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"Sagat's always kickin', kickin' is for girls
I bet you Chun-Li kicks 'cause Chun-Li can't do curls"
— "Balrog 24/7", Man Factory

A character (typically Always Female, hence the name) who fights almost entirely with kicks for the purpose of showing off her legs. She may occasionally throw a punch, but kicking is her primary means of offense. Why do some fighters do this? Perhaps it's because kicks have better range, feet with shoes are less sensitive to pain than bare hands, or they have stronger legs than arms. However, in her case, it's partly due to the Rule of Sexy.

In reality, women note  do instinctively use their lower bodies more than their upper bodies, which means that they're naturally more inclined to use kicks than punches. Also, as the first instinct of an attacker is to bind or otherwise incapacitate the arms (and leave the legs relatively free so that you don't have to carry her), it's quite practical to deal damage with your means of locomotion. And every girl knows the classic "kick 'em in the balls" move for self-defense, which is very effective on men.note 

Primarily an Action Girl trope. A sub-trope of Extremity Extremist, one that requires the character to be female, that her fighting style is (almost entirely) kicks, and she has an essence of Fanservice to her kicking as well. Sometimes (but not always) they have strapping lower bodies as a result of the reliance on and muscular development of their legs. See also Waif-Fu. Compare Roundhouse Kick.

Compare Combat Stilettos and With My Hands Tied, where this trope may sometimes come into play when the other said tropes as used. Compare Little Girls Kick Shins.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Aggretsuko: Washimi, much like a real secretarybird, uses kicking and stomping to get her point across, at one point intimidating her boss by axe-kicking his desk.
  • In All Rounder Meguru, Maki favors powerful Muay Thay kicks to take advantage of her great height (179 cm and growing at 16), contrasting with most of the other female fighters who favor fists, grappling, or are more equilibrated.
  • Angel Densetsu's Ryoko's favorite move is a high kick, though it's far from her only attack.
  • Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan uses a unique fighting style, influenced heavily by Muay Thai. She focuses primarily on kicks, allowing her to quickly disable larger and stronger opponents. It doubles as Fridge Brilliance since the military's primary equipment depends so much on having incredible leg strength and flexibility. It's also a huge reason why she is absolutely lethal as the Female Titan.
  • Ayane's High Kick is about exactly what it says. Though it isn't by choice since Ayane aspires to become a pro wrestler but gets duped into taking up kickboxing instead by her unscrupulous coach Kunimitsu.
  • Ringo in Banana no Nana has, for lack of a better word, the superpower of incredibly strong legs. This results in fast running, high jumps, and, of course, this trope, typically applied directly to the face at maximum power.
  • Sen Yarizui the Ice Witch from Ben-To. While the other fighting girls use their fists or Improvised Weapons of various sorts, she fights almost exclusively with kicks.
  • Enju Aihara in Black Bullet fights with her feet when combating the Gastrea. Justified, as the soles and the tip of the boots she wears are made of Varanium, and she's a Rabbit-Type Cursed Child, making her exceptionally good at jumping and kicking.
  • Bleach: Ex-lieutenant Mashiro has kicks so powerful a single "Mashiro Kiiiick!" can destroy a gigantic Hollow. When going berserk through Hollowfication in "Turn Back The Pendulum", Captain Shinji Hirako had to block her kicks with his sword, which didn't even scratch her shoes. She can fire even freaking Ceros with her kicks.
  • Cells at Work!: In contrast to the Killer T Cells’ fistfighting, Regulatory T Cell fights like this. A neat trick, given that she wears a business skirt.
  • Lenalee Lee of D.Gray-Man fights exclusively with kicks, due to her Empathic Weapon being a pair of supernaturally empowered boots.
  • In Darker than Black spin-off manga Shikkoku no Hana, a high school girl named Tsukimori Azusa has gained contractor ability in the form of super strong legs. She proceeded to leap through city blocks In a Single Bound and kick people apart.
  • Nezuko in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba kicks strongly enough to behead demons. It should be noted here that this isn't nearly as graceful or fanservicey as most examples of this trope - she just smacks people in the head with big, heavy boots. In the anime adaptation, this is further emphasized with loud thuds and her demonic opponents struggling to keep their guards from collapsing under the force.
  • Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail usually summons her Celestial Spirits or uses her whip in a fight, but when she goes unarmed she usually uses mainly kicks. One of her attacks is even called "LUCY KICK!!!". Her kicks are sometimes Played for Laughs but have also shown usefulness in real battle.
  • Calynn from Gathering the Enchanted uses leg armor to enhance the power of her kicks. She uses her feet as her only weapon.
  • In Great Pretender, Abigail Jones favors powerful kicks when she needs to defend herself, and she's very good at them. She turns out to have been trained as a ballet dancer as a child, which justifies her preference for leg-based self defense.
