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As if the Doctor Who Magazine comics strip and the IDW Doctor Who comics weren't enough, in 2010 BBC Books started publishing hardbound original graphic novels set in the Whoniverse, using talent from the Doctor Who Magazine strip. So far, two have been published, The Only Good Dalek (2010) and The Dalek Project (2012), both by Justin Richards and Mike Collins and pitting the Eleventh Doctor against, as the titles suggest, the Daleks.

These graphic novels provide examples of:

  • Anatomically Ignorant Healing: The archaeologists in "The Dalek Project" reconstruct one Dalek with all its appendages and body parts incorrectly arranged, which doesn't stop it trying to kill them.
  • Continuity Snarl: The Only Good Dalek is absolutely loaded with continuity references and Shout Outs to Terry Nation's 1960s Dalek TV stories and spin-off annual stories, and is clearly set in the same era of history, but features "Victory of the Daleks" New Paradigm Dalek designs. Presumably after "Victory" the new generation of Daleks perfectly replicated the pre-Time War timeline?
    • Perhaps they warped ahead to change history. Some accounts of Dalek History claim soon after the Daleks Master Plan the Daleks were fighting a civil war. After all, in a time travel franchise, things like this happen.
  • Cruel Twist Ending: The sole surviving guest character from The Only Good Dalek makes contact with another human ship, but the captain appears to be another Manchurian Agent. Quite in keeping with the frequent grimness of the Nation spin-off humans vs. Daleks stories that the novel riffs off.
  • Garden of Evil: The Skaro biome conservatory where the TARDIS first arrives in The Only Good Dalek.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Both Trantor and the altered Dalek mutant in The Only Good Dalek, and Lord Helcombe's son in The Dalek Project.
  • Manchurian Agent: Trantor in The Only Good Dalek.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: The Only Good Dalek is based around arguments as to whether this is even possible for Daleks.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Lord Hellcombe's son
  • Shout-Out: The Only Good Dalek has a giant-clam-choking number of Shout Outs to 1960s Terry Nation and later Dalek stories:
    • The petrified forest, the Magnedon, and Daleks running on static electricity from "The Daleks".
    • The Slyther and Robomen from "The Dalek Invasion of Earth".
    • Varga plants, and references to Bret Vyon and Sara Kingdom, from "The Daleks' Master Plan".
    • The idea of a Dalek scientifically altered to be "nice" from "The Evil of the Daleks".
    • Ogrons from "Day of the Daleks" and "Frontier In Space".
    • A Dalek Manchurian Agent making a Heroic Sacrifice from "Resurrection of the Daleks"
    • Commander Trantor's name sounds suspiciously like Terry Nation's frequently-used character name "Tarrant", and in one panel a character actually calls him "Tarrant".
  • Whole Episode Flashback / Framing Device: The Dalek Project begins in the 21st century with the Doctor saving a group of archaeologists who accidentally dig up a small number of leftover Daleks, and then moves into him telling them the story of how the Daleks ended up buried in Northern France.
  • World War I: The Dalek Project.