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Video Game / Saint Seiya Online

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Saint Seiya Online is a Chinese-made Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game by Perfect World Games and published by Sega, which was released in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand and South America in 2013.

As of 2020, the game has ended entirely. However, strong fanbase of the game from Saint Seiya's Englishs-speaking fans have resulted in the creation of private game servers that would allow gamers to play it. Some fans have created unofficial English patches for it.

The game's website is here, in case you want to see it.

Saint Seiya Online contains examples of:

  • Bishōnen: The custom male characters can be created to be very handsome.
  • Character Customization: When players play the game for the first time, characters are customized from their birthday, which aligns them with the horoscope. Later on, the custom characters will have a choice to choose which Saint armor to use, which consist of Pegasus (fast attack speed), Dragon (ultimate defense), Cygnus (ranged and freeze effects), Andromeda (support healer) and Phoenix (AOE + DPS).
  • Market-Based Title: In Portuguese-speaking territories, it's known as "Cavaleiros do Zodíaco".