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"Death is not death. In this place, life is fleeting. To whomever might find this lore, I can but only provide you with one advice: always move forward."
Benedict Baker

Dead By Daylight is a survival-horror game in which one player is a supernatural Serial Killer, and the remaining players are the hapless Survivors who've stumbled upon his (or her) hunting grounds. The gameplay is best described as an elaborate game of Hide and Seek - the Survivors must sneak alone or work together, to hide from or distract the Killer, who relentlessly pursues them through a randomly generated map. The Survivors' main goal is to repair the generators hidden throughout the map, which will power the gates leading to the exitsnote , while the Killer's main goal is to hunt down, maim, capture, and ultimately sacrifice the Survivors by impaling them on hooks strewn throughout the mapnote . Survivors must deal with timing skill checks that can alert the Killer if they fail, while Killers have trouble navigating over obstacles like wooden pallets and windows. Special perks and equipment can radically change the playstyle of both killers and survivors, leaving both sides guessing how their opponents will react to the hunt and chase. Survivors can equip a small variety of special equipment that temporarily boosts their abilities, while each Killer has a unique power (and sometimes sub-abilities) that lets them control the playing field or improve their ability to hunt. And at the start of the match, no player can see the other players' abilities and must deduce their strengths and weaknesses, the most important of which is the type of Killer and their power.


The game came out on June 14th, 2016, and is available for purchase on Steam. The game was made available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2017 and Nintendo Switch in fall 2019.

Check out the website here.

In 2018, Behaviour Interactive announced Deathgarden, a Action Spin-Off about a Sci-Fi Blood Sport that shares several similar gameplay elements.

See also Identity V, an extremely similar game by Joker Studio, Netease, and Behaviour Interactive itself assisting with the development for mobile phones, only Lighter and Softer and has a Tim Burton esque makeover.


Dead by Daylight provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Achilles' Heel: Some survivor perks are hard counters to specific killers. However, some are only good against specific killers, and therefore see little use.
    • "Calm Spirit" completely negates The Doctor's tracking power, and at it's maximum rank, also allows the survivor to fully counter the "Spies from the shadows" perk (which gives killers a visual and audio cue, visible through walls, whenever a crow within a certain radius is disturbed by a survivor, effectively giving away the survivor's general location).
    • "Object of Obsession" gives a survivor unlimited wallhacks while in the dream world facing The Nightmare, and can also allow them to pinpoint exactly where The Trapper is setting his beartraps in the game.
    • "Sprint Burst" allows survivors to easily outrun The Wraith's ambush attacks.
    • "Spine Chill" tips survivors off whenever Ghostface or The Shape is stalking them.
    • Similarly, the two trap-placing killers can be countered very effectively by certain items. Maps reveal the location of The Trapper's bear traps, and flashlights can be used to safely disable The Hag's phantasm traps.
  • All There in the Manual: Backstory about the setting, characters, or the maps is on the official website, and not really referenced in-game.
    • The 3.3.0 patch saw the introduction of the archive feature, with players being able to unlock pieces of the characters' backstory ingame by completing certain challenges.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: When you get to the max level of a character (Level 50), you are given the option to "prestige". Doing this will reset your character to level 1, remove all perks/offerings/items/addons/ect. What do you get for doing this? A part of the character's default outfit covered in blood, and you must do this an additional two times afterwards to get the full outfit (although higher prestige ranks also increase the odds of finding rares items, addons, perks and offerings in the bloodweb).
  • Animal Motifs: The Clown is themed around birds. He calls himself "Jeffrey Hawk", and had a fascination with birds in his childhood that soon turned into torture and murder. He also used to collect feathers. Survivor Nea is also given a cat motif.
    • The killers in general have a Shrike motif, being predators that carry their prey to stationary spikes in order to impale them.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Endgame: Collapse is intended to hasten the end of a game. Once the exit gates are powered or the Hatch has opened, the Killer can force Survivors to go for the riskier gate exit by opening a gate or closing the Hatch. This addition has effectively removed Hatch stand-offs, Survivors playing around in the exit, and other nonsense that used to drag out a match.
    • If all the generators are powered and the survivors aren't opening the gates because they want to run around, be toxic and/or generally waste your time as a killer when they should be finishing the match, Killers can as a last resort instantly open one of the gates themselves to force Endgame to trigger, so the survivors will be forced to leave under the weight of the timer.
    • When the hatch opens, the Killer shutting it is prioritized over the survivors jumping into it, so if a survivor is just camping the hatch as the second to last person dies waiting to escape, mashing the interact button will deny them an easy escape and punish them for camping.
    • "Stillness Crows" will circle a survivor if they stand still for a full minute (doing something, like working on a generator, doesn't trigger them), or land on their locker if they stay in one for too long, and then make very loud noises that cause sound warnings (As though the killer has Spies From the Shadows equipped). This keeps survivors from just jumping into a locker and going AFK for the entire match.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack:
    • Of sorts. On a regular match, your standard attacks put a survivor on a "hurt" state, and a second attack puts them in a "dying state", after which you can hook them. However, you can bypass the "hurt" state completely via several means, which are widely telegraphed to the survivors. They are basically a hard counter to survivors' Self-Care perk and Septic Agent/Anti-Haemorrhaghic Syringe addons, which allow a sufficiently skilled survivor to heal themselves after being hit before they are hit again.
