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The Three Faces of Eve

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Mrs, Ms, and Missy.
Image by lumi-mae. Used with permission.
A trio of ladies: the steady, wise Wife, the sexual, often lively Seductress, and the innocent Child.

The Wife is the calmer, more reliable personality, and is someone around whom one could build a home life. This does not necessarily mean she is motherly. The Seductress is passionate, sexually experienced and independent. The "Child" (who does not have to be a literal child) is innocent, perhaps painfully so, sweet and kind.

Sometimes The Wife can also be the Seductress and vice versa, being not only calm, reliable, and motherly, but also passionate, sexually experienced, flirtatious, and independent.

So in short, a triad of:

All three character types are considered to be very feminine — with Child representing Light Feminine, Seductress representing Dark Feminine and Wife being in the middle. Instead of butch, femme, and neither it's (lady-like) femme, (overtly sexy) femme, and (girly) femme.

As a Villainess Trio, the Wife is very often the calculating, informative villainess. The Seductress is the more hands-on, sadistic (sometimes even lewd) villainess. With the Child commonly posing as the deceptively naive, cutesy glue to hold them together.


  • Beauty, Brains, and Brawn which has attractive, smart, and tough while in this trope all three represent different kinds of beauty: pleasant, provocative, and pretty. Alternatively beautiful, sexy, and cute. If brains or brawn are attached, they could go to any of the three.
  • Freudian Trio (an all-female version) with the Id being the flirtatious, charming Seductress. The Superego being the dutiful, hardworking Wife, leaving the Ego as the impressionable, often conflicted Child. Of course, this can be played with.
  • Madonna-Whore Complex where any individual woman must be either "sexual and malevolent" or "virtuous and maternal", but cannot be anything else.
  • The Weird Sisters, where the personality distinction does not need to be present, and the three must be supernatural.

Compare and contrast:
  • The Hecate Sisters, where the "maiden" combines the naiveté of the child with the sexuality of the seductress, the "mother" combines the liveliness of the seductress with the maturity of the wife, and the "crone" combines the experience of the wife with the disinterest of the child. The Hecates can represent a lifelong cycle of youthful, matured, and elderly, where the Eves can represent a coming of age cycle of naive, exploring, and wise.
  • The Three Faces of Adam, the Spear Counterpart to The Hecate Sisters.

Named for the 1957 film The Three Faces of Eve, about a woman with multiple personalities representing each of these types.


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    Anime and Manga 
Generally, most Unwanted Harem series will have a dynamic among the potential love interests, with the child typically being the Token Mini-Moe.
  • Ah! My Goddess' three Goddesses:
    • Immature kid sister Skuld, who is the goddess of the future.
    • The calm, compassionate, and domestic Belldandy, goddess of the present.
    • The flirty, firey, half-demon Urd, goddess of the past.
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo has Aria, a childish, inexperienced tsundere, Shirayuki, a wifely Yamato Nadeshiko, and Riko who seduces people for both fun and profit.
  • Cat's Eye: The Kisugi sisters.
    • The Eldest sister Rui is the wise one who takes the place of the girls' Missing Mom.
    • Middle sister Hitomi is sexy and emotional and has a steady love interest
    • Youngest sister Ai is the Child: tomboyish, cheerful and a Wrench Wench
  • In Change 123, Motoko's three alternate personalities follow this mold. Mikiri is the innocent child, Hibiki is the Hot-Blooded seductress and Fujiko is the wise, motherly wife.
  • Daimos:
    • Erika is the calm, intelligent, reflective wife.
    • Raiza is sexy, sensual seductress who uses her feminine charms to get what she wants.
    • Nana is the young, temperamental, child.
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Three Kocho Sisters:
    • Kanae was the eldest and most caring sister, she isn't overtly flirtatious but kept a serene and whimsical nature about her. She was good-natured (a little too good) that although smoothed Shinobu's personality, ended up costing her life. (Seductress)
    • Shinobu was previously very critical, but mellowed-out overtime she became similar to Kanae, though deep down she still held great anger, for the demon that ruined her family. (Wife)
    • Kanao is the "Odd-One-Out" between the sisters, she's a pondering, quiet girl who is looking for meaning in her life. She couldn't express her thoughts and feelings, until Tanjiro got her to open-up more. (Child)
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA has the eventual main character trio Illya, Miyu and Chloe:
    • Illya is immature, optimistic and somewhat simple-minded, as well as being a literal child.
    • Miyu is a stoic and smart wife, who is supportive and protective of Illya as well as having many domestic skills.
    • Chloe is the seductress, being very open-minded about matters of love. She has to kiss other people a lot,since it's how she gets the energy she needs to live).
  • Food Wars!:
    • Among the Polaris girls, Megumi is the Wife, being the sweet, humble one of the trio with a talent for home cooking.
    • Ryoko is the Seductress, being the sexiest and most provocative of the three.
    • Yuuki is the Child, being the cheerful, energetic mood-maker of Polaris Dormitory.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka plays with this a bit, possibly unconsciously. Of the three women who show interest in Onizuka:
    • Tomoko is clearly the child, being cute, innocent, and full of Incorruptible Pure Pureness.
    • Urumi acts the most like the seductress, but she's as sexually inexperienced as the other two.
    • Azusa is the wife, being the only adult and the most sensible, though she has her moments of immaturity and naivety.
  • Gohan no Otomo has Mai and her two friends, Tomo and Noe. Mai (the Child) is the youngest of three children, gets frequently pranked by her brothers, and describes herself as immature. She describes Tomo (the Seductress) as stylish and outgoing, and she is the only one among the group who has a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Noe (the Wife) is described as smart and independent—having travelled overseas on her own in order to study other cultures. Ironically, the other two thinks that Mai is the one they should learn from, as she is the best at doing housework.
  • Madlax gives us Margaret Burton as the Wife (gentle, quiet Ordinary Highschool Student), Madlax as the Seductress (deadly and sexy hitwoman with a heart), and Laetitia as the Child (creepy-looking Lonely Doll Girl). It's even more meaningful when we find out that Laetitia and Madlax are actually parts of Margaret's whole self, released when she killed her Brainwashed and Crazy father (and the first Madlax) in self-defense years ago. In the end, Margaret decides to accept her past and split herself again in three, adopting Laetitia as her little sister and releasing Madlax so she can live her life as she sees fit.
  • Mazinger Z:
    • Jealous, temperamental, nagging, tantrum-prone Sayaka Yumi is the child.
    • Mature, calm, collected, professional Misato is the wife.
    • Beautiful, sensual and alluring Erika is the seductress.
  • For Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, the results aren't exactly balanced, but the primary dragon characters of the main cast do fit this to a certain degree:
    • Kanna is the child, as not only is she a literal toddler, but she possesses little - if any - romantic interest towards anyone.
    • Tohru is the wife; although she doesn't always fall under wholesome (she notably tries several times to mate with Kobayashi), the main reason she chose to stay with her was that Kobayashi saved her in the past, even if she was drunk at the time.
    • Lucoa, finally, fits under the seductress category; not only does she constantly wear what can barely be considered clothing, but she is openly lecherous towards those who interest her. Quite tellingly, Shouta, the one boy she has any interest in, constantly mistakes her for a succubus, something her antics do very little to disprove.
  • Among the girls who fall in love with Kurusu in Monster Musume, several form up into distinct triads:
    • First there is Papi, the joyous, naive child; Centaurea, the honorable and loyal wife; and Miia, the flirtatious and seductive temptress.
    • Secondly, there is Suu, the naive and innocent child; Meroune, the wifely character who wants a classic romance with Kimihito (albeit a rather bizarre "tragic romance"), and the most openly sexual member of the cast; Rachnera the Seductress.
    • Even the three main members of the MON group fit this trope, with the innocent and girlish Tionishia being the Child (despite her massive size), shy and demure Manako being the Wife, and laddish, teasing Zombina being the Seductress, traits that can be most easily seen during the chapter where they all go on dates with Kimihito.
  • Panzer World Galient:
    • Queen Felia is the calm, mature, wife.
    • Hilmuka is the beautiful, sultry, temptress.
    • Hot-tempered, emotional twelve-year-old Chiruru is the child.
  • One Piece: The female crewmates of Straw Hats can be grouped this way. Robin is the Wife being the Team Mom who’s patient and calm and only gets angered at mistreatment of her younger crew members. Nami is the Seductress being The Tease, Dude Magnet and overt Ms. Fanservice often to get what she wants. Vivi is the Child, younger than Robin or Nami, shy about her body and optimistically pure and sweet. Vivi can also be swapped out for the equally child-like Carrot.
  • In Please Teacher!, the heroine, Mizuho, is the "sensible and capable" Wife, her "innocent childlike" sister Maho is the Child, and the "Hotter and Sexier" Hatsuho is the Seductress, despite the fact that she's their mother.
  • Ranma ½: This dynamic is overplayed for laughs with the three Tendo sisters:
    • Kasumi, the oldest, is the motherly House Wife figure, who is so kind and pure-hearted that she has no negative inclination whatsoever.
    • Nabiki, the second, is a sociopathic hedonist and heartbreaking seductress.
    • Akane, the youngest, is a naive, temperamental, idealistic child.
  • Saber Marionette J:
    • Lime, the child, is youthful in appearance, overly cheerful, and a bit dumb at times.
    • Cherry, the wife, is domestic, even-tempered, and focused on propriety.
    • Bloodberry is the most mature looking of the three, more shameless and more sexual in her intention.
  • In Saiyuki, (even though all three are male):
    • Goku is optimistic (especially for a demon), youthful, and more than a bit clueless.
    • Hakkai, the group's House Husband, is the smartest and most even-tempered.
    • Gojyo is flirty and physical, particularly where women are concerned.
  • In Tenchi Muyo! the first three girls in Tenchi's household
    • The pure-hearted and young Sasami
    • The dignified and demure Ayeka
    • The boisterous and overtly sexual Ryoko
  • The three Deviluke sisters in To Love Ru: the Nice Girl Lala, the Tsundere Nana, and the seductive Momo.
  • Vandread has the three Dread pilots who combine with Hibiki.
    • Dita is the Genki Girl, who behaves childishly.
    • Meia is the more calm and collective wife, who takes her role as Dread Leader seriously.
    • Jura is the older seductress, who was to get closer to Hibiki more intimately.
  • The three female Card Professors in Yu-Gi-Oh! R fall into this.

