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Unexpected Character

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"I get a lot of new character requests from all over the world, and there are quite an array of Nintendo characters. But I can say, pretty much no one imagined this character would join the battle."

Normally when time comes for a sequel or adaptation of a franchise, you can have a pretty good idea of who to expect in the returning cast. The Hero, The Lancer, the Ensemble Dark Horse... no one is surprised by their return. However, creators may want to shake things up and include less obvious characters. They could be a One-Scene Wonder, someone who had succumbed to Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, or simply a Living Prop, or even someone from outside the franchise.

In video games, particularly Mascot Fighters, Kart Racers, and other Massive Multiplayer Crossovers, this can also include characters from games that were obscure or never left their home country, or games whose genre puts them outside that game's purview. Ironically common examples of the latter two include characters from a nonviolent game (or with a nonviolent role in the game) appearing as combatants, or a pilot/driver stepping out of their machine and showing they're just as competent on foot, if not moreso. Audience members have this type of reaction to most Guest Fighters, by nature of coming from separate works and franchises.


Sometimes these character choices are praised, bringing in a previously unknown character to recent audiences, but other times the choice can be seen as a gimmick to increase sales. In video games, these characters are also sometimes accused of "stealing" a character slot, especially if a more important or popular character is missing from the game. Very often, it can increase interest if not sales in the unexpected addition, which is actually pretty sound business sense.

The trope most closely tied to the Unexpected Character reaction is the Genre Refugee, a character that is from a genre that is completely different from the genre of the show. Genre Refugees need not be pre-existing characters, however, and may not shock an audience depending on what the show builds to before the Refugee shows up. Still, if a show is strongly formulaic fantasy series, seeing The Count of Monte Cristo show up will always be a shock.


See also Hero of Another Story.

Remember, Examples Are Not Recent.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • One Piece:
    • After the "Alabasta" Saga, no one had expected Robin to join the Straw Hats. Granted, she had helped Luffy and betrayed Crocodile, but it made her more of a wild card, and after the battle, she had disappeared. Then, just as the crew leaves Alabasta, Robin arrives from within their ship and Luffy, having rescued Robin from certain death, accepts her offer to join them. Added to that is that throughout the entire Baroque Works arc, Vivi had been played up as the potential next member of the Straw Hats, until she turned down the offer to stay behind and rebuild Alabasta right before Robin joined.
    • In the "Enies Lobby" arc, it turns out there was one more crew member to help out during the raid of Enies Lobby, and it's none other than... the Going Merry herself!
    • In the "Impel Down" arc, no one saw the return of the Broque Works agents, especially that Mr 2 would end up being Luffy's main ally in the arc.
    • Dracule Mihawk shows in the "Jaya" arc for the Warlords meeting in Mariejois. Sengoku states that Mihawk is the one who rarely shows up during the meeting with the Warlords, Mihawk apearing because of news that actually interested him (Namely Zoro's first bounty).
    • Most people wrote Bellamy out as dead, and it's not hard to see why, seeing as his boss is Doflamingo and he went and pissed the guy off by losing to Luffy. Come the "Dressrosa" arc, not only is he still alive and still under Doflamingo's employment, he's also a participant in the tournament for the Mera Mera no Mi. Also, the appearance of Jesus Burgess was likewise something nobody could have seen coming. Later on, the supposedly long-dead Sabo has shown up.
    • "Zou" arc: Stelly, Sabo's brat of a step-brother, shows up during the montage of royals preparing for Reverie, being a newly-crowned king.
    • "Whole Cake Island":
      • It was long-speculated that Sanji had at least two older siblings named Ichiji and Ninji, and some even guessed there might be a younger one named Yonji in the works. What nobody saw coming was an eldest sibling designated under the number zero and a sister to boot, because everyone was so used to seeing the male Vinsmoke side of the family in action via Sanji that the female side never really crossed their minds, and people are used to starting number counts at one. Oda pulled one directly from the Tite Kubo handbook in that it channeled the twist reveal Yammy was the number zero Espada. It should come as no surprise Reiju turned out to be a smash hit among fans merely due to the fact her existence was that much of a surprise to all when she debuted in the story.
      • As he was mentioned to have been defeated by Urouge and stripped of his rank of Sweet Commander, Snack was speculated to be dead or otherwise. It thus came as an unexpected surprise when he showed up.
    • A lot in the "Reverie" arc:
      • Moda the milkmaid from Ace's coverstory arc making a small cameo reappearance was very unexpected especially for this particular arc as she was a very minor character that only the most astute longtime fans of the series would recognize right away without being told.
      • People were surprised that Sai actually appeared at the Reverie since the Ruler of Kano stated Sai and the Happo Navy won't make it back in time for the Reverie after they left Dressrosa, and there was also a cover story of Sai and Baby 5's wedding at Kano. Naturally, people took his word for it since they doubted that Sai and the Happo Navy could make it to the Reverie in time.
      • Of all the people to make another appearance, very, very few guessed we'd ever see Saint Mjosgard again. Let alone that he'd make a Heel–Face Turn! Oh yeah and he's a Donquixote to boot.
      • The sudden return of Jewelery Bonney, last seen in a montage at the Dressossa arc, caught many fans off guard.
      • Nobody seemed to figure this arc would be where Bartholomew Kuma reappeared, most believing be would turn up at Vegapunk's lab to be repaired and upgraded. For him to return as a slave with swords stabbed into him and on all fours as a transport for the Celestial Dragons... such a sorrowful state is a heartbreaking sight.
  • Pokémon:
    • After the Advanced Generation series ended, it was general consensus that Wallace, Gym Leader in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Champion in Emerald, was another addition to the many game characters that got Adapted Out in the anime. To everyone's surprise, he shows up in the middle of the Diamond and Pearl series as part of Dawn's story, hosting a special Pokémon Coordinator tournament that bears his name.
    • The Best Wishes series has Clair from Pokémon Gold and Silver showing up. Sure, she and the majority of the Generation I-IV Gym Leaders show up at the Pokémon World Tournament in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, but that's more an optional encounter.
    • Ash had Charizard rejoining his team, and not just for a big match like his previous returns, sticking around for the rest of the Best Wishes series. A couple of the other Pokémon Ash has captured could also qualify. For example, no one was expecting him to catch Muk, since in its debut, it actually received the least amount of focus out of all the Pokémon that appeared in that episode, only appearing briefly in a couple of scenes.
    • The Mewtwo from Genesect and the Legend Awakened is something of a double whammy — few were expecting Mewtwo to return, but no one was expecting it to be a different individual altogether, due to the backstory (and the logistics thereof) of the first one. To quite a lot of fans, this was far from a pleasant surprise as a result.
    • Clement's fourth Pokémon is Luxio — something no one saw coming. First off, it's a 'Mon from a generation not being actively promoted, and secondly, it's not even in the Kalos Dex (all three of them!).
    • Alain's full team reveal was also a case of this: his team is made up mostly of menacing- and tough-looking Pokemon like Tyranitar and Bisharp... and a Male Unfeazant. Similarly, May's rival Harley turns out to have, along with his team of sinister and threatening Pokemon, a Wigglytuff.
    • As one of the most popular Pokemon in the S/M, many assumed Ash would get a Rockruff. He did, but no one was expecting he'd get Kukui's Rockruff.
  • Pokémon Generations does this a couple of times, probably due to its format, but none of them can quite top the bombshell that appears at the end of episode 15—it takes place during the events of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 and involves N's confrontation with his father, Ghetsis. Just when it looks like N is toast, an attack appears out of nowhere to save him. He then turns around to see Hilbert, the previous game's player character who had been Put on a Bus at the time of the second game's events. It's also this because most fanworks use Hilda, the female protagonist, as the main character yet Generations instead used Hilbert.
  • Gundam Build Fighters:
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try continues this trend with the Winning Gundam revealed to be a modified Captain Gundam. And also, Domon Kasshu.
  • Continuing the Gundam examples, the manga MSV-R: The Return of Johnny Ridden features the return of yet another major character, namely Yazan "I'm Gonna Violate You" Gable.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, Bakura, after having been left out of every filler anime arc, spinoff manga, miniseries, and movie ever, has a role in the film. Even the official website was surprised.
    In addition to Yugi and Kaiba you will be seeing a lot of familiar faces on-screen – characters previewed included Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu, and even Bakura.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V introducing alternate universe versions of Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan opened the floodgates of speculation on which other characters from past series would be brought back over the course of the show. The news that Kaito Tenjo from ZEXAL would be appearing in the Xyz Dimension arc was not entirely unexpected by the fandom, but the presences of Edo Phoenix and Asuka Tenjoin from GX certainly were, especially the latter due to their Out of Focus status in their home series.
  • Dragon Ball Super:
    • Who expected to see Captain Ginyu return in Super's adaptation of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’?
    • Nobody would have expected to see Future Mai alive in Future Trunks' timeline, given that there was no foreshadowing of it within the series, and it was only spoiled by marketing.
    • Most of the Tournament of Power combatants for Universe 7 were pretty obvious, but a few of them had viewers scratching their heads:
      • Master Roshi had been Demoted to Extra ever since Z, and, power-wise, was the weakest of the Universe 7 fighters by a considerable margin.
      • Android 17 was a relatively minor character who had been Put on a Bus after the Cell saga and otherwise only got one role as the Arc Villain in a largely despised Dragon Ball GT mini-arc, so his return as a combatant came out of left-field for most. And even those expecting a return (Since he was memorable and largely well-liked outside of GT, and Word of God about what he did after the Cell saga made people interested in seeing him) were shocked by how much of a major player he was during the arc, going so far as to win the entire tournament and semi-inadvertently save all of existence in the process of doing so.
      • And then, after having to find a replacement for Majin Buu after he falls asleep, Goku ends up reviving Frieza, quite possibly the nastiest, cruelest, and vile character in the entire franchise.
    • Dragon Ball Super: Broly has, well, Broly himself. He only appeared in series itself prior in a Non-Serial Movie trilogy. While a popular Breakout Character, he was also a massively divisive one, and they had already introduced Kale, who was a Distaff Counterpart Captain Ersatz of him - when she was revealed, people figured that was the final nail in the coffin for Broly being involved in the series in any canonical capacity. Then, they one up that and bring in Gogeta, Super Gogeta and Gogeta Blue.
  • Danganronpa 3 has Chiaki Nanami show up as one of the main characters, catching many off-guard, seeing as in the second game she was an AI who wasn't even hinted at being a real person.
    • It even manages to do this with a character from the same show, with the Side:Future character Chisa Yukizome showing up in Side:Despair as a teacher.
  • Charlotte's reappearance in Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion as Mami's pet/familiar was the last thing anyone expected. After all, she killed and ate Mami in the series and died shortly afterward. This was almost certainly a reference to the fandom's Crack Pairing of Mami and Charlotte, but it was still unexpected because no one thought the creators would incorporate something so bizarre into the official production.
  • The final episode of Maho Girls PreCure surprised everyone with an Early-Bird Cameo of Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode's Ichika Usami/Cure Whip in an honest-to-God canonical crossover.
  • Space Patrol Luluco is a Milestone Celebration for Studio Trigger. At first, it just seemed to have subtle nods at their various shows. Then, the protagonists wound up on a planet of Life Fibers. Then they met Sucy the witch. And all of this culminates in the reveal that the whole series has been an Origin Story for Miss Trigger/Trigger-chan, one of the company's mascots.
    • A minor example, but while the first episode mentions in passing that Luluco's mom left, there was no real expectation that she was going to come back. Or be a badass, Stripperific, Space Pirate queen.
  • Tiger Mask W had multiple Legacy Characters, especially from Tiger's Den, but two caught everyone by surprise: Mr. Question due his sudden appearance at the GWM World Maskmen Championship (followed by crushing a Tiger's Den wrestler as befitting of someone bearing that name), and, in the last episode, Mr. No because...well, look at the original...
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection had five such characters. The first four being Arisa and Suzuka's parents (who, up until this point, had been Invisible Parents). The other is Shario, being the only post-A's character in the movie. And then chapter 6 of the manga featured a cameo of Misato Mikami (Nanoha's paternal aunt) who hadn't been seen since the Triangle Heart 3 OVA, 15 years prior.
  • Sailor Moon: Asanuma, a recurring character in the manga since the Black Moon arc, was seemingly Adapted Out of the whole series, so it was a bit of a surprise to have him briefly pop up in the final season.