    • If you're using the Hillbilly or the Cannibal, you can put survivors directly in their "dying" state if your Chainsaw Sprint connects. Your Chainsaw Sprint creates a lot of noise when used, though, and it gets louder as you approach a survivor, giving them enough time to try to dodge or take cover (though you can reduce the noise made by your chainsaw with Add-ons). You also have reduced maneuverability, and get stunned if you miss.
      • The Oni gets a similar ability with a charged-up Demon Strike, which can also be done at the end of a Demon Dash move.
    • While using Michael Myers, your standard Evil Within allows you to instantly put a survivor in their "dying state" when it reaches tier 3. Tier 3 of Evil Within only lasts for 60 seconds each time you achieve it, though, you can only achieve it a limited amount of times in a match (the standard hard limit being about 4 to 5 times), and the survivors are informed as soon as you hit tier 3. Differing from Hillbilly's Chainsaw Sprint, you can do nothing to muffle the notification.
    • Related to Evil Within, you can replace the "instantly put in dying state" with "instantly kills the survivor on contact" if you equip the Judith's Tombstone or Tombstone Piece addons.
    • If the survivor is inflicted with the Exposed status effect, they can be downed in one hit with a regular attack.
    • If you're using the Hex: Devour Hope perk, you can instantly down a person after getting 3 tokens. After getting 5, you can instantly down them and bypass the hooks entirely by just killing them on the ground. The great drawback here is that it requires the hexed totem to be intact (although the survivors are made aware of that totem's presence only once the killer gained three tokens and downed an exposed survivor), so you lose your ability completely if a survivor cleanses it. Even though there is no audible notification this time, the hexed totem shines in a less-than-discrete fashion, allowing survivors to locate it and cleanse it if you don't take precautions beforehand, making The Hag and The Trapper the only killers that can defend their totems without having to leave gens completely unattended while doing so.
    • The Iridescent Head add-on for the Huntress' Hunting Hatchets, which allow her Hunting Hatchets to instantly inflict the dying state on whatever unlucky survivor they hit. In addition, while the add-on does reduce the maximum amount of Hatchets she can carry from 5 to 1, the Huntress can just refill her Hatchets using the lockers around the map and equip an Infantry Belt for an extra 2 hatchets, which makes the drawback a moot point.
    • The Trapper's Honing Stone add-on inflicts the dying state on any survivor who gets free after being caught in a Bear Trap.
    • The Clown has access to the Redhead's Pinky Finger addon, which puts survivors hit directly by the Afterpiece Tonic's bottle in an exposed state. This means the next attack that lands on them will put them on dying state.
    • Similar to The Shape, Ghost Face can "mark" a survivor by stalking them. Marked survivors go down in one hit for a set amount of time. The only issue is, he can only mark survivors while in Shrouded Hunt, and the survivors can force him out of it by looking at him for a short while (any survivor can do this, not only the one being stalked). On the bright side, stalking carries over between activations of the stealth mode, so long as you don't hit your target at any time with your basic attack.
  • Ax-Crazy: The killers, being bloodthirsty lunatics who mostly were Driven to Madness in their backstories and now spend their days as The Entity's hunting dogs.
  • Asshole Victim: If you thought the killers were bad, you should take a gander at each of their Start of Darkness. You almost start to feel sorry for (some of) them by comparison.
  • Asymmetric Multiplayer: Up to four survivors, who are playing a Run or Die game, and one killer, who is an unstoppable slasher movie monster.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Some of the more rare killer addons work like this. As of lately, at least one addon of very rare quality or higher per killer either fundamentally changes how the power works or powers it up heavily, but in both cases renders it situational at best, requiring the killer's entire loadout to be built around it.
    • Both the Fragrant Tuft of Hair and Judith's Tombstone for The Shape, especially if used together. They allow you to get unlimited tier 3 of Evil Within and instantly kill survivors when on Evil Within 3, respectively, at the cost of slowing the progression from Evil Within II to Evil Within III to a crawl. If you don't have a build made specifically to slow generator progress down significantly and constantly, don't expect to reach tier 3 until at least most generators are completed.
    • Iridescent Seal makes The Plague gain Corrupt Purge every time a generator is completed. While it's great since survivors cannot deprive you of your power by not cleansing, it also severely restricts the amount of time you can hold Corrupt Purge, and the addon also slows you down. Overall, it's a great effect limited by overbalancing.
    • Realistically, any add-on on The Nurse. With a power that relies entirely on muscle memory, equipping almost any addon can upset your timing and hurt you way more than help you. However, if you can get accustomed to a specific combination of add-ons, they can make you steamroll even a coordinated SWF team with ease. That is, if you can feed the Bloodweb enough to be able to use those addons consistently in the first place.
