you will unlock "Awards", which in turn will unlock "rewards" in the form of special weapons and armour that will help the player against the slimes.

You can play it on Newgrounds here.

The game features a licensed soundtrack by Revolution Void.

In 2013, Brainwave made a (mostly) Ambient album based off the game. You can listen to that here

Not related to Amorphis.


Glooples present in the game

  • Gloople (green). Basic enemies that can't kill you but stun you if they bump you. They can glom (fuse) together to form worse enemies.
    • Oozle (green). Home in on you, takes three hits to kill, if one were to touch you, you get trapped inside it to be slowly digested. Formed with two Glooples.
    • Gray (Guess what color, and has useless spikes). Becomes invincible in response to attacks, going up to it gives you the same fate as an Oozle. Can shape its body into a spear to impale you with (this is also the only window of opportunity to hit it), also takes three hits to kill. Formed with a Gloople and an Oozle.
    • Void Eater (deep purple). Has six spider-like legs. Only has one health, but constantly emits explosive pulses that level anything around it and handily outrange your sword, making a normal approach impossible. Can become a mini black hole itself (causing an explosion whenever anything gets nearby). Its deadliest attack is a gravity beam which sucks in everything and destroys anything short of a Grinder, which is also the only window of opportunity to hit it safely. Formed with a Gloople and a Gray.
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  • Stickie (yellow). Aims towards the player on spawning. When destroyed, it covers the ground in goo that can stick to you (and some other glooples) to reduce movement speed. This has the added effect of insulating you from fire and ice attacks. Biters and Fuzzles covered in the stuff can't attack.
  • Biter (blue). Has teeth, can lunge at you then kill you (but bounces off like a Gloople when not lunging). Often comes in groups. Mascot of the game.
    • Horror (blue). Looks like a giant sphere with two rings of teeth, normally invulnerable. Typical method of attack consists of chasing you to shred you. Can fling off a ring of teeth that impale you and also mutate other Glooples into Biters, and can send four small razor-edged disks after you, leaving its core vulnerable. Formed with two Biters.
  • Clutter (purple). Runs away from you. Can shoot baby clutters at you that slow you down; when they detach, they can grow up into mature Clutters if left untouched. Also spawns some more babies upon death.
  • Meltie (orange). Leaves a splat of deadly acid when you kill it.
  • Sharp (aqua). When it sees you, it grows deadly spikes that make it invincible, unless you go around it and kill it from behind while the spikes are retracted.
  • Inkie (black). Fast, leaves a trail of slippery ink behind when you kill it. Can blind you for a few seconds if it hits you directly. Ink is flammable. Collision with a Torchie causes a huge explosion.
  • Fuzzle (tan with brown fur). Takes three hits to kill, and can regenerate after two hits if you take too long. Lunges at you to tear out your heart like Biters, but thankfully cannot glom together.
  • Grinder (gray exterior, orange interior). It's an enormous rolling boulder (technically an ooze that has amassed rocks on its outside membrane). It can squash you (or anything else) with ease, and is extremely tough. It takes cataclysmic damage just to crack the outer shell (such as an explosion, Meltie acid, or collision with another Grinder), and even then it takes five sword swipes to finish it and it can still squash you.
  • Torchie (brown). Lights you and other oozes on fire and leaves a trail of small, harmless flames that can be stepped on to extinguish. If you kill it while it is on fire, you die in an explosion. Can be put out with stickie goo or acid, and it'll go out on its own after a while. However, if it touches a flame from its trail, it lights up again. While blazing, it can light pools of Inkie ink on fire, and will violently explode if it collides with an Inkie (same as if destroyed, though thankfully you can be well out of the blast radius).
  • Frostie (white). Fast; explodes on contact with anything, freezing anything within range. While frozen, you can shatter if anything touches you. The closer you were to point blank, the longer it will take to thaw.
  • Amalgam (slightly pale yellow). Can eat other smaller glooples to get bigger, and will eat you like an Oozle would if big enough. Cutting it makes it smaller and might cause a smaller one to break off. Found near the end of the nest.
  • Queen (red). Can slash you with two claws. Will parry all attacks with her claws, except during a split second mid-lunge, but has only one health. Spawns harmless larva which can be killed by anything (even by stepping on them!), but can infect Glooples; if the Queen dies while an infected Gloople is on screen, it will mutate into a new Queen. Found near the end of the nest.
