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Perry Saturn (Perry Satullo born October 25, 1966) and John Kronus (George Caiazzo January 13, 1969-July 18, 2007) were an American Professional Wrestling Tag Team as The Eliminators. They formed in 1993 and debuted in Jerry Lawler's USWA. They arrived in ECW, where they really made their name. They split up in 1997 when Saturn left to follow Raven into WCW.

They were 1x USWA World Tag Team Champions and 3x ECW World Tag Team Champions.

They have nothing to do with that ZZ Top album, the surf band The Eliminators or the 1986 movie.

"These tropes have been TOTALLY ELIMINATED!":

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Kronus.
    • Once during an Eliminators-Gangstas-Dudleys brawl, an umbrella turned up among the weapons and Kronus ran around with it open over his head. Indoors.
    JOEY STYLES: "Well, it's not raining in here, but, who knows what's going on inside Kronus' head?"
    • When they were walking to the ring for the opening match, against ECW World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boys, at ECW Barely Legal, April 13, 1997, Kronus turned to the camera and introduced himself to the PPV audience by randomly saying, "Ass, baby, ass! Hoo hoo!"
  • Death from Above:
    • Kronus was 6'3, 255 lbs. and his signature was the 450 Splash.
    • They faced "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy at ECW High Incident on October 26, 1996, which had a Scaffold Match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee as the main event. The Eliminators hit Total Elimination on Gordy but, rather than simply go for the pin, Saturn climbed up the scaffold and dropped an ELBOW DROP FROM THE SCAFFOLD!, and that got the pin.
    JOEY STYLES: "Perry Saturn is absolutely amazing! He's out of his mind!"
  • Finishing Move: Total Elimination
  • Lightning Bruisers: Technical skill, strength, speed, aerial ability, they could do it all.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Saturn and Kronus were, respectively, the ancient Roman and Greek names for the god of the harvest in Classical Mythology. They originally wanted to name their team The Harvesters of Sorrow, but Lawler told them that people wouldn't get the mythological reference.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: One of the reasons why Saturn left was that he was sick of Kronus, at some point describing him as a "lazy addict."
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: They once taped up The Gangstas who were on either side of an upright table and hit them with Total Elimination. That is what happened. Trying to describe how this looked may be impossible.
  • Would Hit a Girl: They hit Total Elimination on Francine. She later said she'd rather have a root canal than take Total Elimination again.