      • After Nurse's rebalance as of October 2019, Torn Bookmark has become the only addon that gives you additional chain blinks. People usually stacked them together since additional chain blinks meant more room for commiting mistakes and countering certain survivor perks like Dead Hard. Right now, however, you have to be damn sure you want that extra blink, since the Bookmark also removes the Nurse's ability to blink into places that you cannot physically see, which is almost always the preferable way to meet survivors at the other end of a loop, a jungle gym, or basically any LoS blocker. Also, good luck with indoors maps, where blinking through solid matter would be pretty much your only way to traverse the map at something faster than a snail's pace.
    • For Hag, the Mint Rag. When equipped, she can literally travel to any trap in the map, triggered or not. This means, most importantly, that survivors cannot perform unhooks without you being instantly beside them. However, it introduces a 15-second cooldown when used, severely limiting its potential.
    • As far as The Spirit goes, a combination of Mother-Daughter Ring and Prayer Beads has the potential to be absolutely devastating. With the ability to move at the fastest possible speed in the game without giving away your location at all, you will be yanking survivors off generators and generally be applying pressure anywhere you want. The problem? You lose your ability to see scratch marks when phasing, which means you have to rely on very subtle hints, like the movement of grass and outright colliding with survivors, to figure out where they are.
    • In general, most hex perks are considered this. They often have outstanding effects, such as letting you outright kill survivors without the need of any addon or offering when the right conditions are met, but they are always bound to a totem. The hexed totem glows, making it easy for any survivor to spot it and just cleanse it (an action that takes 5 to 6 seconds at most). Once that totem disappears, the effects of the perk are nullified. Realistically, unless you get good totem spawn RNG, you can be denied of your hex perks within the first 30 seconds of the game. Oh and, by the way, totems can spawn right next to generators, which survivors are naturally attracted to. In high ranked play, the only hex perks that see any action are Ruin and maybe Huntress' Lullaby, the former being considered almost essential, just because their effects can greatly benefit the killer regardless of how long they stand.
    • Once enraged, The Oni has two attacks that can put a survivor directly into dying: he can either charge his Kanabo for a 1-hit, or he can slam his Kanabo after a sprint, similar to Hillbilly, in order to put survivors in dying state. The catch? It's obscenely hard to actually hit anything unless your target is either running in a perfectly straight line, or is funneled into a narrow passage.
    • The Deathslinger's Iridescent Coin exposes all survivors speared from 15+ meters away, for as long they are speared. Actually being able to reel in a survivor from that far away and hit them without the chain breaking is another issue altogether.
    • The Blight's Iridescent Blight Tag can put the survivors into the dying state if you manage to hit them during a Lethal Rush if you have zero rush tokens. Considering you cannot start a rush with less than a full stack (5 by default), and you have to bump into things to consume the tokens, actually pulling it off consistently is awkward, to say the least.
    • The Huntress can use Perks and add-ons that reduce the size of her terror radius; with any other killer those would be beneficial, and with a ranged killer they'd be especially useful, but they're all rendered moot by the fact that reducing her terror radius doesn't affect her humming, making them completely useless.
    • The survivor perk "No Mither". On the one hand, the ability to fully recover from the downed state is an incredibly useful ability, even if It Only Works Once per game. On the other hand, you're a One-Hit Point Wonder for the entire game, and the amount of situations in which a killer will let you recover from the downed state can be counted on one hand.
    • The Tricker's Death Throes Compilation addon allows his blades to inflict Laceration based on proximity, and also inflict up to 200% damage per blade thrown. This means you'd need a minimum of 4 blades to hit their target (whereas normally it would have to hit 8). The big problem is that, if you want the bonuses, you cannot miss a blade throw, ever. This is on a killer whose power revolves around spamming knife throws on the hope at least some of them hit their mark. Two other addons even give him an extra chance to still hit a survivor after "missing". Good luck with your 100% accuracy.
  • Bad Black Barf: When The Plague consumes the corruption within a Pool of Devotion, her puke goes from green to a very dark shade of red, to signify it will hurt survivors if it connects.
  • Bilingual Bonus: The Trickster speaks with actual Korean.
  • Blinded by the Light: Survivors can use fireworks or a flashlight to blind the killers and possibly make them drop their victim if they're carrying another survivor. It can be somewhat finicky, as it entirely relies on the killer actually looking at the light for it to work. The Wraith and the Nurse in particular are vulnerable to the flashlight, being stunned for longer periods.
  • Boring, but Practical: To note:
    • Freddy has a wide array of powers at his disposal, including some addons that allow him to switch his power around. However, he is most effective with a gen denial build with the Swing Chains addon and one of his Ultra Rares that limit survivors wake up options. Considering how fast games usually go, pairing the Swing Chains (which slightly decrease survivors' action speed and the penalty increases for each survivor asleep) with Ruin, Thanatophobia, Pop Goes the Weasel and/or Huntress' Lullaby (preferably a combination of 2 or more of these) can bring the game to an utter crawl for survivors, giving him enough time to at least whittle down the survivors. This works even if Freddy actively ignores his primary ability for the most part, which is to teleport around generators.
    • Out of the Trapper's many addons, one of the most practical to use is the Iridescent Stone ultra rare, which just makes it so that traps can reset themselves. You don't get any other bonuses or nasty effects like with the other addons, but there is a distinct advantage in that survivors won't see you resetting a trap ever. This may cause them to fall for them just because they thought they had already disarmed it, and they didn't see you place it again at the same location.