  • Razor Queen (dark blue). Looks more insectoid than slime-like, and has many, immense blades. Has a multitude of attacks and can only be slashed during or shortly after a lunge. Easier to damage than a Queen, but has five health instead of one. Found near the end of the nest. If you die to a Razor Queen, you have the option to try again a few times.

Tropes in this game:

  • Achievement Mockery: Yes, you get awards for dying multiple times and also for dying in multiple ways. Then again, it's pretty much to be expected. And it's the only way to get 100% Completion — to get all the reward keys, you'll need to get these dubious awards.
  • Acid Pool: Melties leave a temporary one behind when killed. This can kill other glooples (except their own kind, which are immune, and Grinders, which merely have their rock shells softened), and if the player steps in without a Hazmat Suit, they will get Stripped to the Bone.
  • Action Bomb: Torchies explode if they come into contact with anything that would kill them, your sword included. Anything that won't kill them is lit on fire, instead. Frosties are similar, but explode upon contact with anything and freeze everything nearby.
    • Stickies, Melties, and Inkies. Their entire purpose is to collide with you and release a harmful payload. Inkies also explode on contact with fire.
    • A Razor Queen's larvae are a "needle grenade" version. Unlike the others that require contact, they are triggered by proximity. They do take some time to detonate, so you can either run away or disarm them by killing them before they explode.
    • The Reactive Armor turns you into one: any attack that would kill you causes the armor to explode and take out anything around you. There are some situations in which this won't work: Meltie acid will kill you through the armor, Grinders are functionally immune (it will crack their shell, but you still die), and the Void Eater's disintegration ray bypasses it.
  • All There in the Manual: The bestiary contains surprisingly in-depth info on all Glooples you can meet in the game.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Razor Queens have the abilities of several different enemies, including Biters, Queens, Sharps, Clutters, and Horrors, making them real True Final Bosses.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: There are a few small ones that prevent the game from being annoying, as opposed to just hard. Normal Glooples will not be able to stun you again until after you finish the flinching animation of the first hit, meaning that unless you get hit at an inconvenient time, which is itself just part of the difficulty, you won't get stunlocked to death. Also, after the swing, there is half a second where the arc in front of you still counts as damage, which means near-misses with the swing will still hit it if runs into the arc.
  • Asteroids Monster: Amalgams and Clutters.
  • Armor Is Useless: Averted.
    • The Reactive Armor doesn't advertise the fact, but it can deflect several kinds of attacks that would ordinarily be lethal. The Gray's tendril lance will bounce off, as will the Razor Queen's spike attack. It also protects against fire. It will explode if you are hit by something that will absolutely be fatal, such as the Biter's lunge. Played straight with some attacks that the armor offers no protection against, such as a Grinder rolling over you, Meltie acid, or the Void Eater's disintegration ray.
    • The Hazard Suit protects you from acid, sticky goo, and ink, sure, but did you know it also counters blinding by ink, baby Clutters, and Void Eater's attraction power?
  • BFS: Your weapon, the Splatmaster3000 and the Razor Glaive.
  • The Blank: The playable character has no visible face.
  • Blob Monster: Pretty much every single enemy.
  • Boring, but Practical: The suits. The Hazard Suit renders you immune to Melties, movement-impairing effects, and blindness as long as it's intact, while the Reactive Armor, in addition to providing a second Hit Point against most threats, lets you No-Sell a Grey's CombatTentacle and prevents being lit on fire.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing:
    • The Horror, THE HORROR!!! These guys are created in a (thankfully) rare occurrence when two Biters fuse together. They are invulnerable to your regular attack while spinning, and will kill you if you so much as brush against them while they chase after you. They have three attacks:
      • Spinning into you, which instantly kills you (unless you have reactive armor, then it just bounces off... destroying the reactive armor in the process).
      • Shooting out 8-directional spikes that instantly kill you (unless you have reactive armour). If the spikes hit an enemy that isn't a Biter, it turns into one, making the Horror a Mook Maker as well.
      • Splitting up into four spiked wheels that orbit around its core; of course, the disks can instantly kill you, and the Horror will launch them directly at you (and probably at angles that make them very difficult to dodge). This is the only time when you can kill it; hit the core to put an end to it.
