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Your Shopkins gone rotten.
The Grossery Gang is a toyline from Moose Toys (creators of The Trash Pack and Shopkins) and are a combo of both in one. Taking the world of The Trash Pack, yet the style of Shopkins, The Grossery Gang is made up of collectable blind bag foods and other grocery products that have gone so rotten, they’ve come to life. The series also shares a universe with the previous two.

An Animated Adaptation exists for the series in the form of webtoons, which also air on the Australian Cartoon Network channel as interstitials. All of the episodes are available on the toyline's official Youtube channel.

The Grossery Gang provides examples of:

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  • Added Alliterative Appeal: A small portion of the Grosseries have alliterative names, like Horrid Hamburger and Putrid Pizza.
  • Advertising by Association: The packages have labels on the top of their pegs with "From the makers of The Trash Pack!" on them. Before their official release, both The Trash Pack and Shopkins YouTube channels aired crossover promotions for The Grossery Gang.
  • Aerith and Bob: Some of the names of the Grosseries in the webseries go from descriptive words like Pizza Face and Sparkles, to normal names like Ricardo.
  • Ambiguous Gender: There are no pronouns listed in the standard website bios, leaving the gender up in the air for any character that is not in the webtoons or the collector's guide.
  • Ambiguous Robots: The Clean Team all have flexible arms with pincer hands, wheels instead of feet, and squared-off mouths, giving them an appearance that hints they're robotic compared to the standard Grosseries in the webseries.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: Some of the tribes are based on household objects instead of food, such as the Barf-Room Supplies (made up of bathroom equipment), the Glowin' Gadgets (made up of electronic devices), the Cruddy Lost 'N' Found (various lost items like keys and wallets), the Trash Alley (made up of organic garbage), the Cruddy Sport (various sports equipment), the Junk Yard (non-organic garbage), the Clean Team (cleaning products), the Gunky Gas Station (various car materials), the Foot Soldiers (various footwear), the Hair Force (hair care items), the Repellants (bug deterrent items), Stationery Officers (stationery equipment), Medics (medical equipment), and Scrappy Camo (broken toys).
  • Anthropomorphic Food: The majority of the characters, being food that came to life via age.
  • Aside Comment: Ricardo gives one of "It's a living." at the end of "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous".
  • Bad Future: The future that the Rotbots come from is a hygienic wasteland that can't sustain them, so they have come to the present to suck up its grossness for themselves.
  • Big Fancy House: In the "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous", Ricardo gets a gigantic private condo with his newfound wealth. Thanks to the gross nature of the Yucky Mart, along with the size of the Grosseries, it's entirely made out of two-ply toilet paper.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Unlike the standard white sclera with black pupils that the standard Grosseries have, the evil teams (the Clean Team, the Bug Force, the Rotbots, and the Computer Viruses) have black sclera with red pupils.
  • Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce:
    • Some of the Awful Sauces, such as Chunky Chili Sauce and Tasteless Tobasco Sauce, are burning under their own contents.
    • A brand of hot sauce seen in the webseries (with the mascot as a crying chihuahua) is used various times, once as "liquid motivation" (by shooting it into the characters' eyes to get them to run faster) and another in a molten homemade remedy.
  • Blob Monster: The Loog, a snot-based monster created from Pizza Face and Meathead's snot being zapped by a bug zapper in the "Get Well Spewn" arc.
  • Brain Freeze: Ice Scream's collector card has him suffering in, his brain is literally encased in a block of ice.
  • Brig Ball Bouncing: Rocky and Wet Wipes take turns bouncing a gross tennis ball while they're trapped in Vac Attack in the "Putrid Power" movie.
  • Bug War: Series 4, the "Bug Strike", has the Grosseries up against an army of insects invading Cheap Town.
  • But Not Too White: In the "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" arc, after winning the lottery, one of the things Ricardo is told to do by Meathead is to get a tan, because he's too pale, and "rich people love their fake tans"(though it ends up a real tan for Ricardo, albiet a very streaky one).
  • Camera Abuse: Part 1 of the "Get Well Spewn" arc has one of Pizza Face's sneezes leaving snot dripping off of the camera lens.