    Comic Books 
  • Gotham City Sirens: Harley Quinn plays up her clownish persona by acting ditzy and naive (child), Catwoman is pragmatic and sensible (Wife), and Poison Ivy is a vamp known for using her sex appeal to get her way (seductress).
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: In some versions, Triplicate Girl (or Triad) has a different personality for each body; Triad-Purple is brash and outgoing (seductress), Triad-Orange is shy and quiet (Child) and Triad-White is the stable figure who has to keep the other two together (Wife).
  • Lost Girls: In the Alan Moore series, Alice is the Seductress (the one who initiates the sex games), Wendy is the Wife (a literal housewife) and Dorothy is the Child (the youngest and most good-natured).
  • The Outsiders:
    • In Batman and the Outsiders, Halo is the child, Katana is the wife/widow, and Looker is the seductress.
    • The Batman And The Outsiders 2019 series zig-zagged it a bit. Role of the child is this time taken by Cassandra Cain due to her being the youngest and lacking in social expertise, though a lot of her innocence was lost already. but the other two roles seem split between Katana and Lady Shiva. Katana has blatant Unresolved Sexual Tension with Black Lightning but resists it out of feeling it could be a betrayal of her dead husband, meaning the motivation of Wife/Widow prevents her from stepping into the role of Seductress. Shiva acts the role of Seductress, albeit non-sexual, as she attempts to tempt pretty much everyone on the team in some way, from urging Jefferson to seek revenge to trying to convince her daughter to abandon Batman's ideals. However, she does it due to a feeling being in Batman's shadow stifles Cassandra's potential - meaning she only assumes the role of Seductress out of a motivation befitting Wife/Mother.
  • The Sandman (1989): One of the tales told is about Adam having three Eves: the first one was too sexually aggressive for Adam and was forced to leave Eden, the second one was too innocent and was rejected by Adam after he got squicked out by watching her body be formed organ by organ in front of him, and the third one was created from Adam's rib and lived to an old age.note 
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 2: For a while Diana (calm rational experienced hero), Artemis (skimpily dressed Amazonian Beauty), and Cassie (a child/young teenager new to heroics) acted as a trio of heroes working together to fight villains.

    Fan Works 
  • Evangelion 303: The three female pilots:
    • Asuka is the intelligent, competent and dependable wife (when she is emotionally stable).
    • Mari is the Seductress: she is sexy, she knows it, and she flaunts it to the point that her weapons officer states that she shoots off hormones like they were lasers)
    • Rei is the Child: she is naive, innocent and insecure.
  • The Second Try:
    • Asuka is the wife in more ways than one: She is wise, dependable and supportive, to the point that Shinji usually depends on her for everything.
    • Misato is the seductress, often flirting with Shinji (although she toned it down when she learnt that Shinji and Asuka were secretly married
    • Rei is the child: she is innocent, inmature, insecure and socially ignorant.
  • It's not really canon, but if we count Past Sins, then the three ponies touched by the Nightmare Forces fit this trope: we have wise Luna (wife), innocent Nyx (child), and flirty Rarity (seductress).
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Asuka is the wife. She calmed Shinji down and her presence kept him emotionally stable.
    • Rei is the emotional child.
    • Misato is the sultry, sensual seductress.