    • Void Eaters. Created in the rare occurrence when a Gray absorbs a Gloople. Although they are only a One-Hit Point Wonder, they have three nasty ways of killing your character:
      • The first of its three attacks involves a rapidly-expanding, circular shockwave let out by the blob. If it hits you, bye-bye.
      • The second attack is when it turns into a black hole and draws you in. If something (including other blobs) gets too near, it uses attack 1, which thankfully cancels this attack. Due to a quirk of how this attack works, it is literally impossible to survive without reactive armor if there are no other Glooples to be sucked in - fortunately this situation almost never comes up, except in training or if for whatever reason you left it as the last Gloople in a nest.
      • The third attack involves an ominous darkening of the screen while it sucks in lines. It then fires a black Disintegrator Ray forward. Unfortunately, you're drawn towards the ray when it is fired, and the pull is significantly stronger than that of attack 2. Getting hit by the ray is an instant death, of course. This is, however, probably the best chance to defeat it, as you can get up close to it without risking being hit by attack 1.
      • Of special note is the fact that the Void Eater's megadestructive nature renders it capable of killing everything in the nest — up to and including the True Final Boss, should you ever be unlucky enough to face both it and the Void Eater at the same time. Only Grinders can kill a Void Eater and survive themselves, and they'll have their shell cracked in the process.
    • Amalgams... just Amalgams. They can eat other Glooples, can split into more Amalgalms if they're hit or get too large, and take a lot more hits than one would expect. They also remain in the battle even if chased offscreen, unlike other Glooples.
    • Grinders could be considered one, as well. Made out of living rock, these guys need to be subjected to an explosion, a collision with a solid object (another Grinder, a Gray, or an Instant Wall; Sharps don't count), or a puddle of acid to weaken the outer coating, and then you have to hit the damn thing five times before it gives up and dies. It's also the largest Gloople short of the final boss. The Razor Glaive can break the shell in one hit, and kill it with two more.
      • The Grinder can actually kill a Horror and survive the disintegration beam of a Void Eater. That's how tough the thing is. Though it is objectively far less dangerous.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: The third equipment slot and the eleventh Reward key, which you get after getting all the Awards.
  • Combat Tentacle: Grays utilize one of these to try and impale the player. If you have the Reactive Armor on, though, it doesn't do anything more than stun you if it connects.
  • Cowardly Mooks:
    • Full-size clutters will try to run away from you if you approach them. There's even an achievement for "bullying" one out of the map!
    • When a Fuzzle loses its fur, it'll try to run away from you in the hopes of regenerating before you can strike it one last time.
  • Deadly Disc: The Horror. When it splits up, it becomes four smaller ones.
  • Deployable Cover: The Instant Wall.
  • Developers' Foresight:
    • There are medals awarded for things one just would not expect. Furthermore, the corpse you leave behind changes appearance depending on the way you died, and a complete extra set of dead sprites were made for wearers of the Hazard Suit.
    • Each type of Gloople can interact with you and other Glooples in different ways. For example, Stickie Goo will slow you and most weaker Glooples down, make you immune to burning, put out Torchie fires, and gum up the mouths of Biters and Fuzzles, preventing them from attacking.
  • Disintegrator Ray: The Void Eater utilizes one of these. No surprise as to what happens if it hits anything, including Horrors and Queens... Except for Grinders.
  • Dual Wielding: Kinda... for the Queen. It has two large blades for arms, compared to your single BFS.
  • Duel Boss: When the Queen is the last Gloople in the nest, the fight comes down to one of these. Her agility and Dual Wielding against your Splatmaster 3000 and powerful gadgets.
  • Excuse Plot: There's blobs, and you have to kill them.
    • Averted for the description of both the Glooples and your items. Everything is described with much care. Every single Gloople has several paragraphs of text devoted to their role in the nest and the hazards they pose to you.
  • Food Chain of Evil: The Amalgam eats other Glooples. Of course, the Amalgam can eat you, too.
  • Fragile Speedster:
    • Frosties are the fastest of the Glooples, but explode the second they touch anything. Unfortunately, when that happens, it freezes everything around it.
    • Inkies also die when they collide with anything or take a single hit, and are faster than the average Gloople. They leave behind a nasty substance when they die, which can be quite hazardous for you (and most of the other Glooples).
    • Biters have a fast lunge that gets you more often than you think, but they too die in one hit. Fuzzles, on the other hand...