  • Subverted in Is This A Zombie? you'd expect a Mystletainn Kick to be, well, a kick, but...
    Anyone being hit with it: "THAT'S NOT A KICK!!!!!
  • Kisara Nanjo from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is trained in Tae Kwon Do, a kick-heavy fighting style.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
  • Being a member of a race of incredibly strong humans which have descended from the Alma Torran Red Lions, Morgiana from Magi: Labyrinth of Magic has kicks that can shatter rock and instantly knock out tigers (a manga by the same author of Sumomo Mo Momo Mo).
  • Maken-ki!: Azuki and her rival, Yan-Min, are the close combat specialists at their respective schools; both specializing in kicks.
  • Mother Keeper: Syal Fineded uses a variety of weapons and fighting styles, but usually she'll get some kicks in and they're her main weapon against most enemies.
  • Several female characters from One Piece, such as CP9 member Kalifa and anime-only character Arabelle.
    • Another example will be the Okama Kenpo and the Newkama Kenpo, two martial arts practiced by men with hearts of women (and some women with hearts of men, probably) which rely heavily on kicks.
    • It's not known if Doflamingo's lackey Dellinger is trans-anything but he is rather effeminate, uses the girlish exclamation "Kyaaa!" and wears high heels with booty shorts.
    • Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. She's known as the World's Most Beautiful Woman and is a Statuesque Stunner with long beautiful legs she displays with cuts in her dresses. In actual combat, her legs prove lethal as she spins and slams her legs into someone, often channeling her Devil Fruit power into them to turn them to stone for added measure.
  • Crystal from Pokémon Adventures primarily used kicks to throw her Pokeballs instead of using her hands. This was due to at one time injuring her arms and hands and being unable to use them while they healed.
  • Pretty Cure:
  • Inner Moka from Rosario + Vampire. She defeats most of her battles with one single kick! She got it from her mom Akasha Bloodriver, the strongest vampire of all time (in that universe).
  • Misao from Rurouni Kenshin has a signature joke move that consists of a flying kick.
  • Sailor Moon's Sailor Moon Kick.
    • More prominently, Sailor Venus is extremely fond of kicks in general and her trademark Sailor V Kick in particular, which she employed quite often in Codename: Sailor V. Bonus point for resembling a kick from Savate, a martial art extremely fond of kicks.
  • Tsubasa Kazanari from Symphogear is primarily a swordswoman, but her fighting style also involves Capoeira-like spin-kicks with Armed Legs. She also performs drop kicks but with a BFS below her foot (heavy emphasis on "big"). She rarely uses her arms without using her sword.
  • In the Trigun movie, Amelia kicks the crap out of two bounty hunters to the point that they try to grab her legs to stop her. Later, though, like most characters in the series, she mostly uses her gun.
  • Variable Geo: Kaori may not look it, but she's a master of Taekwondo and one of the top competitors in the VG tournament; which she demonstrates in her opening match.
  • In the short time that she is with us in Goblin Slayer, Fighter primarily fights with her kicks and takes down a number of the goblins of the cave this way. Unfortunately, her last kick is caught by a Large and in Charge hobgoblin, the very first of its kind encountered in the series, and things turn bad for her in short order.
  • Emma Frost in the X-Men anime fights using a Savate fighting style.
  • If forced into using melee attacks (rather than her bow), the titular princess in Yona of the Dawn favors high kicks. It's repeatedly commented that she learned this from watching Jaeha, who has a supernaturally powerful right leg.

    Comic Books 
  • Although it is not her only combat move, Black Canary does use a lot of kicks, all the better to highlight her shapely fishnet clad legs. During her short-lived '90s series, she fought a villain called Capoeira, whose combat style was also heavily based on kicks, making their battles very much a kick-fest.
  • The female version of Judomaster in The DCU used a lot of kicks in her fighting (exactly the way that judo doesn't).
  • In nearly every incarnation, Mystique has an abundance of martial arts skills, but great emphasis is put on the many ways she can contort herself just to plant a foot in an enemy's face. It helps that her costume (or lack thereof) is custom-made to show a lot of leg.
  • Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim surprises Ramona by kicking hard enough to stop her hammer, and almost gains the upper hand in their fight thanks to her kicks. Justified beyond fanservice due being one of the tallest characters, with relatively long legs.