    • The Pig's standard ability is to crouch. That may not sound impressive, but the crouch removes her terror radius and gives her access to an incredibly effective lunge ability, meaning that she can come out of absolute nowhere to attack whichever Survivor she happens to see.
    • The perk "Pop Goes The Weasel" isn't nearly as flashy as many other Killer perks, but it is reliable to activate and will get use in almost every match, making it one of the most practical perks available.
      • Moreover, the Amanda's Letter addon makes her reverse bear traps effectively useless by reducing them to 1 and reducing the Jigsaw Boxes to 2. However, it does let you read the aura of any survivor in a 12m radius. Survivors usually don't expect you to be able to see them hiding. Match that up with her ambush ability and you got yourself the most effective way to clear the Rite of the Ungrateful dailies.
    • The perk "Sprint Burst" allows a survivor to sprint faster than usual for an incredibly short amount of time, and the cooldown doesn't change while that survivor continues running. However, if you max it out to increase the sprint time and decrease the cooldown, saving your sprint for the right moment can mean the difference between a killer hitting you/knocking you down and that killer whiffing their attack, giving you time to hide.
  • Continuity Nod: The bathroom from the original Saw shows up in Gideon Meat Plant, containing a generator. Near the generator is a corpse slumped against the wall, next to a toilet with its tank lid on the floor. This is a nod to the film's ending, where Adam crushes Zepp's head with the lid and is later left to die.
  • Creepy Basement: On maps, there's a house with a basement that only has one way out and hooks that can't be taken down by the tool box. In most cases, if a killer brings you down there, there's little to no chance that you're getting out alive.
  • Creepy Circus Music: The Clown's theme, naturally.
  • Creepy Crows: Ravens are common wildlife in the maps that aid killers in finding survivors
    • Ravens are normally found perched throughout the map that fly away when people get near them, possibly alerting a nearby killer that a survivor is close by. Survivors can keep the ravens from flying off by crouching (though getting too close will still startle them); killers, on the other hand, always startle them (unless they're crouching as the Pig or Ghostface).
    • If a survivor hides in a locker for too long, ravens will perch on it and make noise, giving away their location.
    • If a survivor stays still for over a minute, ravens will noisily circle above them, loudly giving away their location until the survivor moves.
    • On the Pale Rose map, there are ravens all over the Paddle Steamer landmark. Whenever someone enters it, the birds fly off, making a hell of a racket.
  • Crossover:
    • On October 25th 2016, The Halloween Chapter was released as a paid DLC, which adds Michael Myers as a new killer and Laurie Strode as a new survivor alongside the new free map, Haddonfield.
    • On March 8th 2017, The free "Left Behind" content update was released. The update crossed Dead by Daylight with, rather unexpectedly, Valve's Left 4 Dead, adding William "Bill" Overbeck as a whole new survivor with outfits based on other survivors (Ellis, Zoey, Rochelle, and Francis) for the original four survivors along with a T-shirt for every survivor (except Laurie, Ace and Bill) that had the iconic four-fingered zombie hand on it that was given to those who own Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2.
    • On September 14th 2017, the LEATHERFACE DLC was released, which added the character of the same name.
    • On October 26th 2017, The "A Nightmare on Elm Street" chapter was released, adding Freddy Krueger as a killer, Quentin Smith as a survivor and Elm Street as a new map.
    • On January 23rd 2018, the Saw Chapter was released, adding Amanda Young as a new killer, David Tapp as a survivor, and the Gideon Meat Plant as a new map.
    • On April 2, 2019, Ash Williams from Evil Dead was added as a survivor.
    • On mid-June, 2019, The Ghost Face dropped. Differing from other licensed killers, though, this one is actually not based off any of the killers from the Scream franchise, but is actually a completely original character that just happens to use the mask. This is because the license the team secured was for the mask, not the movies. This is also part of the reason why the killer dropped without an accompanying map or survivor.
    • In September of 2019, they crossed over with Stranger Things, adding the Demogorgon as a Killer, both Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as Survivors, and the Hawkins National Laboratory as a map.
    • In June 2020, they crossed over with, to the surprise of many, Silent Hill, adding Cheryl Mason and the Pyramid Head as playable characters and the Midwich Elementary School as a map.
    • In April 2021, Resident Evil was announced to be joining the realm of the entity, as part of RE's 25th anniversary. Welcome to Raccoon City, Entity.
    • May 4, 2021, saw unique skins from Crypt TV being added to the game. The Hag can become The Birch-Witch, the Doctor can become the Look-See, and the Huntress can become the Mordeo.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: The killers usually have to hang victims from a meat-hook contraption so that they can be sacrificed to the Entity. Usually. See Finishing Move below, for an exception.
  • Daylight Horror: As of update 4.7.0, the Coldwind Farm was reworked to take place early in the morning. The killer can still find you and kill you.