  • Fusion Dance: Certain Glooples can "glom" together to form deadlier enemies. Green Glooples can combine into the larger, tougher, deadlier Oozle, which can then absorb additional Green Glooples to evolve two more times (first into the armored Gray and then into the blob of mass destruction Void Eater). Biters can also do this, and the abomination they form is probably the hardest enemy in the game apart from the queens.
  • Glass Cannon:
    • The player is capable of splatting many glooples with ease at a rather fast rate thanks to their weaponry, but they're usually a Two-hit-point-wonder at most with the reactive armor on. Without any armor, they're dead in one attack.
    • Queens are arguably this. While they are extremely fast and can kill you easily, they die in one hit. Then again, landing that hit can still be very difficult, since they can parry or dodge all of your attacks and are only vulnerable for a split-second while lunging.
    • Void Eaters are a straighter example, as they are one of the most deadly Glooples — see Boss in Mook Clothing, above. They do, however, die in one hit. Like Queens, though, actually getting that hit in can be pretty difficult. The window of opportunity is much larger, however. You can only hit them when they are charging up for or executing their disintegration ray. Try to so much as approach them at any other time, and you will be blasted into little pieces by their shockwave attack.
    • Horrors are kind of like this; they die in one hit, though you can only land that hit when they break into pieces to launch spiked disks at you. Don't think you'll be able to put enough distance between yourself and it to provoke its spinning-disk attack without going through a lot of trouble to do so.
  • The Goomba: Green Glooples. The worst they can do is bump into you... which stuns you momentarily, leaving you open to the deadly (or at least inconvenient) assaults of other Glooples.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All: You can only practice against a type of Gloople or view it in the compendium if you've seen it before, in any mode.
  • Gravity Master: The Void Eater apparently has control of gravitational fields. Which it will use to blast you into bits.
  • Harmless Enemy: Green Glooples cannot kill you, and if they do bump into you, they stun you for a very short while. Notably, this counts as a form of harm and still disqualifies you from getting the "Badass" achievement.
  • Harmless Freezing: If a Frostie hits you, you get temporarily frozen and can't do squat. Thankfully, you can move the mouse up and down to free yourself faster. If you're hit by anything (save for Stickie slime) when you're frozen, you die.
    • Lampshaded in the description for the "Frostbitten" award, in which the author has Shown Their Work; "Hypothermia is apparently not an issue when your life expectancy is about 3 minutes."
  • Healing Factor: Fuzzles will lose their fur (as well as their deadly attack) when they have been damaged twice. Make sure you can quickly get that third hit in, though, as it will grow back its fur after a short while, and then you'll have to do it all over again!
    • There's even an achievement for letting one regrow its fur several times without dying.
  • Homing Boulders: Literally, in the form of Grinders.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Inverted; no matter what the Queen does, fighting a Player with Reactive Armor is literally Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. Heads, the player wins and one-shots the queen: tails, the queen lands a hit instead, and the reactive armor explodes, nullifying the attack and killing the queen. Of course, you need to win to get any achievements.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: This is the Gray's main form of attack. However, it's unable to harden its body while doing so, allowing you a chance to damage it. The Reactive Armor can block the spike.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: The Razor Glaive; it does triple the damage, has superior reach, and can break the defenses of most normal Glooples. However, it's quite heavy, so wielding it slows you down a bit.
    • On the other hand, in order to get aforementioned Infinity +1 Sword, you have to beat the monstrous Razor Queen in single combat. The Razor Queen is a ludicrously huge, mutated Queen that's five times tougher and has an annoying habit of being vulnerable only in front — which is also where its huge claws are.
  • Insect Queen: If you're (un)lucky, you'll fight one near the end of a nest. The idea of the Insect Queen is actually played with in-game. The descriptions for the Queen admit that it is not certain whether she really does control the hive, or whether the Gloople swarm has no true ruler and the Insect Queen is just another member of it, albeit a very powerful one. There is a step above the normal Insect Queen, too...
  • "Instant Death" Radius: Literally in the case of Void Eaters — if you get too close, they create a shockwave, killing you instantly. (Its radius is greater than your sword's reach too, unless you have the Razor Glaive, which is slightly larger than your starting sword.)
  • Interface Screw: What happens when an Inkie hits you. The screen turns completely black for a short while, enough to get you killed easily by another dangerous blob.
    • You can keep swinging your sword though, and hope for the best. There is an award for getting a kill while blinded, and another for surviving the blindness.
