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Show us your Karate. And love.

Tōshō Daimos (闘将ダイモス, Tōshō Daimosu, Fighting General Daimos, Hero Fighter Daimos, Great Leader Daimos, or just Daimos) is the third entry of Tadao Nagahama's Robot Romance Trilogy (or often shortened the Nagahama Romance), preceded by Combattler V and Voltes V.

Daimos tells the story of Earth being invaded by a race of Winged Humanoids called the Barmians/Balmians, all due to failed peace negotiations that took a great toll on both sides. The Earth is outmatched, but they have hope in form of the Motion-Capture Mecha Daimos, piloted by the Karate champ Kazuya Ryuuzaki. But problems arise when Kazuya himself meets a mysterious girl named Erika, and falls in love... and later finds out that she is the Princess of the Barmians, and the sister of the head of the invaders, Prince Richter, to boot.

Just like its predecessor Voltes V, Daimos features alien enemies that turn out to be similar, though it still follows the Monster of the Week formula.

In May 2023, there are reports that GMA Network is considering to adapt Daimos to a live-action series, following Voltes V: Legacy.

Has a sequel manga.

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Daimos provides examples of:

  • Action Bomb: Episode ten featured a Mecha Soldier designed to latch on Daimos and detonate the nuke built in its body.
  • Aerith and Bob: Seen in the Starbirds adaptation because of some of the choices made. Some of the characters kept their original names (Erika and Nana). Some of them, human and alien, had them changed to Western names (Richter becomes Roderick, Kyoushiro becomes Duncan). And Kazuya, not that weird a name, becomes Kelly Hunter.
  • Afro Asskicker: Kyoushirou is LITERALLY an Afro Samurai
  • Airborne Aircraft Carrier: Guranrol and Cobrard. Both could carry around combat troops and several Mecha Soldiers. The first was equipped with giant missiles and four giant blades that could be turned in giant spinning cutters. The second was equiped with four-headed cobras that fired green lasers and a turret shot tinier missiles.
  • Alien Invasion: The Barmians had no intention of invading Earth and wanted negotiating a peaceful settlement. However, the death by poisoning of their Emperor and the belief of Terrans had assassinated him changed that.
  • Aliens Are Bastards: Averted. Although someone who will be not mentioned -coughMiwacough- was convinced of it, Barmians are not different than humans and most of them are decent people; unfortunately the actual mastermind of the war/invasion, Olban, is a bastard. It overall shows that humans and aliens aren't so different, they have their own equal share of good people and bastards.
  • All Love Is Unrequited:
    • Sayuri goes from despising Kazuya to falling for him because of his kindness, before acknowledging that his heart belongs to another woman.
    • Nana also had a crush in Kazuya growing up and her A Day in the Limelight episode has her acknowledge his feelings for Erika and accept that she can't change his mind.
    • Reiko has a crush on Kyoshiro, but her Upper-Class Twit attitude is so grating to him that he's actually scared of her. He is releived when, after being forced to rescue her from the Baam-seijin, Reiko declares that she no longer loves him.
    • Raiza has a crush on Richter. However, Richter nonchalantly slaps and hits her, calls her useless and tries to have her replaced with more competent generals. Nevertheless, Raiza keeps trying to wiggle into his good graces, only to be met with further abuse each time.
  • All There in the Manual: The Roman Robo Anime Climax Selection and Tadao Nagahama: Robot Romance Animation Chronicle Infobook have many behind-the-scenes information and meta elements regarding the show.
  • Anti-Villain: All of the Baam antagonists except for Olban and his lackey, Georiya. They're just trying to ensure their people survive.
  • Armed Legs: Daimos does Kazuya's karate, which involves a variety of kicks. On top of that, Daimos has retractable blades on its feet whenever it does its special move, "Hissatsu Reppuu Daimos Kick".
  • Assassin Outclassin': During the series finale, turns out all of Erika's love-betraying actions were to put her in a position close enough to Olban and then kill him on spot. Unfortunately, Olban was Properly Paranoid in terms of Erika's sudden acceptance, so he managed to thwart the attempt just in time.
  • Award-Bait Song: The closing theme "Erika No Ballad". It sums up the Star-Crossed Lovers plotline right off the bat.
  • Badass Bookworm: In an episode where Dr. Izumi is at risk of dying, a flashback reveals it was him who trained Kazuya in martial arts. Kazuya even uses a move he was taught by Izumi to defeat the two enemy robots he's fighting.
  • Battle Couple: In a spinoff manga featuring the Nagahama Romance robots, Erika gets her own mecha, Phobos (a.k.a. Deimos and Phobos, the moons of Mars), which allows her to fight with Deimos and do a Combination Attack.