  • Deal with the Devil: If Cheryl Mason's perk, Repressed Alliance, is something to go by, her and any survivor willing to learn the skill are not above appealing to The Entity for an advantage against the killers, as fleeting as it may be. It still does not mean The Entity will actually let them escape, though. To a lesser extent, survivors using the Blood Web can be seen as them exchanging their grief and despair for boosts to their abiities and items to use on their trials.
  • Death Trap: Amanda Young's whole schtick. After downing a survivor, she can place a Reverse Bear Trap on their heads. The trap has a countdown that starts ticking after the next generator, counting from the moment the trap was placed, is completed. Once the count reaches zero, or if the survivor tries to escape through the exit gates, the survivor dies instantly. The only way to get them out is to check the several Jigsaw Boxes in the map for the necessary key. However, only one of the boxes has the necessary key, and there can be any number from 2 to 6 boxes to search from, depending on the addons the killer has equipped. Of course, the boxes are rigged: survivors grunt in pain when searching the box, and they do cry out in pain if they fail a skill check. Oh, and also depending on the addons, both the reverse bear traps and the boxes can have some nasty stuff in them, from razor wire, utility knives and face masks all the way up to interlocking razors and slow release toxins.
  • Difficult, but Awesome:
    • The Nurse in general. You will be getting curbstomped every match until you learn how to effectively use her power. Once you get her down, though, she easily becomes the best killer in the game for the sole grace of being able to completely ignore almost every single method survivors have to defend against killers. Including pallets. Especially pallets.
    • For The Shape, Scratched Mirror. It forbids him from ever going out of Evil Within I. This means he is stuck with a below-average speed and a pitiful lunge. He, however, gains the ability to read survivor auras in a 32m radius around him, with no restrictions. This, paired with the fact that Evil Within I reduces your Terror Radius to nothing and grants immunity from any detection perks, ensures you always know where survivors are, but they cannot detect you. Even Distortion's tokens would get consumed too fast for this ability to not be useful to some degree. That said, there is exactly one map where Myers can capitalize on all of this, and a few others where he might have an advantage, but at the end of the day, you are a big hulking man in a white mask, so your stealth can only go so far.
  • Early Game Hell: High-level players with 4 optimum synergized perks have a massive advantage over new players with one completely random perk. They even have a large advantage over mid-level players who have unlocked all 4 perk slots but are still stuck with 4 random perks. The game's matchmaking system doesn't care, either, so unless you're playing at the very highest ranks it's pretty common for high-level players to be pitted against very low-level players. It also takes a couple dozen hours of grinding to even reach the point of having 4 perk slots at all for a single character.
  • Easter Egg:
    • There's a golden toolbox hidden in almost every map.
    • Inputting the Konami Code while having Pyramid Head selected in the menu will play a short, faster-paced retro version of the Dead by Daylight theme and unlock a Vic Viper charm.
    • Speaking of Silent Hill, on the Midwich Elementary School map, there is a rather complicated Easter Egg that references the original game: By repairing two specific generators, the ones in the Music Room and Chemistry Lab, the clock will move and two medallions will appear on the sides of the tower. Then, upon triggering the Endgame Collapse, the Clock Tower will open up, revealing a hidden chest. This is a reference to the clock tower puzzle from Silent Hill 1, where you needed to complete two puzzles in those rooms before obtaining the medallions, which would then allow you to enter the clock tower.
  • The '80s: The 80's Suitcase DLC gives the survivor's a bunch of 80s themed cosmetics to die fabulously in.
  • Fate Worse than Death: As described by the tagline, not even death is an escape from the killers, as the survivors find themselves repeating their attempt of escaping.
  • Finishing Move: Memento Mori, the special offerings that allows a killer to personally finish off a downed victim at their leisure, in their preferred fashion. There are three versions of these offerings:
    • Cypress: Can only kill the last survivor who hasn't escaped yet.
    • Ivory: Can only kill one survivor at any point as long as they have been hooked twice.
    • Ebony: Can kill every survivor as long as they have been hooked twice.
    • Unique to Pyramid Head, survivors who are afflicted with the Tormented status effect and that have already reached stage two on their hook/cage countdown, can be executed on the spot with an abridged version of his Mori. This makes him the only killer (at the time) that has two different execution animations.
  • First-Person Ghost: Averted. While playing as any killer, looking down will reveal your feet. Exception 
  • Game-Breaking Bug:
    • It is possible to fall out of the map, both as killer and survivor. If this happens, you might as well disconnect.
    • There are various ways for the game to become stuck in an infinite loading screen, requiring a restart.
    • In December of 2016, various exploits of the perk and item system were publicized. It was possible to pass survivor perks to a killer and vice versa, stack four of the same perk, give killer powers to other killers, and much worse. While very few people exploited the various glitches on the Ranked servers, a few players brought intentionally broken combinations into Ranked and used them to rank up and be a griefer.
    • The introduction of The Twins resulted in a bunch of bugs, including the newest Killer being left unable to move for the rest of the match.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Nearly everything in the game has a lore explanation behind it, such as...
    • No matter the outcome of each trial, survivors find themselves back at the campfire because the Entity forces them to be.
    • The Entity is an Emotion Eater, so you gain bloodpoints by performing actions which encourage emotions like hope and fear. This can explain why the Entity allows the survivors to have items and escape routes, so they can experience greater hope - and have it torn away.