  • Killer Rabbit: Fuzzles, which are fuzzy, adorable little things that lunge at you and tear your heart out. Did we mention they take three hits to die, and have a Healing Factor to boot?
  • Kill It with Fire: Torchies. Touching one sans armor will set you on fire, which causes your character to flail around somewhat randomly and will kill you if you don't put it out with Stickie goo or a Frostie. Trying to kill it while it's on fire will cause it to explode, killing you instantly.
  • Kill It with Ice: Frosties. Attacking them normally will get you harmlessly frozen, but if you're hit while frozen, you shatter into pieces.
  • Kung Fu-Proof Mook:
    • Grays harden to block your attacks, and are only vulnerable when attacking. The same is true of Horrors, except they can attack while defending and are only vulnerable when using a specific attack.
    • Sharps. As soon as these guys sense danger, they turn into an invulnerable ball of spikes. Once their perceived threat is gone, they switch back to their original form, where you can kill them in one hit. You can deflect Sharps while their spikes are out, and the game even recommends knocking them out of the screen in order to get rid of them; however, because of the way you swing your sword, you tend to knock it away in a curved path rather than a straight line, which makes getting it off the screen a rather challenging task. Oh, and it's entirely possible to "deflect" a Sharp right into your face. The Razor Glaive can kill them with the spikes out.
    • Grinders are even tougher. Not only are they immune to the sword, trying it won't change their course and stuns you briefly, potentially letting them run you over. They have to be soften/cracked via Meltie Acid, grenades, a Torchie explosion, another Grinder crashing into it, tossing an Instant Wall in its path, having it collide with a hardened Gray, or luring them into a Void Eater's shockwave/disintegration range in order to harm them. (Amusingly, the Grinder is perfectly capable of flattening a Void Eater even after being nailed with its shockwave or kill-beam, though it will just bounce off of a Gray.) Even the Razor Glaive, though it can crack their shell, isn't strong enough to prevent you from being stunned.
    • Queens and the Razor Queen are only vulnerable to attack when attacking, and will otherwise block your attacks with their own sword-limbs (or dodge).
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: The Queen is the only Gloople that's red in color, and has gold claws. Uh oh...
  • Lightning Bruiser: The Razor Queen is fast, has a slew of deadly attacks, and also takes 5 hits to die, which is a lot compared to most Glooples.
  • Literally Shattered Lives: If you get touched by anything after getting frozen by a Frostie explosion, you shatter into ice fragments.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: What happens to you if you get exploded by a Torchie or your own grenades, touch a Horror when it's spinning, or get into a Void Eater's "Instant Death" Radius.
  • The Many Deaths of You: Getting engulfed by a bigger blob, Impaled with Extreme Prejudice (and then absorbed), dissolved via Meltie acid, eaten by a Biter or Fuzzle, exploded, disintegrated by a Void Eater, shredded to pieces by a Horror, rolled over by a Grinder, shattered into pieces after getting frozen by a Frostie, etc. There are even awards for dying in multiple ways! Here's a video compilation of all of them.
  • Meaningful Name: The Gloopies that come in many different forms have names that suit their abilities.
    • The Meltie explodes into a pool of lethal acid when defeated.
    • Biters try to "bite" your character for an instant death.
    • Stickies explode into sticky goo when defeated.
    • Clutters spawn smaller copies of themselves (that grow to the adult size), cluttering up the screen. They can also spit said smaller copies of themselves onto you, which stick to you and slow you down (if you get hit with a lot of them, you can end up unable to move).
    • Grays are, well, gray.
    • Fuzzles are covered in fur.
    • Inkies look like ink blobs which leave a trail of black "ink", and explode into inkblots when defeated.
    • Torchies are lit on fire.
    • Frosties are filled with icy liquid which they release on contact.
    • Horrors are, well, complete horrors!
    • Justified, since the Glooples were named by humans, who based their names on their abilities.
  • Mercy Invincibility: Of a sort. Whenever you're stunned by the impact of a Gloople, the stun has to wear off before you can be stunned again, making it harder to get stun-locked in larger groups of weak Glooples.
  • Metal Slime: Grays, but In Name Only. They don't run away, unlike a Metal Slime, and are hard as hell to defeat.
  • Mighty Glacier: Grinders, which are large and not that fast, but take five hits to kill, are immune to the sword onless their shell is cracked by something else (unless you have the Razor Glaive), and can even survive Disintegration Rays.
