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This page lists the characters and tropes appearing in the anime Daimos. There will be spoilers, so tread with care.

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Main Characters

    Kazuya Ryuuzaki 
Voiced by: Akira Kamiya

The main character of the series. An astronaut, karateka and pilot of the titular machine Daimos. Kazuya's father Isamu was killed during an attempt to broker peace between the Balmians. During his first battle with Daimos, Kazuya found an amnesiac girl named Erika and fell in love, despite eventually learning that she was actually the Princess of Balm. His love continue to drive him forward despite others warning him and along the way, he also learned that the Balmians are more than just mere invading people and also how some of the men that fought for his side weren't that squeaky clean and good.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Kazuya is an idealistic man fighting for love, and in lighthearted times, act like a relaxed friend to Kyoshiro and an inspiring brother figure to Nana, and of course, will commit himself to the defense of Earth in his own way. He'll try to be nice with even the most obstructive man, but cross the line too much and that's it, no more Mr. Nice Guy, he'll beat the crap out of you without mercy.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Aside of activating Daimos' weaponry, he has a ton of special finishing moves, and you bet he'll call out each one of them. "Hissatsu! Reppu! Daimo Kick/Chop!/Seikenzuki!"
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: He can cut down and shatter weapons with just bare-handed punches or kicks, even on foot! And this is even translated to Daimos: Using Reppu Seikenzuki means he punches so hard, Daimos' fist impales through the enemy robot.
  • Heartbroken Badass: Near the end of the series, as part of her Batman Gambit, Erika betrayed her relationship with Kazuya. This made Kazuya utterly heartbroken... but even if he was in pain due to the betrayal, he still summoned enough willpower to finish the mission of brokering peace between humans and Balmians... the willpower ends up being doubled when he eventually learned that Erika was just staging her betrayal.
  • The Hero: Of the series. As opposed to his other Nagahama compatriots, Kazuya pilots alone, though he sometimes has backup from Kyoshiro and Nana.
  • Hot-Blooded: He's a hero of a 70's Super Robot anime and is voiced by Akira Kamiya. There's just no way he can't be this.
  • The Idealist: People around him are usually sarcastic about love and the nature of Balmians. On the other hand, Kazuya continued to believe in The Power of Love and the good within all living beings. For the most part, he's proven right although sometimes he found exceptions.
  • Idiot Hero: Downplayed. Kazuya is not really stupid, but he's absolutely guileless and thinks with his heart more than with his brain.
  • Manly Tears: And he has tons of it to spare, upon witnessing things like Erika's situation or finding noble men all around that ended up sacrificing their lives for the greater good, Kazuya will let the waterworks flow.
  • Multi-Melee Master: Besides the Bare-Fisted Monk method of fighting that Daimos uses, it has no less than eight melee weapons that it frequently uses. Considering that Daimos is a Motion-Capture Mecha, it means that Kazuya must be good at using these weapons himself.
  • The Power of Love: Whenever he thinks of Erika and his love for her, his willpower gets boosted that he could turn around difficult battles.
  • Rage-Breaking Point: Kazuya prefers diplomacy, words, or at worst harsh warnings when it comes to racism, especially by Miwa. But the moment Miwa is seen gunning down human and Balm civilians, Kazuya goes absolutely apeshit and wants nothing but to kill Miwa with his bare hands.
  • Star Crossed Lover: His forbidden love with Erika drives the majority of the story.
  • Training from Hell: When he was 14, he got into an accident, which forced him into a rehabilitation and it looked more like the trope. Kazuya survived all those, becoming an even more powerful fighter afterwards.
  • You Killed My Father: Actually averted and it shows a great contrast with Richter. Kazuya lost his father against the Balmians, but he didn't make it a super big deal unlike Richter who was consumed with vengeance over his father's death.