  • Canon Welding: The series shares a universe with The Trash Pack and Shopkins, the former via packaging, and both via commercial connections.
  • Captain's Log: Both Pizza Face and Doc Broc compile one when the expedition team gets lost on Mount Yuck, Pizza Face on how he fears having to resort to eating his colleagues, Doc Broc on getting around the issue of telling Pizza Face that he has an unconscious fear of heights that keeps reacting in the worst times on the journey.
  • Cartoon Cheese: Stinky Cheese is a wedge of one. Series 2 would later avert this with the more realistic Blue Spew Cheese and Pongy Parmesan.
  • Clone Degeneration: Doc Broc's cloning machine creates clones that only last for an hour before expiring, causing them to disappear in a puff of dust.
  • Collectible Card Game: The Grossery Gang Collector Cards played as a happy medium between the cards of the Shopkins and The Trash Pack. They were meant as collectibles like Shopkins, but had Top Trumps stats like The Trash Pack. Some cards had special finishes, like flocked fuzzy ones, sticker cards, and holographic ones. Like The Trash Pack, it portrayed the Grosseries in brand new scenarios, this time with a new art style compared to the static art.
  • Comically Inept Healing: In the "Get Well Spewn" arc, the cures that Rocky, Meathead, and Fingers try and use to help a cold-affected Pizza Face are this. These include a dunking in molten hot sauce, a slushie-and-sour-milk concoction poured through his nostrils, and attempting to roll him up to squeeze all his snot out.
  • Content Warnings: The website bios jokingly contain “may contain traces” for the characters of disgusting products that they have in them. Also, the toys themselves have warnings on how the “products contain no food”.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist:
    • Series 3 had the Clean Team, a team of cleaning products wishing to eradicate all filth in Cheap Town.
    • Series 4, meanwhile, had the Bug Strike, a team of equally-filthy insects who appreciated the filth the Grosseries had created, but wanted the filth for themselves, claiming it as their own turf.
    • Series 5 had the Rotbots a team of former-Grosseries from the future who have come to the past to replenish their lost grossness.
  • Creepy Cleanliness: The Clean Team is a villainous team of cleaning products that came to live. Their goal is to eradicate the dirt of Cheap Town, and are designed as perfectly polished, with no slime or grime on them.
  • Curse Cut Short: In "The Grossery Gang Movie", when the Putrid Powered Grosseries eavesdrop on Vac Attack's plan to wipe Cheap Town clean of all life.
    Pizza Face: What the—
    Rocky: DUCK!
    (Cut to a family of ducks walking past the Clean Team, as they stare in confusion and awkward silence.)
  • Cyborg: The Rotbots are Grosseries with mechanical enhancements. To represent this in the toys, they are the standard squishy rubber with hard plastic chunks.
  • Dastardly Whiplash: Meathead's ancestor was one of these. While he lacked the top hat, he had the mustache, and also swindled a much younger Stinky out of both his wealth and his girlfriend.
  • Delicious Distraction: Meathead uses a scrap of his own cheese to lure guard dog-acting Fingers away from burglary attempt. It works for a while, but Fingers is right back on the chase when the heist goes south and Meathead and Surge are forced to book it with the stolen goods.
  • Disgusting Public Toilet: The bathroom of the Yucky Mart is just as rancid as the store itself, with marker graffiti, random stains on the walls, and a hairy and smelly toilet.
  • Edible Theme Naming: The food-based Grosseries are named after their food and a disgusting adjective.
  • Eye Scream: Le Crusty Croissant's trading card has an Eiffel Tower model jammed through one of his eyes, with the caption of "Eye-ful Tower!".
  • False Teeth Tomfoolery: Filthy False Teeth is hinted to be the result of this, a lost pair of dentures from the Cruddy Lost 'N' Found team.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: According to the "Bug Strike" movie, breaking out into spontaneous music numbers are a crime in Cheap Town. Egghead is at least his 100th strike, yet still continues to do it, regretting nothing.
  • "Flowers for Algernon" Syndrome: The webseries arc "A Gooey-Ful Mind" has Egghead, the resident klutzy ditz of the Grosseries, find himself super-smart (from sticking his tongue in an outlet trying to get a mint). Unfortunately, his smartness makes him realize how filthy the Yucky Mart is, causing him to campaign to shut it down. The big issue with this is that not only is the Yucky Mart the home of the Grosseries, it's the only reason they're alive. Thankfully a second electric shock is enough to bring Egghead back to normal... only to give Rocky amnesia.
