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Video Game / Love Live! School idol festival ALL STARS

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Love Live! School idol... Festival!

Love Live! School idol festival ALL STARS is an upcoming mobile rhythm game in the Love Live! franchise, and is the fourth game to join the lineup after Love Live! School Idol Festival, Love Live! School idol paradise, and Puchiguru! Love Live!. School idol festival All Stars is developed by KLab and is due to release in fall 2019.

ALL STARS takes place in an Alternate Continuity to both SIF and the core Love Live! timeline. In ALL STARS, the idol groups of μ’s from Otonokizaka High in Tokyo and Aqours from Uranohoshi High in Numazu are joined by the idols of Nijigasaki High, a brand new school idol team, in pursuit of their school idol dreams. Along the way, the school idols will support and carry each other in hopes of reaching that radiance in the distance.

ALL STARS, while a rhythm game at its core like School idol festival, prominently features 3D concert videos similar to the ones in the arcade version of SIF. Furthermore, the game implements RPG Elements for its characters as a way to train and grow your idols. Interlocking between ALL STARS and SIF is also present, allowing you to use one account across both games and share certain features between them.


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