    Films — Animated 
  • The three female characters who interact with Peter Pan are this: Tinkerbell is the child, Tiger Lily is the seductress, and Wendy Darling is the wife.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Deconstructed in the 2018 Indie coming-of-age All These Small Moments with main character Howie's middle-aged mom Carla (Mother), Odessa (Seductress) a woman he crushes on from the same bus route, and Lindsay (Child) a classmate who crushes on him. This gets complicated as the movie goes on: his parents are getting divorced after it becomes clear that Carla was being cheated on and her mood is on edge and can come off as immature when dealing with her teenage sons, Odessa reveals she is very vulnerable and desperately misses the male validation and is getting divorced her Seductress appeal coming from her Stepford Smiler attitude and beauty, and Lindsay is experiencing Slut-Shaming at school and rumors about her body after she was almost assaulted by her brother's friend and tries to brave her day rather successfully.
  • Belle Époque: With a lesbian thrown in! (The Four Faces?). Clara is the Wife, namely a widow, the nurturing type who makes omelets for Fernando and mourns her late husband still. Curvy Rocio is the Seductress who has seduced Juanito into marriage despite not even liking him that much, so she can have financial security. Luz is the sweet, innocent Child (and her name "Luz", or "light", further underlines her sweetness and purity). Violeta is thrown in as a fourth Face, an assertive, masculine type of woman not featured in the three Faces above. When she isn't dressing up as a soldier, she's chopping wood or hunting.
  • The Trope Namer, The Three Faces of Eve, features Eve, a loyal and dependable housewife, developing two split personalities; first the seductress and then the innocent child.
  • Heroic Trio has a young ditz, a motherly type, and a (formerly) dark seductress as the main characters.
  • Deconstructed in Black Swan. At first glance, the older Prima Ballerina Beth would seem to be the wife with the sweet, innocent Nina being the child, and the sexy and wild Lily being the seductress. It turns out, however, that Beth is clingy and insane, Nina is very repressed, and while Lily does enjoy casual sex, she is not as manipulative or self-serving as Nina believed.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road: Both Splendid and Capable take the roles as The Wife, Toast and The Dag as the Seductress and Cheedo as the Child
  • Van Helsing has the three brides of Dracula. Verona is the Wife - she is the leader and Word of God confirms that she is Dracula's favourite. Marishka is the Child - we don't see too much of her but she is very playful and Too Dumb to Live. Aleera is the Seductress - she by far gets the most Les Yay with Anna.
  • Brazilian movie Loucas pra Casar has a woman with long-lasting marriage obsession (wife) finding out her boyfriend has two lovers, an exotic dancer (seductress) and an overtly religious younger woman (child). She even discovers all three were proposed to by the guy! Then at the wedding, she finds out all three were the woman Lost in Character, from the "sexual fantasies" she and her soon-to-be-husband frequently performed.
  • Deconstructed in the 2001 indie film Seven and a Match. Ellie, the child, is forced grow up suddenly after her parents' sudden deaths in a car accident. Blair, the wife, is seemingly the Miss Perfect of the group, but she cheats on her boyfriend and loses her perfect image when her dirty laundry is aired out. The Seductress is an Ethical Slut who is about to get married, and has to face her friends' assumptions that the relationship won't last due to her history.

