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Defunct Online Video Games

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The rise of Web Games and MMOs has led to a particular form of Abandonware, as always-online games are upkeep-intensive and depend upon a consistent flow of players and profit to justify keeping the dedicated servers running. As a result, there will inevitably come a time when an online game is no-longer supported by its creators. Perhaps the game simply wasn't successful enough to be worth maintaining, or the creators themselves folded, or maybe (as a Bittersweet Ending) there's a sequel that has made the original obsolete. Whatever the case, the servers will go down, and the game will no longer be sold commercially.


Sometimes, fans will create new servers to keep playing, or they will outright remake the game from the ground-up; but many games never see such a revival due to cease-and-desist orders, a lack of fans, or other reasons. However, this index is for online games that are no longer officially supported. Whether they are supported by fans or not is unimportant.

For online games that were never released to begin with, see Canceled Video Games. Related to Temporary Online Content, where game content is made available online for a limited amount of time, and can no longer be obtained after it is taken offline.