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Released in 2015, Super Robot Wars X-Ω is a smartphone mobile game for the Android and iOS platforms in the Super Robot Wars franchise, developed by SEGA, that mixes Tower Defense with Real-Time Strategy elements, similar to Chain Chronicle. Unlike the traditional Turn-Based Strategy installments, X-Ω relies on a gacha nature of play, thus allowing its roster to reach into the hundreds of individual series listed, even reaching different genres other than Humongous Mecha from different media. This marks X-Ω at being the most crowded title in Super Robot Wars history, alongside having the largest number of new debuts.

Ironically, the X-Ω approach of using series beyond simply Mecha would affect future titles, such as Super Robot Wars V, Super Robot Wars X, Super Robot Wars T and Super Robot Wars DD, where the requirements of which series can be included are significantly lowered, with loads of Unexpected Characters popping up.


Series included in X-Omega are (debuting series are rendered in bold):

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Super Robot Wars X-Omega provides the following tropes:

  • Art Shift: The Mega Man characters don't use 3D sprites like the rest of the characters in the game — they use the classic 8-bit graphics from the old NES series (or Mega Man 10 in the case of Bass).
  • Ascended Extra: Unlike the official games that featured Cross Ange, Kaname & Naga and their respective mechas (Soryugo and Hekiryugo) are solo units obtainable on their own instead of being Assist Characters for Salamandinay.
  • Canon Welding: For Getter Robo, this game uses the classic anime version for both the original and G, yet the characters are designed much more closly to Go Nagai's style. Similarly for Getter Robo Go, the characters and their designs are used straight from the manga, yet the anime version of the titular mech is used.
  • Combination Attack: Many combination attacks from the mainline SRW make appearance here, such as Twin Mazin Emperor Strike (by Mazinkaiser and Mazin Emperor G). However, there are new combination attacks never seen before in other SRW games, for example, Rondo of Angel and Dragon, a combo attack using Vilkiss and Enryugo.
  • Creator Cameo: In one of the backgrounds you can see a building with a SEGA logo. SEGA are the developers of this game.
  • Fake Shemp: Yuko Mizutani's lines as Excellen Browning are reused from the previous games.
  • Fanservice: Some characters fight wearing nothing but swimsuits in this game.
  • Guest Fighter:
  • Heel–Face Turn:
    • Due to the gacha nature of the game, sometimes a normally unrecruitable villain can be pulled into your roster. You want to have Shagia Frost team up with Garrod Ran? Or you want to give Embryo the harem he so wanted to make (minus the unfortunate implications he usually brings)? Sure you can.
    • And they can even make a story based on this trope. Such is what happened to Nena Trinity (the girl who shot an innocent wedding For the Evulz). Synopsis 
  • Mythology Gag: The Cut-In Portrait for the Omega-Cross variant of Grand Chariots Miracle Magical Shining Tornado Punch is similar to the Cut-In Portrait for the Omega-Cross variant of Gurren Laganns Giga Drill Break (With Constanze & Akko taking the places of Simon & Kamina, respectively). This is due to the fact that Miracle Magical Shining Tornado Punch is a direct Shout-Out to Giga Drill Break.
  • Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors: Assigns units with different attributes based on their strengths and weaknesses, where Attackers>Defenders>Shooters>Attackers. In a later update, introduces Blaster and Fighter, which deal extra damage to each other, if not the three previously established attributes.

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