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The first dream a person has in the new year. The contents of the dream usually foretells the luck of the dreamer, and it is considered a sign of particularly good luck to dream of Mt. Fuji, a hawk and an eggplant (一富士、二鷹、三茄子; Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi).

  1. Mt. Fuji is "the highest/高 and biggest/大" mountain in Japan.
  2. Hawks surely "seize/掴み取る" what they want.
  3. Nasu (eggplant) is the same pronunciation with nasu (成す)which means "accomplish" in Japanese

There are also three lesser known signs which consist of a fan, tobacco and a Zatonote  (四扇、五煙草、六座頭; Yon-Sen, Go-Tabako, Roku-Zatō). These three can be interchanged with the first set.

  1. The foot of Mt. Fuji is spread widely and it's an image of suehirogari (spreading out like an open fan), the sign of good future. The 4th "fan" has the same meaning.
  2. Hawks fly up and up in the sky. The 5 the "smoke of a tobacco" also go up high in the air.
  3. Eggplant doesn't have any hair ("Ke ga nai" in Japanese.) "Ke ga nai" is the same pronunciation with "Keganai" which means "no injury". The 6th "zato" shaved their hair, then they're also "Ke ga nai (no hair)"

Note: this is the dream you have on New Year's Eve night. If you don't remember your hatsuyume, then you don't have one.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • Azumanga Daioh dedicates a entire episode to the different dreams of Osaka, Tomo, Sakaki and Kaorin, though only Sakaki dreams of the aforementioned hawk, eggplant and Mt. Fuji, which are all delivered by Osaka.
  • The first episode of Haruhi-chan portrays the events of Kyon's dream, with Koizumi wearing a Mt. Fuji costume (which turns out to be just a random mountain), Tsuruya in a crane costume (who then claims to have the heart of a hawk) and Yuki as a eggplant cellphone strap. It's that kind of show. The manga has a second one where Kyon's Sister becomes a cow.
  • In ×××HOLiC, Watanuki's Hatsuyume-induced good mood quickly evaporates when, once again, he becomes the Butt-Monkey of Yuko.
  • Lucky Star's main characters discuss New Years' dreams in episode 13 of the anime. Miyuki point out that the list follows on with a fan, tobacco, and a blind man. Konata wonders who dreams about these sorts of things anyway, what sort of dream will include all these elements, and how many people remember what they dream about that clearly.
  • In Digimon Adventure, one of the mini-dramas was called "Nusumareta Hatsuyume," or "Stolen New Year's Dreams." From a not-really fluent listen-through of it, basically, some Digimon eats everyone in Tokyo's first dreams of the New Year and Takeru and Yamato somehow defeat the digimon after a heck of a lot of bizarre sound effects.
  • An episode of Saber Marionette J has Hanagata finding proof everywhere that he should propose to Otaru. This leads to having a dream about Mt. Fuji, a hawk, an eggplant...and Otaru.
  • In Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura Kinomoto transforms The Dream Clow Card into a Sakura Card during her hatsuyume. She also has a vision of Eriol and his guardians while at it.
  • The Hatoful Boyfriend manga has Okosan's dream be of finding his religious fixation.
  • Episode 4 of Kill la Kill has Mako mentioning that she wears pajamas with hawks, eggplants, and Mt. Fuji on them when Gamagoori mentions sleeping in the nude.
  • Mentioned in chapter 13 of Komori-san Can't Decline!. They also mention the less common 4th 5th and 6th items (Fan, Tobacco and a blind man).
  • In Dream Eater Merry, the Threepiece sisters, Engi and Patti, are designed around them. Most evident are the name of their swords Sanasubi and Rokuzato.
  • In episode 11 of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Shouta dreams about Mt. Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant. However, all of them are Lucoa in a costume.
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! proves that just because you have the perfect dream for New Years with all the proper symbols in place, it doesn't mean it's going to be pleasant. Tomoko dreams of her younger cousin chasing her on Mt. Fuji with a hawk on her shoulder, an eggplant in each hand, and very lewd intentions on what she intends to do with them.
    Tomoko: N-no, stop! That's not supposed to go in there!
  • While not in the series proper, the main characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! starred in a commercial for New Years 2002 featuring Yami summoning a three-card combo with Mt. Fuji, two hawks, and three eggplants.
  • At the beginning of the Return to Ishiyama arc in Beelzebub, Oga has a dream of an eggplant with hawk wings and "Fuji" written on it taking Baby Beel away. Later, six powerful freshmen enroll to Ishiyama, nicknamed according to all of the items.

     Live Action TV 
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga episode 46 and a half is titled this. It's a clip show with rather ominous foreshadowing of the final episodes of the series.

     Video Games 
  • As an Easter Egg, some Harvest Moon games have several extremely bizarre dreams you can have if you go to bed late on the last day of the year. The Harvest Moon: DS ones are particularly fun, involving forced marriage to the mayor and one of the love interests being recast as an evil overlord.
  • In LSD: Dream Emulator, the 365th dream in the game ends with a cutscene featuring Mt Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant.
  • Referenced in Parodius da!: the volcanoes in the Wutai stage shoot eggplants at you.

  • Karin-dou 4koma: Tamaryu dreams of being partially-trapped under a one-eyed Mt. Fuji while a hawk tugs at her cheek and a gigantic one-eyed eggplant rains eggplants down upon her.
    [Giant Eggplant]: No need for logic! Eat eggplants!
  • Tawawa on Monday: Maegami's former teacher has one where his wife takes the place of Mt. Fuji.


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