Voiced by: Miyuki Ueda

The heroine of the series. The peace-loving princess of Balm, Erika saw her father Leon assassinated during a peace conference and she mistakenly thought she had a hand in the death of Earth's representative Isamu Ryuuzaki. She's ordered by General Olban to assist her brother Richter in invading Earth for vengeance and atonement, working as a field medic, but ended up struck with amnesia and was recovered by Kazuya Ryuuzaki and fell in love. She regained her memories quickly enough and with heavy heart, returned to her brother, but not only her love with Kazuya, her supposed enemy and the son of the man she thought she accidentally killed, persisted and created conflict with her, her fellow Balmians, especially Richter, didn't take her relationship well...

  • Break the Cutie: The sheer amount of breaking this poor girl experienced throughout the series is just jaw-dropping.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: One of Erika's biggest feats near the end of the series. To get closer to Olban and accomplish her and Kazuya's mission to ensure peace between Earthlings and Balmians, Erika shot Kazuya with a real gun and pretended like she was only toying with him and was willing to get the power from being with Olban, leaving Kazuya utterly heartbroken. Of course, if she didn't do that, she wouldn't be in a position to attempt to assassinate Olban and causing a chain of events that ends with Olban's death, their mission accomplished and Kazuya learning the truth.
  • Love Hurts: Oh dear God. Sure, Kazuya did suffer through their love, but Erika just got heavier shits on her side, from being ostracized by a majority of her race, disowned by her brother, and even she starts thinking that she's better off dead or being hated by Kazuya for thinking of killing his father by accident. But their love still prevails in the end.
  • The Medic: She heads the Balmian invading force's field medic division before amnesia hit in.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Erika is a proper lady through and through, but she has the willpower of steel that allows her to go through the hardest times or do brave things.
  • Star Crossed Lover: The love between her and Kazuya drive through the story.
  • You Killed My Father: Two ways:
    • First, after learning the truth, she's really cross with Olban for masterminding her father's death and did her best to give her middle finger to him.
    • Second, because of thinking that she accidentally killed Kazuya's father, she tried so hard to invoke this trope to Kazuya, just so he'll suffer less and she thought she didn't deserve him this way. Kazuya proceeded to defy all those, which made her happy.

Daimovic Base

    Kyoshiro Yuzuki 
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Sogabe (TV series), Kiyoyuki Yanada (Super Robot Wars)

Kazuya's best friend and pilot of the combat plane Galva FX-II. He's a fellow astronaut and an expert swordsman. As opposed to the idealistic Kazuya, Kyoshiro is a much more pragmatic person when it comes to war, but when push comes to shove, he will continue to stay and support Kazuya.

  • Afro Asskicker: His head is on afro style and he does occasionally go over for humor, but don't let that fool you: First and foremost, he's an expert swordsman and a competent combat plane pilot.
  • Badass Teacher: While not shown often, this guy is fluent in French and used to tutor the language to a noblewoman. Though it ends up with hilarious results.
  • Cultured Badass: Kyoshiro is a masterful swordsman who is often heard quoting philosophers.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Kyoshiro spent his childhood in France because his parents fled to France due to his grandfather Ittousai disapproved his father's artistic lifestyle which caused his mother to abandon any notions to become the Heir to the Dojo as grandfather wanted. Life in France turned out to be harsher that his parents struggled to make money with arts, his father then died in a car accident, then after being driven out to streets in poverty, Kyoshiro witnessed his mother succumbing to sickness and he had to fend for himself alone until he could return to Japan. This bitter experience caused him to develop a much more pragmatic view in life compared to Kazuya and refusing to acknowledge Ittousai as his grandfather, but merely his sword instructor.
  • Master Swordsman: He swings his katana that he carries everywhere just as fine as Kazuya throws his punches.
  • Pragmatic Hero: Unlike Kazuya who's all heels over love, Kyoshiro is a much more reserved man who understood the dangers of war and love could sometimes be an obstacle. He'll chastise Kazuya over some blockheaded decisions in the name of love, but he's also very much against Miwa's extremism.
  • True Companions: In true 70's style, Kyoshiro and Kazuya may bicker and trade punches to each other, but they still trust each other to cover their backs.