  • Carrie: Carrie, Sue and Chris. Carrie White is shy, quiet, unsocial, submissive and unaware in things like periods (child), Sue Snell who is more mature, conformist, level-headed and the only one of the three who lives to adulthood (wife) and Chris Hargensen is the vain and good-looking Alpha Bitch who Really Gets Around and has a manipulative streak (seductress).
  • The Twilight Saga has Esme (wife), who welcomes Bella into her home and later restores a cottage on the Cullen estate for Bella and Edward, Rosalie (seductress), who is jealous of Edward's affection for Bella because she's used to being desired by men, and Alice (child), who values Bella's safety above all and cares for her like a sister.
  • In The Chronicles of Magravandias, the three women in Valraven's life—Ellony Leckery (child), Varencienne Malagash (wife), and Pharinet Palindrake (seductress)
  • Helen and her two friends Millicent and Annabella who all marry into the same group of friends form this trio in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Helen is the wife, steadfastly devoted to her marriage even when it begins to fall apart; she takes her marital duties so seriously that she returns to Grassdale when Huntingdon is ill to care for him. Millicent is the child, innocent, idealistic, and very passive. Annabella is the seductress, tricking Lord Lowborough into marriage with her beauty and luring Huntingdon away from Helen.
  • David Copperfield gives us the three ladies whom David loved through his life. His First Love is Little Emily, the Seductress, who is aware of her good looks, may or may have not been a prostitute, and is best friends with on one. Dora is the child, spoiled, sweet, naive, even nicknamed 'his child wife'. Agnes is the Wife (reliable, the "angel of the house", softspoken, and a Proper Lady).
  • His Family: Roger's daughters. Edith fits the "wife" face exactly, nurturing, motherly and dedicated to her children to the exclusion of everything else. Laura is the "seductress", as she is sexy, likes to party, and Really Gets Around. Deborah isn't quite the "innocent", as she is a hard-working social activist, but she is somewhat virginal and puritanical.
  • The three primary female characters in William Lindsay Gresham's Nightmare Alley fall into these roles. Zeena is the mature, steady and motherly mentor figure, Molly is the sweet and innocent child-like ingenue and Lilith is the sexy, scheming and manipulative seductress.
  • In the last three Harry Potter books (mainly Books 5 and 6), the three girls in Harry's immediate circle of friends form this dynamic. Hermione, being the down-to-earth devoted student that she is, is the Wife. Luna, innocent and more than a little quirky, is the Child. Finally, Ginny, hot-headed jock who has come well out of her shell that she spent her first three years in, is easily the Seductress.
  • In Things Fall Apart, main character Okonkwo conveniently has three wives to fill the roles. His senior wife is the Wife; she's so unremarkable that her name is never given and is only referred to as her son's mother. While there has been friction between her and Ekwefi, she is ultimately kind to the younger wives and their children; she not only cares for Ojiugo's children when Ojiugo stays out late with with her friends and forgets to feed them, but she tries to protect Ojiugo from Okonkwo's wrath by lying and saying Ojiugo arranged this with her beforehand. Ojiugo is the Child, as the youngest and most irresponsible of the three, and Ekwefi was the Seductress in her youth, as the village beauty and Okonkwo's (and the narrative's) favorite wife, though her first husband abusing her after she chose him over Okonkwo and all but one of her children with Okonkwo dying shortly after birth have tempered these aspects of her personality.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer we have beautiful mother Joyce, gorgeous young woman in her prime Buffy and blossoming teenage ingenue Dawn.
  • In Knots Landing, there is Karen, the wife, who is wise and calm. Abby is The Seductress — sexually experienced and independent. Val is The "Child" (although she's the same age as the other women) because she is innocent to the point of naivete.
  • Friends has flirty and sophisticated Rachel as the seductress, innocent and quirky Phoebe as the child, and capable, responsible Monica as the wife.
  • Community has a study group composed of Shirley, the wife who seeks to be the voice of reason and mediator wherever possible; Britta, the seductress, who has the most varied sex-life and uses sex to get what she wants; and Annie, the child who is the most idealistic and naive.
  • The three female leads of Mad Men: Joan is the seductress, completely willing to using her sexuality to get what she wants. At first glance, Betty (Stepford Smiler housewife) would seem to be the wife, with Peggy (Plucky Office Girl) being the child, but before long, childishness establishes itself as one of Betty's flaws, and Peggy works to leave behind the role of wide-eyed little girl and become a capable woman.
  • The three ladies of The Golden Girls minus Sophia. Rose was the child (sweet and naive), Dorothy was the wife (calm and sensible) and Blanche was the seductress (sexy and fiery.)
  • A.N.T. Farm has Chyna (wife), Olive (child) and Lexi (seductress).
  • The ladies of Gilligan's Island, but not the way you'd expect:
    • Mrs. Howell (the oldest and the only married woman, and very happily so), is actually the Child: she's naive, pretty much nonsexual, and dependent.
    • Tall, sexy, flirtatious, Hollywood-starlet Ginger is the Seductress.
    • Young, sweet, gentle farm Girl Next Door Mary Ann is the stable, mature, reliable Wife".
  • Charmed:
    • With Prue's death at the end of Series Three, Piper becomes the wife, eventually growing from insecure middle sister to capable eldest sister. She is also the first one to actually get married and have children. Paige is the child, being the youngest, newest member of the family and the least experienced in the ways of magic. Phoebe is the seductress, having the most active love life of the sisters.
    • The Stillman Sisters, evil blonde counterparts in season 6. Leader Mabel is the wife, ditzy youngest sister Mitsy is the child and flirty and provocative Margo is the seductress.
  • The Haunting of Hill House (2018), The three Crain daughters:
    • Shirley is the mother, as the oldest sister who is also literally married with kids and is put in the position of looking after her younger siblings such as paying for Luke's rehab;
    • Theo is the seductress, as the highly sexual lesbian who sleeps around on a nightly basis but refuses to form any longterm relationships;
    • Nell is the child. Although she's already been married (and widowed), she remains extremely vulnerable, gentle, and sweet
  • In Saved by the Bell the three female leads qualify. Kelly is the Child; she's portrayed as kind to everyone and often too naive for her own good. Jessie is the Wife; she's the student council president and the most mature of the main characters. Lisa is the Seductress; as she herself puts it "my hobbies include dating, guys and dating guys".
  • Overlapping with Town Girls, the three leading ladies of Dawson's Creek fit into this trope. Joey, the Brainy Brunette Wife, starts out as the Girl Next Door; Jen, the blonde Seductress who Really Gets Around, arrives in Capeside as the Inciting Incident that kicks the show off; and Andie, the Cute But Psycho Child, arrives at the start of the next season, becoming the first of three characters to join the opening credits (alongside her brother Jack and her own Suspiciously Similar Substitute Audrey).
  • Played With in Kamen Rider Gotchard with the three Dark Sisters.
    • Atropos is the Child appearance-wise yet is the Wife personality-wise, as she resembles a literal child yet is the collected, intelligent leader of the trio.
    • Clotho is the Wife appearance-wise yet is the Child personality-wise, as she's the tallest and most mature-looking of the three yet is also a stubborn Blood Knight who prefers to put herself in the fray.
    • Lachesis is the Seductress both in appearance and personality, as she's the most conventionally attractive of the three and has a sadistic Femme Fatale personality.


    Myths and Religion 
  • As this academic thesis proposes, the Three Faces of Eve are at the core of the Western, Judaist-Christian view of womanhood. Following several ancient texts from these religions, a woman's identity can be split into either a virgin, a mother, or a harlot (whore). The virgin represents the war between the carnal desires of the earthly body and the fated-to-Heaven soul. She also comprises the relationships of a woman's self with her body and also with the world. The mother breaks her virginity, in the process becoming less holy and suffering a great deal, but for a greater, idealized end — ensuring children make it to adulthood. Finally, the harlot is the woman that deviates from the norm both sexually and morally. Within her is the potential of both sin and redemption. She challenges the virgin by allowing herself to be lost in her carnal desires and challenges the mother by doing so without the idea of bearing children as the ultimate goal. The harlot, however, can still obtain sanctity and her path is portrayed as even more miraculous and heroic.

  • In Greek Mythology, the Gorgon Sisters make for an interesting variation. While all three are attractive in their own right, Stheno (Seductress) was the eldest, dominating and most violent sister. Medusa (Wife) was the youngest, yet was the most clever and kept her sisters united. Lastly was Euryale (Child) who was the most sensitive yet mysterious (since theres not much about her), her howls could shatter stone and she cared for Medusa a lot.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Apartment 3-G:
    • Margo is the sly, hot-headed, scheming seductress.
    • Bubbly and bubble-brained Lu Ann is the child.
    • Stable, domestic Tommie as a very dull Wife (ironic seeing as how she's eternally single.)

    Professional Wrestling 

  • The Schuyler sisters of Hamilton. Eliza is the Wife, Angelica is the flirty and fiery Seductress, Peggy is the Child. (If you add Maria Reynolds it becomes a Four-Girl Ensemble.)
  • In RENT, Joanne is the Wife, the mature one who wants commitment from Maureen, the Seductress. Mimi is the Child (Roger calls her "little girl" in "Another Day"), albeit one who's been through some stuff.
  • Oklahoma!: Aunt Eller, the wise, no-nonsense matriarch, fulfills the Wife role. Ado Annie is the Seductress. Laurie is the Child who can't make up her mind about Curly and denies her feelings.
  • In Grease, Sandy is the wholesome and "hopelessly devoted" Wife, Rizzo is definitely the Seductress, and Frenchie (or any of the other Pink Ladies) is the Child.
  • Robert's three girlfriends in Company (Sondheim) who sing "You Could Drive a Person Crazy." April is the ditzy Child, Marta is the bawdy Seductress, and Kathy is the most "Wife material" of the trio.
  • Avenue Q has Christmas Eve as the Wife, secretly wise about love and devoted to Brian. Kate Monster is the Child, sweet and still figuring herself out. Lucy the Slut is...take a guess.
  • Fun Home is an interesting case where the three faces of Eve are the same woman: Small Alison is the Child, Medium Alison is the Seductress exploring her sexuality, and Alison is the experienced and reflective Wife.