    • The maps are altogether wonky, half-built, and filled with generators and wooden pallets because the Entity is an Eldritch Abomination and has a twisted comprehension of what the actual places look like.
  • Golden Snitch: Of a sort. If only one survivor still lives, an escape hatch appears somewhere on the map. If the last player can enter this hatch, that survivor gets an easy escape, even if not all the generators are online. If the killer gets to the hatch first, though, they can close it. This powers up all exit gates and triggers all endgame perks such as Adrenaline. The survivor can still escape, but they still have to evade the killer while opening the gates, an action that is by no means instantaneous.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: According to the manual, the survivors are stuck in a loop of being chased by the killers until they either escape or are killed by the Entity, only to find themselves repeating it.
  • Guide Dang It!:
    • Practically nothing beyond basic gameplay is explained, not by in-game prompts, not by the tutorials, not even by the online manual. Figuring out how to actually escape from a meathook without help, for example, is entirely an exercise in frustration, made worse by the fact that most player's first instinct actually decreases the amount of time you have.
    • This is mitigated somewhat by the fact that there are playable tutorials for both killer and survivor, that provides a very general introduction to their playstyles. Good luck with all the killers' powers, items and addons you can use, though. Or figuring out how much does a "moderate" buff actually means, and how it differs from "considerable" buffs.
  • Harmful to Touch: Evan's bear traps, if he equips the Bloody Coil addon. If a survivor succeeds in either disarming or sabotaging one of the traps, they are put in a hurt state immediately after.
  • Heartbeat Soundtrack: Plays with increasing intensity as the hunter nears a survivor player.
  • Hellish Horse: On the Father Campbell's Chapel map, you can find the Clown's circus caravan. The horse driving it is laying on its side beside it, now mutilated and demonic with a third eye, moving and neighing.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Most of the Killers have a distinctive sound that can be used to discern which Killer is being played, such as the Wraith's bell, the Nurse's scream, or the Deathslinger's gun firing.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Can happen if a killer pursues a second survivor after crippling someone in/near tall grass, and loses track of where they downed the first victim.
    • Killers that can hide their Terror Radius and stain, such as The Pig, The Shape, and The Ghost Face, can become this. Unwary survivors can get yanked out of generators/totems just because they didn't see the hulking man in the white mask approaching just behind them.
  • Hillbilly Horrors: The Hillbilly and The Cannibal, of course. There's also the farm level with the wide open cornfields, mutilated animals, and is in a decrepit state.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Upon learning that each of the cars he crushed had people inside of them, Philip Ojomo (now known as the Wraith) opted to inflict the same punishment onto his boss, who was responsible for Ojomo's victims.
    • Can also happen to the Trapper if he accidentally steps into one of his own bear traps while pursuing a survivor, although this only momentarily stops him as he will just pry himself loose and reset the trap. This can also happen while the Trapper is carrying a downed survivor, forcing the Trapper to release his victim so that he can use both hands to reset the trap.
  • Homemade Sweater from Hell: No word on whether they're homemade, but the Ugly Sweaters collection includes some garish apparel for several survivors — and another two for the Legion.
  • Hope Spot: Tends to crop up in gameplay with distressing regularity. A survivor goes to rescue a friend, only to find the Killer waiting behind a wall. Another makes a dash for the open gate, but gets caught by a bear trap in a bush.
  • Imminent Danger Clue: As a survivor, your heart beats louder when the killer is nearby. You'll also be lit by a dim red light when he's right behind you, and at that point you better be running.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: The hunter's goal is to pierce the survivors with hooks to be used for sacrifices. If the sacrifices are successful, the survivors get impaled by more spiky bits.
  • Instant-Win Condition: For survivors, crossing the exit threshold or escaping through the trapdoor. Both of these can become Thwarted Escape under certain conditions.
  • Jump Scare: This effect can be achieved by the killer using the Insidious Perk, allowing survivors to approach into their radius without triggering an alert, until the killer moves to strike.
    • The Nurse's Blink ability is prime material for this. You can be fixing a generator or hiding with no Nurse in sight. You think you're safe and then BAM, there she is right beside you!
    • Survivors can jump scare the killer sometimes. If you have wandered underneath a pallet by accident and you get pallet stunned.
    • Michael Myers, at tier 1 of his Evil Within ability, has practically no heartbeat. Meaning he can get real close to you without you knowing until you turn around...
    • Similarly, Amanda Young has no heartbeat when she crouches. This combined with her small size means she can easily sneak up on an unaware survivor.
    • The Doctor's hallucinations that can appear after a survivor's Madness has risen high enough. One moment you can just be walking around, the next The Doctor's standing right in front of you or behind you.
    • The Plague's Dark Devotion perk allows her to pass her Terror radius to the Obsession she hit for a set duration - meaning she can leave them to run off on their own and hunt down a different one while in "stealth" mode.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: Rochelle's iconic Depeche Mode T-shirt is available as a cosmetic for Claudette, only all mention of the band is removed and replaced with a vague "True Artists" name and design.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In the Hag's backstory, after escaping from the cannibals that had held her hostage and brutally tortured her, and deciding she wanted vengeance, she goes back to the cannibal house where she was kept and brutally murders all of them.