  • When not using bladed weapons, Miho of Sin City fame kicks her way through Mooks.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1: Lt. Lauren Haley does almost all of her unarmed fighting with varied kicks.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, Lional Kebel, a man temperamentally disposed to taking an interest in female fashion, contemplates the first generation of Lady Assassins who now teach at the School and that their girl students are taking fashion style from them as to how a female Assassin should dress and look stylish. Considering Miss Alice Band, he reflects that while she apparently favours tight pencil skirts note , they have insufficiently secured side seams. So that if an unexpected high kick, say to the point of a client's jaw, is mandated by circumstances, the seam will rip up to the thigh very easily, thus allowing unfettered use of the legs and feet. He notes girl students influenced by Alice are dressing like her. For both style and function.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Demon has Hitomi Toni as this example, considering that she isn't badass in her work, but in the fanfic itself.
  • Skave from Total Drama Legacy is a karateka who primarily attacks using kicks. She uses a kick to break a board in "Reality Shogun", and when a Threatening Shark swims towards the Modern Mandrills' boat in "Water You Gonna Do?", she gives it a kick as it lunges towards her, sending it flying.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In Bet Your Life, Bounty Hunter Action Girl Carmen uses a fighting style that primarily relies on kicks whenever she is not using guns. She is able to drop several of Joseph's armed mooks with kicks in the casino.
  • Birds of Prey (2020): Harley Quinn, Huntress, and especially Black Canary tend to use a lot of kicks when they're not wielding weapons.
  • Charlie's Angels (2000): While all the Angels demonstrate various fighting moves, Natalie seems to kick a lot more, including interrogating one suspect by holding him against a wall with her bootheel. This is, of course, to show off Cameron Diaz's long, toned legs.
  • Zen in Chocolate is a trained Muay Thai fighter simply from watching Tony Jaa's movies but specializes in kick-related attacks during her fights.
  • Paula Garces in Clockstoppers as Francesca kicks Dr Dopler right in the face, and it has a lot more effect than hitting him - turns out she knows ballet. It wouldn't be worthwhile mentioning if they didn't threaten him with doing it again.
  • In Derailed (2002), Action Girl Galina's fighting style seems to consist almost entirely of kicks.
  • High Kick Girl. She... kicks high.
  • The character Ma Su-zhen from the 1970s movie series of the same name favours using kicks when beating up mooks.
  • Gazelle from Kingsman: The Secret Service employs a variant in that she does fight mostly with her prosthetic legs, but they function more like swords.
  • Mina from Our Friend Power 5 is a Taekwondo fighter, meaning that she's mastered some powerful kicks and uses them constantly- whether it's to beat up Hyuk or kick an alien in the face, she's always using her legs.
  • B-movie queen Cynthia Rothrock has made her career around flipping about and kicking bad guys.
  • Played for laughs in Scary Movie 2. When the girls go all Angels Pose on the butler, Brenda goes crazy with a flurry of kicks...and burns her shoe off.
  • Wayne's World: Tia Carrere not only plays a mean bass, but she can also take out a bar brawler with just one kick in the middle of a song and hardly even miss a beat.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • In X-Men, Mystique beats up Senator Kelly entirely by kicking him around the face and head, barefoot.
    • In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Mystique chokes out one of her victims with one foot, executing perfect martial arts form and casually looking through his mail, just to show off how good she is at this.

  • Beast Tamer: While Kanade does use punches on occasion, nearly every time she enters combat she relies primarily on kicks. Her first and most frequently seen move is a drop kick from above and kicks or knee attacks are her typical opening move in a given fight.
  • Domino Lady's hand-to-hand combat style primarily involves high kicks; which show off her legs through her slit-to-the-hip gown. This is even more emphasised in her comic book incarnation.
  • The Honored Matres in the Dune universe have this as their signature style of unarmed combat, and have developed it to the point where a single kick can be instantly lethal. They are also, for reasons connected with specific training and possibly selective breeding, extremely fast. Some of the best Bene Gesserit adepts are a match for them, but that's about it.
  • Calynn from Gathering the Enchanted has literal feet of steel.
  • In Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth novel Bloodhype, protagonist Kitten Kai Sung throws a knee-capping kick from a sitting position, pretty much giving away the fact she is a trained agent.
  • Kate Daniels prefers to fight with a saber most of the time, but when she and the local head Werelion engage in some Good Old Fisticuffs, she really prefers kicking because it's the only thing she's got that can put a dent in his regeneration.
  • Bakgi from Nano Machine, is a male example. He came from a high-ranked clan that specialized in kicking.
  • Ninette from Reserved for the Cat borders on this when she kicks an attacker into a wall. Justifiable because ballet requires both strong legs and precise movements with them.
  • Kylaia Al Jmaa from Tamora Pierce's Tortall Universe short story "Student of Ostriches". She starts developing her self-taught fighting style by watching ostriches kicking a wild dog (although she does develop and use techniques other than kicks).