    Video Games 
  • Final Fantasy games, in general, have a pattern to their three playable females (and there are always three; see the Three Females Rule in the Grand List) are almost always represented as an Innocent Princess type, a Tough but Sexy Type, and a Perky Girl type. Occasionally this overlaps with the faces of Eve archetypes, although often times the Tough but Sexy character is not a seductress but more passively sexy.
    • Final Fantasy IV does a similar trick to the later VII in that it reverses the appearance and character of two of the girls. Rosa is pure Wife/Innocent Princess whose main desire is to be helpful, and who marries Cecil at the end. But Rydia looks sexy but is in personality the Perky Girl; Porom is a child, but hits people to keep them in line and is extremely clever and dangerous (being a brilliant mage and a spy).
    • Final Fantasy V:
      • Lenna, the wife/innocent princess. Her main plots are about her family, specifically her quest to rescue her father, her backstory about her mother, and her connection to drakes, for which she will harm herself to any extent to protect.
      • Faris, the seductress/tough but sexy girl. She's a pirate who is shown as being sexually irresistible even when dressed as a man and passing, with most of her crew having crushes on her. She also tries to kidnap the princess for ransom money and climbs up rope bridges with her teeth.
      • Krile is the child, fourteen and has supernatural sensitivity coming from her innocence. However, she's very much not perky, with the end of the game revealing her to be actively suicidal once her desire for revenge isn't sustaining her. (She does get one comic setpiece where she gets into a slap-fight with Bartz, though.)
    • Final Fantasy VI:
      • Terra is the wife/innocent princess type - despite being the least stable of the three, she's the sweetest and most compassionate, and pretty level-headed regarding her role in the story. No wonder her name means "earth".
      • Celes is the seductress/tough but sexy type - she's a Tsundere in her romance with Locke, and she's also the tough one, being a war general.
      • Relm is the child/perky type - Strago didn't even want her to be involved in any combat at first because of this. She's precocious and optimistic.
    • Final Fantasy VII has an interesting version of this. For starters, one of the three women is an Optional Party Member, and secondly, the two who weren't looked like they played one role, but in fact, were the opposite:
      • Tifa, who looks the part of the seductress, is in fact most reasonable and sensitive — also the secret-keeper of the group (her last name, Lockheart foreshadows this).
      • Aerith, who looks the part of the demure wife, is in fact flirty, street-wise, and the most assertive in her sexuality.
      • Yuffie (the optional one) both looks and acts like the child and is naïve and idealistic (if not particularly honest or trustworthy).
    • Final Fantasy VIII uses these archetypes, but much more loosely than anything before (and most after), suiting the game's approach of using more psychologically realistic characters:
      • Rinoa is the wife and introduced with the nickname 'Princess'. Unlike the typical portrayal, she's quite bratty and selfish, but like the typical portrayal she has pure, supernatural powers, and tries hard to bring out the main character's better nature (and even succeeds, sometimes).
      • Quistis is the seductress. She is experienced and in a position of authority, has a highly mature appearance compared to the other characters, flirts with the main character and fights using a whip. Her apparent maturity is Deconstructed in that she was a prodigy who had achieved a high rank at 15, and she ends up sent back to her previous rank very early in the game due to her atrocious social and emotional skills, which repeatedly hobble her during the game.
      • Selphie is the child, her clearly high intelligence doing little to dampen her relentless enthusiasm and short attention span. Unlike the typical example, she's something of a Deadpan Snarker Nightmare Fetishist
    • Final Fantasy X:
      • Yuna is in the wife role, being unerringly calm and lives to helps others, self-sacrificing, soft-spoken, and graceful.
      • Lulu is in the seductress role, most obviously in how she dresses, the tone she uses when she speaks, and how she holds herself and moves around in her battle animations.
      • Rikku is in the child role, the fact that she is the youngest is exaggerated by her consistently upbeat personality, her sweet but shortsighted convictions, and her occasional ditziness.
    • Final Fantasy XII:
      • Ashe is more or less in the wife role. She's calm, steady, graceful, and downright regal (as befits her status as a princess). Unusually for a Final Fantasy party member, she's actually been married, too... though she was widowed soon after. However, she's haughty, vengeful, and morally questionable.
      • Fran's Stripperiffic outfit makes it obvious she's the seductress. Being an extremely tall non-human prone to berserker rages helps.
      • Penelo is the child, being cheerful, idealistic, and the youngest of the three.
    • Final Fantasy XIII has this in its three female party members.
      • Lightning (believe it or not) plays the part of the wife. She's the most motherly and caring of the group — particularly towards Hope and (much later) Snow. She is also said to have acted this way around Serah.
      • Fang plays the role of the seductress; she is the most flirty and provocative of the group, and is quite Hot-Blooded at times. Interestingly, these aspects of her personality originally belonged to Lightning (with Serah as the seventh party member and playing the part of the wife), but when Fang was made a woman, they were given to her instead.
      • Vanille is usually very bubbly and other characters will comment (or complain) about her childishness. Vanille is actually putting a lot of that behavior up as a facade to hide her guilt, but genuinely is like this otherwise.
    • Final Fantasy XV is more complicated; it has an all-male main cast where The Hero's three friends fill these archetypes - Prompto is childish and hyper, Ignis is domestic and nurturing, and Gladio is mean and sexy, with a hyper-gendered appearance and revealing outfit. Its prominent female side characters fold into this archetype too - Cindy and Iris are perky and childish, Aranea and Gentiana are seductive, experienced, and dangerous, and Luna is Incorruptible Pure Pureness and so much a 'wife' that she is literally the hero's fiancée.
  • BioWare is fond of using this trope for the female love interests in its RPGs.
    • In Baldur's Gate II. Sweet Aerie is the Child, no-nonsense world-weary widowed Jaheira the wife, and darkly playful Viconia the seductress.
    • Dragon Age: Origins:
      • Child - Leliana is on the ingenuous side of Ping Pong Naïveté. She had been drawn into espionage and political intrigue by the sense of glamor, excitement, adventure, and it wasn't until after she was burned by the shady side that she realized she had relied on Marjolaine to shelter her from that so she could continue to innocently play games. Instead of becoming the jaded manipulative spy, she chose to preserve her purity of spirit by seeking sanctuary with a stable and nurturing parental surrogate, the Church of Andraste.
      • Seductress - Morrigan is cynical, instantly contemptive of others, knows her sex appeal and how to use it to her advantage. Before the end, she will try to seduce a Warden to get what she wants, whether or not that Warden has ever shown interest in intimacy with her, or even likes her at all.
      • Wife - Wynne is cool-headed, perceptive, compassionate, and far more worldly wise than the confined life of a Tower Mage would suggest. She's no stranger to giving and receiving pleasure in her relationships. Modest and pragmatic, but not overly prim, she simply flirts with more decorum.
    • The three female companions in Dragon Age II:
      • Child - Merrill is a Ditzy Genius Fish out of Water and your most relentlessly cheery teammate. Of course, she's also a powerful blood mage and the only party mage to focus entirely on damage. She looks up to the more worldly Isabela (see below).
      • Wife - Aveline is the only character to start the story married (although she is quickly widowed), and the only character almost guaranteed to end in a relationship. She's wise, honest, caring, no-nonsense, and a capable leader; she takes her responsibilities as captain of the city guard seriously and strives very hard to keep the men and women under her as safe as possible.
      • Seductress - Isabela flirts with everyone and makes no bones about her love of sex and no attempt to hide her past sexual exploits. She is the most provocatively dressed member of the party, and offers to teach Merrill how to do body-shots.
    • The three female companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition:
      • Child - Sera is playful, brash, confrontational, and acerbic young woman whose personality lies someone who has problems dealing with her racial and cultural identity and suffered from a lot of people who let her down when it mattered the most. Thus she deals with all of her issues by lashing out onto others and delivering her strange brand of justice. Regardless of her flaws, she genuinely wants to help others, especially to other people who don't fit to what the society expects from them.
      • Wife - Cassandra is quick-tempered, no-nonsense, honest, responsible, and forthcoming individual who always wants to do the right thing despite her and her organization's faults.
      • Seductress - Vivienne is a stoic, cunning, and ambitious go-getter who will not hesitate to go underhanded to get into the highest echelons of the society, including becoming a mistress of a duke just to keep herself away from the oppression other mages face.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords by Obsidian, we have the naive Handmaiden as the child, saucy Mira as the seductress, and self-sacrificing Visas as the Wife.
  • The Women Fighters Team from The King of Fighters has the half-naked kunoichi Mai as the seductress, hyperactive karateka Yuri as the Child and tomboyish kickboxer King as the wife.
    • The Highschool Girls team from KOF 2003 had Athena Asamiya as the Wife (more experienced membress, leader of the group, Idol Singer who sings to keep the spirits of her fans high no matter what), Hinako Shinjou as the Child (naive sweet Cute Bruiser who wants to show how girls can do what they wish) and Malin as the Seductress (Combat Pragmatist, outspoken, veeeeery short Magic Skirt)
    • Alternatively, in KOF 96 and KOF 97 there are some changes to the Women's Team's roster and they fit in here as well. KOF 96 has Kasumi Todoh replacing Yuri as the Child, and in KOF 97 Chizuru Kagura becomes a secondary Wife.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3 has Aigis as the Child — guiding the plot without knowing why — Elizabeth as the Wife — providing guidance and Side Quests to help the hero grow stronger — and as the seductress, the Big Bad Nyx, who's trying to bring about The End of the World as We Know It through coaxing humanity across the Despair Event Horizon. Her main male underling is a shameless flirt.