  • Monster Compendium: You fill it up by encountering different types of Glooples.
  • Mook Maker: Clutters. Another one of the Goddamned Bats, this thing shoots out purple goo that sticks onto you. When you shake it off, it becomes a baby Clutter, which can grow to adult size if you let it be! Also, Clutters will explode into 1-3 baby Clutters when defeated.
    • Horrors can also launch "teeth" in multiple directions that will mutate a green Gloople into a Biter if it hits one.
    • Queens will drop parasites that infect Glooples. If the infected Gloople is on the screen when you manage to kill the Queen, it transforms into another Queen hell-bent on slicing you to bits.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: The Horror, and the Void Eater.
  • Nintendo Hard: You are a One-Hit Point Wonder, and many of the enemies are incredibly nasty.
  • No-Damage Run: You can only get the "badass" achievement if you don't screw up in a run. This means not getting harmed at all, which includes less harmful stuff like being bumped by Glooples, Clutter shots, or Stickie slime.
  • Off with His Head!: If the Queen gets you with her dual blades, she cuts off your head.
    • One of the Horror's moves can also result in this. It's also the only move that lets you attack it.
  • One-Hit Kill: The Void Eater's Disintegrator Ray will kill the player regardless of armor. It'll also destroy all Glooples except Grinders.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: By default, getting hit by any attack will instantly kill you. Although getting "bumped" cannot kill you, it can leave you open to something that will. Fire is also not immediately lethal, but you better hope there's a Frostie or a Stickie to douse the flames.
    • Reactive armour upgrades you to a two hit point wonder, making it so that any lethal attack causes an explosion to wipe out the attacker and anything else nearby. It also guards you against attacks that would normally be lethal, namely projectile attacks. Meltie Acid, Grinders, and Void Eater rays will still instantly kill you, though.
  • The Pen Is Mightier: Parodied. As the game points out, there is no pen, and the sword is really big.
  • Personal Space Invader: The clutters, if you don't have the environmental armor. They slow you down unless you shake them off.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Understandably, Melties are immune to their own acid.
  • Rule of Three: Some of the tougher Glooples take three hits to die instead of one, such as Oozles, Fuzzles, and Grays.
  • Scoring Points: For each Gloople you splat, you earn "bounty"; this bounty is multiplied by how many Glooples were killed in that swing.
  • Set a Mook to Kill a Mook: Sorta... Grinders and Sharps will chase after the player while destroying most weaker Glooples in sight, so you can use them to your advantage to clear the way of Goddamned Bats like Biters.
    • Actually, a lot of Glooples can kill other Glooples... Horrors will shred most other Glooples that get in their way, Void Eaters will blast just everything to pieces with their shockwaves (or erase them with their disintegration rays), Torchies tend to light all other Glooples on fire, Frosties freeze everything around them, Inkies that get set on fire by Torchies will explode, Biters and Fuzzles will "pop" other Glooples in their path while lunging, and Oozles and Grays will flatten smaller Glooples that they collide with. This isn't even going into Meltie acid and Amalgams!
      • Just keep in mind that Glooples killing each other doesn't count for your score, nor does it count for decrementing the number of Glooples left in a Single Nest. In order to make progress, you have to kill the Glooples yourself. However, oftentimes so many enemies are onscreen that you have no choice but to let them kill each other, making this essentially Set A Mook To Kill A Mook: The Game.
  • Single-Use Shield: the Reactive Armor explodes on contact with an enemy while leaving the player alive.
  • Single-Stroke Battle: The Queen has only one health like any regular Gloople, but she has a pair of bladed limbs that counter all attacks aimed at her, except for one split second while she is in the middle of her attack. So assuming you don't just blow her to smithereens with the Autoturret, the Grenade or your Reactive Armor, any showdown with her will come down to both of you in close quarters swinging your respective weapons at each other, with a fraction of a second's worth of timing making the difference between who stands and who falls. If you want the achievement for killing her, you must beat her this way.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Some of the descriptions in the bestiary, which provide sophisticated biological commentary about the Glooples, but also tend to contain less sophisticated-sounding warnings about how they can kill you.
