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The Sims was a juggernaut hit. As with many video game successes, several spinoffs began development afterwards. In December of 2001, The Sims series took its first steps into the newly budding world of MMORPGs.

The Sims Online was the first Sims game that could be played online with people across the world. Despite looking and playing much like the first Sims title, The Sims Online wasn't just an online port of the game.


Your Sim could live in any of twelve cities. You started off with four available careers that would help your Sim get off their feet. Your Sim must then enhance their six skills in order to go up the career ladder and gain more money from their job. Like most Sims titles and MMOs, The Sims Online was open-ended. You could do, more-or-less, whatever you want no matter the intended story of the game.

In 2007, EA rebranded The Sims Online as EA Land with new enhancements to come. Despite this, a few months later the team disassembled and it was revealed that the game was to be shut down. On August 21, 2008 The Sims Online closed. Attempts by fans have been made to remake the game, with varying success. In 2011, a Facebook Spiritual Successor called The Sims Social came out, but it too was short-lived due to popularity issues and was closed in 2013.


The Sims Online contains examples of:

  • Level Grinding: During its heyday, it wasn't uncommon to see people grinding their skills so that they could make more money.
  • No Stat Atrophy: Averted. Your underused stats decrease the more you increase other stats.
  • Retool: There was a short-lived one to EA Land shortly before the game became defunct. This change caused all the cities to merge into one big city.
  • Simulation Game: A life sim to be more exact. You, however, can't raise kids or get married so The Sims Online is more limited than the main series.

Alternative Title(s): EA Land


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