    Nana Izumi 
Voiced by: Youko Kuri (TV series), Konami Yoshida (Super Robot Wars)

Granddaughter of Daimovic Base commander Shinichirou and adopted little sister of Kazuya as well as the subpilot of Galva FX-II along with Kyoshiro. Nana admired Kazuya in just about everything and continued to support his quest. For a little girl, she's also a crack shot when given a gun.

  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She doesn't like the idea of other girls getting close to Kazuya.
  • The Gunslinger: Nana is surprisingly skilled with a gun.
  • Nice Girl: Though she may be clingy, she's a genuinely kind girl who does her best to help others around her.

    Shinichiro Izumi 
Voiced by: Hisashi Katsuta

The commander of Daimovic Base and Kazuya's adopted father after the death of Isamu. Shinichiro is a capable commander, but is also a relaxed man who understood his men's needs and doesn't mind hanging around with them for fun. He's also a former karateka and taught Kazuya such martial arts.


Voiced by: Miyoko Aso

The Daimovic base servant as well as the nanny of both Kazuya and Nana. She's boisterous and has a short temper, but is also caring.

Voiced by: You Inoue

The Daimovic operating robot assistant. Aside of assisting Shinichiro, he's also a wisecracking robot that snarks on certain situations and usually serve as a comedy relief usually in conjunction with Okane.

Voiced by: Masako Nozawa

Okane's nephew that only appeared in the latter quarter of the show. A Bratty Half-Pint that generally causes trouble to the people around him, but he generally means no serious harm.


Other Earthlings

    Isamu Ryuuzaki 
Voiced by: Shōzō Iizuka

Kazuya's father. A man with visions for peace and understanding between humans and aliens. He almost succeeded in brokering peace between humans and Balmians, but due to a misunderstanding, he was shot dead by one of the Balmians, with Erika thinking she did the deed.

    Sakimori Miwa 
Voiced by: Tamio Ohki

A representative general of the United Nations in charge of the defense of Earth. A bigot that believed that all aliens are monsters and will do everything to exterminate them without mercy. He's constantly at odds with the Daimovic base and especially Kazuya for not following his extremist ways and continues to accuse and threaten them. This eventually peaked when he murdered several defenseless Balmians personally, only for Kazuya to stop playing nice and gave him a severe beating before Kyoshiro revealed that he has done a lot of corruption within the UN, and once found out, he's to be arrested and stripped from all of his power.

  • A Real Man Is a Killer: Basically, this is what Miwa adheres. If a man is set to destroy/kill something, then it's a real man. When Kazuya, out of Despair Event Horizon with the information of Erika dying, steeled himself to destroy Balmlings, Miwa praised him, stating that it was truly how a real man would act. It landed him a punch in the face by Kyoshiro.
  • Butt-Monkey: In the early parts, he's usually playing the role of The Complainer Is Always Wrong because he kept complaining about the Daimovic's methods. Later on, it's averted when his crimes got really serious that they couldn't take him as a joke anymore.
  • Death by Adaptation: Expect him to die a Karmic Death in many a Super Robot Wars game, a video game series that is otherwise known for allowing the player to save characters who canonically die in their home series, Super Robot Wars Advance being the lone exception to this rule thus far.
  • Fantastic Racism: To an extreme degree, he's the show's shining example of racism by humankind.
  • General Ripper: To a really unhealthy degree. He's driven with his utter hatred against Balmians and his desire to get on the top of the power chain.
  • Good Hair, Evil Hair: Sports a pencil mustache. Doesn't twirl it as much, but it sure shows that he's supposed to be a bad man.
  • Hate Sink: In between his extreme racism, his disregard to even human lives as long as it gets to his goal of more promotion and power, and constantly being an obstacle to Daimovic and the efforts of peace between humans and Balmians, you're supposed to cheer when Kazuya yells at him or finally let it rip on him.
  • Humans Are Bastards: He's the in-universe example for Erika and Richter. On witnessing his brutality subjected on her and her mentor firsthand, Erika admitted to Kazuya that she thought all humans were wonderful, but seeing Miwa changed her mind (though not completely generalizing the race). Richter had the unfortunate fate that every time he meets a human other than Kazuya, it's always Miwa and people like him, therefore concluding that every humans are barbarous beings that cannot stand together with Balmians in peace.
  • Jerkass: Even before his true colors are shown, Miwa shows himself to be a nasty and disagreeable man.
  • The Neidermeyer: All of his attempts to defend against Balmians end in failure, and he'll gladly take 'acceptable human casualties', but he'll expect Daimos to save the day and his own hide. Even Kazuya is not pleased, and he eventually loses patience with Miwa altogether.
  • Pet the Dog: Surprisingly, he does have one instance of doing so in Episode 6, when he gives his condolences to Kazuya when it looks like Erika has died, and apologizes for thinking she was a spy. Unfortunately, this turns out to be an isolated moment.
  • Pointy-Haired Boss: Well, more like spiky-haired, but the point still stands that he fits a lot of this trope's incompetence.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Bar none, for a show that tries to highlight Grey-and-Gray Morality on both sides, Miwa is unique among the human characters for his extreme racism and disregard for the lives of both Balmians and his own men. While there a few racist human characters, they were either a small portion of nameless crowds or eventually learned the errors of their ways. Miwa, on the other hand, is evil through and through.

