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Video Game / Super Robot Wars X-Ω

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Released in 2015, Super Robot Wars X-Ω is a smartphone mobile game for the Android and iOS platforms in the Super Robot Wars franchise, developed by SEGA, that mixes Tower Defense with Real-Time Strategy elements, similar to Chain Chronicle. Unlike the traditional Turn-Based Strategy installments, X-Ω relies on a gacha nature of play, thus allowing its roster to reach into the hundreds of individual series listed, even reaching different genres other than Humongous Mecha from different media. This marks X-Ω at being the most crowded title in Super Robot Wars history, alongside having the largest number of new debuts.

Ironically, the X-Ω approach of using series beyond simply Mecha would affect future titles, such as Super Robot Wars V, Super Robot Wars X, Super Robot Wars T and Super Robot Wars DD, where the requirements of which series can be included are significantly lowered, with loads of Unexpected Characters popping up.


Series included in X-Omega are (debuting series are rendered in bold):

Super Robot Wars X-Omega provides the following tropes:


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