  • Beard of Evil: In this series, if you have facial hair, then you would be considered an irredeemable bad guy. Olban's nice, thick beard and Miwa's pointy mustache are good example for this, whereas cleanly shaved faces signify either good guys or morally grey. There are exactly one inversion for each types in this though, Prof. Izumi also has a beard, but he's a Reasonable Authority Figure, whereas Georiya is cleanly shaved, but he's Olban's #1 lackey and equally evil.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: In episode 32, it's said that New Zealand was devastated from a war at some point in the past, but thanks to the support of the Baam Peace Corps, the country was able to get back on its feet. To repay their kindness, New Zealand welcomed Baam refugees and allowed them to have their own colony, Utopia, where both humans and Baamites live in peace.
  • Big Applesauce: The first episode opens with Barmians blowing up New York, complete with the newly constructed World Trade Center twin towers.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • Earth and Barm make peace, Kazuya and Erika reunite, but Richter died in a Heroic Sacrifice committed suicide.
    • Not to mention the lives of so many Humans and Barmians were needlessly lost in a war neither side wanted.
  • The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In: Often, when someone lost his sword, it landed point-first on the ground. It happened to enemies but also to Kyoshiro.
  • Blood-Splattered Wedding Dress: Not literally, but Erika is about to be executed in her mother's wedding dress, and then wears another when she's about to marry Olban, and we know how that turned out.
  • Brainwashed: Very much implied at one episode when Erika was shown a machine that allows her to think of happy thoughts and reduce her stress with her Baam friend Cindy, and Erika's first suspicious response is if it's a machine that will drill up teachings that Humans Are Bastards and should die (it's not) to her brain. This gives the implication that many Baam soldiers (especially those under Olban) were practically indoctrinated to hate humans, making them very fanatic or at best REALLY fearful against humans.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Very, very much so.
  • Compilation Movie: One titled Starbirds: The Movie was produced by 3-B Productions, the same people who did Tranzor Z. It features a whole new round of Dub Name Changes ("Kazuya" becomes "Kelly", "Kyoshiro" becomes "Duncan") and Dub Induced Plot Holes (natural when cutting a 44 episode series down to a 72 minute movie), but is overall fairly coherent. It's actually speculated to be in the Public Domain, as it has popped up as a dollar store DVD release more than once.
  • Cool Car: Kazuya's Tryper 75S, which boards a Cool Tranzer which in turn transforms into a Cool Mecha.
  • Cute Machines: When he's not snarking and wisecracking, Cairo can be this.
  • Death of a Child: In the second episode, a kid spends a short while egging Kazuya and Erika on to kiss. Later, when the enemy attacks, an explosion destroys the greenhouse he had gone into. Kazuya and Erika bolt to the place and find him lying between the rubble. The kid opens his eyes and asks Kazuya if he "got lucky" before dying as Kazuya is holding him in his arms.
  • Diagonal Cut: Daimos does this to a enemy mecha in episode 8. And he did not it with a bladed weapon but with its hand.
  • Everything Sounds Sexier in French: One episode deals with Kyoshiro dealing with Reiko, his former female student whom he taught French, and in order to shut her up for a time, he told her to memorize "Je t'aime"/"I love you". That was the only thing she remembered literally, including mistaking it as a sexy declaration of love, much to Kyoshiro's dismay.
  • Evil Laugh: Olban. In the English dub, he laughs at Daimos for being unable to penetrate his space station's shields. Later he does it again when Kazuya gets distracted by Margarete's death and suddenly finds himself under endless barrage from defensive turret.
  • Expository Theme Tune: "Beat them, beat them, as long as you have strength. Show them your karate." And the closing credits tune narrates Starcrossed Lovers Erika and Kazuya love story.
  • Expressive Mask: Of a fashion. The frontal part of Daimos' head is shaped like a human face. Although it seems emotionless by default (during transformation sequence, for example) it is somehow capable of making facial expressions — like opening mouth when hit, as if screaming in pain — despite being a piece of metal.
  • Fantastic Racism: Mostly thanks to sever cases of Poor Communication Kills.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: The Baam have Western names, Ancient Egyptian or Greco-Roman culture and their religion looks Christian.
  • First Contact: The Emperor initiated it, hoping it led to a peaceful collaboration and understanding among both peoples. Unfortunately, not all shared his ideals.