    Douglas Banks 
A representative and scientist of New Zealand, approving the peace between humans and Balmians. He became a liaison between Daimovic and Utopia, and helping Daimos in many ways.

Balmian Army

Voiced by: Osamu Ichikawa

The son of Admiral Leon and Erika's brother, an extremely proud Balmian with the spirit of its warrior. On witnessing his father's death, he was eager to become the commander of Earth invasion force to avenge his father. He loved his sister, but became extremely cross when he found out about her forbidden love with Kazuya, gaining an obsession to defeat him to restore his and Erika's pride as true Balmians. His noble side prevailed when he found out about certain dirty tactics at work from within his people, especially about his commanding general Olban which has something to do about his father's death which is not exactly how he imagined.

  • Aloof Big Brother: He certainly cared about Erika, but he's too duty-bound to set an example for his own people. And while he disowned her due to her love deal, he was actually grief-stricken that he could only cope by thinking that the Erika he knew was dead. All those got better by the final arc, but he's still very aloof.
  • The Atoner: After helping Kazuya avert the crash of Small Balm to Jupiter, he silently committed suicide by setting himself to crash to Jupiter, knowing that peace would never come as long as he, who used to be the face of Balm invasion force that caused the deaths of many humans, is still around and he has to atone for that.
  • Expy: Pretty much the successor of the previous series' Prince Heinel, being the antagonistic blonde big brother of one of the main protagonists and an aloof rival with some noble sides.
  • Manly Tears: Even if he's technically a villain, Richter isn't afraid to cry when situation calls, such as the death of his best friend Aizam who fought because he'd rather die in combat than in sickbed, fighting for Richter and the Balmian cause to the bitter end.
  • Noble Demon: He's more or less very gung-ho when it comes to invading the Earth, but he's still a honorable, caring prince to his people and certainly prefers a fair combat like true warriors.
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen: During a proposed duel with Kazuya, Richter wields a spear and shield and offers Kazuya to wield a pair too, since it'll make the fight fairer to him. Though Kazuya refuses and instead proceeds to beat him with just karate, and broke the spear and shield for good measure.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: The epitome of the trope for the Balmians. Richter knows that the Balmians, him included, are also born for combat and holds that trait with pride, along with some ideals like "Better die than to be taken prisoner".
  • Revenge Before Reason: The sight of his father being killed unfairly clouded Richter's reasoning side with vengeance, believing that all humans are backstabbing bastards. And his encounter with mankind being mostly Balm-hating warmongers like Miwa certainly didn't help his opinion.
  • Warrior Prince: He's the prince of his people and he'll not go down without a fight.