    • Persona 4 also has its own trio of girls (before Naoto joins in), which are Yukiko (quiet, delicate, and responsible wife), Chie (spunky, impulsive, and tomboyish child), and Rise (playful, cheery, and naive seductress). If we use the description from the Final Fantasy example, it also fits their shadows too in that Yukiko's shadow is The Innocent Virgin Princess (literally, complete with castle, pink dress, knights and all), Chie's shadow is Tough But Sexy (how else could you describe a dominatrix?), and Rise's shadow being The Perky Jailbait (to the point of squick, and even the main character's second homeroom teacher, a notorious bully, refers to her as such, not even caring about the dark side of fame).
    • The Phantom Thieves from Persona 5 (before Haru joins in) have Ann as the Seductress — being the middle, she uses her appearance to seduce the enemies, Makoto as the Wife — being the oldest, she's responsible for taking others well-being and Futaba as the Child — being the youngest, she's smart. But, doesn't know the outside world.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games, the three Oracles (shown in the page image) are Din, an outgoing dancer (seductress); Nayru, a gentle singer (wife); and Farore, a helpful intellectual (child). Unfortunately, the game which was supposed to feature Farore was cancelled. Incidentally, the Oracles share their names with a trio of goddesses in the series mythology (the goddesses of power, wisdom, and courage, respectively), but we don't know enough about them to know if they match the trope.
  • Tales Series:
  • The DS update of Dragon Quest V gives the hero three brides to choose from: Bianca (the child), Nera (the Wife), and Debora (the seductress).
  • In Fire Emblem:
    • The Pegasus Knight sisters from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. The Wife is the eldest sister Fiora (who even tends to be overprotective and strict), middle sister Farina is The Seductress (strongwilled, materialistic, yet with a hidden gentle side) and the Child is little sister Florina (Shrinking Violet)
    • All of the girls that can potentially be fathered by Chrom count as this in Fire Emblem: Awakening: Patient and serious Lucina is the wife, strong-willed and rough Kjelle the seductress, and clumsy, innocent Cynthia the child. Heck, even Chrom's wife choices themselves can be this: Robin and Maribelle (wife), Sully (seductress), and Sumia and Olivia (child).
    • Fire Emblem Fates:
      • Present with the Nohrian princesses. Flirtatious Camilla is the seductress (with some heavy touches of Wife since she's also very protective of her siblings and the Team Mom of Nohr), cheerful and energetic Elise is the child, and melancholy but compassionate Azura is the Wife. The Hoshidan princesses fit this as well; Azura is the wife again, sweet and shy Sakura is the child, and fiery and independent Hinoka is the seductress.
      • The three action girls who serve under the male lords fit as well: Takumi's motherly and skilled at sewing subordinate Oboro is the Wife, Ryoma's no-nonsense and busty subordinate Kagerou is the seductress, and Xander's Cute and Psycho subordinate Peri is the Child.
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses follows the pattern with the three female characters from the Blue Lions. Mercedes is the wife, being the resident healer and having the caring personality to match, as well as being one of the older students in general giving her a motherly feel. Ingrid is the seductress, being a hot headed, spunky knight in training who gets angry when other characters suggest she should pursue a more 'traditional' lifestyle for a woman. And Annette, as one of the youngest students as well as one of the most innocent is the child.
  • Regarding the mistresses of Overlord II: Kelda would serve as the child (least evil of the Mistresses and the only one to actually love The Witch-Boy), Juno the seductress (Gold Digger) and Queen Fay is the Wife figure (the one most "Equal" to the Witch-Boy).
  • The NOL girls of BlazBlue. Noel is shy, innocent and idealistic (the Child), Tsubaki is level-headed and academic (the Wife), and Makoto is the most blatantly fanservicey (the Seductress).
    • The past arc in the Magic Guild girls too: Caelica the bright younger sister girl, Trinity the sensible, if bookish one, and Nine the fiery and buxom one.
  • The three playable women in Breath of Fire II:
    • Child - Katt's personality is up-beat, innocent, impulsive, and a little bit dim.
    • Seductress - Bleu is the overtly mature one with flirty dialog and a stripperiffic costume.
    • Wife - Nina is the favored love interest for the protagonist, she is often the voice of reason and is compassionate and graceful, as well as a being bit maternal towards her younger sister.
  • The ladies of Chrono Trigger fit this trope.
    • Marle is the child, maintaining her naivety and innocence through most of the game.
    • Lucca is the wife, smart and sensible and always the voice of reason.
    • Ayla is the seductress, flirting with both Crono and Kino, a kiss ability, as well as wearing the least amount of clothes.
  • The ladies of The Witcher.
    • Child: Ciri, Geralt's Unexpected Child, has a playful and innocent relationship with Geralt. She inspires a lightness in him that he displays with no one else, including getting Geralt to have a snowball fight.
    • Seductress/ Wife: This depends on which romance track you pursue in the game.
      • If you pursue Triss, she is very loving and kind with Geralt, constantly joking with him and encouraging him to support the magical and non-human under dog. If you don't pursue Triss, she clearly carries a flame for Geralt and is jealous of his relationship with Yennefer.
      • If you pursue Yennifer, she is very teasingly snarky and quick to seize any opportunity to make love. If you don't pursue her, she's very cold towards Geralt because she is in love with him and it hurts her to see him with Triss, who Yennefer views as having stolen her one true love.
  • Mega Man X has the three Navigator girls: Alia is the wise and temperate Wife, Pallette is the youthful and spunky Child, and Layer is the elegant and buxom Seductress (albeit more demure than other examples).
  • Metal Gear tends to use the 'sexy' role as a template for a sympathetic villain, the 'wife' role as a mission support (who usually turns out to be attempting to backstab the hero) and the 'child' role as a hostage or damsel.
    • The three women who fall in love with Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid fit - Meryl, a naive but beautiful teenager with a Celeb Crush on the famous Snake; Sniper Wolf, a sexy Stalker with a Crush who falls in love with Snake due to him being her Worthy Opponent and declares herself to be The Only One Allowed to Defeat You, and Naomi Hunter, who is (in this appearance) prim and mature, and is Snake's main emotional and medical support as well as the woman who repeatedly challenges him about his actual personality and motivations. Even once it is revealed she is trying to stab him in the back, the story remains sympathetic towards her.
    • Metal Gear: Ghost Babel has the mature and straight-talking Chris Jenner, the brooding, sexy and passionate Sophie N'dram, and the cheery, mid-teens Mei Ling.
    • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has Emma, a Deadpan Snarker teen prodigy and Otacon's little sister; Rose, who is Raiden's girlfriend attempting to get him to take their relationship more seriously; and Olga, who is cunning, vengeful, and attempts to seduce Solid Snake to distract him during his holdup of her.
    • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has EVA, who is a clear Seductress, The Boss, who is motherly and described as Snake's other half, and Para-Medic, who is still in her twenties, goofy, and obsessed with cool movie monsters. It is worth observing that Para-Medic and Snake come across as being relative equals, something done deliberately to emphasise Snake's Manchild personality.
    • In Metal Gear Solid V, Paz has a childish appearance and believes herself to be a teenager; Quiet is sexy and monstrous; and your third female character is the voice of the iDroid.
  • The Updated Re-release of Catherine adds a Third-Option Love Interest to the cast, resulting in this dynamic between Katherine McBride (wife), Catherine (seductress), and Quathrine/"Rin" (child).
  • The three playable female characters in Resident Evil 2 fit these roles, fittingly it is Leon's Coming of Age Story, which is more explicit in the Remake. Claire is the wife being the determined, opposite of him saving Sherry, she even asks them if they are a couple in the remakes ending. Ada is the seductress, who he doesn't know what her intentions are while she seduces him for her own ends. Sherry is easily the child, her segment even takes place in an orphanage and she says Claire and Leon should adopt her.
  • The three female companions of Fallout 4 fit this trope too. Curie the synth is very childlike and innocent as she is experiencing the world for the first time, having been cooped up in a vault for centuries. The streetwise Piper is The Wife, constantly pushing you to help the wasteland, while Cait is the drug-addicted former cage fighter who constantly flirts with you and even likes it if you fast travel in your underclothes.
  • The three main female characters of Telling Lies fit this trope: Ava is the child, Emma is the wife, and the camgirl is the seductress.
  • The three female Legends of Apex Legends that were later added fit the bill: We have kind but capable, Wattson (Child) who believes in the good in people. Smooth-talking and overtly sexual Thief, Loba (Seductress). With inquisitive, experimental yet equally compassionate Astro scientist, Horizon (Wife) completing the trio. (She even was a real mother.)
    • Later additions added:
      • Valkyrie (Seductress) is a spunky, youthful aerial specialist with slim features and tomboyish nature (she has a crush on Loba).
      • Ash (Wife) the no-nonsense former pilot, who expects perfection in everything and everyone. She's cold but fair, like a tough mother usually is.
      • Vantage (Child) a whole-heartedly curious sniper, who competes to free and find justice for her mother.
  • The three iconic leading ladies of Mario, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Cosmic Ruler Rosalina fill these roles in a child-friendly way.
    • Peach is the Child. She's the sweetest and kindest of all the characters in the franchise. She's very prim and proper and kind as a princess should be.
    • Daisy is the Seductress. She's feminine just like Peach, but she's much sassier and has a deeper more brash voice. She's not exactly sexualized or seductive, but she's the most outgoing and energetic.
    • Rosalina is the Wife. She's the only character to be an outright mother, serving as the mother to the Lumas, and faithfully guarding the cosmos with incredible regality and formality. Though she has some Hidden Depths, she's the most mature of the female characters.

