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When the world is in peril the Heroes Unite
Heroes Unite is a Super Hero webcomic hosted on The Duck. It is possibly the first webcomic done in a similar style to JLA or Avengers. Most of its members are superheroes from other webcomics hosted at Drunk Duck, Original Generation created for it or earlier, that didn't previously appear anywhere else. It won the Drunk Duck Award for the best cooperative work in 2009 and spawned three spin-offs:
  • Heroes Unite Adventures: A series of short (4-page) tales starring the heroes of the Heroes Unite Initiative and related characters.
  • Heroes Alliance: A series following Bombshell's spinoff team Heroes Alliance.
  • The New Guard: Follows a new and separate team led by Tazer after the events of Energize: Hunted. This is a reboot of the aborted 'The Heroes Unite' storyline that was originally published in Heroes Unite.

The following webcomics take place in HU Universe:

Heroes Unite provides examples of:

  • Art Shift: Each page is drawn by a different artist, each with their own unique style.
  • Boss Subtitles: Often seen in Heroes Alliance whenever a new character is introduced, hero or villain.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Relik, who, despite his dark and sinister appearance, is one of the more heroic characters.
  • Man Behind the Man: In the third issue, it was believed that the villain Motherboard was controlling EGO, when in fact it was the other way round!
  • Multinational Team: So far, the team includes two Australians (Azumorph, Quantum), a Japanese man (SHELL) and a Canadian (Wireless) along with all the Americans. The team of writers and artists involved in the project could also count, consisting of American, British, German, Australian, Swedish and South American users.