  • The Witch of Knightcharm: After Emily crafts more magical amulets and works them into the soles of her shoes, she becomes this, using the power of the amulets to empower her kicks and thus make herself into a much stronger combatant.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Alias, Sydney Bristow is primarily a kickboxer. One episode lampshades this very trope when her opponent (played by Quentin Tarantino), who is primarily a pugilist, observes that the problem with kickboxers is that they lack the upper body strength for either doling out or taking powerful punches. While Sydney accepts his criticism as valid, she eventually manages to prove that he can't take the kicks of a really good kickboxer either.
  • In Batman (1966), Batgirl (played by trained ballerina Yvonne Craig) never threw punches, relying on kicks and the occasional Improvised Weapon.
  • Lori from Big Wolf on Campus took kickboxing, so that was how she usually fought.
  • When Seven of Nine is kidnapped to fight in a gladiatorial arena in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Tsunkatse", her fighting style included rather more kicks than most of the other combatants seen on-screen.
  • On Charmed, Phoebe takes up kickboxing after she gets tired of having a passive power. We don't get to see it much.
  • Although she's generally a well-rounded fighter, Sarah on Chuck has strong shades of Kick Chick. Whether or not she fights as a Kick Chick usually boils down to Rule of Sexy and how fanservice-y the writers want a particular fight scene to be.
  • Purdey of The New Avengers has a long, strong, and deadly pair of legs.
  • Super Sentai/Power Rangers:
    • In Chouriki Sentai Ohranger all of the Rangers practice a different style of martial arts like karate or boxing. Juri, however, uses a style entirely made up of kicks. All while fighting in a skort... or a bikini.
    • Any time Jen from Power Rangers Time Force would fight unmorphed, it's just her doing very high kicks in a miniskirt. Unless she's just blowing stuff up.
    • Amy in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, to be point where her In the Name of the Moon sequence includes a very impractical kick that reaches over her head. And by extension, Shelby in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
    • Other characters like Kat Hillard and Yoko Usami favor kicking as well, but they are generally not intentionally played for fanservice.
  • On Walker, Texas Ranger, Sydney Cooke is this, but Alex isn't afraid to do so on some occasions.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • One of Trish Stratus's finishers was a roundhouse kick dubbed the Chick Kick.
  • When Mickie James was playing Trish's fan/stalker and was copying all of her moves, she called it the Mick Kick. The Long Kiss Goodnight finisher also used by Mickie James was a vicious spin kick to the back of the head. She occasionally still uses it.
  • In All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, Toshiyo Yamada and Yumiko Hotta used a lot of kicks.
  • Stacy Keibler, though she's better known for a leg choke than a kick.
  • Joshi wrestler KANA (billed as Asuka in NXT). Like Yumiko Hotta, she's also known for being extremely stiff with them.
  • Sara Del Rey, of SHIMMER, CHIKARA, Ring of Honor, and many other promotions, uses the Koppo Kick a lot, particularly against male opponents.
  • Layla uses various kicks as signature moves and in 2012 developed a kick to the head called The Bombshell as a Finishing Move.
  • Anarchy Championship Wrestling and IWA Texas put Mia Yim together with ACH to form Team Kick!...for a dark match, but it was aptly named. Both Daizee Haze and La Rosa Negra are among those who tried their feet at trading kicks with Yim and lost horribly.
  • Evie (Dakota Kai in NXT) stands out this way on SHIMMER, whose roster is largely defined by pinning combinations, submission holds, and head drops. She frequently tags her Twitter posts #TeamKick

    Video Games 
  • Advanced V.G. II:
    • Kaori Yanase is V.G's equivalent of King, and even performs her Ki Attacks through her legs. Though Kaori is a practitioner of Taekwondo, rather than Nak Muay.
    • Kyoko Kirishima's are also lethal weapons, as her leg reach and her attack speed allow her to whip out infintes, once she's mastered.
  • In Alien vs. Predator (Capcom), the female human character, Linn Kurosawa, is equipped with an automatic pistol and katana but also does more kicking than any other playable character.
  • Two girls from Arcana Heart fight with kick-based styles: Tsuzura Saki and Inuwaka Akane. While Saki has some punches in her arsenal, Akane relies on kicks exclusively.
  • Bacon Man: An Adventure has Lard Lass, who despite her hefty weight and relative slowness, is very flexible with her kicks, and pretty much only uses them unless she picks up an enemy.
  • In the Batman: Arkham Series, Batgirl and Catwoman rely heavily on their kicks, stomps, and heels as well as whole body maneuvers because neither of them are as muscular as the guys. Catwoman in particular almost always uses her legs to strangle enemies in predator mode. Foot attacks are also empowered by high heels.
  • Bayonetta's default fighting style combines this with Guns Akimbo, although her kicks also fire guns in the enemy's face.