    Comic Books 
  • The New 52 revival of Justice League International has Godiva, a very minor DC superheroine mostly remembered for being in the Global Guardians, a really minor DC superteam.
  • Age of Ultron, a Red Skies Crossover, migrates Angela, a Neil Gaiman exclusive character, who was previously part of the Spawn supporting cast, into the Marvel Universe.
  • Trinity War: Nobody expected the Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 to show up as the series' ultimate villains.
  • Reign of the Supermen: Superman, ironically, is this. The story was about four mysterious figures claiming to be Superman returned from the dead except, not really and yet, when the Cyborg Superman turned out to be the villain of the piece, the real Superman emerged from the Fortress without his powers and saved the day.
  • Avengers Undercover managed to shock Runaways fans with the sudden resurrection of Alex Wilder.
  • Fans of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog were taken off-guard learning that Breezie the Hedgehog, a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, was going to make her debut in issue #268, which began an adaptation of Sonic the Fighters. The appearance of Dummied Out character Honey the Cat in the same storyline? Not so much.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Unite managed to surprise fans by revealing not only Sticks the Badger of Sonic Boom and Mega Man X, but also a number of various SEGA and Capcom video game franchises. One of them being Street Fighter, which has been licensed to UDON for over a decade.
  • Doctor Who (Titan) comics:
    • The Eleventh Doctor Year Two comics reintroduced '90s Anti-Hero Abslom Daak from the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip. A doubly unexpected character as he hadn't been used for many years, and also because he came from a completely different Doctor Who – Expanded Universe continuity with different rightsholders.
    • The Third Doctor comics did this twice over — first the Second Doctor suddenly appears, and then he turns out not to be the Second Doctor at all, but his believed-dead human Mad Scientist Criminal Doppelgänger Ramón Salamander, from the TV story "The Enemy of the World".
    • And then in Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension, nobody was expecting Jenny, the Doctor's Opposite-Sex Clone from "The Doctor's Daughter", to play a major role in the series, her first appearance in any medium since her solitary TV episode a full decade before.
  • And in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, it's safe to say that nobody expected the Delgado Master to turn up as the final villain in the Twelfth Doctor's "Seventies Earth vacation" arc, let alone get killed off at the end of it.
  • It's safe to say that, before the leaks, no one expected Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen to appear in DC Rebirth.
    • A later Rebirth era event, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, has this to a lesser extent. While nowhere near as unexpected as Manhattan, the appearance of Legion villain Emerald Empress was rather unexpected, given that she is not one prone to being the problem of 20/21st century heroes in their home eras.
  • Pathfinder: Worldscape is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover event featuring several properties licensed by Dynamite Entertainment yet two characters from the public domain characters with no relation to these properties will play a big part in the story: Fantomah and Thun'Da, both of which are extremely obscure comic book characters from the 40s and 50s respectively that few people would be aware of, let alone expect to be featured in a event like this.
  • G.I. Joe:
    • G.I. Joe (2016) stars such heroes as Roadblock, Scarlett, Snake Eyes... and Skywarp. Yes, a villain from an entirely different franchise. It Makes Sense in Context; during Revolution, the team rescued him from a government holding facility, and he's working with them until they can restore his teleportation powers.
    • Late in the run of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel), the Joe team's Ninja Force encountered a group of Red Ninjas with a mysterious leader. A few issues later, the leader was revealed to be Firefly. This was supposed to be a surprise as the character was supposed to be dead at the time, but it was kind of ruined by the fact that Hasbro had just introduced a new action figure of the character.
  • New Super-Man #8 ended with the mysterious prototype "Super-Man Zero" talking to a mysterious figure who boasted that, without him, there would be no super heroes. That man? Ching Lung, the Yellow Peril Chinese stereotyped supervillain that was on the cover of the very first issue of Detective Comics.
  • Dark Nights: Metal brings Dream of The Endless back into the main DC continuity.
  • Ultimate Marvel
    • At every issue of Ultimate FF. But the last one takes the cake: Miles Morhames? The Ultimate Spider-Ham?
    • In the later third of Ultimate Power, a mishap causes the original Squadron Supreme to show up.
    • Who would have expected the fight between Wolverine and Hulk to be interrupted by Ultimate She-Hulk?
  • Double Duck is mostly a spy series set in the Disney Ducks Comic Universe, and much more serious than the older PIA stories. So it was a genuine surprise when, in "Enemies as Usual", the mysterious benefactor that had started funding the Agency at the end of "Reboot" was revealed to be John Davison Rockerduck.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid boasted featuring every Power Ranger series. Having Power Rangers Hyper Force was a big surprise when it was announced during a session. What surprised a lot of people was when Power Rangers: Beast Morphers ended up showing up, especially since the series hadn't been announced when it started!
  • Red Robin: The Wild Huntsman, a former Global Guardians member who'd been in limbo and was last seen disappearing into the mists of time, shows up working with security at a museum in Germany. His presence even surprises Tim.
  • The Order began in 2014 as a story about various historical and literary characters resisting the infestation of Earth by Wyrms. Then, in a 2018 story, they got attacked by Armoured Gideon, a character last seen in his eponymous series 23 years beforehand.