  • Spike Shooter: The Horror can launch its teeth in eight directions, which also mutate most Glooples (strangely, this includes even the Razor Queen) into Biters. The Razor Queen is just full of these kinds of attacks: she shoots spike balls that lodge in the ground, large spikes to impale you, moving spike balls that act as proximity bombs, and a Tunnel King living spike that only emerges to attack.
  • Spin to Deflect Stuff: Horrors use this — in fact, the only time you can hurt it is when it isn't spinning!
    • Spinning is also used to get baby Clutters off of you.
  • Sprint Meter: The sprint reward allows you to move a lot faster for a limited period of time. However, you had to stand still to recharge it.
  • Standard Status Effects: Most of which apply to both the player and Glooples.
    • Stunned, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Happens when you are bumped by a Gloople without getting killed.
    • Sticky, which makes you and Glooples slow (but fireproof and freezeproof) until it wears off. Biters and Fuzzles affected by this cannot attack.
    • Inked, which makes you unable to see anything until it wears off.
    • Stepped on Ink, which makes you and Glooples move forward uncontrollably for about a second.
    • Burned, which kills you and Glooples if you don't find a way to put it out.
    • Frozen, which makes you and Glooples unable to move until it wears off/you shake out of it. If a frozen entity is touched by anything, they shatter.
  • Sticky Situation: Stepping into Stickie goo will cause a player to get covered in it, making them much slower. It does, however, give insulation against fire and ice. Most other Glooples themselves are not immune, but Biters and Fuzzles get hit the worst, as they become completely unable to attack when stuck in the goo.
  • Sucking-In Lines: When a Void Eater does this, it's about to fire its Disintegrator Ray. This also happens to be the only time when its "Instant Death" Radius is not in effect, meaning you have to decide whether to get away from the imminent death ray or charge straight toward it for a Death-or-Glory Attack.
  • Tactical Suicide Boss: Quite a few...
    • Grays will try to impale the player with a spear-like tendril, but in doing so has to soften its outer shell, rendering it vulnerable to attack.
    • Horrors will split apart into five pieces, four of which are deadly spinning blades. The fifth is a small blue "core" which, if hit, instantly destroys the Horror. Note that the Horror is otherwise spinning all the time, deflecting everything you throw at it.
    • Queens also make themselves vulnerable when lunging, and will parry or dodge any attack otherwise. In fairness, it only makes them vulnerable for a split-second.
      • It's the same deal with the Razor Queen, though the tactic is slightly different — you can't get them from the front, so you must avoid the charge, flank them, slice them, and run away before the massive claws get you. A Razor Queen is actually somewhat easier to slash than a normal Queen, the window of opportunity being bigger... but then they have five hitpoints as opposed to a normal Queen's one. And much nastier moves.
    • Void Eaters are unable to use their shockwave on stuff that draws close to them while charging up (or firing) their disintegration ray, giving you an opportunity to run up and slash it without being blown to pieces.
  • Taking You with Me: Again, there are plenty of examples.
    • The Meltie bursts into a deadly pool of acid that will dissolve you on contact when it is killed.
    • The Torchie blows up with you if you attack it when it's on fire.
    • The Frostie freezes everything around it when killed. If you're frozen and get hit by anything, you shatter.
  • Training from Hell: In training mode, you can decide what Glooples to fight, choosing from any species you've faced before. Meaning you can go up against a Queen, a Void Eater, a Horror, an Amalgam, and more all at once.
  • True Final Boss: The Razor Queen.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: The True Final Boss is an example of this. If you know what you're doing, you can goad it into a lunge attack that leaves it vulnerable to counterattack, strike it, then goad it again until you've killed it, totally shutting out its deadlier abilities. But, if you screw up, you'll find yourself facing all those deadly abilities, which are difficult to survive even if you're wearing armor.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Some of the Rewards can be this, especially since the other options include the Boring, but Practical Hazard Suit and Sprint.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The first time a player runs into a Grinder, he's probably going to realize that some Glooples may need more inventive means to kill than just slashing it with your sword.
  • Weak Turret Gun: With the emphasis on "weak". Although it does auto-aim at blobs and can kill many of the really nasty ones in one shot, it cannot take much damage.
    • Also is a case of AI Stupidity, since while it tries to shoot where you aren't, it may still shoot you to hit an enemy behind you, resulting in your death.
  • You Have Researched Breathing: One of the unlockable Rewards is Sprint. Presumably to entice the player into unlocking it first, it's positioned on the top-left of the Rewards screen.

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