  • A Fool and His New Money Are Soon Parted: In the "Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous" arc, Ricardo ends up winning his money off of a lottery ticket, only to lose it when he invests in more, and they end up destroyed
  • Four-Fingered Hands: All the humans in the supplemental material, as well as the Grosseries when given limbs, have four fingers. Despite this, Sewer Glove is designed as a five-fingered cleaning glove.
  • French Cuisine Is Haughty: As a reference to this, Le Crusty Croissant is given a beret and mustache…but is still as moldy and grimy as everyone else.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Parodied in "The Grossery Gang Movie". When Rocky is only "mildly concerned" about Stinky's cleaned-up plight, Doc Broc still treats him as hysterical and slaps him, as Rocky still reacts how he "needed that".
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: In "Rockyland", one of the decrees on Rocky's king list (flipped upside down and mirrored, but still legible text), is "Reinstate the Primanocta".
  • Gold Tooth: Filthy False Teeth sports one.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Doc Broc accidentally lands doing the splits when landing from colliding from the fall from Mount Yuck in the "Mount Yuck" arc, while all he can do is twitch in pain and bite his lip for a while.
    • Meathead ends up landing splits-side attempting to do a mid-air split during grease skating in the "Get Well Spewn" arc, painfully commenting how it stings.
    • Trash Head gets kicked in the groin by a Clean Team minion during the major battle in "The Grossery Gang Movie".
  • Gross-Out Show: Similar to The Trash Pack, its predecessor.
  • Guest Fighter: In a non-video game example, Blow Fly and Trash-a-Pillar are figures in Series 3, helping the Grosseries go against the Clean Team.
  • Hair-Trigger Avalanche: Pizza Face's screaming from his unconscious fear of heights (To the point he doesn't even realize he's screaming) causes a nacho cheese avalanche in the "Mount Yuck" webseries arc.
  • Hairy Girl: Spotty Zit Cream, being given arms in her trading card that her figure lacks, has thick armpit hair, which is made noticeable as she raises her arms to pop a zit.
  • Harmless Freezing: Four exclusive Series 1 Grosseries are still-alive insects trapped in ice cubes.
  • How the Character Stole Christmas: The 2017 "Christmas Episode" features Vac Attack attempting to ruin "Grossmas" for the Grosseries by stealing their presents. Guest Grossery PukieHurlC plays the role of Cindy Lou.
  • Inkblot Cartoon Style: The flashbacks of the Yucky Mart in the old days are drawn in this style.
  • The Inspector Is Coming: Mentions of the health inspector's rating of the Yucky Mart has been brought up in the webseries. It has an F rating.
  • iPhony: Trashed Tablet is a broken iPad, to the point his catalog art's coding calls him one.
  • In Medias Res: "The Grossery Gang Movie" starts in the middle of the climactic battle between the Grossery Gang and the Clean Team, thanks to how Doc Broc is telling the story. The others listening to the story angrily interrupt him and call him out for starting the story with no setup, forcing him to start from the beginning.
  • It Came from the Fridge: The Grosseries are explicitly food that has festered so badly that they’ve come to life.
  • Klatchian Coffee: Buzzed Energy Drink is on a giant caffeine rush from his own contents, to the point his eyes are spiraling and his teeth are clenched.
  • Lethal Eatery: The Yucky Mart, which doubles as both a convenience store and an eatery. The restaurant portions are just as filthy as the rest of the store, and the food served is vomit-inducing.
  • Living Toys: The Scrappy Camo team, made up of various broken toys, like boomerangs and teddy bears.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Each series of the franchise adds more characters to it, expanding it heavily.
  • Messy Maggots: The Grossery Gang, following in the footsteps of its successor, The Trash Pack, uses maggots as decoration on the characters to signify their rot. Unlike The Trash Pack, they are included in their models in the Animated Adaptation webseries, as a separately-animated animation asset. Series 4 of the franchise later introduced Maj. Maggots, an evil living maggot that used a rotten chicken drumstick as his weapon.