  • Going to Give It More Energy: In one Daimos episode a Robeast shows up that is capable of disintegrating matter - such as tanks, missiles and jet fighters - turning it into energy, and absorbing it. Kazuya was at a loss on how to defeat it, until he decided to test how much matter it could absorb by feeding it a forty-five-meters-tall Humongous Mecha.
  • Hate Sink: Unlike Prince Richter — who at least has a Freudian Excuse for his actions in that Earthlings supposedly murdered his father, does care (to an extent) about his own men and is a valiant warrior himself — Miwa is driven just by his sheer, unmitigated hatred towards Baam people simply because they're not humans, displays total disregard towards the life of both his own man and civilians he's supposed to protect who might get killed in the crossfire and always takes a backseat during the battle while sending rank-and-file soldiers to certain death with zero remorse. When Kazuya is delivering a much-deserved No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to that bastard, not only you don't feel sorry for the latter at all, but can't help but encourage the hero to hit him harder.
  • Hero Ball: The good guys certainly take a lot of time to figure out that Erika is just pretending to be into marrying Olban while secretly planning to murder him. Despite being blackmailed into marrying him in the first place, and her reaction when she realizes she shot Kazuya with an actual bullet. The bad guys, including the future husband himself, are much more suspicious of her new-found loyalty.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • Halleck in episode 9.
    • And later Balbas in episode 35, after his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Home Base: The Space Daimobic, which has multiple functions of The Battlestar, Space Base and Mission Control.
  • Hot-Blooded Sideburns: Kazuya, lampshaded in the intro. When he is doing his karate, a close-up of the sun can be seen behind him.
  • Incurable Cough of Death: Aizam, Richter's buddy. It didn't kill him, though.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Will always surely hunt down and smack Miwa in the ass. Early in the series, he gets turned into a Butt-Monkey whenever he's being pissy and contrarian against the good guys. Later in the series, he jumps off the slippery slope and then Kazuya beat him to near death and he got arrested and stripped from his position. Reappear in Super Robot Wars to do more harm than good for self-serving reasons? Literally killed!
  • Launcher Move: Double Blizzard sends an enemy flying up, and on the way down it is jump kicked into oblivion, Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Daimos' fist or Clean Cut down the middle by a karate chop. It gets upgraded later in the series into Fire Blizzard, which follows a Freezer Storm, thanks to the enemy upgrading their robots' armor.
  • Made of Explodium: Some Robeasts exploded even if Kazuya only had punched through them or sliced in two pieces with a karate chop or sweeping kick. It was justified in the episode 9, though, when he fought a mecha that had a nuke inside.
  • Manly Tears: And Kazuya is not ashamed of shedding them!
  • McNinja: Baam assassins heavily resemble ninjas, despite Planet Baam being Greco-Roman inspired.
  • Motion-Capture Mecha: One of the first in animation history. There was at least one before; the South Korean cartoon Robot Taekwon V (so named because its pilot was a Tae Kwon Do champ who used martial arts to fight the Monster of the Week) which, apart from this gimmick started out as a cheap knockoff of Mazinger Z.
  • My God, What Have I Done? / Driven to Suicide: Richter had the realization of the former in the last episode and drove him to the latter, but not before saving the lives of everybody in the Barmians' space station first.
  • My Nayme Is: the Italian dub, as opposed to most others, avoids Dub Name Change, but a lot of names is pronounced differently, if not weirdly: for example, Richter becomes "Richiter", Geroiya is pronounced either "Gero" or "Guerroyer" and Balbas is "Valbas".
  • The Neidermeyer: Miwa Sakimori is this, and a General Ripper. He mostly hides behind his soldiers, or Daimos itself from danger. And when opportunity presents, he'll show his extreme racist tendencies by shooting actually harmless Barmians. And all that's in his mind is... well, you guessed it, promotions. And even amongst humans themselves, Miwa categorizes them to 'useful people' (those who can help his war effort), or 'useless people' (people that can count as acceptable sacrifices in war not worth moutning... like innocent people)
  • Nigh-Invulnerable: Later in the series, monsters of the week are often equipped with Unobtainium armor which makes attacks bounce off as if from a rubber band. It takes a combination of severe heat and cold to render them brittle.
  • Obviously Evil: One look at Georiya and you just knew he had something to do with the death of the previous Baam emperor and Kazuya's father.
  • Once per Episode: Every episode, to transform and activate Daimos, Kazuya yelled "Daimos, Battle Turn!", as -pretty uselessly- performing a kata with his arms.