  • Miriam in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night uses kicks as her default attack if unarmed, and also has a variety of deadly, weaponized boots. The Lili enemies are attractive demon-women in Playboy Bunny outfits who attack mainly with kicks, as well. And Miriam can get a shard that lets her turn into one.
  • Katt's fused form from Breath of Fire II trades away her staff in favor of kicking enemies to death.
  • Conception 2: Children Of The Seven Stars has Serina Leaf, who uses a special mechanical boot that amplifies the power of her kicks and also allows her to float slightly off the ground when walking.
  • Eve from Daemon Bride is a miniskirted dominatrix rock singer who fights by kicking with blades on her boots. She throws Ki Attacks from her legs as well. Those blades were actually the Demon she made contract with and she abuses him like a dominatrix, said Demon (Beelzebub) doesn't seem to mind. Her only attacks that use her hands are a blown kiss projectile and a hair flick projectile.
  • All of the protagonists from the Deception franchise are Trap Masters, but Velguirie in Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is also able to — in a first for the series — directly attack invaders with a kick to the face.
  • Lucia from Devil May Cry 2 uses dance-like kick attacks as a physical melee move when not using her twin curved blades.
  • Renamon, though only theoretically female, in Digimon Rumble Arena. Aside from her Diamond Storm special, all of her attacks are kicks.
  • The Nekomata in the Disgaea series fight almost exclusively with kicks, only using their hands to deliver Ki Attacks in most of the games.
  • In Double Dragon Neon, Linda's feet are her primary weapon when she's not wielding a whip.
  • The Archer class in Dragon Nest can specialize in the Acrobat tree, which mixes in a lot of kicks with her standard arrow attacks.
  • Dynasty Warriors:
    • Sun Sun Xiang in 7. Her Limit Break even involves her stretching her bow using her legs.
    • 8's DLC includes the Sabaton moveset that allows you to apply this to any character.
  • Dragon's Crown: In contrast to their punching male counterparts, the female physical classes in the game uses kicks when fighting unarmed.
    • The Amazon was specifically called a Lightning Kicker in Atlus' character video for her. If she loses her spear, she will instead fight with a series of kick combos and butt slams.
    • Kicking is the Elf's default way of fighting when forced to go melee. In fact, Elves have a specific skill in Deadly Boots that allow her to increase the damage of her kicks.
  • Karin from Enchanted Arms - her weapons are boots, and her techniques are either kicks, water elemental attacks, or healing skills.
  • Nayuki Minase (awake) from Eternal Fighter Zero fights exclusively with kicks, given that she's the captain of the school's track team.
  • Medusa is depicted this way in Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star and its sequel, saving her nail-daggers for special moves. Her report for capturing a zone is complaining that there's nobody left for her to kick.
  • Fighter's History Dynamite: Liu Yungmei performs kicks even when a punch button is pressed, uses her legs to block and throw opponents, and channels her K through her legs as well.
  • Lucia from the third Final Fight game almost exclusively uses kicks.
  • Jam Kuradoberi from the Guilty Gear games kicks a lot (she even has a continuous kick combo as one of her Special Attacks. It helps that she also wears a short skirt.
  • Haunted Halloween '86: The Curse Of Possum Hollow: Tami battles monsters using her feet, to contrast against Donny's Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • In Holy Umbrella, Saki attacks enemies by kicking them, can do a "wall-kick jump," and slides through narrow passages feet-first.
  • Ring, the player 2 character from Hong Kong Ninja specializes in using kicks for almost all her melee attacks - spinning kicks, high kicks, jump kicks, dash kicks, you name it. Meanwhile, the player 1 character Long (who's a guy) uses equal amounts of punches and kicks.
  • Honkai Impact 3rd: Bronya Zaychik in her promotional animation primarily attacks her enemies by kicking them with her legs. Justified by the fact that her legs are enhanced by a cybernetic exoskeleton that not only allows her to walk but also float and presumably strengthens them.
  • Iji uses either her BFG or her cybernetically-enhanced legs. She can kick enemy soldiers across the room.
  • Yan from Indivisible is mostly leg; her attacks consist entirely of kicks and knee strikes. Then again, she's a ballerina who was born without arms.
  • Wind goddess Fuuka from Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns. The only available weapon type she can use is a set of boots, so she has little choice but to use her feet as weapons.
  • When Orchid from Killer Instinct isn't smacking people with her batons she attacks with lightning quick kicks.
  • The King of Fighters:
    • King is the series' foremost example, being a practitioner of the Nak Muay style of kickboxing. While her punches consist of jabs, hooks, and elbow strikes that inflict light damage, her kicks are generally stronger and are her chief means of attack. Even her "Venom Strike" and "Phantom Venom" are performed with her legs.
    • May Lee's a Taekwondo practitioner like her instructor and idol Kim Kaphwan.
