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Sim is a long-running video game franchise that started in 1989 by game designer Will Wright with the release of SimCity. The series mainly focuses on Edutainment Games of the Simulation Games variety (as the name implies). Most games were developed by either Maxis or Electronic Arts.

Due to the blockbuster hit of The Sims, few non-Sims titles have come out since 2000.

  • SimCity, a city-building simulator:
    • Sim City (1989), with later releases marketed as "SimCity Classic"
    • Sim City 2000 (1993)
    • Streets of Sim City (1996)
    • Sim City 3000 (1999)
    • Sim City 4 (2003)
    • Sim City Societies (2007)
    • Sim City (2013)
  • SimEarth (1990), a geological simulator, though with biological and evolutionary simulation elements as well; modeled on the "Gaia Hypothesis" by James Lovelock, who consulted on development
  • SimAnt (1991), a simulator of an ant colony; Maxis's smallest-scale simulator in every sense; apart from titles explicitly aimed at children, also their most whimsical
  • Sim Life (1992), a simulator of the evolutionary process
  • Sim Farm (1993), a farming simulator, though lacking any Farm Life Sim elements
  • SimTower (1994), a North American re-brand of the Japanese game The Tower by Yoot Saito
  • Sim Health (1994), a simulator of health-care scenarios being debated at the time that Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton were attempting to introduce new health care reforms; Maxis's most serious Sim title, with absolutely no light-hearted or whimsical elements
  • Sim Isle: Missions in the Rainforest (1995), originally developed by a British designer, Intelligent Games, and published by Maxis
  • Sim Town (1995), Effectively the Junior Variant of SimCity, simplified and a much more whimsical tone.
  • Sim Golf (1996), the first of two golf simulators produced by Maxis; Robert Trent Jones, Jr., a famous golf course designer, served as consultant
    • Sid Meier's SimGolf (2002), the second of two golf simulators produced by Maxis, and designed by Sid Meier; otherwise unrelated to the earlier game
  • Sim Copter (1996), an Action-Adventure game that lets the player fly through cities built with the SimCity 2000 engine in helicopters and complete rescue missions
  • SimTunes (1996), a music-making program, targeted for younger players
  • Sim Park (1996), where the player runs an American-style public park; targeted for younger players
  • Streets of SimCity (1997), an Action-Adventure game that lets the player drive through cities built with the SimCity 2000 engine and complete various missions on a sliding scale of morality; surprisingly not wholly dissimilar from the far more popular and successful Grand Theft Auto series
  • SimSafari (1998), where the player runs an African safari; targeted for younger players but less obviously "kiddy" in presentation compared to SimTown and SimPark
  • Sim Theme Park (1999), a North American re-brand of the Bullfrog game Theme Park World
    • Sim Coaster (2001), a re-brand of the sequel, Theme Park Inc
  • The Sims, a Life Simulation Game:
  • Sim Coaster (2001)
  • MySims:
  • Spore (2008), promoted as an "everything simulator", to the point that the Working Title was "Sim Everything"
  • The Sims Carnival (2008)
  • SimAnimals:
    • SimAnimals (2008)
    • SimAnimals Safari (2009)

Alternative Title(s): Sims Series