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O2Jam is an online PC (now on mobile) rhythm game created by a South Korean game company, O2Media Studio in 2002.

The gameplay is slightly similar with Beatmania IIDX and EZ2DJ, but without turntables.

O2Jam's ownership often got tossed to some companies due to some financial problems and decreasing rate of popularity. O2Media went under in around 2008, the ownership was once passed to MGame company. Then later passed on Nowcom (now Afreeca TV), MoMo Corp., and finally, O2Jam Company (available only in smartphones).

Games in the Series

  • O2Jam (PC) by O2Media (2002)
  • O2Jam (PC) by MGame (2004)
  • Pop Stage by MGame (2008)
  • O2Jam Classic by Nowcom (now Afreeca TV) (2007)
  • O2Jam Analog by Nowcom and Hangame (2010)
  • O2Jam U by MoMo Corp (2013)
  • O2Jam Music & Beat by MoMo Corp (2015)
  • O2Jam by O2Jam Company (2019)


This game series provides examples of:

  • Animesque: The few song images (especially which Cap. Claudiss (a.k.a. Cap. Bongsama) and Hazard drew those) feature an anime aesthetic despite being a Korean franchise.
  • Aside Glance: Exaggerated. In the alternate eye catch of Lonely Song (drawn by Cap. Claudiss), there’s a figure of a girl dressed up as Santa Claus who looks at the screen and shushes the players while she’s sneaking into someone’s house to deliver some presents.
  • Backstory: According to the official website (you can find it here), the story of "O2Jam PC" takes place in Muracle, a fictional undiscovered star system which consists of 10 planets located far far away from Earth. Mysterious creatures called Ohms were recently discovered by dragons from the planet Draconic. The Ohms are so harmless and adorable, even some Muracle civilians take care of them. However, it’s discovered later by the scientists of planet Eliten that Ohms were sent from Muracle’s rival star system Geracle. The Ohms create a low-frequency purring noises, leading Muracle to be destabilized and the civilians to be weakened. The only planet that isn’t affected by the Ohms’ frequencies is planet O2, because of the oxygen which was created by O2 civilians in their music seasons. Oxygen gas is the Ohms’ only weakness. The mission is to take part as an O2 civilian in eliminating Ohms by playing music as much as they can.
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  • Beach Episode: There are some songs with beach/summer themed genres and eye catches. They are Hello, Immortal Ocean, Beach Paradise, Color Paradise, Pit-A-Pat Summer, Hello Ocean, Paradise, Magical Vacation, Jump To Summer, Surf, Sunshine Love, Summer Party, Vacation Song, Summer Memory (a.k.a. Still Remember You), and Romantic of The Beach.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Puberty by BeautifulDay is actually a mistranslation of "난나야".note 
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: O2MO the Robot Buddy mascot from “PC”, doesn't appear in later games. However, it reappears as maintenance notices in the O2Jam official Facebook page.
  • Fanservice: The eyecatch for the song "Over the Ocean" features an unnamed female character shamelessly flashing her panties.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: From the easiest to the hardest: HX, NX, EX, and SHD.
  • In Name Only: After O2Jam PC has met its end, all aspects except the logo, songs and the gameplay are completely discontinued in next installments because they're developed by different companies.
  • Misbegotten Multiplayer Mode: Despite being focused around multiplayer (as you stop gaining EXP in single-player play past level 10), the original PC game forces all players in the same lobby to use the same speed modifier.
  • Non-Appearing Title: Apocalypse by UK (sung by Lil Min) never mentions the title and the lyrics aren’t related to that title.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: A lot of songs are arrangements of classical pieces, if not outright recordings of the original scores.
  • Retraux: Chiptune genre songs are available in the series, especially Warak’s Demolished Soon.
  • Socialization Bonus: In PC, some level-up missions require using modifer Rings, which cost currency that can only be bought with real-world money...or if another player has the Ring you need, they can join a multiplayer lobby with you and use the Ring, saving you the need to buy them.
  • Unwinnable Joke Game: "Fantazindy" by RYO in SHD difficulty. This song starts slowly (however, the notes appear simultaneously and move randomly), but the difficulty surges and becomes so ridiculously hard that only the autoplay mode can succeed at it. The total combo for this song? It exceeds 9999 combos.
  • Title Drop: There are a few songs that mention the name O2Jam:
    • "O2Jam" by Dr. Flowershirts.
    • "We Luv O2Jam" by M2U.
    • "Feel The O2Jam" by BeautifulDay.
  • The Unseen: There’s a stock passage in some eye catches from the first installment for O2Jam PC, which mentions Bidulz (the passage is also known as the “Bidulz Passage”). However, Bidulz is never officially appears in-game. It’s written like this (the grammatically unfixed version is taken from Color Paradise):
  • Word Purée Title: Subverted. The English title for “ 마니또” (a.k.a. “언제나 그대의 천사”)note  is “Manitto”, which is completely untranslatable in some machine translators. “Manitto” actually means “Secret Santa” in Korean, a tradition where co-workers or schoolmates randomly pick names and secretly give them gifts (often they try to guess who).

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