  • Monochrome Past: The old days of the Yucky Mart in the webseries are portrayed in black and white, in the style of a classic cartoon.
  • Mountain of Food: The Grosseries manage to make one in the "Mount Yuck" arc of the webseries. Being the size of food themselves, they decide that, "since it's there", they need to conquer and climb it.
  • The Movie: The Grossery Gang vs. The Clean Team: Putrid Power is a feature length movie (still on Youtube), which is actually a half-hour episode of the webseries, which is still long in comparison to the two minute length of standard episodes.
  • The Mutiny: Happens twice during the "Crud Flood" arc, a failed one by Pizza Face (thanks to Meathead siding with Ricardo), and then a more successful second one where Meathead turns on Ricardo.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Some Grosseries are given names that are the same as previous characters from The Trash Pack, the predecessor to the franchise. Some of the names include Putrid Pizza and Shoccoli.
    • The Series 1 large pack and Series 2 surprise pack both say "Best Before 1985", in reference to the founding year of Moose Toys.
    • Blow Fly and Trash-a-Pillar themselves reappear as figures in Series 3. Blow Fly, being an exclusive action figure, gets an extended bio that makes use of his original Trash Pack bio, while giving his nickname as "Buzz", the name he was called in the failed Mondo TV cartoon.
  • Naked Freak-Out:
    • In the "Mount Yuck" arc, Pizza Face is already so frozen from his newfound fear of heights, that he actually becomes naked from his freak-out, which does nothing to quell his fear that he's in.
    • In the "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" arc, Ricardo freaks out after losing his peel during a clothing swap and panics about being in his "banana birthday suit".
    • In the "Get Well Spewn" arc both Pizza Face and Ricardo end up naked and panicking at some point, Pizza Face when his toppings are sneezed off of him (along with his eyes and mouth, so he can't see where he's stumbling around) and Ricardo when he's launched out of his peel and into the air by Fingers accidentally landing on him.

  • Naked People Are Funny: The webseries seems to think so, and has made multiple uses of nudity (all censored properly, though). This mainly befalls Pizza Face and Ricardo.
  • Never Win the Lottery: In the "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" arc, Ricardo actually wins the lottery, which he quickly lavishly spends on, and then puts the remainder of his stock in lotto tickets, planning on at least one of them to be another big winner. They all are, but they end up destroyed or lost during a failed heist against them, leaving him broke again. One of the lost ones falls in the hands of Stinky, who previously was in a Riches to Rags plot...and wins it using the coin Ricardo carelessly flicked to him, giving him the wealth and housing that Ricardo owned.
  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*: In the "Bug Strike" movie, Arak Attack gives off one of "You call that a knife? THIS is a knife!", while gesturing to his catapult limbs. Before Rocky can comment that it's not even a knife, the villain collapses.
  • Nonstandard Character Design: PukieHurlC, being a parody of CookieSwirlC's logo, has eyes with green sclera, large black pupils, and white highlights, instead of the standard Grossery white sclera with a black pupil dot for an eye. She also has six eyelashes per eye, rather than three like the other female Grosseries.
  • No Party Like a Donner Party: Pizza Face is certain this is what he'll have to resort with in the "Mount Yuck" arc if they get he imagines eating and drinking from a still-alive Doc Broc and Sparkles.
  • One Steve Limit:
    • Averted, there are two characters named Horrid Hot Dog, one from Series 1 (a full hot dog) and the other from Series 2 (just a sausage).
    • Series 3 would also later avert this with two Clean Team members named "Washout", with the only difference being that one of them has a space between the two words, and their object type, with Washout being a bucket, and Wash Out being a washing machine.
  • Onion Tears:
    • Onion Scum is a self-crying onion, while Smelly Onion is a crying onion slice.
    • Franko's onion mace utilizes both pain from spikes and tears from being an onion slice to help neutralize his enemies.
  • Palette Swap:
    • Nearly every character has their figure in a minimum of two colors to collect, with some having extra ones in exclusive packages.
    • Some of the background Grosseries in the webseries use the same food model, only with a different color, along with added details like eyelashes and facial hair.