    • Ditto Chae Lim, of KOF's Spin-Off Alternate Continuity Maximum Impact. As a matter of fact, she fights so much like Kim, that she might as well be his Distaff Counterpart. When Kim appeared in the sequel, they had to readjust her moves so that she fought at least a little differently from her teacher.
    • Luong's best attacks and combos are kicks
  • Prier from La Pucelle, to the extent she neglects to use (for the most part) the rod she's TRAINED how to fight with. Of course, with legs like this...
  • Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force has Silpheed, a mecha that focuses on kicks for basic attacks due to its arms being a pair of Arm Cannons and pilebunkers.
  • Sachiko Ogasawara (Rosa Chinensis en bouton from Maria Watches Over Us) appears in the doujin Fighting Game Maribato! as a playable character. Although she doesn't get to the point of becoming an Extremity Extremist, most of Sachiko's normal and special moves are heavily kick-based; She has a very fast Diving Kick and flying kick among her moveset.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has some female characters being this, most notably Trish, Crimson Viper, and Jill Valentine.
  • In Mary Skelter: Nightmares, we have Cinderella, who is stated to be the Blood Team's best hand-to-hand fighter, looks ready to kick the cameraman in the face in her official artwork, and has a literal Combat Stiletto as her Blood Weapon... yeah, pretty sure she counts.
  • Misa from Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae primarily uses her legs to perform hand-to-hand attacks.
  • In the second Nicktoons Unite! game, Sam Manson primarily uses kicks, as opposed to Danny, who prefers punches.
  • Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 lives this trope. Taking out items is the only thing she'll do with her hands, but beyond that, attacking, invocation, or even defending are all done with her legs. HWA-TAAAAAAAA!
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 introduced Jet Boots in Episode 3, which features nothing but kicks. If your character is female and they wield these, you're qualified. Additionally, a female character is seen wielding them in trailers and promotional art. The class and weapon return in New Genesis, and the Retem City leader Nadereh uses them primarily in combat.
  • Kurisu Makise appears as a playable guest character in the Fighting Game Phantom Breaker and its spinoff Beat 'em Up Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds via DLC. Kurisu's fighting style consists of using several weapons based on the various future gadgets from her home game, and a lot of kicks for close combat.
  • Pokémon:
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon introduces Tsareena, an anthropomorphic mangosteen that mainly attacks using its legs. It needs to learn the move Stomp as a Steenee to even reach the Tsareena stage. Its signature move is a move called Trop Kick.
    • The Ultra Beast Pheromosa resemble elegant cockroach-women (though in-game they're genderless) and have long lithe legs that are more than just eye candy: Pheromosa, if threatened, will kick with blinding speed as their muscles are designed with twitchy movements and quick bursts of speed and power.
    • Hisuian Lilligant is a downplayed trope, being both this and a ballet-based martial artist who mixes kicking with twirling. In particular is the boss battle against the Lady of the Ridge in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, where she has a move in which she jumps, lifts one leg up high, and slams it into the ground as she lands causing a shock wave.
  • The Professor Layton prequel trilogy has Emmy Altava doing kicks in any fight shown in the cutscenes.
  • Sheva of Resident Evil 5 mainly uses kicks as her physical attacks, in contrast to Chris, who uses his ridiculously large arms for all his melee moves. Also to contrast Chris, Jill uses kick physicals but are straighter than Sheva's acrobatics.
  • Leggy school nurse Kyoko Minazuki from Rival Schools.
  • Natasha from Rusty Hearts uses flip-heavy kicks along with guns.
  • Ii Naotora of Samurai Warriors fights using bladed boots that she can perform some impressive kicks with, including a spinning dropkick that drills through the opposition.
  • Morte from Sands of Destruction does carry a BFS, but uses kicks as a secondary attack. Several cutscenes also show her kicking people, usually in the back.
  • In Scooby-Doo! First Frights and Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp, Daphne fights by kicking.
  • Carmelita Fox has this in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves as a secondary attack option when enemies get too close for her to effectively employ her shock pistol. Her roundhouse kick is powerful enough to send mooks twice her size flying several feet.
  • Rouge the Bat in Sonic Adventure 2 uses attacks with kicks rather than punching. It becomes even more evident in Sonic Battle where her entire fighting style is centered around kicks that make her attacks both powerful and fast. She even gets an upgrade which allows her to dig using her legs.
  • In the character creation mode for Soulcalibur III, the Grieve Edge weapon is essentially a metal shoe with a blade attached to it. Although none of the characters in the main storyline use it, the busty shopkeeper Valeria is an unlockable character who uses this weapon.
  • Reimi from Star Ocean: The Last Hope will flip-kick an enemy into the air for her close-range attack, and has a special that delivers Rapid-Fire Kicks, but being an archer, she's predominantly a long-range character; it's a good idea to keep her away from her opponents.