    Fan Works 
  • An odd example from Calvin and Hobbes: The Series - the series finale "Black Rain" features none other than Slender Man as a major character. This has caused some rather mixed reactions from reviewers.
  • Comic Book SNAFU: Ultron Mark Twelve is the twelfth incarnation of Ultron who performed a Heel–Face Turn. He hasn't been used for years, so it's doubtful anyone would expect him to appear in this series.
    • Issue 2 has Gajeel and Akiza teleport to Fuyuki City from Fate/stay night and encounter Lancer/Cu Chulainn.
    • Checkmate includes Lightbringer.
  • In Justice Society of Japan, given how Lelouch Lamperogue appears early on one would probably assume that Zero would be one of the first characters from that series to join the team. WROOOOONG. Shirley Fenette joins instead.
  • In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, outside the Original Characters, all characters introduced are from Kamen Rider series. Hence it comes as a surprise when Yumeria Moegi appears in A Month of Sundays, having been fired and in search of a job.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • The fic delights in this (something helped by the author appearing to have a near encyclopaedic knowledge of Marvel and other canons) but in particular, Jack O'Neill as the uncle of Carol Danvers? Harry befriending a young Jean-Paul Beaubier a.k.a. Northstar and Diana of Themyscira? Harry Dresden as a consultant for SHIELD, the mentor of Bruce Wayne and later, the apprentice of Wanda Maximoff?
    • Namor, while very briefly alluded to once or twice, is one of the biggest surprises of all in chapter 71.
    • Gambit's appearance and Dudley's reappearance as the Blob in chapter 8 of Ghosts of the Past were surprising to say the least.
    • And in chapter 9, no one saw Maddie Pryor being revealed as Jean's twin sister, Rachel Grey coming either.
    • In chapter 32, despite the fact he'd been alluded to several times throughout both books, and his Doombots were some of the earliest appearing opponents, no one expected Victor von Doom to make his bow, much less be a key part in the resolution of the arc.
  • Mega Man Recut has plans to include every Robot Master in the series, and many appearing Robot Masters were unexpected.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, nobody expected the Mega Crew's leader to be Tiesel Bonne.
  • Imperfect Metamorphosis including PC-98 characters isn't unexpected, as many Touhou fanfictions do that. What was unexpected was that nearly all of them show up eventually, including really obscure ones like Kotohime, Rika and Konngara (the former of which plays a major role). And it was really unexpected when Rin Satsuki turns out to be a main character, as she was never in the games in the first place.
  • The first episode of Fantasy Kaleidoscope looks to be a straight retelling of Perfect Cherry Blossom, until going Off the Rails at the end with the appearance of Sanae three games early.
  • In the Danny Phantom fanfic series, Facing the Future Series, many readers were surprised to see the return of the ghost half that Tucker wished for.
  • In My Immortal, when Ebony is trapped in the past, Marty McFly, or rather, morti mcfli, shows up out of nowhere to bring her back to the present.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, a Holocron loaded with the Force ghosts of canon characters pops up — It Makes Sense in Context, but nobody saw that coming. Especially since the whole point was that "A long time ago..." had been taken extremely literally to the point where known Star Wars was considered ancient history.
  • Weiss Reacts:
  • In one Harry Potter fanfic, Hermione reveals halfway through the story that she is actually adopted. Her real father is... Bruce Wayne. With no prior indication whatsoever that this was a crossover.
  • Moonstuck having Changelings show up was somewhat unexpected, as the comic had started before they were introduced in the show. The real shocker however was the Big Bad being Discord, as not only was he the first character from the show other than Luna to appear, he also completely destroyed the common assumptions about the timeline (pretty much everyone had assumed that the comic was a metaphor for Luna's Enemy Within struggle with Nightmare Moon, not Luna and Celestia finding the Elements of Harmony.
  • The Ranma ½ fanfic Heian Conglin is basically a darker version of Jumanji where Ranma and Shampoo are the players. Early on, Tokyo is evacuated due the game's jungle occupying the whole city, Ranma, Shampoo and Happosai (a past player) are trying to win the game... And then Pantyose Taro shows up from nowhere to demand that Happosai changes his name.
  • In the Robotech fanfic Marque and Reprisal, we see an Unexpected Mecha: the GR-002 Strike Garland, a veritech hovercycle similar to the wheeled GR-001 Garland, appearing only in the Robotech Technical Files.
    • We also meet Mark Landry, Stacy Embry, and the E.V.E. from the little-known Robotech the Movie.
  • Webwork has a couple of examples of this, as no one expected oneshot Villains of the Week like Nivor and Origami to show up.
  • The Paperinik New Adventures fan comic L'Ultima Terra has two:
    • When Scrooge decides to form a superhero squad he summons the members of the (now disbanded) Ultraheroes (that is, Paperinika, Super Goof, Red Bat, Cloverleaf, Iron Gus, and Paperinik himself)… And the Masked Whitewasher, an obscure and klutzy (yet surprisingly effective) superhero present in Italian Disney comics.
    • After bringing his nephews to Grandma Duck so they'd be out of the line of fire when he faces Antares, Donald makes a phone call to his sister Della so she'd know where they are in case he doesn't survive.
  • The Macross fanfic How Roid's Plan Could Have Backfired Horribly deals with the many ways Roid's master plan in Macross Delta could have backfired due one of the many holes in the plan working against him, mostly due to factors present in the series itself. Then chapter 6 has the Protodeviln show up just to wreck the Sigur Valens, and chapter 7 has Lynn Kaifun appear on Windermere and talk king Gramia into a more peaceful policy that also repairs Windermere's economy. Roid actually wonders how the latter one happened (Berger brought him there to have Kaifun talk Gramia into a new economic policy, as on the long term a relatively peaceful and economically powerful Windermere will give the Epsilon Foundation a much larger profit).
  • This Bites!: Who would've guessed that Gin, Apis, her dragon Lindy, Mr. 5, Ms. Valentine and Ms. Goldenweek would've ended up being part of the Barto Club?
    • Be honest. Did you really expect the CP9 opponent for Cross during the Enies Lobby Arc to be Hattori?
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has trainers and Pokemon appear in different places and roles than usual. One notable example is the appearance of Solidad during the Battle Dome Arc, given that she debuted many arcs later in canon and as a Pokemon Coordiantor, not trainer.
  • The Infinite Loops: Characters become Loopers based on their relationship with their respective loop's Anchor. Closer the relationship is, more likely the character Awakens and becomes a Looper. As a result, very rarely do the enemies of an Anchor become Loopers — it's considered an anomaly when it happens, unless the enemy in question wasn't particularly antagonistic and/or had strong morals. Also, as a Loop ages, its Awakening rate slows down significantly — the Original Seven's Loops, for example, are so old that they've gone millions of Loops without a new Looper. Then Billy happened. Billy managed the inconceivable: he made Gendo Ikari a Looper. On top of being from one of the seven oldest universes, Gendo was the most hated non-MLE in the multiverse next to Dolores Umbridge. Just about everyone had the "pleasure" of meeting his baseline self, and despise him with a passion. The Anchor of his Loop, his own son Shinji, is one of the few willing to give him a chance and even then he makes no bones about how much he still hates him.
  • This My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan video features a surprise cameo from a pony version of Gamzee Makara of all characters.
  • Double Rainboom was toted as a massive fan project for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic but no one upon no one was expecting it to be a crossover with The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Due to her status as a Sixth Ranger who appeared long after the story was created, Starlight Glimmer will be this in any Fallout: Equestria Recursive Fanfiction she appears in.
  • The author of The New Adventures of Invader Zim has a habit of bringing in minor oneshot characters from canon, to the surprise of most readers.
  • The Road to be a Pokemon Master:
    • While they were expected to appear eventually, Archie, Shelly and Maxie showing up in the Johto arc caught a lot of readres by surprise.
    • Very few people expected Silver to have a Shuckle among his team, nor that it would be able to beat not one but two of Ash's strongest Pokemon.
  • The cast of Yandere Sumia is almost entirely composed of characters from Fire Emblem Awakening- Sumia, Chrom, the rest of Chrom's potential wives, Cordelia and Lucinanote - so it's a bit of a surprise when Glass from Fire Emblem 7 turns up near the end.
  • The Abridged Series My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series shocked many fans by having the much anticipated Discord Killed Off for Real before the beginning of the show and replaced with Breezen, an obscure one-shot villain from Generation 1 of the show. note 
  • Given the series' focus on real if prehistoric animals, there was a fair amount of surprise in Prehistoric Park: Returned from Extinction when a prehistoric dragon showed up in the fourth segment of Dinosaurs From the East.
  • James Bond is from the spy genre so he, M and Q stick out like sore thumbs amid all the sci-fi characters in The Great Starship Battle.
  • The Girl Of Tomorrow: John Jones actually being the Martian Manhunter? A lot of people figured that out. Armsmaster becoming the Batman? Speculated by a number of fans, thanks to the previous story. Doomsday caught a few by surprise, but due to the nature of the story, it wasn't completely unprecedented. But who expected Sir Arthur C. Clarke to make an appearance?
  • Hellsister Trilogy is a Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths DCU story that features virtually every hero and villain created before 1985, as declining to introduce Post-Crisis characters. So it was a bit of a shock when, after sixty chapters, a Post-Crisis character made it to the scene. And that character wasn't an obvious choice like a Kryptonian, Batman or Wonder Woman... but Destruction of the Endless, a character notorious for his unwillingness to interfere in mortal affairs.