  • Parody Assistance: YouTube toy reviewer CookieSwirlC provides the voice of the character that's a parody of her logo, PukieHurlC.
  • Pepper Sneeze:
    • Snot N Pepper are a pair of salt and pepper containers, one with their face contorted into a sneeze, the other one exploding with snot already from one.
    • Grot Pepper Sauce, in a variation, is a bottle of pepper sauce that has already exploded with snot as well from a sneeze.
  • Phlegmings: Many of the food Grosseries have them making up their mouths, from their own rotting contents.
  • Pie-Eyed: The older days of the Yucky Mart gives the characters pie-shaped pupils in place of the standard round ones.
  • Pixellation:
    • Pizza Face's bottom crust is pixellated when he is "naked", even though it's already uncovered with toppings to begin with.
    • Ricardo's peel acts as clothing for him, and his bottom tip ends up pixellated when it's removed.
  • Power Walk: Used in "The Grossery Gang Movie" by the powered up Grosseries and lampshaded, calling it "the heroic slo-mo walk".
    Ricardo: Why are we walking so slowly, my crusty friend?
    Pizza Face: I don't know, but it feels amazing! Just go with it!
  • The Psycho Rangers: The Clean Team. Themed around cleanliness over grossness, spotless and shiny instead of slime covered and moldy, they are the evil antithesis to the Grossery Gang, with the goal of cleaning up Cheap Town.
  • Removed from the Picture: In "Hambooger Helper", Gooey has a picture of Meathead and Ricardo, with Ricardo's half taped over by a picture of Gooey.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: The others are none too happy with Meathead's mutiny once the flooding is said and done with in the "Crud Flood" arc, so he ends up walking the plank via the toilet.
  • "Risky Business" Dance: A sick Pizza Face attempts to do this during "Hambooger Helper", only to slip over his own snot that he had smeared around the Yucky Mart in rebellion.
  • Secondary Color Nemesis: The color schemes of the Bug Strike members are various shades of purple, orange, and green, with teal thrown in for a few, and black details to top it off.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Series 3 introduces Slob Fish to the Grosseries, who is a blobfish, a fish species that is rarely seen in fiction.
  • Self-Deprecation: Arak Attack is portrayed as a boisterous Aussie villain that loads so much slang into his dialogue that he can be near incomprehensible at times. Moose Toys themselves are an Australian company.
  • Self-Parody:
    • The style of Shopkins corrupted into The Trash Pack style.
    • The webseries would later explicitly parody Shopkins in the 2016 Christmas episode, calling it "Slopkins".
  • Series Continuity Error: The Collector's Guide erroneously refers to Spotty Zit Cream and Cruddy Cat Food with male pronouns, despite the fact they were confirmed female in the trading cards and the webseries, respectively.
  • Shared Universe: With The Trash Pack and Shopkins.
  • Shout-Out:
    • A couple times in the webseries, Rocky has taken on the persona of "Katy Hairy".
    • The "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" arc has Ricardo dressed as Donald Trump. He loses the suit after the second episode of the arc, but keeps the hair and tan.
    • Stunk Skunk wears a pine tree air freshener as a necklace, similar to Petunia in Happy Tree Friends.
    • The webseries episode "Pooper Bowl" is a reference to the Super Bowl. The episode aired a week before the 52nd Super Bowl itself, the number referenced in the episode. During the same episode, Chips McGraw's halftime advertisement is a reference to The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
    • Chips McGraw's name comes from Sgt. Chips McGraw from the 1944 Western Buffalo Bill.
    • Grotty Graffiti wears a clock necklace similar to that of Flavor Flav, adding to his 80s hip-hop design.
  • Sick Episode:
    • The "Get Well Spewn" episode arc has Pizza Face with a cold throughout it.
    • "Hambooger Helper" once again has Pizza Face with a cold.
  • Slime, Snails, and Mutant Tails: Most of the Grosseries are dripping slime of various sorts.
  • Slobs vs. Snobs: The sloppy, ragtag, and heroic Grosseries vs. the polished, conformist, and evil Clean Team.
  • Smart People Speak the Queen's English: Egghead gains a Received Pronunciation accent when he becomes smart in the "A Gooey-ful Mind" arc of the webseries.
