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The time is now. The hero is you.

A Massive Multiplayer Crossover in the form of a defunct MMORPG made by Cartoon Network. Planet Fusion, a living planet made out of a green, gooey substance, has attacked Earth, and it's up to you, a bunch of animesque versions of characters from Cartoon Network series, and many, many other people to stop the alien invaders. The game has a simple but effective equipment system arming you with guns, swords, bombs, guitars, frisbees, and other items to defeat the opposition, while giving you shirts, pants, and shoes to protect yourself, while masks, helmets and capes/backwear are just for show.

However, the biggest change to the MMO formula came with Nanos, miniature versions of Cartoon Network characters that are gained on level-up instead of stat bonuses. You can have three nanos with you at all times, and each has three abilities, of which each can only use one, granting you a variety of different layouts and choices, such as having Numbuh Two provide super speed, the ability to warp back to specific locations in dungeons, or increased money gain upon defeating enemies.


Cartoon Network co-developed the game with a Korean company, Grigon Entertainment, who went bankrupt around the time of the game's launch. Having only been involved primarily in the story/idea elements, CN found themselves with a large amount of un-/barely finished assets which they tried, and failed, to add onto. In a last ditch effort, the team celebrated the "Birthday Bash" in 2010. New NPC's and items were shown off from newer Cartoon Network properties which were originally intended for future expansions, but only a few of them would be added into the game at a later point. Meanwhile, the team attempted to create "FusionFall Adventures," three questlines themed to specific shows that got mostly negative reception from players, mostly due to the drop in quality. After a long stint of no significant updates (beyond the disabling of the chat feature in June 2013), Cartoon Network Games finally announced the game's closing on August 23rd and granted all players max levels and unlimited funds until the game's final day on August 29th.


There's also the wiki for your browsing enjoyment.

There's also a spinoff set in the same continuity as the main game called FusionFall Heroes. Instead of being an MMO platformer like FusionFall, it's an overhead 3D action game ala Diablo with both a single player and online multiplayer opponent that lets you choose between various Cartoon Network heroes and take them into combat. Eventually, after a slew of bad reviews, this game was also phased out.

FusionFall closed on August 29th of 2013. Despite its cancellation, the game still has a massive cult following, with various petitions requesting it to be relaunched. The most notable of these, Devan Baker's Project: Revive, was actually discussed with the Cartoon Network developers and rejected due to a rapidly decaying player count. After the petitions didn't lead to an official revival, more earnest attempts to start private servers came to light in 2015 with FusionFall Legacy (also headed by Baker) taking the lead. Originally, Legacy aimed to start a private server with a rebuilt version of the game.

In 2016, the FFL team revealed that, with some help, they were able to create a new server with the original FusionFall client as it was right before the Birthday Bash. Closed alpha testing for the new private server with the original client, FusionFall Retro, was set for late-January. With the change of plans, FusionFall Legacy's focus shifted from being a private server for the original version of the game to a fully reimagined version of FusionFall, with Retro serving as a stopgap until Legacy's full release. This project, as a whole, would be called FusionFall Universe.

Retro would see a few unsuccessful releases before its official release in September 2018. Following some coding magic, the development team was able to add a large amount of new content to the game despite having to essentially hack it to get updates done. With this news, the team plotted out three major expansions, as well as a few smaller ones, for the future. About one-fourth of this content consisted of "lite" versions of Legacy areas and plotlines, but most was unique to Retro.

Devan, as well as two original team members of the project, had been working solely on Retro for some time with the intent to pass it on later. As they set their leave for May 2020, Legacy was gearing up for a demo release later that year. Sadly, in mid-April, Universe was hit with a DMCA by Cartoon Network after a disgruntled fan snitched on the Universe team to Warner Bros.' legal team, resulting in Retro being shut down and Legacy being canceled. Despite this fan claiming to have made false accusations of pedophilia and illegal money transfers towards the developers, the legal team officially debunked those claims in a letter to the community.

In the aftermath of this nearly decade-long fan project failing, numerous underground revivals have sprouted up to take its place (though all are in early stages), as well as a collection of non-traditional projects including top-down RPG FusionFall Fighters and a Minecraft server, FusionFall Rewritten.

The game itself can be considered a who's who of Cartoon Network's original characters up until 2011. Here is a list of series represented by characters in the story:

With everythingnote  BUT Mike, Lu & Og, Sheep in the Big City, Robotomy, The Problem Solverz, and Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?, showing up in some other way.

Fusionfall contains example of:

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  • Animesque: Done to pretty much everyone to a slight degree in an attempt to unify the varying art styles, but done most obviously (which is to say, really obviously) to the Powerpuffs and to Dexter. Reaction to the Puffs has been mixed, but the new, older, richer-and-Tony-Stark-like Dexter... uh, doesn't have any female detractors, at any rate.
  • Crisis Crossover: With the threat of Planet Fusion assimilating the Earth, everyone, good or bad, is working to prevent the catastrophe.

    Manga Preview 
  • Big Damn Heroes: Constantly
  • The Cameo:
    • Silhouettes of Ed, Edd and Eddy and Samurai Jack are seen at the beginning but they don't play a role in the story. Likewise Coop and Jamie's silhouettes show up later but they don't notice the carnage going on outside.
    • Charles Darwin Middle School, Endsville, and Orchid Bay also make cameos.
  • Dance Battler: Dee Dee.
  • Genki Girl: Dee Dee.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: The heroes think they've stopped the fuse spores and the source from where it's coming from. Turns out it was a beacon and by blowing it up they've brought Planet Fuse right to them.
  • Not Me This Time: While Mojo had intended to do a scheme at the start of the story, the Fuse beat him to it and he has to stop Blossom from socking him to warn the heroes of the incoming threat.
  • Prequel: Shows the starting invasion of the Fuse.
  • Pungeon Master: Numbuh 2, but what else is new?
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dexter grudgingly has to partner with Mandark.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Mac and Bloo can fight, apparently.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: Bloo (as usual).
  • What Happened to the Mouse?:
    • Numbuh 2 asks this to Blossom and Bubbles about Buttercup but Numbuh 5 cuts him off.
    • Likewise, Numbuhs 1, 3, and 4 are absent when the treehouse is attacked, yet they show up in the game itself.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: The group managed to stop the source of where the Fuse pods are coming from and start to celebrate...then Mojo crashes near them followed by Planet Fuse appearing over Earth. Uh-oh...

    Main Game 

    FusionFall Heroes 

    FusionFall Retro 
  • Art Evolution: Updates over the years have slowly given some of the characters graphical upgrades to make them more in line with their show's counterparts. For example:
    • Billy has slightly shrunk in size to accommodate for him still being a child.
    • Eddy and Edd have new faces that better reflect their show's art style.
    • Wilt received a new model that allows for more animations.
    • Father now has a reddish outline around his body.
  • The Bus Came Back: Though the build of the game used for Retro was pre-Birthday Bash, certain characters introduced during the event have slowly but surely been added back in, including Flapjack, Fred Fredburger, Megawhatt, Echo Echo, Albedo and Johnny Bravo.
  • The Cameo: Ice Bear makes an appearance during the 2018 Knishmas event as a re-textured bear model made to resemble a polar bear. You can't interact with him, though he does occasionally speak.
  • Game Mod: Retro is slowly becoming one of these, with new vehicles not seen in the original, exclusive gear, bug fixes that address issues with the original game, implementations of both new and unused musical scores, new NPCs, and even a new local banking system.


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