  • Otherworldly Technicolour Hair: While most of the Baam-seijin have standard hair colours like the blonde-haired Richter and the chestnut-haired Olban, some Baam like Raiza and Gurney have green hair and others like Barandock and Himley have blue hair. Even Erika's hair (black in canon) is portrayed as green in some supplementary material.
  • Pet the Dog: In the earlier episode, even Miwa proved to be able to do this in his own dickish way. When Kyoshiro failed to save Erika from falling from a cliff (she survives because of being a Baam), he proceeded to take away all of the accusations he had about Kazuya being a possible Baam spy, personally got him out of the containment and genuinely expressed his condolences that Erika was KIA. While he did say insensitive things afterwards, he wasn't acting like a dick like usual. Take note that this was the only time Miwa acted decent. Afterwards, it's a series of Jumping Off the Slippery Slope for him.
  • Personal Space Invader: In episode 9, a Battle Robot loaded with nukes latches in Daimos to blow it up. Kazuya could not get rid of it, and it took an enemy committing Heroic Sacrifice to save his life.
  • The Power of Love: Other than Daimos, THIS is Kazuya's forte. He even develops a combo attack with Erika based on love in the Victory Five manga!
  • Princess Protagonist: Downplayed. Erika is the princess of her people, but she's the Deuteragonist, the audience's go-to main character when it comes to the non-human race (Barmians).
  • Ramming Always Works: Ramming its fist -or itself- through the enemy is one of the actual attacks from Daimos, and often Kazuya uses it like a Finishing Move.
  • Redemption Equals Death: For several bad guys.
  • Robeast: Mecha Soldiers.
  • Robot Buddy: There's one in the Daimobic. Sometimes the crew finds it helpful and endearing. Other times they want to disassembly it.
  • Robot Romance Trilogy: The final entry.
  • Samurai: Kazuya's buddy Kyoshiro, the original Afro Samurai.
  • Say My Name: "ERIKAAAAA!!!", also followed by "KAZUYAAAAA!!!!" or "RICHAAAARD!!!!"
  • Shoryuken:
  • Spanner in the Works: Olban's plan for world domination started to unravel when it was overheard by Himley, Balbas' little brother, who was about to report about the cruelty of Georiya towards Anti-Olban peace movements, which was ordered by Olban in the first place.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Kazuya and Erika. Kazuya is an earthling martial artist defending the Earth against the race of winged aliens invading it, among which Erika is a part of as their princess. They fall in love.
  • Strong Family Resemblance:
    • Averted with Erika, who doesn't look anything like her parents, Leon and Roji. Leon as a youth had brown hair that was somewhat unkempt and Roji had luscious, blonde, curly locks, but Erika's hair is thin, black and styled in a Hime Cut.
    • Played straight with Richter who looks the spitting image of Roji.
  • Super Robot: Daimos is of the last ones before the advent of the Real Robot Genre with the release of Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979 (the same year as Daimos's final episode).
  • Telescoping Robot: The ornament on Daimos's chest are in reality two daggers, and they covered a hatch opened up to reveal its Chest Blaster. Its feet are also armed with retractable spikes for good measure.
  • To the Batpole!: Kazuya's boarding/transformation sequence clocks in at over two minutes long.
  • Training from Hell: Kazuya, in terms of how he got back to shape from rehabilitation.
  • Transformation Name Announcement: After shouting "JUST IN!" and having Kazuya's Cool Car enter the rear of Daimos in truck trailer "Tranzer" form, he then travels from driver seat to the main Tranzer cockpit, where he gets hooked up with cables on his arms and shoulders before announcing, "DAIMOS BATTLE TURN!", which starts the Daimos Transformation Sequence.
  • Transforming Mecha:
  • The Three Faces of Eve:
    • Erika is the calm, intelligent, reflective, prudent and reluctant to do anything rash wife.
    • Liza is the hot and sensual seductress, using her body charms to get what she wants.
    • Nana is the young, temperamental, rash child.
  • Tricked-Out Shoes: Daimos had rockets on its feet AND retractable spikes to simultaneously kick and stab Robeasts with.
  • Underwater Base: The Baam Home Base on Earth was located on the bottom of the ocean.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Miwa managed to invoke Kazuya's rage and PAID for it.
  • Variable-Length Chain: The "Daimos Chain Shark" is composed of variable length chains with a hook that shoot from above Daimos's hands.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child:
    • Do not even think of hurting a child in front of Kazuya Ryuuzaki lest you have your face rearranged.
    • In episode 2, a child got killed during the enemy air raid. Kazuya snapped, instantly got in his Humongous Mecha and utterly tore apart the Robeast enemy.


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