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"Perry Saturn is unbelievable."
Joey Styles, ECW Barely Legal

Perry Arthur Satullo (born October 25, 1966 in Cleveland, OH) is an American Professional Wrestler best known for his work in the 1990s and early 2000s as Perry Saturn. He started his career in 1990 after a stint in the U.S. Army. He was working as a nightclub manager in Boston, MA and convinced the bouncer George Caiazzo to try wrestling. Caiazzo did and became John Kronus, since Cronus is the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Saturn. They became The Eliminators and would compete for Jerry Lawler's USWA in Memphis before arriving in ECW in 1995. They would hold the ECW World Tag Team Titles three times before Saturn followed Raven and Stevie Richards to WCW in Fall 1997. There, Saturn would hold the WCW World Television Title once and the WCW World Tag Team Titles twice, once with Raven and once with Chris Benoit. Saturn, Benoit, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero would jump to WWE in January 2000. He would hold the WWE European Heavyweight Title once and the WWE Hardcore Title twice. He has also competed for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, TNA and many independent promotions.

"Tropes of Saturn":

  • Arch-Enemy: (as a member of the Eliminators): The Pitbulls, the Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa), The Dudley Boys; (in WCW): Chris Benoit, Booker T, Glacier, Goldberg, Raven, Chris Jericho; (in WWE): Raven again
  • Ascended Extra: Did some TV jobs for WWE in 1992 as Peter Motts.
  • Badass Bystander: He once got shot in the neck while saving a woman from being raped and by the time the police had arrived he had beaten the shit out of all three lowlifes by himself!
  • Bald of Evil: Depending on his heel/face alignment at the time. He actually had hair until right after the Eliminators defeated Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck for the ECW World Tag Team Titles. Francine, then the manager for the Pitbulls, walked up to them to tell them how much she loved men with gold. This was a setup, of course, enabling the Pitbulls to attack and shave Saturn's head.
  • Bash Brothers: Kronus, Raven, Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero
  • Cloudcuckoolander: After (kayfabe) taking one too many blows to the head, he started coming out with odd non sequiturs such as "Monkeys learn sign language so they can tell dolphins they love them. You're welcome" and carrying around a mop which he named Moppy.
  • Consulting Moppy
  • Cowboy: As the Iron Horseman.
  • Death from Above:
    • At ECW High Incident, the Eliminators d. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy when Saturn climbed the scaffold that was there for the Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee main event and dropped an elbow on Gordy from the scaffolding!
    JOEY STYLES: "Perry Saturn is absolutely amazing! He's out of his mind!"
    • He's been used to this even before his wrestling career, doing helicopter jumps as a U.S. Army Ranger.
  • The Dragon: In Raven's Flock in WCW.
  • Everybody Went to Wrestling School Together: Saturn, Triple H and Chyna all trained at Killer Kowalski's school in Waltham, MA at the same time.
  • Finishing Move: Rings of Saturn, Death Valley Driver, Flying Elbow, Saturn Bomb, the Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza, the Gargoyleplex
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Tore his ACL in mid-1997, putting him out of action for months.
  • He's Back!: Returned to wrestling in 2011 after an absence of several years due to homelessness and methamphetamine addiction brought on by being shot in the neck. (See Badass Bystander above.)
  • I Have Many Names: Perry Saturn, the Iron Horseman, Peter Motts
  • I Know Karate: And Judo, too. Joey Styles mentioned the Eliminators' martial arts background during the match with the Dudleys at ECW Barely Legal, and Saturn referenced it in promos running down Glacier in WCW.
  • Identity Amnesia: Crossed with Real Life Writes the Plot: Saturn had faced Jobber Mike Bell on the May 12 (taped May 7), 2001 episode of Jakked, in a match where Bell had dropped Saturn on his head and Saturn had retaliated by stiffing Bell. He apologized afterwards, but was Put on a Bus for a few weeks. The Bus Came Back on the May 21st episode of Raw. Terri Runnels, manager of the Radicals (Saturn and Dean Malenko), had walked into the APA's office and had attempted to distract them by pouring their beer on her white shirt. Later, the APA faced the Radicals (w/Terri, who had changed into a robe) in a match, where, as Saturn's punishment for the incident with Bell, the APA beat the hell out of him, complete with Bradshaw no-selling Terri flashing him. This was what led to the "Moppy" gimmick and Saturn saying goofy things and finishing with "You're welcome!"
  • Last-Name Basis: Referred to at times only as "Saturn."
  • Lightning Bruiser: Aerial ability, technical ability and you want to talk strength? He hit the Saturn Bomb on Big Dick Dudley and defeated Reese, aka the Yeti of the Dungeon of Doom, who's 7'3 and over 400 lbs., in Reese's last WCW match, on the June 29, 1998, WCW Monday Nitro, with a Death Valley Driver.
  • Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught: The Eliminators defeated Billy Joe Travis and the Spellbinder on USWA TV in April 1994 due to their manager Doug Gilbert holding Travis' leg so he couldn't kick out.
  • Our Gargoyles Rock: As Goldberg and future Flock member Scotty Riggs made their way to the ring for their match on the October 13, 1997 Nitro (4-0), the camera noticed Raven and Saturn and the as-yet-unnamed Sick Boy sitting together in the crowd. Announcer Tony Schiavone said that Saturn was "sitting there like a gargoyle." He later introduced a top-rope head-and-arm suplex called the "Gargoyleplex". On the February 21, 1998 WCW Saturday Night, Lodi held up a sign that read "Saturn the Gargoyle." On the March 12th WCW Thunder, Lodi held up a sign that read "Saturn: Ultimate Gargoyle."
  • Power Stable:
    • (in WCW): Raven's Flock
    • (in WWE): The Radicalz, with Benoit, Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Terri Runnels
    • (in TNA): Extreme Revolution, with Raven, New Jack, Justin Credible and the Sandman
  • Real Men Wear Pink:
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Saturn was the name of the Roman god of the harvest. Cronus was the Greek equivalent. They originally considered calling the team the Harvesters of Sorrow but Lawler told them that people wouldn't get the reference.
  • Tag Team: The Eliminators, of course.
  • Would Hit a Girl: The Eliminators gave Francine Total Elimination.