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The Blonde Marvel follows the heroic adventures of Angela Zaftig, the well-endowed guardian of Municipal City. When not fighting crime, Angela lives with her husband, Harold Braun, and their two children, 13-year-old Nicholas and 17-year-old Cassandra. Another son, Adam, is deceased.

Angela received her costume and ring from Commander Marvel, the original defender of Municipal City who left when a crime wave arose in New York. After failing to dissuade Angela from becoming a superhero, the commander decided to help her to the best of his ability.

Quoting from the creator's blog:

  • The Blonde Marvel is a rookie crimefighter in the fictional Municipal City (at least we think it's fictional). She began fighting crime about two years ago after gaining her unusual powers.
  • She's 38 years old, is a natural blonde, and weighs a bit more than Jessica Simpson.
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  • She runs a small clothing store at the Emporium Cavalcade Mall. Zaftig's specializes in clothing for bigger and curvier women. [The webcomic's creator] originally intended for her to be a journalist but you know that's a bit of a cliché. And lazy.
  • Her husband, Harold Braun, is a sports department manager at All-Mart.
  • The ring she wears on her right hand causes her uniform to materialize (it is not the source of her power). The clothing she wears before the ring is activated disintegrates into atoms.
  • Angela doesn't have to wear a mask. Her uniform generates a harmless hypnotic signal that causes people to "dis-remember" what she looks like when she is the Blonde Marvel.
  • Angela's powers are biological, not derived from a suit or a ring.

Warning: The blog entries on the site tend to be sexually explicit, more so than the comic itself.


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