    Films — Animation 
  • The LEGO Movie features a variety of characters from LEGO properties and licenses, such as Batman and Dumbledore. Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, and C3PO's appearance was not advertised, and was assumed improbable thanks to legal issues. The film was produced by Warner Bros., while the Star Wars franchise and its associated characters are owned by Disney, making this a rare "crossover" between the two rival companies. In the background of some crowd shots, you can also spot Milhouse Vanhouten, of all people.
  • The LEGO Batman Movie
  • Toy Story 3 has the title character from My Neighbor Totoro as one of Bonnie's toys. He's visible in a lot of shots but he's also completely voiceless.note 
  • In-universe example in Wreck-It Ralph: During the party held for Fix-It Felix Jr. near the beginning of the movie, Ralph looks in and is astonished they invited Pac-Man to it.
  • Batman Ninja has, among the cast of characters, Gorilla Grodd. He's primarily known as the Arch-Enemy of The Flash, and even though he's often treated as a general DCU villain, he's not exactly a Batman nemesis. Also, while having Tim Drake isn't too surprising, this is one of the few adaptations to feature him in his current identity Red Robin, as opposed to just Robin (the latter being used by Damian Wayne).
  • Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold saw many DC characters appear—including one of the characters announced being Harvey Bullock, who, even with his increased presence on Gotham, never appeared in Batman: The Brave and the Bold proper. Likewise, Professor Milo only appeared in the cold opening for the episode "Gorilla in Our Midst!", where the Spectre turned him into cheese and fed him to mice. While only appearing in a flashback, an earlier encounter with Milo is the crux of the plot.
  • Stan Lee is well known for having a cameo appearance in most Marvel medias. However, a lot of people were shocked that he made an appearance in, of all things, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies since he’s considered the face of DC Comics’ known rival.
  • Justice League vs. The Fatal Five , based on Justice League , has plenty of this:
    • Jessica Cruz making her debut as the movie's only appearing Green Lantern, and has been described as the lead character of the film.
    • Miss Martian, especially if this movie is a DCAU entry, as her existence would contradict J'onn being the Last of His Kind if she were a Green Martian or would suddenly introduce the White Martians into the DCAU since their place is taken by the similar Imperium in this continuity.
    • Mister Terrific as a main cast member, since he was barely seen performing any heroics due to being the League's Mission Control back in Justice League Unlimited.
    • The choice of characters in the movie is interesting, given that Jessica, Miss Martian, and Mister Terrific have no connection to each other or Star Boy or the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Fatal Five anywhere else, although Star Boy and Mister Terrific have interacted in one of the Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come special issues.
    • The appearance of Two-Face, Harley, and Ivy as Arkham Asylum inmates in addition to Miss Martian transforming into the second Robin, since the Bat-Embargo restricted any limit or ban the use of Batman-related characters (outside of Batman himself along with his obscure allies and Rogues Gallery) from appearing in the Justice League Unlimited and it was assumed that this would've carried over into the movie in spirit to keep the Batman mythos and Justice League mythos separate.
    • Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner appearing via cameo and being confirmed to become Green Lanterns and members of the Justice League in the near future, as there had otherwise been no solid indication that either of them existed as heroes in the DCAU. Hal was a One-Scene Wonder who seemed to only be a hero if John hadn't, and Guy was pseudo-canon by the Unlimited tie-in comics.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Deadpool (2016) features appearances from Colossus, Angel Dust and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, all three of whom have close ties to the X-Men franchise, but none of whom are connected to Deadpool in the comics. And besides Colossus, the two ladies are unexpected for being rather obscure mutants - Warhead in particular was only included because the writers liked her codename. The Lawyer-Friendly Cameo by HYDRA agent Bob, made without name-dropping HYDRA, could also feel unexpected to viewers who thought Marvel Studios' ownership of the organization he works for would prevent him from appearing in a Fox movie. Deadpool sure sounds surprised to see him. In the same vein, although it's not a character, the final fight takes place on a crashed and disused Helicarrier from The Avengers (2012) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, made most clear in the final shot.
  • DC Extended Universe
    • The advertising campaign for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice heavily played up the fact that Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot would be making their debuts as Aquaman and Wonder Woman, respectively, and widely distributed publicity photos of them in costume. While viewers expected to see them, they probably didn't expect to see Ezra Miller in costume as The Flash, with actual dialogue and screen time. And though he's only seen in a still photograph, most people probably didn't expect to get a look at Chris Pine as Wonder Woman's old friend Steve Trevor. In Batman's nightmare vision, a squadron of Parademons attack Batman's forces, and Darkseid's Omega symbol can be seen burned into the ground; Mother Boxes also make a few appearances throughout the movie.
    • Suicide Squad (2016) had several of these in its line-up. While characters like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang are either team mainstays or popular characters in their own right, there are also characters like the Enchantress (not that one), El Diablo, and Slipknot, who are rather obscure and yet part of the main group. And related to the above movie, the Flash shows up, defeating Captain Boomerang. Even his co-star in the scene, Jai Courtney, was surprised, given the character wasn't on the shooting script.
    • Among the characters in Justice League (2017), no one was expecting Commissioner Gordon (a vital element to Batman's lore, but not featured in Justice League stories due to the larger scale), Steppenwolf as the Big Bad, and Deathstroke (since the plot involves an Alien Invasion). Certainly nobody was expecting a member of the Green Lantern Corps appearing in the first fight against Steppenwolf years ago.
  • Kamen Rider:
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Nick Fury visits Tony Stark in The Stinger of Iron Man, offering to tell him about "The Avenger Initiative". He may not be an unexpected character now, given how closely associated with the series he's become, but he certainly was one when the movie first came out.
    • Tony in turn makes a cameo at the end of The Incredible Hulk, asking General Ross, "What if I told you we were putting a team together?"
    • During the end credits of The Avengers, The Other tells his superior, "To challenge [the Avengers] is to court death." The camera then cuts to the superior, Thanos, giving a Psychotic Smirk.
    • The stinger of Iron Man 3 reveals that Tony was recounting the adventure to Bruce Banner, who dozed off about a minute in.
    • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch show up during the end credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier as test subjects of HYDRA.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy serves as this for the entire MCU. Only those who have read the comics and have the resources know them. Within the film, Howard the Duck makes a very unexpected cameo.
    • Ulysses Klaue and Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The former because he is usually a Black Panther / Fantastic Four baddie - even if serves as Foreshadowing for the Panther's solo film - and the latter because she is a completely minor, obscure Posthumous Character in the comics.
    • Howard Stark and Peggy Carter make a cameo in the beginning of Ant-Man at Pym's dismissal from SHIELD. While visiting a Stark Facility in upstate New York, Ant-Man clashes with Falcon when he realizes that it's been converted to the main Avengers facility post-Ultron. The Stinger is a scene from Civil War showing Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson debating what to do with Bucky Barnes, who is trapped in a vice press. Tony Stark and the Sokovia Accords are given name drops.
    • Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, mostly due to the the rights problems compared Marvel and Sony. Thunderbolt Ross was also an unexpected addition, as it officially canonized The Incredible Hulk within the MCU (no mention had been made of the events of the film later than The Avengers, when Banner mentioned that he "broke Harlem" the last time he visited New York).
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has two major examples:
      • Early on, James Gunn revealed that a female superhero from the comics would be joining the team in the sequel. Most of the fan guesses were popular (or at least fan favorite) characters like Captain Marvel, Phyla-Vell, or Moondragon. Very few people guessed that the female hero he was referring to was Mantis.
      • After all the secrecy surrounding the identity of Star-Lord's dad, it turned out to be Ego the Living Planet of all people.
      • After long being a popular fan theory connecting Stan Lee's cameos, The Watchers finally appeared as a cameo (accompanied, of course, by Stan).
    • Aaron Davis, aka the Prowler, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, since the film stars Peter Parker, and Davis is associated with a different Spider-Man. Thor's magic belt Megingjörð, previously unmentioned, is given a name drop when Happy is loading up the final plane from Avengers Tower. Cindy Moon, known in the comics as Silk, appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming as a bit part character who was basically an Easter Egg. She also returned (albeit very briefly, on the bus Peter and Ned are on) in Infinity War.
    • The Hulk and the Grandmaster showing up as major characters in Thor: Ragnarok. Doctor Strange makes a cameo early on before determining that Loki's presence is not a threat to Earth (this time).
    • Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier appears in The Stinger of Black Panther, now bearing the moniker of "White Wolf", T'Challa's adopted brother in the comics.
    • Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel, with their Loads and Loads of Characters, was bound to have examples.
      • The first was the Black Order, introduced in 2013 and killed off later, few seriously expected them in the movie. Despite being renamed to the Children of Thanos, they're still here.
      • The Red Skull, of all people, appearing as the caretaker of the Soul Stone. Considering he hadn't reappeared for more than a dozen films since his last appearance, and his actor stating that he never wanted to return to the role, his presence here (albeit with a different actor) is a genuine shock.
      • Nick Fury and Maria Hill both appear in The Stinger only to be unceremoniously killed off by the Infinity Gauntlet. The former is able to send a distress beacon to none other than Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.
    • Captain Marvel:
      • The movie includes Clark Gregg, Samuel L Jackson, Lee Pace and Djimon Hounsou, all reprising their established roles as Agent Phil Coulson note , Director Nick Fury note , and Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Pursuer note , respectively. Coulson is especially remarkable, as Kevin Feige had stated that crossovers between TV and film were becoming increasingly difficult; on the other hand, given that the film takes place in the 90s, all of those characters were already presumably around and kicking during the events of the film.
      • Even fewer people were expecting, of all Skrulls, Talos the Untamed to be a significant character in the film. Not only does Talos in the comics not have any ties to Carol Danvers or the Captain Marvel lineage, but he actually lacks the classic Skrull shapeshifting abilities, instead having Super Strength. Of course, Marvel Studios' solution to the latter part was simply give him shapeshifting abilities, not that there's anything wrong with that, but his presence in the film caught even the most astute of comics fans by surprise.
      • More of an Unexpected MacGuffin, but nobody expected the Tessaract, aka the Space Stone to be what's powering Mar-Vell's FTL drive and the source of Carol's powers.
      • The Stinger had Captain America, Bruce Banner, War Machine, and Black Widow watching Nick Fury's activated pager. Trailers for Avengers: Endgame imply that this scene will be included in some fashion.
    • Avengers: Endgame:
      • After going missing in Infinity War, Valkyrie appeared on the "Avenge the Fallen" posters on the side of the living, implying that she not only survived Thanos's attack and the snap, but will have a part in this movie. Same goes for Wong, who returned to protect the New York Sanctum after Doctor Strange and the Time Stone were taken by Ebony Maw, and Pepper Potts, who was last seen early in the movie when Tony attempted to call her on Ebony Maw's ship.
      • Harley Keener, the Tagalong Kid from Iron Man 3, will return. No one was expecting that.
  • Six members of the Green Bay Packers pop up at the a capella riff-off in Pitch Perfect 2, appearing as themselves.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness includes both Carol Marcus and Khan Noonien Singh as major supporting characters, but it introduces both of them under fake names ( "Carol Wallace" and "John Harrison", respectively) to hide their identities from savvy Trekkies who would already know them. Given that the film takes place in an Alternate Universe version of the Original Series era, most fans could deduce that both characters would be around somewhere, but the revelation of their identities is significant because it suddenly makes it clear that the film is really a loose What If? retelling of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • Star Wars:
    • Rogue One is a direct prequel to A New Hope, so it shouldn't come as a shock that Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, her adoptive father Bail Organa (with the same actor as in the prequels!), and R2-D2 and C-3PO all make brief cameos. But absolutely no one expected Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor to run into Doctor Evazan and Ponda Baba on Jedha. It's a very brief moment, but it's likely to catch most Star Wars fans off guard.
    • Solo has both a few obscure characters (Tag and Bink, Warwick Davis's character from The Phantom Menace) and Darth Maul as the true boss of Emilia Clarke's character. The last one is especially surprising even to fans who already knew Maul was still alive at this point in time, as not only did Solo not seem like the type of movie he'd be in, it didn't seem likely he'd be included in any new films due to potential Continuity Lockout with more casual Star Wars fans.
    • The Rise of Skywalker: The first teaser ends with the distinctive Evil Laugh of Emperor Palpatine, who, in-universe, has been dead for decades. And then, at the Star Wars Celebration 2019 panel where the teaser was revealed, Ian McDiarmid came out on stage immediately afterwards and demanded the teaser be played again, suggesting that the character is more important to the movie than just being a simple Call-Back.
  • Super Sentai:
  • Vernon suddenly shows up in a supporting role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014). He hasn't been seen or mentioned since the 80s version (and wasn't even included in 1990 movie where April likewise was a reporter) and thought long forgotten, so it was a surprise to longtime fans.
  • Zombieland: The extended cameo of Bill Murray As Himself comes out of nowhere and was kept a secret until the release of the film.

