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Hero by Night is a comic series created by D.J. Coffman.

Steel City, Pennsylvania, September 1945. World War II veteran lt. David Day is finally ready to start turning the mysterious Vitalogy Ring he's found in Europe to good use - making the world a better place in the caped guise of Hero by Night. With the ring-granted Nigh-Invulnerability, Super-Strength and smarts, he's going to patrol the streets of Steel City for the next decade or so, defending the innocent from petty crooks and villainous Iron Talon alike. He'll gain allies, make friends, form ties with the Secret Society of Shadows.

Then, one fateful night, he'll vanish from the face of the Earth. Why? And is the simultaneous vanishing of the Iron Talon connected somehow?

Steel City, present day. Jack King gets a new job as a superintendent of "the Brick", an old residential building, and while cleaning up his basement flat discovers the hidden lair and belongings of a long lost super hero from the 1940's/50's. Pretty cool, huh? Obviously he'll take up the mantle and... what do you mean, sell the hero's journals to the highest bidder online?

Nah, of course he won't.