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Defunct Online Video Games

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This is why we can't have good games.note 

The rise of Web Games and MMOs has led to a particular form of Abandonware, as always-online games are upkeep-intensive and depend upon a consistent flow of players and profit to justify keeping the dedicated servers running. As a result, there will inevitably come a time when an online game is no longer supported by its creators. Perhaps the game simply wasn't successful enough to be worth maintaining, or the creators themselves folded, or maybe (as a Bittersweet Ending) there's a sequel that has made the original obsolete. Whatever the case, the servers will go down, and the game will no longer be sold commercially.

Sometimes, fans will create new servers to keep playing, or they will outright remake the game from the ground-up; but many games never see such a revival due to cease-and-desist orders, not enough fanbase to spark interest, a lack of source code or ways to reverse-engineer the server, or other reasons. However, this index is for online games that are no longer officially supported by their original developers. Whether they are supported by fans or not is not important to this page's categorization.


For online games that were never released to begin with, see Canceled Video Games. Related to Temporary Online Content, where game content is made available online for a limited amount of time, and can no longer be obtained after it is taken offline. Also related to Permanently Missable Content, where in this case the entire game is missed if you learnt of it after it is shut down, and you won't get to play it at all.

It's also worth noting that this trope is a major reason why DRM is controversial in the gamer community: DRM often requires connection to a server to verify the software as an anti-piracy measure. While the more benign variants of this will require it only once upon the initial install, even that can later make an otherwise offline game unplayable once a re-install of any sort is needed. Many games that have a single player component can be rendered defunct if you needed to sign in or otherwise connect to the internet at the start of the game (this can be inherent to the console too: try playing an Xbox game without internet). For simplicity, this page will stick to games whose major or only component was the online mode.



  • Dynamic Network Authentication System - Copy Protection for PlayStation 2 online multiplayer games (2003-2016)note 
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - Every online multiplayer video game for the Nintendo DS and Wii (2005-2014)
  • PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store access for the PlayStation Portable (2004-2021) note 
  • Xbox Live 1.0 - Every online multiplayer video game for the original Xbox (2004-2010) note 

Individual Games

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    Games that are completely shut down 

    Games whose international English-language servers were shut down but that are still active in their home market 

    Games whose original releases were shut down but that are still active in ports, updated rereleases and relaunches 
  • BEMANI net-requiring games with offline-enabling final patches:
    • DanceEvolution ARCADE (2012-2016)
    • MÚSECA (2015-2018 - alternatively, arcade operators had the option of receiving kits to convert the game to Bishi Bashi Channel)
  • Cosmic Break (2008-2020): Relaunched as Cosmic Break: Universal at the end of 2020.
  • crossbeats REV. (2015-2018 - a final update patch allows the game to be played offline with all content available without needing a user account)
  • Dungeon Fighter Online (2010-2013 - Nexon-published version only; game relaunched in 2015 as Dungeon Fighter Online Global and self-published by developer company Neople)
  • Dragon Quest X: Square-Enix dropped support for the original Wii version in 2017, though other versions remained active.
  • Everybody Edits Flash (2010-2020): It still can be played offline in its Everybody Edits Offline version. The game's current planned successor, titled similarly as Everybody Edits!, is also in development.
  • Final Fantasy XIV:
    • FFXIV 1.0 (2010-2012): After 1.0 ended, the game was relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013.
    • FFXIV on PlayStation 3 (2013-2017): Support dropped as of the release of the second expansion, in favor of shifting console focus to the PlayStation 4.
  • Grand Chase (2003-2015): Relaunched in 2021 as Grand Chase Classic.
  • Grand Theft Auto Online (2013-2021): Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions only.
  • Grimms Notes (2016-2020): Relaunched as an offline app to view all the cutscenes.
  • The following games in the Halo series had their original releases shut down, but their online remains active through direct ports on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC in the Compilation Rerelease The Master Chief Collection:
  • Phantom Dust (2005-2010): Ported to the Xbox One in 2017 as a free-to-play game, with the online functionality restored.
  • RuneScape Classic (2001-2018): Its two updated versions, Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3, are still running as of 2021.
    • DarkScape (2015-2016)
  • Sword Girls (2011-2017): Relaunched in 2021 as Kana Tales.
  • Teen Second Life (2005-2010): Merged with main grid in January 2011.