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The Whoniverse is The 'Verse inhabited by the Doctor and by Torchwood. It is a large and unwieldy beast full of internal contradictions. Fortunately, it's a really, really big universe encompassing all of space and a history stretching from the Big Bang to 100 trillion years in the future (plus an alternate universe or five).

Due to the nature of the show, any timeline described here can be overwritten, split, or contradicted — both by its own canon and by the countless spin-off media of the Doctor Who Expanded Universe. In turn, the core canon can contradict or overwrite the expanded universe, but can also canonise bits of it at times. This flexibility is thanks (per various different Word of God sources such as series writer Paul Cornell) to the fact that other than a general rule that says no one should be expected to have purchased expanded universe content to understand any episode in the TV series itself, The BBC has never put in a hard and fast rule as to what is "canon", which contrasts with the Star Trek franchise where its owners (Paramount) and creator (Gene Roddenberry) put in a longstanding rule that only what appears on screen counted.


The Whoniverse resides in (or sometimes near) the Softest end of the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness, though it started off generally harder. Sometimes it's another genre entirely, just with Aliens and Monsters.

Television series set in the Whoniverse:

  • Doctor Who (1963-1989; 1996; 2005-present)
  • K-9 and Company (1981): A sixty minute pilot which the BBC declined to pick up as a series, aired as a one-off Christmas special. In it, Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 Mark III investigate mysteries in the English countryside.
  • Torchwood (2006-2011)
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-2011)
  • K9 (2009-2010)note 
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  • Class (2016)

Behind-the-scenes TV series (unless noted, obviously they do not take place within the Whoniverse itself):

  • Doctor Who Confidential (2005-2011): A behind the scenes look at the revived series of Doctor Who.
    • Its final episode in 2011 included a mini-episode, "Death is the Only Answer".
    • Revived in 2014 as an online-only series titled Doctor Who Extra.
  • Totally Doctor Who (2006-2007): Another behind the scenes series, but geared to younger viewers.
    • Its second and final season included an animated Doctor Who serial, "The Infinite Quest".
  • Torchwood Declassified (2006-2011)note : The equivalent to Confidential for Torchwood. Moved to a DVD feature after series 2.

The Doctor Who Expanded Universe

A full listing with accompanying tropes, release dates and background information of these stories can be found on the Doctor Who Expanded Universe page. Works and media with their own pages on this website include:


Common tropes:

For tropes associated with Doctor Who, specifically, see that article.

Debate on the content of the Whoniverse is the stuff of legends. Countless works of the Universe Concordance kind (some official, some not) try to keep them straight. Good luck, folks!

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