Voiced by: Kazuko Yanaga

A female lieutenant of the Balm Invasion Force, Richter's right hand woman. She's fiercely loyal to Richter and continued to support him through his path. She's responsible in creating many Battle Robots to be sent out against Earth

Voiced by: Shōzō Iizuka

A big, burly Balm Invasion Force lieutenant that serves as Richter's right hand man, occasionally teaming up with Raiza. He presented himself as a typical brute, but eventually it was revealed that he had a noble side as well.

Voiced by: Hisashi Katsuta

Formerly the chief advisor of Admiral Leon, he was promoted to General and later King in order to commence the assault to Earth to ensure a home for the Balmians. However, that was just a front: In truth he orchestrated the death of Leon and later Isamu to seize power for himself and to rule Balm with an iron fist on his own term.

Voiced by: Kazuya Tatekabe

Olban's trusted henchman, complicit in all his plotting and crimes. In truth, he was the only one that had Admiral Leon killed and was the one who killed Isamu and made it look like an accident committed by Richter and Erika. He continues to carry on Olban's orders without any remorse to what happened to his people.

Other Balmians

The chief Admiral of Balmians, trying to save his people after planet Balm were devastated by a meteor by looking for a new planet to inhabit, in which he chose Earth. He's a man that desired peaceful co-existence, but thanks to the plot of Olban, he ended up being killed by poison and the Earthlings were blamed for this.

Voiced by: Miyoko Aso

Richter and Erika's nanny, who believed in their inherent goodness. After Erika's fall from grace, Margarete continued to be the only one that believed in Erika and becoming her confidant.

    Gurney Halleck 
Voiced by: Hiroya Ishimaru

A Balmian criminal sentenced with life in prison and gladiator fights, only to be released by Richter to defeat Kazuya. However, in process, he ended up respecting Kazuya's fighter spirit and honor and urged for peace between Balmians and Earthlings, which infuriated Richter. After being freed by Erika, as a last act of honor, he sacrificed his life by hijacking a Battle Robot and taking it to space, sparing Kazuya from being blown up with its built-in bomb, stating that just like Erika, he believes that the day that the two will reunite and both races coming together in peace will come.

Voiced by: Makio Inoue

A Balmian reknown scientist, originally ordered by Olban to replace Richter as the invasion force commander, but he ended up swearing his loyalty to Richter instead. His research and improvement forced the Daimovic to implement great upgrades to Daimos, but Aizam hid a severe sickness, overworked himself and got himself into a fatal battle with the upgraded Daimos. Turns out, he wanted nothing more than a warrior's death instead of succumbing to his sickness, something he finally achieved.

Voiced by: Mari Okamoto

Erika's childhood friend. She collaborated with Margarete in her first attempts to get Erika out of detainment and reunite with Kazuya, but it only got her captured and tortured. Later on, she sacrificed her life to let Margarete go on with her plan to prevent Erika from being executed.

Voiced by: Masato Ibu
Olban's frivilous nephew, usually seen being drunk and using his links with his uncle to order people around. He snatched Erika from Richter using that, but no sooner afterwards, he reveals himself to be actually cunning and good-hearted, opposing his uncle's iron fist and seeking to pave way for peace between Balmians and humans. He was unfortunately short-lived, but managed to inherit his will to Erika.

Voiced by: Kenji Utsumi

A Balmian leader of Utopia, a sanctioned place in New Zealand where humans and Balmians live together in peace and seeking to spread the philosophy worldwide. He gave Erika shelter and aided Daimos in secret since exposing their presence would put them in peril from both humans and Balmians. Unfortunately his cover was blown, but he also inherited his will to Erika.

Voiced by: Ryūsei Nakao

Balbas' little brother and part of Small Balm's peacekeeping force, which came under fire due to clashing with Olban's megalomaniacal way. When Georiya had his parents (and to an extent, Balbas' too) murdered out of 'treason' by his secret police, Himley was about to report such injustice to Olban, but ended up learning that Olban was behind everything. He managed to relay everything he knew to Richter and his men, but Georiya's men caught up to him and then he died protecting Raiza to make sure Richter lives and save Balm from Olban.