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Land of Chaos Online, often shortened to LOCO, is a 2010 PC MMO published in EU by Alaplaya.

Basically Defense of the Ancients but 3D, kind of like Avalon Heroes, Dynasty Warriors meets Warcraft, etc.

Thus far the game doesn't really has much of a backstory, but then again it's a MMO, so maybe it's for the better. The characters however do have a basic backstory.

Currently a closed beta, the open beta has started 27.05.10.And as of 20.10.11, we know of LOCO evolution, a patch that will add more things to LOCO.


This game contains examples of:

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    General tropes 

  • Calling Your Attacks: Both played straight and subverted, some characters do call out their attacks (Atin with Thousand Edge, Irene with Blessing of Reznor) while others say, well, other stuff (Randy does snarky remarks like "Stand right there" for Rubber Tip, Stella says this umm, poetic stuff I guess "A rose can hide its thorns" when executing Venom Blade, "Hotter than Summer" when executing Fire Blade, "Darker than Night" when executing Dark Blade, etc).
  • Healing Factor: All the characters recover HP over time, and some have skills that can heal.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Where do the characters store their alternate weapons anyway?
  • Back Story: Every character has a backstory.
  • Hope Spot: It's often that a player will be almost to the temple (which can heal you), and then get hit by a spell. Minity's Gift Box is a good example, hits for 500 damage at max and has long range.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: Inverted with physical and magical characters. Early game, magical characters can do alot of damage. However, their skills have fixed damage. Over time, they get weaker as skills do not get stronger at max, but enemy HP does. Physical attackers focus on normal attacks, and that increases with level.

    Atin examples 

    Fox Lady examples 

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     Kilmor examples 

    Laair Hathy examples 

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    Randy Rozz examples 

    Stella examples 

    Very Mary Bell examples 

  • Circus Brat
  • Corrupt Church: Which killed everyone that didn't believe in the faith of the Pope, including Mary Bell's parents and then proceeded to enslave Mary Bell to work in the gold mines
  • Doomed Hometown
  • Fan Nickname: VMB
  • Made a Slave: After having her parents killed no less, she escaped after some years though
  • Master of Illusion: Her fight style
  • Moral Event Horizon: After she escaped slavery, she was rescued by a friendly circus community, they teached her lots of skills and magic, she even got her own show after some time, the "VeryMaryBell Show", now here's the real MEH, due to her popularity, the pope eventually visited the circus, Mary Bell then killed the pope in revenge for all he did to her when she was young, however, she essentially ruined her new life, she became a wanted criminal and couldn't stay with her new family of the circus anymore


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