  • Street Fighter:
    • The possible Trope Codifier: Chun-Li. Strangely enough, she had some effective (and pretty hard) punches in both 2 and the Alpha games. It wasn't until 3 that her "legs that took down an organization" status really took hold, with most of her punches replaced by ineffective/silly-looking chops or slaps. In particular, her crouch hard punch took a big hit.
      • Her standing hard punches in 3rd Strike however actually avert this in competitive play, considering how good they are.
    • Elena from Street Fighter III takes it another step by not ever using her hands (being a Dance Battler and practitioner of Capoeira). She even throws with her legs.
    • Newcomer Juri in Super Street Fighter IV is a Tae Kwon Do prodigy. She even manages Ki Attacks with her feet. Her fierce punch command is also a kick.
    • Ibuki, while being more watered down, has more kicks than punches, and her kicks, especially her special attacks that use her legs, do more damage than any hand-related attack.
  • Wakaba from Suikoden II does this, and her personal weapon is a pair of shin guards to protect her legs.
  • Super Smash Bros. has Zero Suit Samus, notably in the fourth game after she got Rocket Boots and her attacks and animations were changed to better emphasize her agility. Also Zelda to a lesser extent, who is mostly a Lady of Black Magic but is known for delivering powerful magic-enhanced Lightning Kicks almost as powerful as Captain Falcon's knee.
  • In the Tales of... series, there are a few female characters who specialize in kicking:
    • Tales of Hearts has Kohaku Hearts who is a unique hybrid of a fire mage, healer, and a martial artist with her specialty being kicking. Kicking is also one of her traits as her wanted poster in a skit in Tales of Hearts R noted.
    • Tales of Graces has Sophie who is a healer and a martial artist. She is small, but her kicks are deadly.
    • Tales of Innocence has Hermana.
    • Tales of Berseria has main character Velvet Crowe use a wrist blade and a demonic left arm as her main weapons but a lot of her artes use kicks and blades hidden in her shoes as well.
  • Tekken:
    • The Williams sisters do quite a bit of damage with their high-heeled kicks, but the real damage is done when they grab the opponent and start breaking bones.
    • If you're not spinning together a near-endless series of sweeping Capoeira kicks from Christie Monteiro, you're doing it wrong.
    • Lili uses a lot of kicks as her style revolves around gymnastics.
  • Homura Akai of Tokimeki Memorial 2, whose signature attacks are the "Dragon Kick" and the "Kaichou Kick" (Student Council President Kick), complete with Calling Your Attacks.
  • In the Touhou Project fighting games, Reimu's physical attacks consist mostly of about two different strikes with her gohei and tons of kicks.
  • Virtua Fighter:
    • Included in Sarah Bryant's arsenal are the knee, jumping knee, jumping spin kick, leg sweep, flamengo stance kicks, kickflip, and the beat gatling throw.
    • Pai-Chan mainly uses kicking attacks in The Anime of the Game. However, the bad guys catch up with her fighting style, and she's ended up useless in any non-mook battle. More exactly, Pai's Enseiken fighting style is said in-TV series to be useless in some battle conditions. The Big Bad, Liu Kowloon, is also a martial artist and knows about this very well — often sending out non-Mooks that are specially trained to create said conditions and neutralising Pai so they can bring her back to him (there's even a whole scene in the beginning in which Kowloon explains this to Pai). Said conditions don't apply in the games for obvious reasons, so she retains her fighting competence.
  • In The Walking Dead (Telltale), one of Clementine's go-to moves is to block an incoming threat with her foot and kick them off, usually sending them into something dangerous. After being taught by Jane, she begins to kick walkers in the knee in order to stun them before stabbing them in the head.
  • In Wonder Momo, the titular protagonist only attacks using (very) high kicks and splits kicks.
  • Elly from Xenogears has kicks as her secondary attack with her rods being primary and Ether attack spells being the Finishing Move.

    Visual Novels 
  • Tomoyo and Kyou from CLANNAD have both dealt great physical harm to Sunohara using their kicks. Tomoyo has been known to deal a combo attack for over 100 kicks to Sunohara before he even hit the ground.
  • Umineko: When They Cry has Gaap spin-kicking at George with Combat Stilettos.

  • '32 Kick-Up: Mob enforcer Margaret fights purely with kicks.
  • Dead Winter: Lizzie Cooper can deliver pretty powerful kicks alongside even weaponizing a soccer ball. All thanks to her having played soccer a lot during her school days.
