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Super Robot Wars OE (for Operation Extend) is a Super Robot Wars game released for the Sony PlayStation Portable in 2013.

Series included in OE are (debuting series are rendered in bold):

Interestingly, Masaki Andoh also shows up piloting the Cybuster, marking the first time in eight years a previously established Original Generation character would show up in a licensed Super Robot Wars game; the last time that happened was during the Super Robot Wars Alpha saganote . This would later be repeated in Super Robot Wars X-Ωnote  and Super Robot Wars Vnote .

OE is a curious installment as it wasn't released in a physical format, but rather digital-only, with a total of eight chapters. The goal of the game was to try to use as many series as possible in a single installment, using the Play Station Network to upload more content with each specific chapter. Unfortunately, this approach meant the Crossover plot was streamlined, leaving a ton of series under Post-Script Season status or just as Filler (some even bordering In Name Only).

Super Robot Wars OE provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Early Appearance: As a result of the Geno Saurer being Adapted Out, Raven pilots its evolved state, the Geno Breaker, during the first story arc of Zoids: Chaotic Century, before the Blade Liger shows up.
  • Adaptational Nationality: As the PLANTs, ORB and Celestial Being do not exist in this game, Kira, Athrun, Shinn, Setsuna, and Saji are all part of the colonies' militia, alongside Heero.
  • Adaptational Species Change: Implied; with no mention of the Coordinator race in-story (the closest thing being the title of one mission), it can assumed that Shinn, Kira, and Athrun are just ordinary humans ("Naturals," as their series would've called it).
  • Adaptational Wimp: In part due to taking the place of the Geno Saurer, the Geno Breaker, a Zoid that was undefeated in Chaotic Century proper, gets beaten during the Blade Liger's debut.
  • Adapted Out: In part due to the massive number of entries, there was inevitably going to be machines and characters that weren't going to make the cut:
    • All Gundam entries from outside the Universal Century get only 1-3 characters each: Domon for G Gundam, Heero and Zechs for Wing, Shinn, Kira, and Athrun for SEED Destiny, and Setsuna, Saji, and Mr. Bushido for 00.
    • The only character from Zoids Genesis to appear in the game is protagonist Ruuji.
    • Despite being one of the few entries to have decent story representation, Zoids: Chaotic Century still notably loses the Geno Saurer, with its role being given to the Geno Breaker. Likewise, the Storm Sworder isn't present, forcing Rosso and Viola to stick with their Red Horn and Redler respectively.
  • Alternate Universe: The casts of Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, and Sgt Frog all come from their own unique Earths, and end up stuck in this world for the entirety of the game. For the latter 2, they end up within the Earth area, whilst the former ends up on planets outside the solar system.
  • Back from the Dead: Don Halmarge/Gobriki, Kikaishin, Cohen and Stinger, and Drago have all come back to life, which might explain most enemies listed under The Remnant.
  • Badass Crew: Connect Force, a combat unit established by the civilian company Connect, ends up with most of Earth's Super Robots, several pilots from other planets, a mercenary ship and its crew, a few stragglers from alternate Earths, and a number of the Federation and colonies' best pilots all working under its banner,
  • Canon Welding:
    • All AU Gundam entries barring G Gundam (which uses an "after-story similar to NEO) are more or less folded into the Universal Century plotline. The best way to sum up their involve would be to call it a variation of the Wing plot, with Zechs and Mr. Bushido as soldiers for the Earth Federation, while Heero, Kira, Athrun, Shinn, Setsuna, and Saji all being part of a militia for space colonies that are not aligned with either the Federation or Zeon. There was one time when Heero and Setsuna show up and destroy a Federation base (apparently related to Cyber Newtypes), which might've caused a skirmish with Connect Force, if not for Invaders showing up to force them to team-up, but that was about it. Regardless, all of said colony personnel do end joining Connect Force.
    • Ruuji, as the only character from Zoids Genesis, lives in a village with the Guylos area. After using his Murasame Liger to drive off some bandits threatening his village, he accepts an invitation to join the Guardian Force.
    • Technically speaking, the DLC-only Leena and Naomi, along with their Gun Snipers are also part of the Chaotic Century world. Perhaps to drive the point home, they even have "Wild Flowers" as their BGM.
  • Downloadable Content: Aside from some missions in the game, which generally act as side-stories, Char's Counterattack, Code Geass R2, The Last Red Shoulder, and New Century are entries that are only available through downloading their specific missions. The same would've applied with New Story of Dunbine, had it not been for the Black Knight having the Zwauth from the very start.
  • Leitmotif: In addition to Ryu Dolk's "Fated Rival,", the game also gives unique themes for Gosterro ("Heavy Blow"), Char ("Beyond the Sand Smoke"), Zechs ("Noble Soul"), and Raven ("Pomp and Circumstance"). For the latter 3 at least, their themes seem to be composed in a similar manner to their respective series' soundtracks.
  • Face–Heel Turn: In a sense; Zechs and Mr. Bushido were both aces for the Earth Federation, but they ended up joining Kycilia's Oltros Team, which consists mostly of Zeon pilots. Despite having essentially the same goal as Connect Force, they end up having some skirmishes.
  • Guest Fighter: As mentioned above, Masaki, Kuro, Shiro, and the Cybuster show up in this game. What separates them from the other DLC-only entries is that Masaki's group is not actually present within the story (despite him having pre-battle dialogues with bosses).
  • Meaningful Name: "OE" stands for "Operation Extend". The major focus of the game was to use as many series as possible in one game via Downloadable Content from the Playstation Network.
  • The Mole: Throughout the game, Zeon's Char Aznable will sometimes change his appearance and work as the Federation's Quattro Bajina. Incidentally, Kamille, one "Quattro's" subordinates within the Federation, is apparently aware of his commander's identity, and is not to happy to see Char going up against Connect Force.
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: This game reuses a lot of assets from GC and NEO, but it also borrows a couple of character mugshots from the then-recently released Z2 games.
  • Post-Script Season: The only series who actually have their plot present in some capacity are Zoids: Chaotic Century (including the Guardian Force part), L-Gaim, Layzner, and the entries for Patlabor, Votoms, and Universal Century Gundam (barring Zeta and the DLC-only Char's Counterattack). Everything else is either this, ripped from an alternate Earth from an early plot point and left that way for the entire game, or simply melded into another entry's canon.
  • The Remnant: Despite their respective plots being over, there are Helldragons, Monskers, Mechanized Beasts, Invaders, and Draco Knights still roaming around.
  • Sidelined Protagonist Crossover: For some reason in spite of this game being its Super Robot Wars debut, Zoids: New Century is solely represented by supporting characters Leena Toros and Naomi Fluegal along with their Gun Snipers, rather than main protagonist Bit Cloud and his Liger Zero.
  • Villain Team-Up: