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"She's a brick... house!
She's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out
She's a brick... house!
The lady's stacked and that's a fact,
Ain't holding nothing back.
Oh, she's a brick... house!
Yeah, she's the one, the only one, built like an Amazon"
Commodores, "Brick House"

The Amazonian Beauty is what happens when Ms. Fanservice hulks out.

Often times, such as in fighting video games like Street Fighter, a lot of beautiful women are jacked but no one comments on it, since to the characters it is the norm for them to see characters like that, despite the fact that they are still Ms Fanservices who go above and beyond the call of duty in some cases.

A quick litmus test for this trope is:

If the answer to all four above is "yes," the character qualifies for this trope.

This female character can take her muscularity to Heroic Build levels. Sometimes starts out as a Super-Strong Child, and usually (if not almost always) is an Action Girl. They always have large breasts, strong toned muscles, toned midriffs, sculpted abs, toned broad shoulders, and strong well-developed legs. An Amazonian Beauty will sometimes spend all her time in her battle gear in order to lead into a She Cleans Up Nicely moment when the plot requires stuffing her into more feminine attire like a ballgown or a wedding dress, both of which invariably end in Kicking Ass in All Her Finery.

Compare Amazon Chaser where a character finds a woman attractive because of her fighting skills. If he's attracted to her muscles, she's an Amazonian Beauty. Of course, both tropes can be in play at the same time if he's attracted to both. Given that these girls are often tall to further enhance their presentation of strength, romances with them are likely to result in Tiny Guy, Huge Girl and Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy.

Contrasts with No Guy Wants an Amazon, Brawn Hilda and Big Beautiful Woman. Some of these characters also double as Statuesque Stunners. Often times giant women will be this type of beauty, especially if they are from a tribe of giants. When the female in question worries about the slippery slope between this trope and Brawn Hilda, it usually results in Muscle Angst. Her smaller (and equally dangerous) sister or cousin is the Cute Bruiser. For the Amazonian Beauty's Spear Counterpart, see Hunk.

Doesn't necessarily have to be women from the Amazon Rainforest.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Houmei from AIKI is built like a bodybuilder, and wears a very revealing dress which has high side-slits on both sides, a Cleavage Window, and an opening on the back. Akemi Kageyasu also has a very toned build, and her clothing reveals her well-defined abs.
  • Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan is pretty enough to leave Jean speechless, but, man, is she ripped under that uniform. While you don't get to see much of her muscularity in the actual series, some official illustrations and a scene in one of the OVA’s have her wear a sport’s bra and shorts to show off her incredibly lean and well toned physique. And four years later, Mikasa had likely gotten even more ripped from training more intensely than before to prepare for the war against Marley; As she looks slightly bulkier compared to four years ago.
  • Later volumes of Baccano! have Aging, a roughly seven-foot-tall woman with a physique resembling Michelangelo's David, only with breasts and 50% more muscle definition. While she intimidates the hell out of most men (it's somewhat reasonable to be afraid of a woman who uses a minigun as a one-handed firearm), the text makes it clear that the muscle makes her no less attractive.
  • Okoi from Basilisk is a tall and powerful kunoichi with a ripped physique to match, particularly her legs. The fact that she always dresses up in a much more stripperific manner than the other girls in the series, if to better use her powers, only shows this further. She is also considered quite attractive, maybe a bit too much for her own good, but, then again, thanks to her blood-sucking ability, she can more than defend herself from any scoundrel.
  • Casca from Berserk is quite well-toned from her career as a mercenary, and even admitted that she was embarrassed to wear a shoulder-revealing ball gown because of her muscles (of course, this did not stop love interest Guts from totally gawking at her). But unfortunately after the trauma she suffered from the Eclipse, Casca from being too mentally broken to keep up her training, loses a considerable amount of musculature and becomes quite skinny and outright frail.
  • Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight! is an ecchi series about the Japanese adult entertainment industry, where a lot of the women also practice various martial arts or combat sports. Main character Haebara Misora trained in karate in her father's dojo from a young age, then moved into gravure modeling as an adult. She is tall, muscular, and utterly stacked. No wonder she's the Lust Object of both men and women. Exploited in the Tournament Arc: she goes onstage in various Stripperiffic outfits, and uses her superior height, strength, and mass to her advantage against her first two opponents: caught in a triangle choke by MMA fighter Airi, Misora flips the other woman over her back, knocking her senseless.
  • Dorio in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is the robust girlfriend of The Leader Maine, with a bulky Heroic Build almost as impressive as his which she flaunts by walking around topless under her coat to show off her incredibly beefy physique.
  • Villain of the Week Kinkakumon in Digimon Ghost Game is a Nubile Savage, Blood Knight, oni Digimon with muscular arms & thighs who takes over a popular Fighting Game, turning it into The Most Dangerous Video Game where she and her Big Little Brother Ginkakumon challenge skilled players and turn the losing humans into booze. Their antics led to rumors about a "mysterious beautiful woman" appearing in the game, attracting even more victims.
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!: Athena is ripped, having clearly defined abs, biceps, and thigh muscles and has such a bangin' hot bod that she's been acknowledged In-Universe as a MILF. Ironically, it's the reason she retired from being a superheroine: because hardly anyone could take their eyes off her. And some weren't content to just look. Her daughter Clara is similarly toned, but has a more slender frame.
  • Noi from Dorohedoro is a hulking and figure two inches shy of seven feet tall and built like the proverbial brick shithouse, and easily passes for a guy in her "work outfit", a tracksuit that flattens her curves and a gruesome mask she always wears. Later on, her gender is revealed, and some characters are surprised that she's actually quite busty and has a very feminine face despite her bulk. Later on, she starts wearing more flattering clothes and there even a couple panels where she's completely topless, which of course also shows off her incredibly brawny musculature.
    • While not as extremely brawny or bulky as Noi, Nikaido is also a very athletic and muscular beauty. With several art works and panels showing underneath her outfit her well toned yet curvy physique. but later on when she transforms into a devil her body begins to change, and bulks up tremendously, taking on a musclebound and masculine appearance with only her head remaining unchanged. Which disturbs several characters by this unnatural transformation. Eventually her face also transforms as her mask merges with her head and completes her transformation; but looks nothing like the Nikaido from before.
  • Dragon Ball Super:
    • It appears Saiyans have this coded into their genome. Specifically, the Super Saiyan "third-grade" state, already shown to significantly increase the muscle mass of the user. It also happens to noticeably expand the breasts of Caulifla, the first woman seen using it. As Vegeta calls the form "useless" for anything besides being brawny bait. Yet surprisingly enough, it seems attraction probably is its true purpose since Saiyan’s prefer strong women.
    • Kale, the Universe 6 counterpart of another "legendary" Saiyan, is able to transform into a muscular and taller "Super Saiyan Berserk" form. She retains the "dark-skinned beauty" description from her Shonen Jump press release description, in addition to her usual midriff exposing her new form's defined abs. Her normal Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 forms follow the same trend.
    • Coincidentally, Kefla, a Saiyan potara fusion, adopts a similarly toned Olympian physique and tanner skin once she accesses her Super Saiyan form. It helps that fusion not only takes physical features from Caulifla, but also Kale.
  • Maki Oze from Fire Force started off as a lanky girl when she first joined Tokyo’s armed forces as shown in a flashback chapter, but two years of rigorous military training resulted in Maki developing a well muscled and very athletic physique when she joins company 8, something Maki is very aware of and is actually insecure about it, despite some people seeing her as a very beautiful woman. If anything her muscles actually enhance her beauty as Hibana stated one time. But whenever someone rudely insults Maki for her physique like Arthur Boyle does frequently, they wind up getting a well deserved ass-kicking.
  • In a few of Go Nagai's works (Iron Muscle and Mazinger Angels), there's a recurring character named Sakurako Honou (see here). Very muscular (especially in the arms and abs) and very fanservicey (up to and including a few naked shots in volume 3 of Iron Muscle).
    • And speaking of Nagai, there's the Jun of Iron Virgin Jun, who's muscular yet very feminine. Most of the characters in the series lust after her, and she frequently finds her herself nude or in erotic situations. True to the title, however, she does remain a virgin for most of the series (in the manga).
  • Goblin Slayer: A side character within the Adventurers Guild is literally known as Amazon, who perfectly reflects her very name, since she is a towering 8 foot tall woman with an extremely beefy yet curvy physique and has a pretty face to boot. She even wears a barbarian themed battle bikini that shows off her beefy muscles while wielding her hefty battle axe in combat. It’s only a shame we don’t see her often in the overall story.
  • Valmet from Jormungand is incredibly ripped. Which makes sense since Valmet was a former military officer who ended up slipping into the dirty business of illegal weapons dealing. Resulting in Valmet spending many years strengthening her body up through intense military grade regimen’s to possess an incredibly powerful and downright olympian physique, in order to be the best trump card of Koko’s business. At least three guys on her mercenary team find her physically attractive, though it's mainly because of her large breasts, as revealed in the Beach Episode where one of them tries to grope her breasts without incurring her wrath.note  The same episode also had lingering closeups of her in a bikini, highlighting her incredibly well muscled yet curvy body.
  • Maki Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen was already shown to be an incredibly athletic and formidable sorcerer thanks to her heavenly restriction granting her great strength at the cost of having no cursed energy, but after Maki sustained severe burns from Jogo’s flames during the Shibuya Arc, was forced to recover from her critical injuries with Shoko’s reversed cursed energy technique. Yet Maki spent all that time not only healing, but also training rigorously, and when she reappears is shown to now be sporting a much more well muscled physique than before. With her sleeveless outfit showing off her muscular arms and well toned upper body several times. Which may have partially added further to her monstrous strength after fully awakening the superhuman strength granted by her Heavenly restriction and becoming a formidable warrior like her predecessor Toji Fushigoro.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple:
    • Kaname Kugatachi, AKA Freya, is the tallest, oldest and most mature female member among the younger cast. Not only she's already pretty busty and has well-toned arms and legs, but also sports a rather impressive six-pack.
    • Mildred Lawrence, the bow-wielding member of the Hachiou Executioner Blade of Yami. She is the most muscular female in the series. Besides her archer skills and immense strength, Mildred has double pupiled eyes, an attribute that provides her extreme accuracy at aim. Despite her muscular physique, Mildred's still plenty comparable to the rest of females in terms of attractiveness, a feature highlighted by her revealing outfit and some clothing damage.
  • Kimagure Orange Road has lead female Madoka Ayukawa: while beautiful and feminine, she's still a strong and muscular Action Girl and the actual Hero of the series.
  • The Legend of Mother Sarah features one of the earliest representations of this trope in Japanese media, featuring a tall, athletic and imposing woman as the main character. Despite her unusual build and seldom displaying her body, many of the men she comes across in the series ogle her (like her co-prisoners in the work camps) or openly state that they find her very attractive.
  • Ghislaine Dedorudia, aka Madam Titty Kitty from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation walks around in a stripperific outfit showing off her rock hard muscles, six pack abs and large breasts, and when Rudeus convinces her to drop her pants he's fascinated by how hard her glutes are.
  • My Hero Academia: Quite a few female heroes have this trait, but most prominently:
    • Nana Shimura, the 7th user of One For All, has a noticeably beefy yet curvy body in the manga and is very beautiful. The former being a necessity given One For All needs a user with a strong body to handle wielding it. She is described by Midoriya as a "beautiful woman with a tough expression".
    • Mirko, the No. 5 Pro Hero in Japan, is a Rabbit-themed hero that has a very well toned torso, arms and especially legs. She wears a bunny themed Leotard of Power that doesn't really leave much to the imagination and shows off her impressive physique. Unfortunately after the War arc she lost her arm and leg during her clash against Garaki’s High End Nomu’s. But thanks to some cybernetic prosthetics, she is still the robust and speedy hero everyone knows her as.
    • Star and Stripe, the No. 1 Pro Hero in the United States, gained considerable bulk and muscle mass around her body, likely through intense and rigorous strength training, in her goal to be a hero very similar to her idol All Might who saved her family as a young girl. Her choice of a patriotic form-fitting bodysuit, awash in the colors of the American flag, as part of her Hero costume maximizes the "beauty" part. With her brawny muscles likely adding further to her combative prowess when she uses her quirk to grant herself super strength to land devastating attacks.
  • Mizuki from One-Punch Man, who is very tall and extremely muscular (fitting for a former Olympic athlete turned B-class heroine). She definitely stands out among the rest of the heroines, but is still treated as very attractive; if not one of the most beautiful female characters in the series. Not to mention Mizuki has shown to be pretty strong when the need arises to take care of monsters using raw strength and sharply honed athleticism. Plus some bonus art of her also features her undressing, and volume 20 of the series features her and other heroines in swimsuits and revealing her incredibly lean yet curvy body.
  • Reiko Ando from Outlaw Star has the musculature you'd expect from a woman who's won the title of the "Strongest Woman in the Universe" four times in a row. She was aiming for the fifth time which would allow her to marry Fred Luo, who's secretly trying to stop her from winning (she doesn't realize he's not interested in women). The main character, Gene, thinks she has a beautiful and feminine face but is a bit freaked out by how muscular she is. Still, despite the opinions of the former two, she did have an audience cheering for her before her match.
  • Plus-Sized Elf: Oeda and Oga used to fully(and technically still do)fit this trope, as both even now are considered the most muscular characters among the monster women. Oga is naturally quite beefy due to being an ogre, a race known for their brawny physiques; While Oeda developed an incredibly lean and muscular body from centuries of training and harsh battles as a warrior. As attested to the plethora of scars on her body. But just like the rest of the female cast, they both succumbed to the temptations of modern cuisines and let themselves go. For Oga it was her bar hopping tendencies and Oeda’s weakness for soft served ice cream that resulted in most of their muscular stomachs melting away into pudgy potbellies. But regardless, they’re still pretty muscular despite being a bit overweight nowadays.
    • Hitome may look almost stout at first glance, but since she’s a cyclops and apart of the titan race like Oga, she actually possesses a lot of bulky muscle mass that’s padded with some firm fat. She’s a pretty powerful boxer as a result of having such a sturdy body(despite the potbelly and chunky thighs she developed from her stay on earth), and has shown more than once in her occasional spars against Oga that she is a physical brickhouse.
  • Nearly all the female characters in the Panty Fighter series, Queen's Blade, are scantily clad fighters and provide loads of fanservice. Some of them just happen to be muscular as well.
    • Cattleya's appearance can be described as matronly but strong. When she's not fighting, she could be mistaken as slightly chubby due to her ginormous breasts and having a bit of a belly. In combat, however, her muscles tense and you can see that she actually has extremely muscular arms, back, and bulky thighs. Her outfit is an extremely revealing apron-like dress with no underwear.
    • Risty is lean and muscular, and her outfit is a thong and a top that shows off most of her torso.
    • There's also Anarista, a side character who's slightly more muscular than Risty. Her default outfit is a fishnet leotard and a loincloth. All of her outfits are equally revealing.
  • The Valkyrie Þrúðr/Thrud in Record of Ragnarok is a muscular giant of a woman who smashes through a doorway in her first appearance (as one would expect of a daughter of Thor), before accusing Raiden of seeing her as a freak. When he embraces her and says that he's fond of big girls, she briefly looks as if she's about to cry tears of joy much to the others' surprise.
  • Reincarnation Colosseum: Marl Barrock of the Four Heavenly Kings is lean, muscular and has noticeable abs, but she's considered quite beautiful. Desmos Salamandis is much bigger and more muscular than even Marl, but leaves Mikagami awed and intimidated at her size, strength and beauty.
  • Genie, the resident swordswoman of Rune Soldier Louie, is shown to be pretty built in both the arms and chest department and is quite tall. She also strides into battle with little clothing other than what appears to be a midriff-barring bikini with a loincloth and cowl worn over that.
    • Not to mention she carries the exact same amount of bulk and muscle mass as the titular character Louie, who himself is one of the biggest characters in the series.
  • Elle Ragu from Shadow Skill. The 59th Sevaar of Kuruda and one of the Four Fighters. She is the main heroine of the series and a master warrior in the martial art known as "Shadow Skill". Elle sports a slender though very muscular physique in both her anime and manga depictions, a feature that goes hand in hand with her courage and tomboyish attitude. This causes her to often act hastily and not so wisely. She also has a younger adopted brother, Gau Ban, whom she protects and teaches in the arts of the Kuruda fighting style. However, towards the end of the series is implied that their relationship changes from siblinghood up to a romantic affection.
  • SHWD:
    • Koga's absurdly strong physique is drawn attention to several times, particularly in her introduction, in which her thick arms are given as much attention as her generous bust.
    • Episode 2 introduces Leone "Leo" Cass, who has a very similar build to Koga.
    • Sawada may be a lot slimmer and shorter than Koga and Leone, but she's still quite muscular in her own right and is given several scenes that showcase her musculature. The manga even opens on a scene of her working out in a sports bra, with lots of attention paid to her toned arms.
  • Succubus & Hitman: Isana Henmi is a member of the wrestling club, as such she's built like a brickhouse but is still considered quite attractive, especially when she dresses in revealing outfits.
  • The anime adaptation of Super Robot Red Baron had "Lady Muscle", a tanned, blonde, muscular mecha pilot rocking a bikini who after being asked out on a date by an opponent replies that she wouldn't want to soften up when she has to kill him.
  • Michelle K. Davis from TerraforMARS sports a very muscular physique as seen when she bares her beefy midriff in her manga depiction and in anime based official artwork. Her attributes are mostly due to the genetic characteristics of the Paraponera Clavata (commonly known as the bullet ant) which she inherited from her father. But her physical strength and 85 kg of muscle mass also find an explanation in her rigorous weight training regimen. She is a main love interest for Akari Hizamaru but most of the guys of the mission crew also find her quite attractive, becoming occasional Amazon Chasers when they see her displaying her fighting abilities.
  • Supaz from Übel Blatt was a fat woman in a modest royal dress and cape. Later on, Lord Glenn grants her and her brothers' new powers which, for her, slims her body into an athletically built woman with one disproportionately more muscular and monstrous arm. Unlike her brothers, who are in full armor after their transformation, she's in an armored leotard, which exposes her abdomen and has a Cleavage Window which shows off a lot of her chest.
  • Undead Unluck has Haruka Yamaoka, a.k.a. Isshin, user of Unbreakable. For a large part of the series, she hides her appearance under her family's traditional samurai armor and almost never speaks, so it's a surprise later that she's even a woman. When she does finally reveal herself, though, she's shown to be a very tall and muscular beauty.
    • And while she doesn't start out this way, main heroine and secondary protagonist Fuuko Izumo is eventually given leadership of the Union and the opportunity to go through a "Groundhog Day" Loop that effectively takes her 170 years in the past. As this also makes her The Ageless, she spends a lot of the time leading up to the end of the loop preparing herself to battle God. When the story picks up with her after the loop, she's as cute as ever, but she has also trained considerably and packed on a good amount of muscle mass; with several chapters displaying Fuuko’s much more well toned and athletic physique.
  • Tsubame Kamoi in UzaMaid: Our Maid Is Way Too Annoying! is a JSDF veteran with defined abs and limbs, causing her to be stalked by one of her squadmates. Unfortunately for her (and Misha), she likes 'em young.
  • Variable Geo: Jun Kubota is a former Olympic wrestling champion and has the physique to show it; being tall and semi-muscular. Which makes her the most athletic combatant competing in the VG Tournament. She's also a dark skinned raven-haired beauty, with a stunning figure. Suffice to say, when she had to strip, following her loss to Yuka, the crowd liked what they saw — muscles and all.
  • Tania from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, a literal Amazon. She is truly gigantic, towering over nearly every character in the show both in height and muscularity (her biceps are almost as big as her head). She completely blows Bastion's mind and he becomes hopelessly smitten with her (even staying with her in her home dimension later).

    Card Games 
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse's resident Green-Skinned Space Babe, Sky-Scraper. We get a good look at her ample muscle development with both her normal variant's costume (a tight-fitting top and shorts) and her Extremist variant's costume (even more tight-fitting Leotard of Power).
  • The majority of the Amazoness series of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! are a clan of attractive women who are at least athletically built/toned. Their revealing attire doesn't exactly hurt in this regard either.

  • The former comedy duo Idan Alterman and Avi Grainik used to perform as a pair of characters named Tsakhi and Meir, respectively, in various skit shows, and between 2001-2003 they hosted a talk show named The Neighbourhood Starsnote . At one point they had a segment on the show featuring the attempts to find a wife for Tsakhi, featuring videos sent by women from all over Israel who tried to win Tsakhi's affections. One of them was a prime example of this trope: a well-built and fairly attractive woman speaking to the camera while lifting weights and talking about training with Tsakhi. Meir wasn't too thrilled with her, but Tsakhi seemed to be more open to her, and even remarked it could be nice to say, "Watch out, or I'll call my wife on ya!" (Eventually he married another famous comedy character, though.)

    Comic Books 
  • Alpha Flight: In the 2007 reboot, U.S. Agent and Arachne are sent after a criminal mutant named Daisy who was a tall muscular, blonde woman wearing tight pants and crop top, that shows off most of her physique. When a couple of onlookers call out Agent for hitting a girl, he retorts that the only thing "excessive" is her chest but gets sent flying by a Megaton Punch before he can finish the sentence, while Daisy shows off with a Head-and-Hip Pose.
  • Batwoman: Kate Kane's first appearance as Batwoman in 52 depicts her as extremely muscular and toned, and she was previously established as rather tall for a woman. Renee Montoya, who happens to be one of the people Batwoman is saving, rather likes what she sees.
  • Gen¹³: Caitlin Fairchild Depending on the Artist. It's explicitly stated that a muscular physique is part of her powerset, and characters in the series have described her as muscular, but her depictions go anywhere from skinny to slightly ripped to a muscular powerhouse. Regardless of how she's depicted, she is considered extremely beautiful by a lot of characters; her teammate Freefall has a long-standing inferiority complex because she feels she can't measure up to Fairchild's ridiculous beauty, for instance.
  • Invincible: Anissa was a Viltrumite with toned limbs and large breasts who ended up Defecting for Love after finding a human husband willing to start a family with her and the rape baby she had with Mark.
  • Lazarus:
    • Main character Forever Carlyle is a nigh-unkillable bioengineered fighting machine who stands about 6'2 (roughly 188cm), is packed with muscle, (which the art often draws attention to) and is shown to be considered quite attractive In-Universe, as it's been commented on more than once, and fellow Lazarus Joacquim Morray (whose family is sometimes enemies with the Carlyles and sometimes uneasy allies) is smitten with her almost as soon as he meets her.
      Malcolm Carlyle: My armies are our shield against our enemies, against the other Families. But Forever is the tip of my sword, and like the finest blade she is beautiful, and she is lethal, and she is precise...
    • Sonja Bittner isn't nearly as tall but has plenty of muscle packed onto her frame (enough to send Forever flying with a punch or to launch a man somewhere between twice to three times her size a long distance with a hip throw) and her attractiveness also gets commented on, including Xolani Nkosi flirting with her hard as soon as they're introduced. (Although given Xolani's personality this isn't terribly surprising.) For a visual aid, here's an image of Forever and Sonja during a friendly sparring match.
  • Lyman Dally tends to like drawing muscular physiques for women, seeing as he was a former bodybuilder himself. In one series of his, Max Rep, there's Quadra-Blu, the most successful female bodybuilder in the galaxy and an on-again, off-again lover of the titular character (himself a bodybuilder). However, at one point she does consider slimming down and going into fitness because she finds herself to be a bit too bulky. Max does not enjoy this news.
  • New Gods: Big Barda, a former member of Darkseid's Female Furies, is a bruiser who makes Superman look like a midget in comparison. She's considered extremely beautiful in-universe, despite her humongous size and muscle tone. (Unfortunately for her admirers, she's taken.)
  • The Outsiders: Grace Choi from Outsiders is a seven-foot tall muscular amazon. Her outfit is usually pants with a sleeveless crop top or a sports-bra-like top, both of which show off her muscular arms and abs. Despite the muscles, height and being somewhat of a butch, she's managed to rack up quite a few sexual partners.
  • Shanna the She-Devil: Shanna is tall and has a muscular yet voluptuous body. Having men going ga-ga over her looks is not unusual in the comics (and in the Frank Cho miniseries, said men don't even try to conceal their perverseness... until Shanna finally learns this is not supposed to be done to a woman and nearly kills one of them in retaliation).
  • She-Hulk:
    • She-Hulk is almost seven feet tall, usually muscular. How muscular is dependent on the artist, but it is a huge range, from just noticeable one issue to out-muscling most male superheroes in another. Still, the height and the muscles haven't stopped her from being one of the Marvel universe's most promiscuous superheroines. Nor has it stopped her from providing huge amounts of fanservice, as she frequently finds herself fighting in her underwear, swimwear, or clothes torn to shreds.
    • There's also her Evil Counterpart Titania, who, like She-Hulk, is also very muscular. Her costume is a purple leotard that exposes most of her torso. She's also married to another villain, Crusher Creel, who admires her for her strength.
    • Later on, Red She-Hulk is introduced who, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like She-Hulk and also has a habit of getting her clothes torn that shows off her more muscular body.
  • Spider-Man: Stunner, looks like a bodybuilder wearing a skin-tight leotard. True to her name, she is described as breathtakingly beautiful, and in her first appearances, brags about how beautiful she is to some patrons at a bar, who judging by the smiles on their faces, didn't disagree.
    • The reason why Stunner is so beautiful is that she's a virtual reality construct (tangible hologram) controlled by Angelina Brancale. Angelina is an obese woman who wanted to be thin and beautiful, so Doctor Octopus, another Spider-Man villain and her lover at the time, gave her a machine that allowed her to be Stunner.
  • Star Wars:
    • X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Over the course of the series, Plourr Ilo is drawn increasingly muscular and increasingly likely to bare her arms, which does better fit with her personality than her original appearance. It's after this change that recurring agent Kapp Dendo mentions being attracted to her.
    • Star Wars (Marvel 2015): Pash Davane is a buff Wrench Wench who walks around in a ripped tank top showing off her massive biceps, abs, and large breasts.
  • Strikeforce: Morituri: Brava, whose superhuman ability was superhuman size, strength, and resistance, even beyond that of her teammates. She ended up just under seven feet tall, with a muscular build, flowing black hair, and sculpted European facial features. Her costume is a skintight light blue leotard that accentuates her body; not only was she flattered by the attention she received, she was also not afraid to act on it.
  • Superboy (1994): Knockout is usually depicted with muscular arms. In addition to being, a very promiscuous Ms. Fanservice, she had a romantic relationship with Superboy that ended when he realized she's a violent sociopath. After Superboy, she started dating Scandal Savage in Secret Six. These relationships are likewise emphasized with a heavy dose of Interplay of Sex and Violence.
  • Supergirl:
  • Team Fortress 2: Heavy's sister Zhanna is almost as big and beefy as he is, yet manages to seduce Scout (before quickly changing her mind after he annoys her) and Soldier with no difficulty whatsoever.
  • Totally Awesome Hulk: The series features the aforementioned She-Hulk, as well as a new character named Lady Hellbender, who is not only muscular (or at least is depicted as such by Frank Cho's art), but also wears an armored leotard. Her first appearance has the hero, Amadeus Cho, practically drooling over her.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman is the World's Most Beautiful Woman and usually fights in a revealing, strapless, form-fitting leotard or bustier-hotpants combo. While she's usually depicted as tall and lithe in most issues, there are some where she is portrayed with a very muscular yet voluptuous build for her body, along with strong, toned muscles and legs. Also, a literal amazon.
    • Her Arch-Enemy, Barbara 'the Cheetah' Minerva, is a divinely-empowered were-cheetah with Super-Strength to match Diana's, and some artists draw her accordingly, even turning her transformation into her Hulking Out to exceed her foe in size and power. None of this prevents her from being beautiful enough to play The Vamp when the situation requires it.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): Marya is an ally of Wonder Woman's who is an eight-foot-tall well-muscled young woman with a lot of admirers, which is best seen while she's at her job as a lifeguard.
    • Giganta, a member of Wonder Woman's Rogues Gallery and the second Secret Six, is quite the Statuesque Stunner (6'6" by default, and she can grow to several hundred feet tall), but is commonly drawn with a muscular build. This is accentuated by her usual attire of a leopard print skirt and matching bra, giving Giganta a very convincing Nubile Savage vibe. Unfortunately for fans of this trope, following DC's One Year Later storyline, Giganta donned a leather catsuit and appeared to be much slimmer before going back to her original look in DC Rebirth.

    Fan Works 
  • Belated Battleships has most of the battleships being this way, with its interpretation of New Jersey in particular consistently being described as muscular, tall and still attractive.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Sharon Carter, described as looking (when undercover) as like the prettier type of PE teacher and attracting fairly blatant stares. She also fights like a brawler, clearly having the muscles to back it up.
    • Her cousin, Carol Danvers, who despite being 14 going on 15 at the start of the story (she developed early, much to her chagrin, thanks to the resultant sexual harassment) and is both nearly six feet tall and stacked. When temporarily aged up, she's all this but more so, being more obviously muscular. Harry, despite being Just Friends with her (at the time), notes that aging had basically perfected what was already there.
    • Diana, when aged up in the same incident, is at least six feet tall as well as being both voluptuous and built like a tank, being considered jaw-droppingly gorgeous, with the narration remarking that her appearance was a living reminder that this young woman was the niece of Helen Of Troy.
  • Coreline: Multiple recurring characters in this Massive Multiplayer Crossover are alternate versions of notable Fictional girls like Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Sohryu, Misato Katsuragi and Mari Illustrious Makinami, Diana the Acrobat, Kairi and Rally freaking Vincent that have superpowers, more muscle, and as a result occasionally people make mention of how good they look if not flat-out lust for them.
  • Dangan-Pinguino: Chisa Yukizome is already described as a beautiful woman, but it's later on revealed that she's also surprisingly toned and athletic beneath her inconspicuous housekeeping uniform. Her well-sculpted physique is proudly, and delightfully, given further emphasis as she lists off and admires the results from her exercises and housekeeping duty, with special mention on how her legs are perfectly fit and her stomach is at the right shape, but also soft enough to be cuddly. This is shortly before she goes to take a shower. Fritz gets attracted to her exactly because of that.
  • The Discworld as envisaged by A.A. Pessimal builds on the canonical character of Officer Precious Jolson of the City Watch, well over six feet tall and explicitly described as "a girl with the muscles of a troll on her". On a mission to Howondaland, a horribly beweaponed and physically imposing native soldier makes the mistake of pointing an assegai at her with intent. After she punches him cold, he falls in love with her. Once, that is, he wakes up. For all her size and strength, she is a gentle soul whose passion is breeding exotic cage birds.
  • DNMC Original character Nara-Jay Andes is six-foot-nine, muscular, and sports a midriff tank top.
  • The Fairy Mythos Series: Many of the original female characters are described as having muscular physiques. Most noticeable is main character Alyssa Grunewald, who is described as out-muscling most of the men in her guild.
    • Erza and Lucy are also described as having fit & toned bodies.
  • The Equestria Girls version of Gilda in Featherfall is quite muscular, tomboyish in appearance, and brutal in a fight. But she also has feminine curves and is quite well-endowed, much to the joy of her new girlfriend Sunset Shimmer.
  • Hunters of Justice has during the House Of Mystery arc, reveal that Yang Xiao Long is not only well endowed but is also pretty muscular, as when Weiss was swapped into the brawler’s body, she was impressed when she flexed her arm and saw a well toned bicep pop. To which Yang in Weiss’s body is flattered and remarks she makes sure to work out well enough.
  • In the Metroid/Worm roleplay quest Hatchling Quest, Samus has been described several times as being attractive and is physically fit.
    Taylor: I looked the girl over. Her waist-long blonde hair was an unbrushed mess, and she wasn't wearing any make-up. Still, if Emma could be called "attractive" enough for modeling this girl was stunning, she even had a natural beauty mark under her lip. Not only that but from when she was hanging I knew she was ripped, her shirt had fallen enough to reveal abs most of the jocks would kill for.
  • Last Child of Krypton: After becoming Wonder Woman -or Supergirl if you are reading the rewrite Asuka is brawnier, more muscular, and still gorgeous. When Shinji saw her he thought she looked even more beautiful.
  • Life Of The Legendaries turns Cynthia into this. She's a tall woman with enormous strength (she effortlessly scooped up her Garchomp in a Bridal Carry. That's about 209 pounds!), toned muscles and is almost constantly ogled wherever she goes (even by her own Garchomp!)
  • In The Mare Who Once Lived On The Moon Rarity literally drools over Applejack's muscular body.
    • Also Twilight Sparkle after she spends some time in prison exercising. Several mares compliment her buff "warrior's physique".
  • Miraculous Ladybug fanfics often describe Marinette and her Secret Identity Ladybug as this, remarking both how strong (and sometimes surprisingly muscular) Marinette is (explained with both her physical activity as a superhero and baking without electric tools) while also pointing out people are openly attracted to her because of this.
    • Feralnette AU: Marinette has gained some serious muscle from fencing training with Kagami, boxing training with Nora, and sparring with Chat Noir as Ladybug. She also gains the attraction of Kagami, Felix, and Adrien. Felix in particular seems attracted to her because of how muscular she is.
    • In Ripped at first many believed that Marinette wore her loose and rather covering clothes because she was pudgy and had body image issues, but the moment Chloe's little scheme forces her to wear spandex in public and reveal she's ripped everyone can't help but stare in awe and attraction, with no gender difference; and when Marinette says that maybe Adrien was being scared away by her muscles Alya explains that the very muscular Ladybug has turned most of Paris into Amazon Chasers.
  • Yang Xiao Long is described like this in My Huntsman Academia. She's drop-dead gorgeous (and she knows it) with a flowing mane of golden hair, but she's also rather muscular, to the point that Ruby says that Izuku's hard-earned biceps from ten months of Training from Hell with Toshinori are "almost as big" as Yang's. She's also a Boxing Battler who weaves right into her opponent's faces and takes their best hits before hitting back twice as hard.
  • The Naked Jedi: Yuuzhan Vong are taller and more thickly built than humans, and since they no longer practice ritual scarification or mutilation, Meelan Lah is a rather attractive example of her people. Description often pays attention to Meelan's thick, rippling muscles. And as a Nue Jedi, Meelan Lah's skin, muscles, tattoos, and everything else are on full display.
  • Of Gemstones and Watches: Original character Ceres North is described as both very muscular and very attractive.
  • Origin Story: It is remarked on that Alex is 6' 2” tall and is muscled like a bodybuilder. Louise, her girlfriend, is of average height and weight for an American woman, and is seen as “tiny” when standing next to Alex.
  • Kara Zor-El in book two of the Our Own League series is taller and buffer than her comic self typically is, while no less of a blonde bombshell. In fact, Superboy, who is shorter and skinnier than someone with super strength should be, does a lot of jealous staring at Kara's biceps in narrations from his POV.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Clair is described as having well-built arms due to her clan's training, which have driven away several of her dates. Despite this, several characters actually consider her attractive.
  • The Pony POV Series has this with Dark World!Rarity. In addition to spending a thousand years as one of Discord's brainwashed Co-Dragons before being redeemed, she also spent it lugging around Tom and tons of rocks. As a result, she's ripped, but she's still...well, Rarity. Twilight even comments that Rarity looks graceful and lovely as ever. Spike also still considers her beautiful, and they finally end up an Official Couple.
  • The Seventh Player: Machaira Mekhit, the titular seventh player of the Bad Kids, is incredibly well-built and muscular for someone of her age, and is also seen as attractive by many of the people she interacts with, including some of her own party members. Adaine in particular comes around to seeing her as this, and comes to appreciate it immensely, after a good stretch of time as her friend.
  • Shattered Reflection: Rose, Robin's alternate self from another dimension, has a strong physique thanks to her time as a mercenary but still retains an air of femininity. It has gained her a not-small following of admirers within the army.
  • In the Naruto fanfic Son of the Sannin, Fu of all people grows from her scrawny canon self into this by the time of Part II, surprising Naruto and his peers when they meet her again.
  • Agent Carolina in the fic Stress Relief is described as having a muscular figure. Something that gets quite a bit of positive attention. It's something that York enjoys about her and one reason C.T. has a crush on her.
    Carolina: So, you wanna spot me?
    York: And be emasculated by watching you bench more than I could ever hope to do?
    Carolina: You know you like my abs.
    York: Fair enough. I’m in.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: The story makes an emphasis on Asuka gaining an impressive muscle build and Shinji being attracted to her.
  • Thousand Shinji: Asuka's alternate form is described as spectacularly well-built, muscular and athletic and still downright feminine and womanly and stunningly beautiful. Shinji finds her even hotter than he did before.
    Of the many faces she wore in her divinity, one was as she would have been given another ten years time, of a woman in full bloom at the prime of her life, confident and mature, her body spectacularly muscular and athletic while not sacrificing a single drop of femininity.
  • Teen Titans Tokyo: After becoming a Cute Monster Girl, Shampoo goes from being a cute Anime Chinese Girl with an above-average bust to a seven foot tall girl with breasts bigger than her head and visibly muscled. None of this stops Ranma Saotome, who is quite happily engaged to Nabiki Tendo, from finding her attractive.
  • Total Drama Legacy: Storm Jackson-Wilkins. She's described as being very muscular, and her girlfriend Serena finds her extremely attractive. Her large breasts definitely help.
  • Vow of the King: Isane's canonical height is coupled here with a deceptively-muscular build under her uniform, making her this. While she's somewhat shy about her physique, more than one character compliments her looks because of her muscles, particularly in the omakes where Chizuru unthinkingly says "Dom me, muscle mommy" when Isane flexes nude.
  • Voyages of the Wild Sea Horse:
    • Miriam the tiger shark wotan sits in a strange overlap between this trope, Giant Woman and Big Beautiful Woman. This Cute Monster Girl is over 4 meters tall, with rippling muscles on her limbs, a soft potbelly, wide hips and breasts that are implied to be enormous even for her stature, with them being described as larger than her head. Despite her very visible muscles, she's beautiful enough that even Ranma Saotome, who has three very jealous would-be lovers, comments appreciatively on her beauty and bustiness, whilst the shyer Ryoga Hibiki passes out at the first sight of her in her trademark two-piece bikini. Future crewmember Harumi is also visibly smitten with her at first sight, blushing like a schoolgirl when she effortlessly lifts him to his feet and fawning on her when she shows off her strength by bulldozing a path through dense jungle, shoving aside boulders and pushing down trees with her bare hands. The two of them end up becoming a Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy couple, and are utterly devoted to each other.
    • Upon gaining his Gender Bender curse, Ryoga Hibiki's female form is described as tall, muscular, but also gorgeous and large-breasted, to the extent that even Ranma Saotome, who has every reason to not find Ryoga-chan attractive, still thinks she's beautiful upon seeing her up-close.

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • There's a whole genre of films based on this trope. Most of them feature some girl or other flexing, beating up men, and sometimes wrestling with another girl. They generally run from about PG-13 to softcore porn (there are a few who do hardcore porn, however), depending on the girls participating and what their limits were.
  • In The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Pluto and Dina go to see a body alteration specialist, who shows them different projections of what their bodies could look like. One of these is the pair as a male and female bodybuilder. Both of them are very impressed with their new potential bodies. Well, Dina is until Pluto has the specialist give her projection a way bigger chest and butt.
  • Conan the Destroyer: Zula is a lean, muscular warrior woman from a warrior tribe. Malak and Conan both find her quite attractive.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: Holga is a tough, muscular barbarian warrior who's nonetheless attractive and has male admirers (including having a former husband).
  • Pretty much the entire point of Haywire was to showcase the main character, Mallory Kane (played by former MMA fighter Gina Carano), beat up everyone else in the movie. Especially in the hotel fight, she is in a cocktail dress while doing so, with her arms and legs exposed while doing some rather intense chokeholds.
  • My Lucky Stars: The second film of the trilogy notably had a henchwoman (played by real-life bodybuilder Michiko Nishiwaki) with muscles bulging from her shoulders and back and in a one-piece antagonizing the good guys. Against Sibellu Hu said henchwoman puts up a brutal fight, but against Sammo Hung the henchwoman gets knocked out (non-lethally) in a Single-Stroke Battle.
  • Deadpool (2016) gives us Angel Dust (Gina Carano again). She goes toe-to-toe with Colossus and her outfit shows off enough cleavage to cause a Wardrobe Malfunction halfway through the fight.
  • The sequels to Nemesis, starring bodybuilder Sue Price, feature her as the protagonist. They start off innocent enough, if somewhat cheesecake-ish, but by the fourth one, they get into borderline hardcore.
  • In Skin Deep, Zach (John Ritter), a guy who basically hasn't met a woman he hasn't wanted (or in many cases tried) to have sex with, picks up an attractive woman, Lonnie (Raye Hollitt, who has a bodybuilding background), and goes home with her. When they get naked, he discovers she's a really dedicated bodybuilder, muscles and all. He still finds her attractive and the two have sex.
    Lonnie: I hope you're not frightened now, Zach.
    Zach: I'm not, but fortunately my cock is scared stiff.
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier has Vixis, the Klingon lieutenant who had some powerful looking arms. Sulu and Chekov seemed to be interested, the latter even commenting on her "wonderful muscles".

  • Kaseya in The Amazon's Pledge and The Amazon's Vengeance by Sarah Hawke. She is essentially what Chewbacca would be like if that character were a statuesque, musclebound and buxom human Amazon who feels that she owes the equivalent of a life-debt to the male hero, Jorem, because of a good deed he did for her, including her sexual favor.
  • Junapur from Cerberon is large, well-muscled, and beautiful. She is also a Little Bit Beastly, but George sees her as strong, swift, and beautiful as the Amazonian ideal.
  • Codex Alera has Mistress Cymnea, the resident Miss Kitty and later Tribune Logistica of the Battlecrows. Cymnea is a very shapely woman, which she loves to emphasize with form-fitting, sheer and provocative clothes. She also happens to be taller and broader at the shoulder than most men, and is perfectly capable of bodily tossing out a legionare in full armor should he try any funny business with her girls.
  • Crown Of Slaves: Thandi Palane is from the hell planet Ndebele, and is described variously as "statuesque", "an ogress", and "very big and easily the most powerful-looking woman she had ever seen". Of course, she is also described as having a "grin which bordered on dazzling", and especially "That smile. The one which, along with her voice, put the goddess body to shame".
  • Deathworld has Meta, who has this courtesy of being a Heavyworlder. She can snap a normal man's arm like a twig and can hit a fly with her gun without even aiming. She's also incredibly beautiful and catches the protagonist's eye almost immediately. She's also a Hot Mom (not that her kids are ever mentioned except for that one time) and an Ace Pilot.
  • The Discworld has Officer Precious Jolson of the City Watch, well over six feet tall and explicitly described as "a girl with the muscles of a troll on her" and the sort of policewoman who can encourage compliance in the truculent just by standing there and asking nicely. On a visit to the family home in Howondaland, she discovers a winning way with jungle leopards, who decide the safe way of approaching her is to purr and rub themselves against her legs like overgrown house-cats, as the alternative is both undignified and corrective.
  • Doom: Fly describes Arlene as being the best looking woman he's ever seen, but not in the conventional sense of beauty. In particular, he loves her muscle tone. One newbie to the squad once tried to pull down her pants and while the whole squad was interested in seeing more of her ass nobody else was stupid enough to piss her off.
  • The Expanse: Bobbie Draper is a Martian Space Marine who's curvy, muscular, pretty, and well over six feet tall. Protagonist Jim Holden thinks she looks like a Polynesian beach bunny scaled up 150%.
  • Hurog: Tisala. Tall, muscular and badass. Ward, the protagonist, has been unable to forget her after seeing her once. His brother is at first surprised that Ward remembers her, and then admits he "likes her", too.
  • The Iron Teeth: Vorscha is a muscular warrior woman who is also described as good looking.
  • Last and First Men: The women of the Second Men share the chiseled features, towering height and heavy frames of their brothers, but it's stated that the First Men would have still found their vitality and expressiveness to be beautiful.
  • In Love Over Gold, the field hockey player Katrien is 186 cm tall, muscular, and beautiful. Diane compares her to an Amazon.
  • Millennium Series: The tall, muscular, and pretty Monica Figuerola is described as this by the author and Blomkvist.
  • Outlander Leander: In the second book, Axe is over 7' tall and extremely muscular. She's shown lifting heavy objects and tossing them around with ease. Leander also mentions that a lot of people would probably find her attractive if she wasn't a terrifying murderer.
  • Pool of Radiance: Due to an errant wish, Shal becomes one. She went from being frail to someone stronger than Tarl, and close to Ren's strength. Both men are instantly attracted to her, and never saw her original self.
  • So This is Ever After: The party's female warrior, Sionna. She is a tall, beautiful woman, whose rippling muscles have caused what Arek has described as very inconvenient boners for him and Matt.
  • Sphere: Beth Halpern is a very attractive weightlifter. One of the other characters describes her as "Mother Nature with muscles".
  • Valeria in Tsun-Tsun TzimTzum is a tall, burly warrior woman, and the narration spares no effort in expressing both how big and strong she is and how super-hot she is.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Most of the female members of the American Gladiators were pretty ripped and their clothing did very little to hide it.
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys:
    • Atalanta, a muscular blacksmith who wears a leotard-like outfit which shows off her buff arms, most of her chest and butt (really not too different from most of the female clothes in the show). While her physique makes it difficult for her to find romance, a couple of characters, including Hercules and Salmoneus, do find her physically attractive.
    • Hera's Enforcer walks out of the sea and assumes the form of an attractive, raven-haired, muscular woman (who spends her first minutes flexing nude in front of a crowd of onlookers).
  • The Hexer: The duo of Zerrikanian bodyguards are on the "brawn" side of the trope, but still capable of working as fanservice. To further drive the point home, two professional athletes were cast for the roles, rather than trying to build the required muscle on any given actress.
  • Cara Dune from The Mandalorian is quite a hulk of a woman. She's tall and muscular, and can throw around both the armored Mandalorian and the Klatooinian raiders with her bare hands. And yet she's still an attractive woman who Kuiil wastes little time lightly flirting with in Chapter 7.

  • One strip in "A MAD look at the Olympics" has a man fall in love with a muscular discus thrower who stands head and shoulders taller than him. In panel one he notices her, in panel 2 they're dating, in panel 3 they're getting married... and in panel four he's cowering behind a chair while she wings plates at him.note 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Josie Wahlford "Minerva", a circus strongwoman turned pro wrestler through the 1890s to 1910s who measured at 5'8 165 lbs when "discovered" and reached 6'0 230 lbs in her physical prime, which would be quite large for any time period, especially that one. She received more mainstream publicity than any other woman of her fields during the time and was written about glowingly in San Antonio Daily Light and National Police Gazette, the latter of which was notorious for its pictures of scantily clad women, which included a prime Minerva. Although given the time period visible collar bones or uncovered tights could be considered "scantly clad", the surviving pictures suggesting she preferred Lady Legionnaire Wear.
  • The majority of Mildred Burke's promotional photos focused on her bicep, trapezius, deltoid, rhomboid or teres muscles but she was always dolled up and presented as glamorous or accessible wherever the focus was.
  • The look Wendi Richter was going for, described by herself as "twisted steel and sex appeal". She rarely forgot to flex in her photos.
  • On some level, the large majority of women wrestlers count, not just giants like Minerva or those chiseled like Burke. Even with WWE's branded "divas", who are encouraged to become much skinnier than other wrestling women in the name of "sexy", still tend to be noticeably more muscular than most of the celebrity guest hosts the company brings in.
  • Terri Poch was a downplayed case. She had gotten into wrestling after bodybuilding when someone suggested she had a good look for it, but she mostly wrestled for promotions trying to distance themselves from T&A such as LPWA. Zenjo, as was their custom, covered up most of her up, as showing off muscles was still showing off skin in management's eyes. She was then recruited specifically to show what she had, as X-Pac apparently wanted a muscular woman to be his valet. But for whatever reason, she ended up debuting as Loony Fan Tori-who instead went into WrestleMania in a disgustingly ugly body suit-though her entrance video still played up her attractiveness.
  • GLOW had Olympia, who had a bodybuilder gimmick, and flexed in her intro rap and entrance. Plenty of promotional photos have her posed sexily while also flexing.
  • La Tigresa was a standard setter in Puerto Rican pro wrestling. Not as quite buff as some later examples but by no means slim, able to throw around most men with ease and the subject of many admirers(even though she wasn't single).
  • Miss Texas/Ms. Tennessee/Sweet Georgia Brown/Queen Moesha/Sgt Rock, though pretty short, was noticeably cut and had numerous suitors across the territories.
  • Mariko Yoshida was above average for her size but wasn't particularly buff compared compared to the rest of the AJW roster either(in her own promotion she's overshadowed by trainee Hiroyo Matsumoto). However, during her runs through shallow rosters, such CMLL(which only had one women's division when she first showed up) or the periodic ChickFight tournament, she got to play it up.
  • GAEA Dojo graduate turned trainer and later Sendai Girls co-owner Meiko Satomura. She wrestles in singlets and leotards but she is perfectly fine with donning a two piece to show off her buff body for the camera.
  • Chyna was initially presented as a Brawn Hilda but kept attracting suitors throughout her wrestling career. As her looks became more feminine through plastic surgery, she attracted Eddie Guerrero. What's more is that he courted her.
  • Princesa Sujei initially competed in a singlet that she cut a hole out of to show off her six pack. While she eventually patched it, up Sujei later became known for competing in bodybuilding annually in an effort to break a winning streak of her rival Dark Angel(see below).
  • Angel Williams was known as "The Hard Body" and boasted "Perfect" biceps and abdominal muscles. Later, she also boasted "All New 36 DDs".
  • This was in fact one of Jim Ross's calling cards in WWE, as he would recruit fitness models for the company, two of which became very successful wrestlers, though Victoria already had a wrestling background.
  • Dark Angel moved to Mexico to become a better wrestler but she got just as much attention for her looks as she did for stretching opponents suspended across her back after her mask was removed by Princesa Sujei in LLF. AAA used unmasked Dark Angel almost exclusively for her beauty but she jumped ship to CMLL who also had a great interest in seeing her wrestle. No mistaking that CMLL also wasn't interested in Dark Angel's beauty, as she became staple of their body building contests during her time there, winning seven. But as that implies, CMLL had no problem showing everyone that Dark Angel was cut all over in addition to having a pretty face. She later formed "El Sexy Team" with Goya Kong and Estrellita.
  • American Angel's career seemed to be going down a similar path as Dark Angel's after she was also unmasked in LLF by Tsunami and Larry Sweeney thought she'd be perfect for the WWE women's division, whose marketing slogan at the time was "Smart, Sexy, Powerful". Sara Del Rey actively defied his and other's wishes by slapping on scary looking face paint and then getting another mask.
  • Beth Phoenix who started her career lecturing fans about what "a real wrestler looked like" and was nicknamed "The Glamazon" in 2005. She calls herself "The Perfect Combination Of Strength And Beauty". When she was in a relationship with Santino Marella, he would sometimes celebrate his wins by leaping into her arms.
  • This worked against Torrie Wilson on Thursday Night Smackdown, as she ended being harassed by Dawn Marie, who said she was into Torrie for being so "strong and soft"...though Dawn was also into Torrie's elderly father, so...
  • Black Rose was so named by El Profe because of this trope, and this trope was the entire reason Los Compadres recruited her into WWC in the first place, as Rico Suave was looking for a woman who could hurt someone but was still pretty enough to be disarming. Black Rose became closer to Suave's Tag Team partner Bronco #1 however, so when Los Compadres had a falling out Suave beat up Rose and had Demonique serve the same purpose in Poder Supremo, whom he dedicated to destroying all things Bronco(Demonique became closer to Disiple, though Profe was the one to boot them that time)
  • IBUKI strong woman Hiroyo Matsumoto is just as likely to strike "sexy" poses as she is to flex and flaunt her muscles.
  • Invoked by Nikki Storm, who flexed her muscles while trying to flirt with a referee in Pippa L'Vinn's Wrestling Factory.
  • Irish wrestler Katey Harvey plays this up - particularly when she appears for Celtic Championship Wrestling. Her promos reference her muscles and how she's both stronger and more attractive than the other women. Her signature taunt as she enters the ring is a Hair Flip followed by a flex of her muscles.
  • Katey's Spiritual Successor is Debbie Keitel, a glamorous model who is also quite jacked herself. Her debut vignette first had her lifting weights and then donning a Little Black Dress.
  • Allysin Kay is 5'10 or 6' depending on the source, powerlifts and could hold two of her opponents on top of each other on her shoulders.
  • Silvie Silver is a fitness model and wrestler, and likes to flex and flip her hair seductively as she makes her entrance.
  • Aksana is a former bodybuilder and fitness competitor and was pushed as a Shameless Fanservice Girl during her time in WWE.
  • Hania The Howling Huntress was a fitness model before getting into wrestling. She had particularly well-scuplted abs, and although they weren't part of her gimmick, glamour shots featuring them still regularly found their way into promotional material featuring her.
  • Initially downplayed by Alexa Bliss — who is a former bodybuilder — as she was presented as a Cute Bruiser with a 'fairy princess' gimmick. After a Face–Heel Turn to become Hotter and Sexier, this was played up more.
  • Dana Brooke had a series of introduction vignettes hyping up her fitness background. Her entrance consists of showing off her muscles in a seductive way.
  • Nikki Bella was initially much daintier and waifier — which according to her was achieved by doing daily ab and cardio workouts to match her sister Brie's naturally thinner frame. But while recovering from a knee injury, she got into body building and returned far more jacked than she had been previously. She also wore plenty of skimpy outfits in the ring.
  • Jordynne Grace has a powerlifter's phyisque rather than a bodybuilder's, but she wears outfits that show off her curves (both muscles and otherwise), flexes constantly and often incorporates using a workout band to pump he arms up into her entrances.
    • Played straighter in her later career, when Grace took up professional bodybuilding. She now has an extremely muscular body and wears skimpier ring gear to show it off (and on social media, wears even less).

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Magic: The Gathering, the art for the Ice Age version of Counterspell depicts an muscular woman casting the spell wearing a swimsuit-like outfit.
  • In Werewolf: The Apocalypse, the official art depicts Zhyzhak (the signature Black Spiral Dancer) as tall, long-haired, very muscular, and wears dominatrix outfits that show a lot of skin.
  • The excreable F.A.T.A.L. is an enforced aversion - in that game, high Strength stats in female characters cause equal penalties to Charisma. So, even if technically some spectacularly high STR and CHA roles could make a character an Amazonian Beauty, she'd be considered even more attractive if she wasn't Amazonian.


    Video Games 
  • Games that allow for a Create-A-Character feature usually provide players with the option to create Amazonian Beauties of their own. The first videogame to have this was probably WWF Warzone, which had three different builds one could give a female Create-a-Wrestler - normal, skinny, and buff. The AKI WWF series and WWF Smackdown series picked up this style of doing CAWs, with WWF No Mercy having seven different amazonian beauty body types. As the CAW editor feature got more advanced, the preset builds were supplemented by sliders which could increase muscle bulk and muscle definition separately and by individual bodypart. This feature was also adapted into non-wrestling games with customizable player characters such as the Fallout series.
  • The all-female, genetically-engineered Amazons of Age of Wonders: Planetfall are a downplayed example. Nobody in-universe comments on it, but their commanders are the most physically imposing of any faction, male or female, and most of their outfits have skin-tight sections or leave their limbs bare and decorated with war paint to emphasize their build.
  • The Baroness SIE in Alpha Protocol is a six-foot Statuesque Stunner with an athletic build and a BFG.
  • Karlach in Baldur's Gate III is a muscular, 6'2" Barbarian Hero with Nubile Savage attire and well-defined limbs. Even Defrosting Ice Queen Shadowheart took to her immediately, entertaining the idea of being carried by her to safety "if the need arises".
  • Rachel from Battle Arena Toshinden 3. She's Tracy's long lost twin sister, but aside from skin color, both fighters look radically different. Tracy is lanky and petite while Rachel is very bulky (at least her upper body), and sports a pair of breasts that are on the verge of spilling out of her one-size-too-small bustier.
  • Shina from Bloody Roar series has some muscular arms and toned abs which are shown off by most of her outfits being sleeveless crop tops. Special mentions go to her default outfit in Bloody Roar 3, in which her top looked like a sports bra, and her alternate outfit in Primal Fury was a sleeveless crop top and hot pants.
  • Amara from Borderlands 3 sets herself apart from other Sirens in the series as a more physical combatant, and her design shows off her well defined arms and an impressive set of abs.
  • Rila Estansia from the Fighting Game Breakers is an eccentric wild woman who fights in a sleeveless, backless leotard and greaves, which show off her buff physique and ample chest.
  • Captain Commando has Carol and Brenda, two scantily clad Palette Swapped enemies that use electric attacks. The in-game sprites have huge arms, while in official works and promo material for the game, they're lean and muscular.
  • The tribal chief Ayla from Chrono Trigger is close to a literal example of this trope, being a Nubile Savage who became the leader of her tribe for being the strongest, and has very muscular thighs in her official art.
  • Myrtle from Coffee Talk is half-orc, and is appropriately tall and muscular, with all of her sprites highlighting her thick, muscular forearm. Her build apparently doesn't discourage men either, as she's been hit on in public enough that it's become close to a Berserk Button to her.
  • Danganronpa:
  • Felicia from the Darkstalkers series is depicted with a very muscular upper body in the first two installments, but from the third one onward, her appearances in other Capcom has her slimmed to a petite body. In all installments, however, her default outfit mainly consists of thin fur strips that keep her from being completely nude.
  • Zig-Zagged by Anna the Huntress in Dead by Daylight. In the base game she's an intimidating Brawn Hilda who's as broad-shouldered and muscular as the male Killers. However, in the Dating Sim Spin-Off Hooked on You she's cleaned up & given Adaptational Attractiveness, dressing and acting more feminine while still being a buff Husky Russkie (in fact, even more buff than her mainline counterpart).
  • The female Barbarian from Diablo III, a red-headed warrior who is incredibly tall and muscular much like her male counterpart. The two main differences are that she's a lot younger than the male barbarian, who's an old man, and her armor sets, especially in the official art for the game, tends to be slightly more sexualized. Of course, the latter two make her no less of an intimidating looking woman.
    • This generic character was the basis for the Heroes of the Storm hero Sonya. Sonya shares the broad strokes of her appearance, with both her direct inspiration and the more famous character that she was inspired by and named after.
  • Aveline Vallen from Dragon Age II is tall, has muscular arms, and has broad shoulders. Most people find her intimidating and off-putting, with the exception of her first and potentially second husband. Also, Player Character Hawke can try to romance her, but she'll shoot Hawke down.
    • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, a female Qunari Inquisitor is noticeably taller and more muscular than just about everyone else, and Sera's train of thought visibly derails the first time she meets her. Sometimes, the only thing she'll be able to say is "...woof". Same goes for Cassandra, who is physically imposing and as Sera says, "well fit", and if not in a romance she will try it with her.
  • The Amazon from Dragon's Crown is a blonde axe-wielding warrior who fights in a literal Chainmail Bikini that seems one size too small. While she's muscular all over, her legs are especially big and most of her stances and movements are design to emphasize them.
  • Elden Ring:
    • The demigod Malenia is famed for both her beauty and martial skill, and looking at her model (especially her Full-Frontal Assault second phase) shows that she has a very well-toned and shapely body. Though it probably looked better before the Scarlet Rot set in and decayed most of it.
    • Nepheli Loux is a Barbarian Heroine who throws herself into battle wearing only cloth and fur wraps which show off her muscular warriori's physique, with an emphasis on her abs and legs. Unfortunately, she's caught the attention of one of the Lands Between's most vile sexual predators.
  • Lyris Titanborn from The Elder Scrolls Online, a muscular Nord half-giant. Despite towering over most characters in the game, your other companions are attracted to her.
  • Can be done with a female Sole Survivor in Fallout 4 thanks to the character editor allowing you to change your body's appearance between skinny, muscular, and fat. You can create a very muscular woman who'll receive a lot of positive attention from any of the available romantic interests.
  • Blue Mary from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, thanks to her defined biceps and her halter crop top that exposes them. She's also a love interest to Terry Bogard, The Hero of the series.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • Penthesilea is small in stature, but has an extremely toned figure. Her rather revealing outfit leaves most of her torso exposed, including her very sculpted abs. It's said ingame that she grew even stronger and more beautiful as she got older, but since she doesn't want anyone to see that version of her, it's a bit ambiguous as to whether she kept the same figure or grew even more muscular.
    • Hundred Faced Hassan in her 'main' form is muscular enough to have a six pack, which is made very clear, given that she wears a halter top that just barely covers her breasts. While she does wear an intimidating skull mask, her actual face is very feminine, and her card art almost makes her look like a dancer.
    • Fairy Knight Gawain stands at a whopping 6'2" and is shown in her official art to have powerful thighs, abs, and massive breasts under her armor. According to her backstory she's had many lovers in the past, without distinction between men and women or humans and fairies. Played for Drama, as it's revealed she became a Love Freak in order to stave off her Horror Hunger.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy VII, when Cloud cross-dresses, he is mistaken for one of these by a couple background NPCs. In the words of one of them: "Ooh, hard! You work out?"
    • Final Fantasy XIV's Roegadyn are a race of musclebound giants. Where the males are near inhumanly thick and beefy, however, the females have shapely, feminine physiques beneath their muscle. To a lesser extent, the Highlander clan of Hyur are typically taller and more muscular than the "average" Midlanders, and this applies as much to the women as the men.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem Fates introduces us to Rinkah, a member of the Flame Tribe with plenty of musculature in all the right places. Hinoka also counts, and while she's nowhere near as defined as Rinkah, it's clear from looking at her legs that she's got a good amount of thigh and leg muscle.
    • Fire Emblem Heroes has Book V character Dagr, a princess from Jötunheimr whose Stripperiffic outfit shows from her arms to her stomach she's got quite the physique. Later on we're introduced to her sister Nótt, who's also very pronounced in the muscle department, especially in her biceps and thighs.
  • Mrs. Arrow, married to Super Arrow, from the F-Zero series was introduced in F-Zero X with a physique of a bodybuilder. In GX, she's showing off said physique. Her Idle Animations at the Settings screen, and her post-race interview, has her flexing one of her arms. In her ending video, she's driving an audience wild doing bodybuilder poses in a bikini.
  • From Golden Axe franchises there's Tyris Flare and Sarah Barn. Both muscular women who fight monsters wearing just bikinis.
  • Hedon has the main protagonist Zan, who is a orc/demon hybrid with the physical build you would expect from a female orc and doesn't wear much in the game besides some bare leather bikini armor.
  • Phoebe of Indivisible is a tall, attractive Action Mom who's so strong she uses spears as arrows. It's also heavily implied that Tungar falls for her almost instantly, specifically because of her strength and disciplined approach to fighting.
    • There's also the Serpent Queen. Besides being staggeringly tall (if one goes by sprites, she's taller than Phoebe and about three times Ajna's height) and heavyset, her arms are noticeably thick and muscular. She's much more intimidating than Phoebe, but she still possesses an imposing, regal sort of beauty.
  • Knight Bewitched: In a conversation with two other characters, they'll comment how Ruth's toned physique attracts all kinds of guys and girls. The official player guide also puts her height at 5'11".
  • League of Legends has Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, by far the biggest and most built female champion in the game. She used to be an item with Captain Gangplank before devoting herself to her religion (though the two are shown to still be attracted to each other), and it's implied she also had many other suitors in the past, but she doesn't stick with them for long, because... well...
    Illaoi: How could I love only one man? They break too easily.
  • The Gerudo in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. When fully grown, they stand at an impressive eight feet tall, sporting visible abs and muscled biceps. Their fashion is also largely based off of Arabic belly dancer outfits, and as such, is quite revealing. To top it off, the Gerudo Desert is filled with Hylian men hoping to land themselves a Gerudo bride, even though any one of these women are guaranteed to tower over them.
  • Meryl Silverburgh, as of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. She made her first appearance in MGS1, where she was slender, but in MGS4 she's a lot sturdier, with broad shoulders and well built arms. Both traits are shown off when she's in her wedding dress getting married to Johnny, who's been in love with her since MGS1. The novelisation has Otacon in amazement when he sees her in the dress, stating that her powerful, efficient body was inherently beautiful.
  • The Metroid franchise's protagonist Samus Aran has zig-zagged this trope. The official Super Metroid player's guide describes her as "strong and muscular," standing 6'3" and weighing in at 198 pounds, and when her suit comes off at the end of the game, revealing Samus in her cropped halter top and panties, she certainly looks it. But while Metroid Fusion had an unlockable image of a very buff Samus in that same revealing outfit, in later Metroid games, Samus' muscles disappeared almost completely, and Metroid: Other M portrayed her as over a foot shorter than in previous installments, so that she couldn't fit in her own power suit. Then concept art for Metroid: Samus Returns depicted Samus with a more solid build, bringing things full circle. This gets carried over into her appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series as Zero Suit Samus, especially in Ultimate, which gives her a more buff build in comparison to the other female fighters.
  • Mortal Kombat
    • Sheeva is a member of a four armed half-human, half-dragon warrior race called the Shokan. Like the male members of her species, she's tall, muscular (especially in ''Armageddon''), and monstrous, though to a much lesser degree. While her body type is unique among the female cast in the series, with all having the same slender yet curvy build, her costumes are not. Like the rest of the females, she is also scantily-clad, with her usual outfit being a sling-bikini, and her other costumes being just as revealing. Averted in Mortal Kombat 11, while she is still very muscular, her outfit is a practical and regal set of armor that shows off a lot less skin.
    • Sonya Blade is usually depicted with a thin build for most of the series. However in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and MK 9 she is noticeable more muscular, especially her abs and biceps and her default outfits are skimpier than usual, but having tight pants and tops that expose a lot of her upper body. This is not the case in subsequent games as both MKX and MK 11 portray her with less muscle and more conservative outfits.
  • Most depictions of Raijin, the thunder god from Japanese Mythology, portray him as fat or muscular, but always with a demonic face. In Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Raijin is instead presented as a woman with an absurdly muscular body. She also has the complimentary bust size, a huge rear, massive thighs, and little clothing to help showcase it. By comparison, her romantic partner Fujin looks like an imp.
  • Octopath Traveler II has Alpione. Her outfit is sleeveless, and when Ochette Provokes her, Alpione has some visibly toned arms. During the epilogue, Zeto even flirts with her, saying she's got some "beautiful muscles."
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has an abundance of beefy women, but the one that stands out most is the Team Star admin Eri. She was a toned Statuesque Stunner who specialized in Fighting-type mons and was admitted to the Academy of Adventure on a wrestling scholarship, but was bullied by other girls jealous of her good looks.
  • Angela Belti from Power Instinct was originally meant to be unattractive in the first game, as she was extremely muscular, drawn with a very manly face, and even voiced by a male employee of Atlus. This changed in the sequel and games onward, where she is drawn with more feminine features while still retaining her muscular physique, has a female voice (albeit a deep one), and is given a love interest, Sahad.
  • Black Widow from Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II, though it's at the very end of her storyline. For some unknown reason, her gender is ambiguous for most of the game because she's already extremely muscular, and her full-body costume gives her a manly looking upper body. Though she still has a prominent hourglass figure with the costume on. When she takes it off at the end of her story, she's shown to be undeniably feminine looking and sounding, wearing a leotard cut to resemble a training bra and thong.
  • Marian of River City Girls is the Damsel out of Distress girlfriend of the Lee twins from Double Dragon, who developed into a bulky Adaptational Badass. Even the Girls Want Her as Misako, Kyoko, and Provie are obviously attracted to her and her "legendary abs".
  • Senran Kagura's Daidouji is extremely muscular. While her outfit does cover most of her body, it leaves her torso exposed, which shows off her very large breasts, barely supported by a sarashi, and her well-defined abs.
  • The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts: Snarla, the female Juggernaut, plays this trope straight. She is 6 feet 2 inches, weighs 163 pounds, wears a bikini and is shown as being muscular. She is also one of the titular Juggernauts, being very strong and skilled in combat.
  • Street Fighter has quite a few female characters that are very muscular, and it doesn't seem to stop them from providing a lot of fanservice.
    • Chun-Li, thanks to her legs which, depending on the game and official art, range from merely toned to massive pillars of muscle. Naturally, her fighting style is largely based on jumps and kicks. Her upper body is usually slender with a few exceptions, such as in the Alpha series, where she has muscular arms and abs. Her costumes are always designed with tights and/or dresses with high side slits — both for fanservice and to avoid impeding her range of motion.
      • A win quote from IV has her saying that she needs to build more muscle.
    • Cammy (usually) has a slender build with solid muscle tone, but it's hard to notice since the camera likes to take advantage of the fact that she fights in a thong leotard by focusing on her butt.
    • As of Street Fighter IV, the likes of Ibuki and especially Makoto show off significant muscle definition, along with short skirts.
    • Juri also has muscular arms, abs, and legs, as demonstrated by her midriff-baring outfit, and her costumes are all Stripperiffic.
    • Rainbow Mika and her partner Yamato Nadeshiko in Street Fighter V; both have significant muscle definition, especially in the lower body. Her Critical Art "Peach Assault" emphasizes this, showing Mika slapping her ass before sandwiching the opponent's head between hers and Yamato's.
    • Taken further up a notch with Marisa from Street Fighter 6, who is as big and muscular as some the biggest male fighters in the series while still being an alluring and beautiful woman with clearly feminine flourishes. 6 also introduces Manon, a ballerina, judoka, and supermodel whose pursuits are reflected in her tall, graceful, extremely well-toned body.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken most of the female cast is depicted as a lot more muscular than their usual portrayals in their home franchises.
    • Nina Williams from Tekken, due to her legs becoming a lot more muscular. Her outfit is a bodysuit that covers most of her body but is form fitting enough for that not to matter.
    • Julia Chang from Tekken, who wears a midriff-bearing tank top and a miniskirt. She's usually slender, but here she's buff all over.
    • Poison from Final Fight has six-pack abs and muscular legs exposed by her tank top and daisy dukes.
  • Akiko Daimon from Taisen Hot Gimmick Forever, a mahjong game where defeating an opponent gives the player the option to punish them which, male or female, usually involves the character having to strip. Akiko is a muscular girl wearing just a sports bra and thong and is also a member of her school's bodybuilding club. For her punishment, the player can have her do bench presses topless, or flex her biceps, which causes her sports bra to tear.
  • Vanessa Lewis from Virtua Fighter. Her outfits always show off a lot of skin but especially emphasize her muscular arms, washboard abs, and tree-trunk thighs. This was most noticeable in Virtua Fighter 4. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown makes it optional; players can customize her with a skin texture that greatly increases her muscle tone.
    • Sarah in VF4, in the form of big biceps. Hard to miss since she wears a skintight sleeveless bodysuit. Like Vanessa, she was slimmed down in 5, and muscle tone and definition vanished.
  • Shia Kahn from the indie brawler Varvarion. Fitting with the game's barbarian style, she is built like a brick house (and about as big as one too), and fights in very revealing armor showing off her chiseled physique.

    Visual Novels 
Tuu: (thinking) Even her breasts look like they could beat me up.
  • The titular princess of Slay the Princess can end up this way in one of the game's Multiple Endings. If you attack the Princess, it results in a Mutual Kill where you land a few hits but she still gets the upper hand. You get the Voice of the Stubborn, who wants nothing more than a rematch with the Princess. When you reach her, she's now a demonic-looking Blood Knight who shares your excitement in wanting to fight again. She's also much taller and more muscular than she was before, and the ending card has her with her fist in her palm with a Slasher Smile as she looks forward to your rematch.

  • Big Break (2019): Kris is a former MMA fighter who's over 6', is quite toned and has attracted the attention of both her roommate Troy and her workout partner Ai.
  • Bloomin Faeries has Nadia. A tall muscular blonde beauty who towers over nearly everyone else, even after being turned into a woman. Baby the Orc would also count, though she wasn't so much of a beauty until she slept with the cursed sir Thane, and gained great looks to go with her size and strength.
  • Gogo from Bomango, occasionally. She's very muscular and busty, multiple characters in series find her physically attractive (including the main character), and she's been depicted wearing little to no clothing in the comic and bonus art. However, she has poor hygiene, something that's explicitly pointed out and shown throughout the series.
  • Zona from The Challenges of Zona is a muscular and tall warrior woman who wears a loin cloth and a top that shows off a lot of underboob. It's was love at first sight for the protagonist, who describes her as "a six-foot plus goddess with a Ms. Olympia body".
  • Many characters in Drowtales, due to drow gender roles and sexual dimorphism being the inverse of humans, but post-timeskip, Ariel gets several mentions of how attractive she is with her incredible height and musculature, which results in a hilariously awkward moment when she meets a former enemy for the first time in 15 years, and he's immediately distracted by her nice butt.
  • In El Goonish Shive, this is usually downplayed with Nanase. She has noticeably larger biceps than other females, but Dan wants to avoid drawing her as overly muscular. That's not to say Dan doesn't occasionally draw Nanase more beefy though. She is attractive enough to be mentioned as someone who several of the comic shop regulars have dreamt of dating. Even Tedd acknowledges her attractiveness.
  • Darcy from Ennui GO! is tall, broad-shouldered, very muscular, very stacked, and frequently ends up in sexual situations. However, she tends to dress conservatively and her facial features are quite masculine. That doesn't detract from the fact that most people find her quite attractive, especially her girlfriends Izzy and Tanya.
  • In Exiern, Typhan-Knee, an unrepentant barbarian, gets gender-bent by an evil wizard very early in the comics (since the whole theme is "transgender barbarian"). The resulting woman, "Tiffany", is every bit the powerfully-built, able combatant she was when she was still a man... as long as his/her rather misogynistic views don't synergize with the curse and make her a weakling. Even other barbarian women are envious of Typhan-Knee/Tiffany's looks, as Tiffany's brother's mate attests.
  • The "Amazon Queen" Miseon Ma in The God of High School is a blonde American pro wrestler with a defined back and arms, as well as a large male fanbase.
  • Almost every superheroine in Grrl Power, with a couple of standouts mentioned below. Most of them are at least athletically built and busty, and there's a lot of fanservice that shows off that fact. The main character, Sydney, is one of the few superheroines who has neither of those traits and is very self-conscious about it; this appears to be because her powers come from an ancient alien super-tech gadget, whereas any human born or empowered with innate super-abilities seems to get a perfect physique as a side-benefit. (The male supers are all handsome hunks.)
    • Maxima is a tall, muscular, golden-skinned superheroine who is extremely sensitive about her good looks because she feels men treat her like an exotic sex doll.
    • Anvil is taller and even more muscular, but still attractive enough to get hit on by the resident Lovable Sex Maniac. He even mentions her large muscles as an attractive feature. She provides a bit of fanservice, as one of the wallpapers for the series focuses on her sunbathing.

      The trope is deconstructed in a later storyline, where Anvil admits she's not excited about an upcoming promotional photo shoot. When Sydney sarcastically ask if it's because she's afraid of appearing "too physically perfect" Anvil points out that her body type is actually unattractive to a lot of people and she's bullied for it a lot (especially on the internet). Word of God says that this is why Anvil tries to dress as femininely as possible and sports long hair; she's insecure about her body being seen as "manly".
  • Parley from Gunnerkrigg Court has always been One Head Taller than her friends, but after her training as Knight of the Court, she bulks up noticeably and gains some amazing strength and combat skills. Her boyfriend thinks she looks incredible.
  • In Hark! A Vagrant's take on the Cinderella fairytale, the Fairy Godmother dolls Cinderella up so she's attractive to the prince by giving her long flowing hair, a new beautiful dress and shoes, and making her extremely buff. This catches the attention of the bodybuilder prince, and they work out together instead of dance.
  • Mizuki from One-Punch Man, who is very tall and extremely muscular (fitting for a former Olympic athlete turned superheroine). She definitely stands out among the rest of the superheroines, but is still treated as very attractive in the series. Some bonus art of her features her undressing, and volume 20 of the series features her and other heroines in swimsuits.
  • In Ramia Yana Hero And Demon Lord Chronicles, the titular character, Ramia, has an extremely muscular physique, especially her arms, abs, and back while still having a curvy hourglass figure with large breasts and a large butt. This all gets showcase by her really tight-fitting outfit and a lot of panels in the series a shot casing her butt, boobs and arms. Despite being covered almost head to toe in scars Alexander is easily charmed by her looks and sleeps with her not long after meeting her.
  • In Slimy Thief there's the tall, muscular, Chainmail Bikini-wearing Amazon who's a recurring character. Later on in a Crossover arc, the character Red is introduced. She's another tall, muscular female warrior, but goes even further by being bare-breasted the whole time.
  • The main protagonist Alex from Swolemates, is initially assumed to be just a normal gamer, and while she is a professional gamer, she is quickly revealed to be a very well toned and beefy bombshell underneath her outfit. And like many characters comment in the series, she looks absolutely gorgeous, leaving many in awe with her impressive physique. Even Brayden, the secondary protagonist and initially Alex’s narcissistic frenemy, is left amazed by her appearance. Yet Alex is still pretty insecure about her appearance overall but is encouraged by her friends to show off more.
  • Heather from Spinnerette got a Super Physique complete with large breasts and "girl abs" after getting into a Freak Lab Accident that gave her four extra arms and some superpowers. She decides to become the title heroine and fights crime with an outfit that covers most of her body, but still manages to be very revealing due to its form-fitting nature, so her muscles and curves are quite visible.
    • Minerva the Cerberus's three-headed human form also counts, despite her belief that she feels "so weak." Then again, she's about nine feet tall in Cerb form, compared to "only" 7 and a half feet-ish as a human.
  • David C. Matthews has quite a few of 'em as leads to a couple of his webcomics. All of them are hyper-muscular yet busty, with feminine faces. They're either scantily clad or even if they are wearing something modest, it's always depicted as very tight fitting. For starters, there's Tetsuko (which contains a lot of explicit nudity), Contest Jitters, Satin Steele, and Dyna the Damsel Dynamo.

    Web Original 
  • "GameGirlPower" is a YouTube channel centered on animations of very muscular female characters ranging from amazonian to gigantic. Many girls display Super-Strength and the stories generally tell a story of girls growing extremely buff.
  • Hippolyta of the Whateley Universe is six feet tall and muscular. She wears tight, skimpy outfits even though she doesn't like guys ogling her. (She does, however like girls ogling her. That's why she is in Poe cottage.)
  • Zuzana Light aka "Zuzka" and former "BodyRock Chick". While her clothing style isn't outside the realm of athletic gear, you'd be hard pressed to find her wearing anything that doesn't show off her abs and sizable cleavage and that isn't extremely snug from the waist down. When she was part of Body Rock, the provocative angles all of her videos were shot in added to this image. (After getting her new channel, this aspect of Zuzka's videos has been toned down a bit.)
    • Lisa-Marie Zbozen, the new "BodyRock Chick" (also: the new paramour of Zuzka's ex-husband). Lisa-Marie was less endowed when she started working as Zuzka's replacement, but one elective surgery later she's more or less a carbon copy of the former face of the channel, including the Male Gaze poses.

    Western Animation 
  • In Arcane, Vi becomes this an adult, she's become quite attractive despite spending several years in prison, and has the well-muscled arms to go with it from years of training in her cell. After being freed from Stillwater by Caitlyn, she gets noticed by two Zaunite thugs — one of whom flirtatiously touches her shoulder and flicks her hair — before she beats them unconscious and steals their clothes.
  • In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures it's revealed that the arms of the famed Venus de Milo sculpture were actually very muscular because the sculptor based the statue off his very muscular Amazonian girlfriend, whom he is smitten over because of her muscles and strength. Bill and Ted are pretty impressed as well.
  • The episode "Beef" from Dave the Barbarian has Princess Candy trying to woo away a potential suitor from the tall and muscular Bicepia the Warrior Woman by eating magic broccoli to gain a similar figure. However, this begins to go out the window as Candy digests more and more broccoli; she grows more and more buff, but her beauty and brains quickly get thrown onto the backburner.
  • In Eek! The Cat, Sharky has a crush on a muscular female "Patriotic Warrior" named "Platinum".
  • In Futurama, the Amazonians, from the planet Amazonia, are a race of gigantic, muscular, scantily-clad tribal women. There were male Amazonians, but they all died out due to crushed pelvises from sex, or, as they call it, snu-snu. Both Fry and Zapp were equally horrified and turned on when they received the sentence of death by snu-snu. Kif is just plain horrified.
    Zapp: What are you, gay?
  • Gravity Falls: Although he's quite happy having a long-distance relationship with what's effectively a female version of himself (that is, chubby), Soos had a picture of a muscular woman in a bikini come out of the Mailbox That Knows Everything when he asked it about his dream woman.
  • Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths features Wonder Woman's Evil Counterpart from an Alternate Universe, Superwoman, who is shown with a muscular yet curvaceous build. Between this, her outfit, the dominatrix-like attitude, her unrepentant insanity, UST-oozing scenes with Batman, the Designated Girl Fight with Wonder Woman, and the voice of Gina Torres (well-known for playing two other warrior women), she's a bona-fide Amazonian Beauty.
  • In the Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil episode "Bwar and Peace", the b-plot revolves around Kick's Big Brother Bully Brad falling in love with a seven-foot-tall muscular Viking woman who was too tall to even fit in the camera frame. The two even get married until Brad dumps her to save money for the plane ride home.
  • Korra from The Legend of Korra has a realistically proportioned athlete's build, with a well toned back, stomach, shoulders and arms, and she looks realistically stocky and muscular. (Especially by animated standards, being based off the robust builds of real life female boxers, and she has a note on her model sheet specifically telling the animators not to draw her legs too skinny). She is considered attractive by at least three male characters, and as of the finale, one female, in the series. Unlike most examples, she is fairly short. But compensates with her well muscled build. Yet In Book 4, following the Time Skip, while she's still very toned and has a swimmer's wide shoulders, Korra is noticeably more lithe than Books 1-3 and has lost a fair amount of muscle mass. This is intentional, due to Korra suffering a devastating injury at the end of Book 3 that first left her unable to walk for a long time and eventually required years of healing and therapy before she regained her full mobility and ability to keep up with training and physical activities, thus causing her to lose some bulk in-universe. In a meta sense, it acted as a physical representation of how Korra has matured and changed her outlook on the world; in Book 1 she was a hotheaded warrior with a brawny physique who almost always tried to solve problems with brute force and by direct action, whereas in Book 4 she has a lean yet lithe build that thematically fits a mature mediator who tries diplomacy first and chooses to fight when it is necessary or unavoidable.
    • Though after overcoming her mental scars and trauma Korra was able to continue training once again and regained some of her previous muscle mass.
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes:
    • K.O.'s mother Carol is one of the main characters, and she easily stands out among the other action girls in the cast with her curvier, toned physique (no small feat, since the girls tend to have Hartman Hips), which she's retained since her former prime days as Silver Spark. Unsurprisingly, she has an admirer in Mr. Gar, who's always been so smitten that he hesitates to even talk to her, and Enid called her a babe upon seeing a picture of her younger self.
    • Foxtail had Super-Strength and a Heroic Build, which also earned her Mr. Gar's admiration.
  • By the end of The Owl House, Willow Park had grown into this, with defined biceps and a large chest.
  • "Worth Her Weight In Gold" from the Police Academy cartoon gives us the aptly-named Phoenix Amazona, The World's Strongest Woman. Also pulls triple-duty as a Genius Bruiser (seeing as she's the mastermind and muscle behind a gold smuggling operation) and Statuesque Stunner. Oh, and she's a criminal. In fact, Amazona, knowing that the cops are on her tail, actually invokes her appeal to string along the cowardly and smitten-at-first-sight Carl Sweetchuck, flirting with him (including addressing him by pet names and showing up for a "date" in a slinky purple dress) and sending him on errands to unknowingly do the dirty work for her as she tries to cover her tracks.
  • Samurai Jack; the Scotsman and his wife sired several dozens of daughters during the Time Skip leading to Season 5. All of them having grown into tall, brawny redheads who go into battle wearing mini dresses.
  • Adora in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is shown to be pretty jacked, and that's just in her regular form; her Super Mode as She-Ra is similarly beefy, and gains an extra foot or two in height. She's also shown to be attractive, particularly given the amount of Ship Tease she gets: her Foe Romance Subtext with Catra is the stuff of legends, she seems extremely close to Glimmer, even Mermista compliments her appearance a couple of times, and when Perfuma first sees Adora in She-Ra form, she practically sees rainbows.
    • There's also Scorpia and Huntara. Perfuma is clearly attracted to both of them, and Adora absolutely smitten by Huntara when they first meet.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Strong Arms of the Ma", Homer buys a valuable weight-lifting set from a garage sale, and Marge develops anxiety problems due to an encounter with a mugger. Marge eventually starts using the weight-lifting set, and gains not only her confidence back, but also a nice, muscular body. Homer approves of it at first ("It's like I'm married to Shaft!"), but then Marge gets hooked on steroids and grows obsessed with getting stronger, turning her into a violent Brawn Hilda.
  • While the Black Cat in the Spider-Man comics is usually traditionally femininely shaped, in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, thanks to a Super Serum similar to the one used in the creation of Captain America, she gains the ability to morph into a taller, muscular, uninhibited Femme Fatale with increased human reflexes and strength clad in a very skin-tight Spy Catsuit (and of course like the comics, there was chemistry between her and Spider-Man).


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