  • Used towards the end of the Animorphs series. Arbon and Loren, two minor characters who hadn't been seen in years and had little reason to return again, both made surprise reappearances. Weirder still, while Arbron's fate was neatly tied up in the epilogue, Loren wasn't addressed at all, making her a weird case of this character type meeting What Happened to the Mouse?
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe had the now rather infamous scene in which Father Christmas pops up out of nowhere to give the Pevensie siblings their Christmas presents. Despite being set in a fantasy world, his appearance in Narnia is still a little jarring, and it's worth saying that he's never again seen or mentioned in any of the other books.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Watson (though not named, it's obviously them) appear in a segment of a Final Destination novel in Victorian Britain.
  • Gaunt's Ghosts likes to reintroduce minor characters or ones that have otherwise been Put on a Bus to play major roles much later. Sanian reappears in Sabbat Martyr, Sturnn reappears in Traitor General, and Agun Soric reappears in Only In Death. It also works in reverse for the author's other books set earlier in the timeline. Heldane and Lilith have minor roles in Eisenhorn and Ravenor respectively, both before they've achieved the rank of Inquisitor.
  • Though it's hardly a surprise these days, the original readers of Walter Scott's Ivanhoe would not have been expecting an appearance from Robin Hood, who spends the first half of the book under an assumed name (back then, "Locksley" would not have been immediately recognizable as one of his aliases).
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin has a tendency to take minor or antagonistic characters and make them point-of-view characters in later books.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe:
    • Ahsoka: The book has seven sections with grey pages. In one of them, Obi-Wan Kenobi makes a surprise appearance meditating on Tatooine. Another shows Anakin Skywalker just before he first met Ahsoka.
    • Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away Volume 1: Aliens: The last story in the collection, "The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku": The treasure turns out to be Kix, the medic from the 501st Legion in The Clone Wars, who was cryo-frozen after finding out about Order 66 and was being taken to be interrogated by Count Dooku when the ship carrying him was attacked and crash-landed on a remote world. No one in or out of universe was expecting that.
    • The reference book, Droidography, is narrated by R0-GR, the Battle Droid from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, a series with mostly ambiguous canonical standing, and also features M-OC, one of the main antagonists of Season 2, effectively canonizing both characters.
  • Words of Radiance (second book of The Stormlight Archive): While having humans travel from Shardworld to Shardworld is a known event, having Nightblood, the Talking Weapon from Warbreaker do so is quite another thing.
  • In the fifth book of Venus Prime, Sir Randolph Mays, the insufferable Pompous Political Pundit who seems so hellbent upon exposing the Free Spirit, turns out to be William Laird, the leader of the Free Spirit.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Lots of unexpected characters pop up in the Omen of the Stars finale The Last Hope, such as Redtail, Raggedstar and Mosskit. But almost nobody was expecting Brambleberry's cameo appearance at the beginning where she is one of the first cats to ever successfully give Jayfeather a lecture.
    • When Dawn of the Clans, a prequel series dealing with the founding and early days of the five Clans was announced, lots of theories were made about appearances from the Clan Founders (Thunder, River Ripple, Wind Runner, Tall Shadow, and Clear Sky), original medicine cats (Cloudspots, Dapplepelt, Mothflight, and Pebbleheart), and a few other characters mentioned in the field guides (Gorsefur, Owleyes, Lightningtail, etc.). However, almost nobody predicted Graywing the Wise (a character whose sole mention in the series beforehand was being credited with creating a few WindClan battle strategies in Battles of the Clans) showing up, let alone his role as the (initial) main character of the arc. To a lesser extent, few expected Half Moon and Lion's Roar to appear in the arc, but they ended up being supporting characters in The Sun Trail.
    • The ninth Super Edition. Usually Super Editions star major characters, and are always about leaders or medicine cats. The ninth Super Edition was revealed to be Hawkwing's Journey, focusing on a cat nobody had ever heard of. It turned out later that he had previously appeared in a novella, Ravenpaw's Farewell, as a SkyClan apprentice who shows up one time and speaks one word.
  • The Whoniverse book Time Lord Fairy Tales pulls this off twice by springing a surprise character on the reader well after a story is underway and the protagonists' plight has been established; moreover, they go on to play supporting roles in the action, albeit important ones. In "Helena and the Beast", it's the Twelfth Doctor; in "The Grief Collector", it's the Tenth. Also, while many familiar Whoniverse villains turn up in these Twice Told Tales, the presence of The Nimon, from one of the classic series' campiest serials in "Jack and the Wormhole" will likely surprise those who don't remember their televised appearance and recognize the new story's similar setup.

  • Large-scale tours and festivals are bound to have this. Obviously everyone will know the headlining act, but when an unsigned band makes the line-up, people tend to scratch their heads (especially if they play the main-stage). For instance, Download Fest 2011, main stage with the likes of Def Leppard, System of a Down, Linkin Park and... The Pretty Reckless?
    • One of the strangest examples has to be British politician Jeremy Corbyn (sometimes considered Britain's answer to Bernie Sanders) showing up at a small festival in Merseyside headlined by The Libertines to give a short speech...and getting a huge cheer from the crowd!
  • Mass-artist compilations fall into this from time to time.
  • In a media crossover-example, Rhythm Games probably get this sort of reaction when they announce the new setlist for their next title, such as with Rock Band 3 ("The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elton John and... Phoenix?"note ).
  • One such example is Just Dance, in which Top 40 tunes by artists such as Katy Perry, One Direction and Nicki Minaj co-exist alongside the likes of the Tetris theme, the William Tell Overture, and the Hatsune Miku cover of Ievan Polkka.
  • Rapper B.o.B. often has this with his featured artists, which have included Hayley Williams of Paramore, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, and Taylor Swift.
  • Kanye West's albums usually have at least one.
    • The College Dropout had Jamie Foxx, poet J.Ivy and was introduced by Bernie Mac (playing Kanye's high school principal).
    • Late Registration had both Mac and Foxx, but also included Lupe Fiasco (his appearance on "Touch the Sky" was his mainstream breakthrough), Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and, perhaps most surprisingly, given Kanye's mentor and boss Jay-Z was feuding with him at the time, Nas on "We Major".
    • Graduation had Chris Martin of Coldplay.
    • 808s and Heartbreak had two of Kanye's previous collaborators who few expected to fit with the album's style, namely rappers Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.
    • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy had Elton John, La Roux, Fergie (of The Black Eyed Peas), Chris Rock, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver (although the last two are only unexpected because at the time few had heard of them or knew what to expect).
    • Watch the Throne had fucking Otis Redding! And Curtis Mayfield (both posthumously). And (although she is definitely still alive) Elly Jackson of La Roux and Frank Ocean of OFWGKTA fame.
    • Cruel Summer had most of its' supporting cast like this - R. Kelly, Ma$e, Marsha Ambrosius, Chief Keef...
    • Yeezus had King Louie and Assassin.
    • Kanye is also an Unexpected Character on other people's works. Few expected his collaborations with 30 Seconds to Mars, Katy Perry or Madonna.
  • Jay-Z and Linkin Park collaborated for the Collision Course mash-up. Few could've expected one of the biggest rappers in the world working with one of the biggest rock bands in the world.
  • Rapper A$AP Rocky's debut 'Long-Live-A$AP' featured Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and... Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine).
  • Childish Gambino's "Real Estate" suddenly features an ending rap outro by... Tina Fey.
  • Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad" featured Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester.
  • Drake's "All Me" includes an introduction by... Aziz Ansari.
  • Nine Inch Nails turned some heads when the guest list for Hesitation Marks included Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.
  • For some appearances in 1994 (including on Saturday Night Live) Tom Petty's drummer was Dave Grohl, previously of Nirvana. Since that time Grohl has collaborated with many musicians from Petty's generation but at the time it must have been an unexpected lineup.
  • Tech N9ne and Serj Tankian had a very unusual - if compelling - collaboration.
  • Within Temptation's album Hydra featues, of all people, Xzibit as a guest artist.
  • Queens of the Stone Age had Julian Casablancas guest on Era Vulgaris and Elton FREAKING John of all people appear on their newest album.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, curated by Lorde, features mainly mordern female electronic/pop vocalists such as herself along with CHVRCHES, Charli XCX, Tove Lo, Ariana Grande, Bat For Lashes, Tinashe, HAIM, and... Grace Jones? Also rappers Q-Tip and Pusha-T appear in Stromae's "Meltdown" alongside Lorde and HAIM for an odd-yet-compelling collaboration. Also featured, perhaps most surprisingly of all given Lorde's feud with Diplo at the time, was Major Lazer featuring Ariana Grande with "All My Love".
  • Few could've expected Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar to ever collaborate on a song together, but indeed they did in former's song "Bad Blood".
  • GaMetal has remixed some pretty weird songs, for example, there's a medley of tunes from Bionic Commando and, even stranger, the Final Boss theme from McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure of all things. Fittingly, the latter one was done as an April Fools' Day special, but it is a real song.
  • The Lonely Island collaborates with a lot of artists, and some of them, like T-Pain or Jack Black, are pretty understandable. Then you get to ones like Michael Bolton, Linkin Park, Robyn, and, in The LEGO Movie, Tegan & Sara.
  • Phase 5 of the Gorillaz starts with Murdoc in jail and replaced by Ace, the leader of the Gangrene Gang. Yes, that Gangrene Gang.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • WWE's annual Royal Rumble pretty much always features Unexpected Characters in various forms. You're pretty much guaranteed to see one or two returning Legends making a one-off appearance (e.g. Honky Tonk Man in 2000, Diesel\Kevin Nash in 2011 and 2014), there are bound to be one or two main roster wrestlers making an unannounced return (e.g. John Cena in 2008, Edge in 2010), and every now and then there are entrants who are unexpected because they generally don't compete against the main male roster (e.g. Beth Phoenix in 2010, El Torito in 2014). Retired or semi-retired wrestlers serving as ringside commentators for the Rumble are sometimes unexpectedly entered into the match, usually resulting in their returning to the announce booth once they're eliminated (e.g. Jerry Lawler in 1996 and 2012, Michael Cole in 2012, JBL in 2014). One of the most unexpected (and bemoaned) characters in Rumble history was Drew Carey in the 2001 match. However, arguably the most shocking (or at the very least, surreal) entry, despite the countless rumors, reports, and even a statement from the TNA website all but outright telling us it would happen, was the debut of AJ Styles at the 2016 Royal Rumble in Orlando.
  • Intense Wrestling Inc was the only promotion operating in Macaela Mercedes's hometown of Cincinnati Ohio. It announced ahead of time that IWI would be booking talent from Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. So when she made her debut near the end of 2002 and was matched against La Tigresa, a wrestler she knew nothing about besides being from Puerto Rico, she was caught off guard. Even if they had mentioned wrestlers from Puerto Rico, Tigresa wouldn't have been on most people's radar stateside, given women's wrestling had virtually vanished from the island following her arrest four years prior for a smuggling case that was expected to keep her behind bars for decades.
  • 9/19/2016, WWE on ESPN live in Bristol Connecticut...with Adam Cole? Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole?

    Theme Parks 
  • Although most of the attractions at the Disney Theme Parks are either original properties (such as Pirates of the Caribbean or The Haunted Mansion) or based on a Disney property. However, there are some exceptions:
    • The first Star Tours opened at Disneyland in 1987, being the first ride to be based on a distinctly non-Disney property. Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, undoing this trope (at which point Star Tours had become a staple at Disneyland and Walt Disney World anyway), but for 25 years it remained as a non-Disney ride.
    • The first The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios (then Disney-MGM Studios) in 1994 to help bring more visitors the park. It opened in Disney's California Adventure to help with the same problem in 2004, and later in Disneyland Paris. Unlike Lucasfilm, the franchise was never bought from CBS, which means that they have to license it every year (which is why Tokyo's Tower Of Terror is not based on The Twilight Zone (1959) - the series was never as popular in Japan as in the US and Europe), and also that it remains one of the only non-Disney attractions (the other being Journey to the Center of the Earth in Tokyo Disney Sea).
      • The California version of the ride has since become Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, which in and of itself is a bizarre choice. The film was a breakout hit in 2014, but it was by no means the most popular Marvel property, and an odd choice to base Disney's first ever Disney-Marvel attraction on (before the film, it would have been pushing it to call them a C- or D-list team). Many fans theorized that this was due to a dispute with Universal Studios, who retained the theme-park rights for Marvel characters (except the Guardians - it only specified the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the X-Men) within a radius around Universal Florida that included Walt Disney World, and that the renovation would eventually make it way to the other coast. However, other versions are unlikely to make the switch, as there are currently plans to build a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction in EPCOT.
    • After Star Tours opened, the opening of Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland in 1995 was a tad less surprising. It also marked a stark style change for Adventureland, from the bright cheeriness that marked Walt's True-Nature films to the grittiness and realism of the Indiana Jones films: the design of the boats on Jungle Cruise changed to match the themeing of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye next door, and four years later, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse became the Tarzan Treehouse. Like Star Wars, Indiana Jones was included in the Lucasfilm purchase, and it was welcomed into the Disney family in 2012, by which time, the attraction had been replicated several times over the world, as well as other Indy-themed rides.
    • Cars Land at first seemed like an odd choice to be one of the focal points of Disney California Adventure's 2012 overhaul, given that the most recent Cars film, Cars 2, had been critically panned, and that the original Cars film is generally seen as one of Pixar's weaker movies. Nonetheless, Cars Land was a massive success, and the E-ticket ride, Radiator Springs Racers, regularly has one of the longest lines in either Disneyland or DCA (at time of writing, 4 PM on a Thursday in March, 6 years after the ride opened, it currently has a 120 minute long line).

  • Occasionally the long-running Transformers toy franchise will have a release that up and surprises everyone:
    • One very surprising release was a character named Heatwave in the "Hero Mashers Line." Heatwave shares a name with a Transformers: Rescue Bots character who was on shelves at the time, so the Hero Masher instead being directly based on an obscure, Collector's Club-only character was completely unexpected.
    • Less a "character" and more an "unexpected homage" but Rollbar's robot mode in the Transformers: Age of Extinction is very clearly based on X-Brawn from Transformers: Robots in Disguise, a character who has had no representation of any sort for over a decade.
  • Series 3 of The Grossery Gang brought back Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar, the mascots of The Trash Pack, Grossery Gang's predecessor franchise. This came as a surprise to many, as the two of them were introduced as figures for the first series of Trash Pack, making very sporadic toy appearances despite being the mascots.

    Web Animation 
  • Death Battle occasionally brings in little known and unexpected characters to fight for their lives.
    • Two of the more notable examples being Bucky O'Hare, coming from a fairly obscure comic and cartoon series from the 70's/90's and took on Fox McCloud, and Yang Xiao Long, who is from a web animation series running from 2013 which is growing in popularity but still fairly small and she took on Tifa Lockhart. Yang defeated her more popular opponent. Bucky wasn't so fortunate.
    • Who would have thought that any characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic would ever step into Death Battle? Yet, there have been three so far: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Princess Twilight Sparkle who respectively fought Starscream, Deadpool, and Raven.
    • Seven Mortal Kombat characters have appeared on the show. Six of them are among the most iconic characters in the franchise: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, Raiden, Shao Khan, and Shang Tsung. The seventh one, however? The relatively obscure Sektor.
  • Speaking of Yang, the spin-off RWBY Chibi offered one that also serves as a case of Trolling Creator. With the reveal of an episode called "Evil Interview", fans got hopeful about what villain would debut there. Turned out to be Cardin Winchester, a really minor and unpopular antagonist who hadn't appeared in two volumes of the main show - and as proven by the episode, is thoroughly outclassed in the evil department by the actual villains of RWBY. Even his voice actor stated he was surprised with the character's return.
  • Ever After High is a children's series where the Spin-Offspring of various Fairy Tale characters go to high school together. The series however has a very loose interpretation of the term "fairy tale", leading to unusual characters popping up. Who expected characters from King Lear, a Shakespearean tragedy, to appear?note 