  • Light Is Good: The flashlight can be used to force the killers to drop their victim, and from the safety of being outside machete-range. Also, repairing generators is required to escape from the killers, and a fully-repaired generator always powers a spotlight which puts it into a circle of light.
  • Living Weapon: As of A Curtain's Call chapter, Evan's Diamond Stone add-on was replaced with the Iridescent Stone. This add-on allows every single trap in the map to set itself, one every 30 seconds. The flavour text reads that the traps gain "life of their own".
  • Lord British Postulate: On the Temple of Purgation map it was originally possible to drop the temple's main gate on top of the Killer by completing the basement generator while the killer was immediately under the gate. While this didn't actually kill the Killer (as they have no death animation), it would effectively immobilize them for the rest of the game. While extremely hard to pull off, it was doable by a coordinated team on comms by having one survivor block the Killer with their body to force them under the gate while another survivor finished the generator. This was removed for obvious reasons.
  • Made of Iron: A downplayed example. The survivors are capable of surviving a remarkable amount of punishment that would, at best, be permanently disfiguring and more than likely fatal. Only bleeding out while incapacitated or a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown can kill one of the unfortunate victims.
  • The Multiverse: Implied by Arcus 2217 in the 5th Tome, when the Observer sees memories that do not belong to the Claudette he's familiar with. There appears to be multiple Claudettes, from different timelines, trapped in the fog.
  • Mythology Gag: Michael Myers is referred to in the game as The Shape.
  • Neck Lift: The Shape's Finishing Move begins with this.
  • Neverending Terror: At best, escaping will only slow down the number of trips to the Void the Survivor takes. Also, every trip to the Void depletes some of the Survivor's soul and willpower, eventually destroying their hope and will to live. Since The Entity feeds not only from the sacrifice, but also the false hope and fear of the Survivors (in addition to the rage and bloodlust of the Killers), a Survivor with no will to live is no longer useful and thus sent permanently to the Void. That basically means that once the Entity has chosen a Survivor, they are utterly screwed. To make matters even worse, those who know about The Entity but aren't part of its sadistic games are aware that with every Sacrifice, the Entity grows stronger and spreads its influence further in the world, able to take more and more Survivors until eventually it reaches everyone on Earth. And there's NO WAY to stop this.
  • Not the Intended Use:
    • If the Nightmare is being played, then Survivors can be woken up by failing a skill check at a generator. Expect to see many players running around the map blowing up the first generator they find to wake themselves up as fast as possible.
    • Basically everything Ghostface has to offer. His main ability, the Shrouded Hunt, buffs him with Undetectable and allows him to stalk survivors until they are marked. Marked survivors go down in one hit. Shrouded Hunt, though, can be negated by survivors by just maintaining him in their line of sight for about 2 seconds. Additionally, any progress on the stalk of a survivor is completely negated if Ghostface stabs them before it's full. As a result, some players have taken a different approach to his ability: they go into Shrouded Hunt to get close to survivors and then just stab them normally, and rarely ever use the stalk for anything that's not getting a general idea as to where they might be (since stalking does make them glow white). Some even go even further, and use the Shrouded Hunt not for stealth, but to bait survivors into getting him out of that state, the rationale being that survivors will be too occupied with breaking Ghostface out of stealth that they will (hopefully) fail to pay proper attention to their loops and pathing.
    • The Legion's Frenzy move: At first glance, Deep Wounds seems to be the main draw of the ability. However, its secondary effect Killer Instinct is far FAR more useful. Deep Wounds can be countered by perks. Killer Instinct gives you a speed boost, allows you to leap through windows and pallets for a short time and allows you to see anyone on the map that is NOT inflicted with Deep Wounds. Information and movement are key in this game so at a quick glance you can tell which gen Survivors are likely to take next, what their routeing is and where they are located. With good map knowledge you can hit a person, run towards the other people doing a gen on the other side of the map, manually deactivate the ability and potentially stop a generator from being taken. Then do it again when you need info.
  • Obvious Beta: Hooo boy. Looking on the Steam forums and in the reviews, there are dozens of reports of bugs, from the game crashing when you try to start a generator to the Trapper's traps clipping through the ground to lag because the killer's player is also the host of the game. Also, there's abundant hacking and griefing the game, and the fact that the developers seem to be constantly balancing the game based upon fan complaints.
    • Even after the game was officially released and thus no longer in "beta", the controls cannot be customized at all as of early August, despite the developers promising the feature "soon" in early July. This has been a standard feature of computer games for twenty years, and this omission has caused complaints not only from users who are accustomed to a nonstandard control layout (impacting many left-handed players) but also from players who use non-QWERTY keyboards.