  • Furry Fight Chronicles: Nyarai has a strong preference for kicks by using her long legs and feline agility and flexibility. Her debut chapter has her literally kick out a hippo who was groping her, she stomped Cookie to the ground with a windmill kick, and she was going to start her fight with Peki with a descending overhead kick. Official art for her debut fight even has her do a flying crescent kick, further showcasing her preference for using her legs to damage her opponents.

    Web Original 
  • Sasha from Greek Ninja, when not using her katana, resorts to kicks.
  • RWBY:
    • Melanie Malachite fights with her bladed high heels.
    • Neopolitan uses either her Parasol of Pain or kicks for battle and has never been seen using her fists even though she wields her umbrella one-handed. Given how tiny she is, she probably needs the extra power. The one time she does use her hands, trying to hit Ruby as they're both falling, Ruby is able to block her punches rather easily because she has no experience with hand-to-hand.
    • Velvet Scarlatina primarily uses her legs for fighting. As she's a rabbit Faunus, she probably has a lot of strength down there despite what her slender frame would suggest. It's also by necessity to a degree as her weapon Anesidora is apparently Too Awesome to Use.

    Western Animation 
  • Black Widow and Zarda from Avengers Assemble. In the first season, Widow tends to have some closeups where whenever she kicks her legs appear as very attractive but in the second season, the designs of her hair, eyes, body, legs, arms, and costume improve. whenever there is a closeup of Widow kicking with her legs(or crossing them), they are shown to be very powerful and curvaceous.
  • To an extent, Blackarachnia from Beast Wars. In her first appearance, she let Cheetor shoot away all her ranged weapons as he charged at her, only to stick her foot out and kick him to the ground. Later, she KO'ed a mode locked Dinobot by kicking him in the face repeatedly. Though she did not actually have hands for much of her life.
  • Mira Nova from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command uses kicks as her main melee attack.
  • Leela in Futurama has a pretty hard punch, but she uses kicks a lot more. "Hiiiii-YA!"
  • Cricket from Generator Rex is an E.V.O. whose main mutation is having absurdly powerful legs (Hence her name) that she regularly uses to beat her enemies. To the point Rex is shown having a hard time fighting her.
  • Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures seems to have a penchant for launching into semi-useless flying kick attacks and using her feet in combat.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, Black Canary uses her legs way more than her fists when fighting. Not that she can't punch - she just uses sweeps and kicks noticeably more.
  • Pretty from Kaeloo is prone to kicking other people when angry.
  • From The Looney Tunes Show episode "Eligible Bachelors", Granny as a spy during World War II, throwing exactly one punch during her flashback, performing kicks the rest of the time.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Applejack kicks apples out of trees for a living. She even named her hindlegs "Bucky McGillycuddy" and "Kicks McGee". Being a quadruped, it is a bit difficult to not be one.
    • Most ponies (who are mostly female) avert this, tending to stand up on their hind legs and 'box'. Your opinion may vary on whether this counts or not.
  • Enid from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes fights almost exclusively with her legs, and is able to shoot energy from her boots. Her legs are noticeably muscular as a result.
  • Colleen from Road Rovers loves to do this. She even yells "HAI-YA!" whenever she does it.
  • Mercy Graves from Superman: The Animated Series almost exclusively uses high kicks, except for her gun. She also wears a short minidress which almost always gives the viewer a great view of her legs even when she isn't fighting. No panty shots, though.
  • In the Teen Titans Go! episode "Legs", Raven discovers she is a talented kicker, so she adopts an alternate superhero identity named Lady Legasus. She only returns to her original identity when she discovers that her cloak has corrupted Cyborg.
  • Ivy, from Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, has flying kicks as her preferred method of combat. She has also kicked open doors bolted by heavy pieces of lumber, and her legs are strong enough that she once freed herself from a pillory just by flexing her legs.
  • Mystique once again, this time in Wolverine and the X-Men (2009). There's a particularly memorable kick in her introductory episode when she's fighting Wolverine. He swipes at her, and she ducks...but while she's there, she throws out a back kick over her own head and nails him in the face.

    Real Life 
  • Holly Holm was equally matched to Ronda Rousey using a variety of techniques during their UFC championship fight in 2015, but her roundhouse kick to the latter's jaw shows how powerful the move can be.
  • Female equines use kicking to not only repel predators but to also deter unwanted mates while in heat.
  • Doubling as Literal Metaphor, Secretary Birds use their powerful legs to stomp their prey. Snakes, in this case.
  • Chloe Bruce, a world martial arts champion and professional stuntwoman for films like the Star Wars sequels and Guardians of the Galaxy, is the real-life personification of this trope. She takes great pride in her flexible kicks and has made them her trademark, to the point where she does things like cosplaying kick chick characters like Chun Li, filming herself doing the bottle cap challenge with her signature Scorpion Kick and even establishing the world record for the most amount of Scorpion Kicks done in a single minute.


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