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A rhythm game by Atlus for the Nintendo DS, OnTaMaRaMa has players press the D-pad to the beat of the songs with directional arrows appearing on-screen, like playing DDR with a controller. However, what makes this game different is that you need to tap multi-colored creatures known as Ontama on the touch screen before you can press the corresponding buttons, or else it qualifies as a "Miss". This forces players to not only pay attention to the music, but also the Ontama that need to be removed. Surprisingly for the genre, this game actually features a Story Mode in which one of two protagonists have to stop a demon from absorbing all of the energy from all the Ontama on their island.


  • All There in the Manual: While the Story Mode itself is mostly just an Excuse Plot , the game's official website features detailed character motivations and backstories for each of the game's characters.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Every single one of the characters and their respective theme songs have a different color associated with them, and even the Ontama that appear on-screen during gameplay correspond to the different directional inputs one has to do.
  • Crossover: Of sorts. While the majority of the game's soundtrack is original music, one of the bonus songs unlocked after completing Story Mode is Let's Go! Onmyoji, complete with the background being the stage that this song corresponds to.
  • Musical Theme Naming: Almost every single character in the game.
  • Some Dexterity Required: If you thought having to multitask between tapping Ontama's and pressing button prompts wasn't hard enough, Hard mode will occasionally have prompts that are multi-directional. While this would be no problem if you were playing DDR with a controller, having to press Up+Down or Left+Right in this game requires you to take your dominant hand out of the "holding pencil" position of using the stylus, position it on the left or right side of your DS, do the button prompt, and then go back to the "holding pencil" position to remove more Ontama's.