    Visual Novels 
  • Fate/stay night has Ilya as the Child (acts very precocious and is literally stuck in a child's body), Arturia as the Wife (partner to The Hero and eventually enters into a relationship with him), while both Rin and Sakura have different aspects of the Seductress (Rin is virginal yet very headstrong and independent, while Sakura is sexually experienced even if NOT by choice but emotionally dependent).
    • An alternative interpretation focusing on the heroines: Saber is the Child, unused to personal relationships and clinging to a childish ideal. Rin is the Seductress, competent and fiery but also insecure. Sakura is the Wife, sexually experienced and dedicated to the happiness of Shirou above her own.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is the first game in the series with every assistant character from the series, who fill this. Hot-blooded Athena is the seductress, matured and had a Promotion to Parent Maya is the wife, while young and innocent Trucy is the child. Ema is the only assistant who doesn't fit in the grouping.
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has a subtle version this with Kyoko, Toko and Asahina - Ultimate Detective Kyoko is the Wife, though more aloof and cold than the usual, Ultimate Writer Toko is the Seductress, though she's also withdrawn and with a Split Personality and Ultimate Swimmer Asahina who is the most physically-oriented of the three is the Child.

    Web Animations 
  • AoHaru Manga Library: Based on the tendencies of the roles they play, the three heroines fall into this trope (though certain stories can subvert their roles):
    • Noa is the Child, since she tends to be the more lively, innocent type who is of a younger age.
    • Nagisa is the Wife, who usually plays the mentor-ish figure or a figure of authority to keep everyone calm and nice.
    • Yui fills up as the Seductress, since she's usually middle-aged and mostly the closest of age to court Keiichi. Additionally, she tends to be the one to play extravagant roles like a Teen Idol, and she's so far the only heroine who ever played the Gold Digger dumper (though in a sympathetic spin).
    • All these are encapsulated in this episode, where Nagisa is Keiichi's dead big sister, Noa is Nagisa's pre-teen daughter whom Keiichi raised in Nagisa's stead, and Yui is Keiichi's co-worker who ends up being his girlfriend.