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • Probably one of the most enjoyable things about Legend of the Three Caballeros is how remarkably trigger happy it is about using extremely obscure Disney characters. These include Daisy's nieces, Clinton Coot and Donald's Double. Other characters are blatant expies of other even more obscure Disney characters, like the main villain being a perfect clone of Goostave Gander and a goblin identical to Creeper. The ultimate crowner for all of them has to be Don Dugo, one of the original Caballeros, from the minor 1965 comic The Golden Galleon, written by Carl Fallberg and drawn by Tony Strobl.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!:
    • The addition of Spider-Man might have caught some viewers by surprise, since he rarely makes guest appearances in other Marvel characters' cartoons. (The previous time he had a speaking role in someone else's show happened over 30 years earlier, in Spider-Woman's animated series.) Additionally, none of the previews or trailers for the second season showed him, at least not before the season began. It seemed even more unexpected for Spidey to become a reserve Avenger.
    • From the same series, Wolverine. The X-Men had been hinted at, with several Superskrulls having characteristics of them, but seeing as the movie 'verses were separate, him appearing alongside Spidey in the same ep was pretty big. Despite Wolverine Publicity.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold gave A Day in the Limelight to many C-list DC heroes, some of whom had never had a televised appearance before. Things began getting weird in "Batman's Strangest Cases", when the Scooby-Doo gang show up, but the concept wasn't entirely new. Then Space Ghost got his own cameo. For reference, after DC acquired the rights to Space Ghost, he was only used in a single short-lived series in 2005, and the character is only otherwise known for his Self-Parody talk show.
  • An episode of Clarence guest-stars an adult version of Brendan Small (played by the voice-actor of the same name) from Home Movies.
  • DuckTales (2017): A combination Wham Shot and Wham Line from the end of the two-part premiere reveals that Della Duck is going to be important in this series.
    Dewey: ...Mom?!
  • In the animatic preview for the plans for Galactic Kids Next Door released on April 1, 2015, no one expected Lizzie, Numbuh One's former girlfriend, to appear, and certainly not as Numbuh Vine, the alien who sent out the warning about the G:KND's plans.
  • Amongst the characters seen on Justice League Action are Space Cabbie (an obscure Silver Age character who's Exactly What It Says on the Tin), John Constantine (a traditionally very much unkid-friendly character prone to swearing, chain smoking, and screwing people over), Swamp Thing (whose stories ever since Alan Moore's run are also very unkid-friendly and who Constantine spun off from), Outsiders foes the Nuclear Family, Carmine Falcone (though time travel was involved in that one, but still he's a foe from Batman's in-universe early years and a normal mafia don, which is normally outside of the League's greater purview), House of Mystery host Cain, Dex-Starr (a blue-furred house cat from Earth who's a member of the Red Lantern Corps), and Superman Red/Superman Blue (an old Silver Age Elseworlds story, a subsequent part of the infamous Electric Superman phase, and Superman Reborn, where Superman split off into two beings, one red and the other blue).
  • Kaeloo: In Episode 143, the gang get a surprise visit from Ursula. What makes this so unexpected is that not only was she not mentioned at any other point in the episode, but this is only her second appearance on the show so far.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Iroh and Zhao appear in the Spirit World in season two.
    • Book Four's greatest irony is that it is Zaheer who helps Korra to recover from her past traumas. Not to mention the unexpected return of Hiroshi Sato. Apparently, Book Four is full of Heel Face Turns.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Derpy Hooves appearing as Rainbow Dash's replacement in "Rainbow Falls". One of her previous appearances had sparked off a massive controversy and Internet Backdraft that resulted in the character being absent from season three and all the released episodes of season four up to that point, leaving most of the fanbase to assume that she had been removed from the show completely. Compounding the surprise is that aside from one or two extremely vague hints from the staff, none of the show's promotional materials so much as hinted that the character would be returning.
    • Cherry Jubilee of all ponies sits among the princesses and delegates in "Equestria Games".
    • The season 4 finale features Tirek, the Big Bad of the G1 TV special "Rescue at Midnight Castle", as the main antagonist. What makes him so unexpected is that Hasbro had lost the trademarks to many of their G1 characters (besides Applejack and Spike and some others), and that the showrunners had explicitly avoided using creatures that looked too human (besides that spin-off about humans).
    • Similarly, season 5 has an episode featuring the Smooze, of all creatures. Though unlike Tirek, this version of the Smooze seems to be comparatively harmless.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode For Your Ice Only, the boys play a game of Hockey Z-9 with Isabella, Buford, Baljeet...and Django, who hasn't been more then a background filler since Season 1.
  • An episode of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes featuring guest appearances from characters from Captain Planet and the Planeteers, including Captain Planet himself, Kwame and Dr. Blight, caught many off guard, since OK KO was very young to have crossover episode, Captain Planet is ridiculed on-line, and predated the channel by a few years.
    • It also had a Fully Absorbed Finale of RPG World, the creator's old webcomic, where K.O. teams up with Hero to fight Galgarion.
    • The series second Halloween episode features the Grimwood Girls, from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, characters that hadn't shown up in their home franchise for around thirty years.
    • "Crossover Nexus", however, is the king of this. Aside from the expected cameos, characters from shows that were written off for tax reasons (Kiva, Illiana), from obscure one-shots and early CN originals (Moxy), and even characters from foreign CN shows {Black Hat, Jorel's Brother) make cameos. Not only that, the episode is stuffed with almost innumerable references to CN's history, ranging from their on-air look, to old programming blocks, promos and bumpers and much more.
  • Samurai Jack: When season 5 premiered many people expected references back to previous seasons and the show delivers with the Scotsman, the Woolies, Da Samurai, and others returning, if only for a cameo. The most unexpected would probably be Demongo, who was explicitly killed back in the original series.
  • Did anyone expect to see characters from the Hanna-Barbera Moby Dick cartoon, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, Speed Buggy, Jabberjaw, The Funky Phantom and Jonny Quest show up in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated? Hell, the protagonists of the Moby Dick cartoon are said to be the children of characters from Sealab 2020!
  • In the Grand Finale of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Spidey went to an alternate universe where he met Gwen Stacy, who was unexpected because there was no appearance or even mention of any Gwen Stacy in that series until then, her role basically going to pre-Black Cat Felicia Hardy.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Night Patty" brings back Nosferatu, a character who hardly anyone expected since his previous appearance had him as a one-off joke at the end. SpongeBob's reaction pretty much sums up the audience's:
    • The same episode also marks the first physical appearance of the Fisherman, a Slasher Movie antagonist who was the main focus of "Don't Look Now", though the surprise fizzled out a bit since a promo showed a scene where he appears, though it was still unexpected to hear who he was since his name wasn't mentioned in it.
    • "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. the Big One" has the Flying Dutchman end up in Davy Jones' Locker, where he comes face to face with Davy Jones of The Monkees himself.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
  • Star Wars Rebels:
    • Depa Billaba, former Jedi High Councilor, posthumously. Star Wars: The Clone Wars had completely ignored her note ; before that, the Star Wars Expanded Universe had depicted her as getting incapacitated early in the war, with her seat going to Obi-Wan Kenobi, so making her Kanan's mentor right until Order 66 was rather surprising.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi's holocron cameo in "Spark of Rebellion" wasn't expected.
    • Why hello there, Luminara Unduli.
      • Up until the SDCC 2014 trailer for the show, it had been presumed that she had died along with all the other Jedi with the advent of Order 66, especially considering that she was on Kashyyyk with Yoda, and that there was no indication that she had escaped from the other Clone Troopers. The fact that she was simply taken prisoner instead of simply being executed is also surprising.
      • This is played with, in that Luminara is Dead All Along and her being "alive" was simply a trap set by the Grand Inquisitor.
    • Darth Vader was expected to show up at one point — that his appearance in the series was slated to happen less than a month after the series premiere threw people off-guard. Bonus unexpected points should be added by being voiced by James Earl Jones, when Matt Sloan seems to be the go-to guy for Darth Vader voices in other official Star Wars media.
    • Yoda's appearance (or more accurately, his voice) in "Path of the Jedi" was also unexpected, as Yoda was isolating himself on Dagobah at the time. Similar to Darth Vader above, being voiced by Frank Oz was even more unexpected, as Tom Kane is usually the go-to-guy for a Yoda voice outside the films, including Lucasfilm Animation's previous project, The Clone Wars.
    • Lando makes an appearance in "Idiot's Array", where he ropes the Ghost crew into his schemes after winning Chopper in a game of Sabacc.
    • Tarkin shows up in "Call to Action", and things get serious real quick.
    • While the Clone Troopers were expected to show up eventually, many were surprised that Gregor — who only appeared once in the series and was left in a situation where he was hopelessly outnumbered and believed to have died — was among them.
    • In the second trailer, an "Old Master" offers to help Ezra. His identity? Darth Maul!
    • General Kalani appearing in "The Last Battle", as many assumed he (actually a look-a-like, due to a crediting error in his unnamed appearances in the Crystal Crisis arc of The Clone Wars) died and was a one-shot villain.
    • Gar Saxon from Son of Dathomir apparently survived the Siege of Mandalore and became a major Imperial antagonist to Sabine.
    • The Season 4 trailer introduced Thrawn's Noghri bodyguard Rukh, also from Legends, who was assumed to have been Adapted Out due to his name being used as the Override Command for Thrawn's sparring droids from "Through Imperial Eyes".
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) has its interpretation of Lord Dregg, who replaced the Shredder as the main antagonist in the last two seasons of the 1987 show. Since not many fans were fond of Dregg, it is surprising that the people behind the Nickelodeon series would even think of bringing him back.
  • Steven Universe:
  • When Total DramaRama was announced as a Spin-Off for the Total Drama series, several fan-favourites were confirmed to appear, such as Owen, Duncan, Courtney... and Jude from 6teen. Granted, the shows were made by the same company and share several voice actors.
  • Warner Bros Animation has been ramping up their Hanna-Barbera legacy propertiesnote  in Direct-to-Video movies, tv shows, and specials for several years but while some weren't seen as surprises some of the characters who have made their first appearances in decades have been this.

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