  • Smelly Skunk: Stunk Skunk, who wears a pine tree air freshener around his neck to escape his own smell.
  • The Smurfette Principle:
    • Sparkles is the only major female Grossery in the webseries, the only exception being a quick cameo from Lady Cheese and various background girls.
    • The toyline in itself has very few female characters.
    • Cruddy Cat Food is the only girl out of the Trashed Cans.
  • Special Guest:
    • The 2016 Christmas special features special guest voice appearances by various toy reviewer accounts that have reviewed The Grossery Gang before, including CookieSwirlC, DisneyCarToys, PSToyReviews and Chad Alan.
    • CookieSwirlC returned to the franchise in the 2017 Christmas special, voicing PukeyHurlC, a parody of her logo.
  • Sphere Eyes: The Grosseries are given this style of eyes, in the disconnected version. Like The Trash Pack, they have simple dots for their eyes, which bugs them out. Preliminary designs gave them irises, however. Series 2 would later give some characters the connected variation, though they are separated for the ones appearing in the webseries.
  • Stealth Pun: Throughout a majority of the "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" arc, Ricardo is seen wearing a Speedo. One of the slang terms for a Speedo is a "banana hammock".
  • Stock "Yuck!": Many of the Grosseries are these foods, such as broccoli, raisins, and cauliflower.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Leaky Sunscreen and Stinky Fink Iced Tea always wear a pair.
  • Super Mode: Putrid Power. Given to them by the legendary Trash Can Juice, it boosts their strength and height, along with giving them special abilities. However, they have to believe they have the capabilities to use their powers, otherwise they'll fade.
  • Tagline: The franchise alternates between "Your shoppin's gone rotten!" and "Collect the lot before they rot!".
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Played around with. Gooey Smooch has eyelashes, lipstick, and wears a ribbon. Sticky Soda and Sour Pineapple on the other hand just have eyelashes…but only in the webtoons and trading cards, respectively, they both have the standard Grossery eyes in the toyline. Meanwhile, Spotty Zit Cream doesn't have any notifiers, just her tagline on her collector card.
  • Time-Travel Episode: The "Time Wars" series has the Grosseries travelling through various eras of history to gather allies against the evil Rotbots from the future.
  • The Tooth Hurts: Rotting Toothpaste's collector card has him showing off his rotten teeth, while gleefully spitting out another one.
  • Toxic Waste Can Do Anything: There is a toxic leak caused from the poor environment of the Yucky Mark, which is the source of life for the Grosseries.
  • Vague Age: With the exception of Stinky and Egghead (being an elder and a very young child, respectfully), the webseries Grosseries are hard to pinpoint ages, as they work jobs at times, yet have very petty squabbles over the smallest things like young kids would.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot:
    • Pukey Pancake Mix is freely vomiting out his contents, and vomit splatters (with the stereotypical peas, corn, and carrots) often are used as decoration on packages.
    • Some of the trading cards have characters puking as well, such as Pukey Cookie and Barf Biscuit, who were only hinted for this with their names at first.
    • PukieHurlC, as mentioned in her name, has the tendency to projectile vomit.
  • Wallet Moths: Worthless Wallet has a few flying out of his zipper mouth.
  • Way Past the Expiration Date: All of the Grosseries are so past their expiration date that they are alive.
  • White Gloves: The Grosseries in the past are given them, to give them an old-fashioned feel that hearkens back to classic cartoons.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Cheap Town has various things that contradict its location, such as Australian-style wall outlets and snow during Christmas.
  • William Telling: The character William Smell actually is the apple that was performed in one of these tricks. Now all he can do is stare in horror at the arrow lodged through his bitten head.
  • Writing Around Trademarks: Tasteless Tobasco Sauce's name is one letter off of real Tabasco Sauce, a trademarked product. He also shares a modified version of the diamond logo, only in different colors and the edges chopped off to make a hexagon.
  • X-Ray Sparks: In the "Get Well Spewn" arc, the lottery scanner is used as a makeshift x-ray machine, which ends up zapping Pizza Face and a nearby Rocky and Meathead, showing off their skeletons, despite the fact that they're food.
  • You Need a Breath Mint: Stinky Mint is an already bad-breathed breath mint, defeating his own purpose.


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