  • Megan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast: Virtue is, or was the Seductress: before becoming poor, she was very wooed by noblemen and good in flirting. Soon after her family moved to the country, she was wooed by Claude and married him. Temperance is the Wife: mature, intelligent, practical and frequently the most rational in the family. Beauty is the Child, sensitive and (initially)innocent; Virtue calls her "the baby" and their father says she is "the heart of the house".

     Web Videos 
  • The three female adventurers of Critical Role neatly fit into this.
    • Pike is the Wife, being motherly patient and calm. She looks after Grog and keeps him in line while reacting modestly and shyly to Scanlan’s infatuation with her.
    • Vex'ahlia is effortlessly the Seductress, being flirtatious to a T and having slept with at least one male member of the party Percy and flashed her breasts to Grog to encourage him in a tournament.
    • Keyleth is the Child, being often naive, clumsy and incredibly awkward. She also spends a lot of time actively figuring out what she wants and who she likes much like a kid does.
  • In Dimension 20 the three female leads of Fantasy High have this going on though it gets Played With over time.
    • Kristen starts off as the Wife, being the most openly caring of the team, the healer and very pious being the cleric (though she gets disillusioned).
    • Figg is initially the Seductress being the most flirty and wild of the Bad Kids and happy to transform into grown women to get kisses from men.
    • Adaine is the Child, being often petulant and happy to resort to crude spells against her older sister and even gives the Arc Villain of Season 1 a double flip off. She’s also incredibly anxious thanks to a nervous disorder and has to be looked after by her friends when panicking.
      • Eventually Kristen and Figg swap places as the Wife and Seductress. Kristen becomes sexually active and horny with her girlfriend Tracker whilst Figg (despite her claims to the contrary) is The Heart always looking after other members of the party like Gorgug, Riz and Adaine.

    Western Animation 
  • Bob's Burgers: The Belcher women are a textbook example.
    • Louise Belcher, appropriately enough, is the child whose only concerns are playing pranks and roughhousing, and considers anything romantic and maternal "Sick!"
    • Tina Belcher, despite her young age, is the seductress, as a boy-crazy, erotic fanfic novelist, and barely-qualifying Covert Pervert for locker room towel sizes and measurements.
    • Linda Belcher, naturally, is the wife, maternal, nurturing, forgiving and obsessed with anything baby-related (porcelain babies, Dutch babies, lil’ water bottles, etc).
  • The Real Ghostbusters contains another Gender-Inverted Example: The playful, jovial, energetic, child-like Ray, who shows little to no interest in women outside of grinning and blushing like mad around his old childhood crush, is the innocent; Peter, at the opposite end of the spectrum, is an incurable skirt-chaser and Casanova Wannabe; and the stoic, levelheaded, reliable Egon is the only one with a single, steady love interest.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold's Birds of Prey. Black Canary is the easiest to get a rise out of and has the hardest time acting on her feelings for Bats- innocent. Catwoman is the seductress (a given). Huntress, who's pretty reserved throughout the other two's bickering, is wife.
  • Steven Universe: Future: Each member of the Rose Quartz trio from "Rose Buds" represents one of the many masks the Crystal Gem Rose has worn in her life.
    • Superfan Rose is the Child, the immature, silly, and excitable one who is always in awe of the wonders of organic life (or at least Steven).
    • Shy Rose is the Wife, the wise, dignified, and emotionally mature one who knows what's going on better than anyone.
    • Hippie Rose is the Seductress, who at least takes an interest in Pearl, saying in a sensual tone that "if I could have had a Pearl, I would've wanted her to be just like you" and offers Garnet a shoulder-massage in a flirty manner.
  • Even in the original Steven Universe it can be said that the three main Crystal Gems somewhat fit this trope:
    • Garnet is the true Wife archetype, being calmer, more mature, and generally more stable than the other two Crystal Gems. She's even a fusion of two Gems who are in a romantic relationship, with strong connotations of marriage.
    • Amethyst is the Child, being the more fun-loving, tomboyish one who tends to be on the same emotional level as Steven. However, she occasionally takes the role of the Seductress, often goading others into hedonistic fun, and being quite flirty at times.
    • Pearl appears to be the Wife, calm and competent and nurturing, and acting as the more immediate mother figure in Steven's life. However, she leans into the Seductress role on occasion, as she was in love with Rose Quartz, and while she generally is more mature than Amethyst she isn't above the occasional lapse in maturity and judgement, giving her some hints of the Child.
  • Teenage Euthanasia: Annie is the naïve and shy child, The Pollyanna who is the youngest member of the Fantasy Family. Trophy is the Seductress, being a very promiscuous Hard-Drinking Party Girl with a high sex drive. Baba is the Wife, who is a serious and strict matriarch who dressed like a babushka and used to come from literal The Old Country.


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