  • One-Hit Kill: Perhaps the most straight examples are provided by the Judith's Tombstone and Tombstone Piece addons for Evil Within, Michael Myers' ability. At the expense of needing to stalk survivors for more time and, in the case of Tombstone Piece, losing a considerable amount of evil after activating it (read: you'll have to recharge your evil after using it), those addons replace Michael's regular short-range attack when he is on Evil Within tier 3 with a nigh-unavoidable attack that instantly kills any survivor unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end. Differing from Memento Moris and the Hex: Devour Hope perk, you don't even have to actually down your victim prior to killing them; you can just automatically remove them from the game, even if they have not been hit at all before in the game. You can double the fun by pairing one of those with a Fragrant Tuft of Hair, which makes Evil Within tier 3 last forever, at the expense of having to stalk the survivors for pretty much the entirety of the match before achieving tier 3.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: Survivors go down in two hits — less under certain conditions.
    • David King's perk 'No Mither' (and its teachable variety for other survivors) reduces any survivor using it to the wounded state for the duration of the game, with no way to heal back to full health. The upside is, if downed, you can fully recover.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. There are two survivors called David: David King and Detective David Tapp.
  • The Plague: Adiris, a Babylonian priestess, attempted to cure people from a necrotizing disease by praying to the gods, and got herself infected for her efforts. She began using veils and crowns to mask her infection, and carrying a censer to mask the odor. She was snatched by The Entity before the plague killed her, and became a killer in the fog.
    • Adiris' special ability is the Vile Purge. After a short channel, she can projectile vomit. Survivors that get vomitted on or that interact with objects that were recently smeared with Adiris' puke will get infected with her disease. If left unchecked, they will eventually become afflicted with the Broken status effect and will infect anything that they touch or get touched by (excluding the Priestess herself, for obvious reasons). The disease can only be cleansed by interacting with a Pool of Devotion, after which it becomes corrupt and cannot be used for cleansing anymore. Adiris can then consume the infection from the used pools to upgrade her vomit into Corrupt Purge, which makes it deal actual damage to survivors for a short while, in exchange for it not being able to infect anything for the duration.
  • Play as a Boss: Four players play as the survivors trying to escape from the Killer, who is controlled by a fifth player. The Killer is a far more formidable being, untouchable by the Survivors and easily capable of killing them.
  • Power Limiter: A number of add-ons significantly weaken a Killer's powers, in exchange for letting them earn more Blood Points (in-game currency) during the match. Notable examples include the Trapper's padded jaws (traps do no damage, but still prevent survivors from moving), the Hillbilly and Leatherface's speed limiter (the chainsaw is no longer a One-Hit Kill), the Hag's scarred hand (prevents the Hag from teleporting, which is her main power), and the Wraith's "The Beast" sigil (his invisibility no longer hides his heartbeat).
  • Pragmatic Hero: This can be one of the more successful strategies if a survivor gets strapped to the hook — just ignore them and complete the other objectives. If you can, get them down, but if the killer is camping them... leave them to die.
  • Press X to Not Die: While a killer is carrying them, a survivor has a chance to struggle free by mashing. You can also escape from a meat hook by doing the same, but this trope plays into full effect once the meter reaches the halfway point, where the survivor has to mash to delay the Entity killing them.
    • Pyramid Head's cages of atonement provide a more QTE oriented example, as you have to succeed skill checks to stay alive once you hit phase 2 in them.
  • Randomly Generated Quests: The game gives you a maximum of three Daily Rituals which award Bloodpoints, the currency used to level up characters. You can replace a single ritual once a day. The rituals will typically consist of performing tasks as either Survivor or Killer, such as hit a Survivor 3 or 4 times with a specific Killer's power or successfully escape using a specific Survivor.
  • Rule of Three: A survivor can survive being placed on a hook only two times. The third time will see them instantly killed by the Entity, presumably since being repeatedly slashed and hung up really takes it out of you.
  • Run or Die: What the survivor gameplay boils down to, as there is literally no way for them to hurt a Killer. Survivors are slightly slower than the Killers as well, so they have to rely on misdirection and quick thinking using barricades to give them enough time to get out of the hunter's sight, as empty ground will see them caught eventually.
  • Sadistic Choice: Just like the source material, The Pig specializes in this, creating several of them in many different ways:
    • The very concept of her reverse beartraps creates one of these. The trap activates upon the completion of a generator, meaning that if a Survivor gets stuck with one, the others are given a choice: continue the generator at the possible expense of the other Survivor, or stop your progress until the Survivor gets the trap off.
    • Her perk Make Your Choice also creates one, as it severely punishes a Survivor that rescues another Survivor from a hook with the Exposed status effect. This effect causes the Survivor with it to go down in a single hit, so if the Pig is being played, anytime a Survivor rescues another, they're left with the chance that they're going to be the victim of a One-Hit Kill.
  • Thwarted Escape: Can happen with a canny killer. Or one who just refuses to leave after he hangs another player on a hook. Killers can also catch survivors going over a window sill or barricade if they're close enough, yanking the poor fool back and being able to carry them off.
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: Time seems no object for The Entity, as its killers seem plucked from various time periods (while most of the people come from the modern day, the Plague comes from ancient Babylon).
  • Trail of Blood: After harming a survivor, the killers will be able to see faintly luminous red streaks left in the wake of whomever he's hit. This trail of blood can be both brightened and leave more blood with the use of the Bloodhound and Sloppy Butcher perks respectively.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with the Oni, whose power relies on collecting blood orbs those trails leave behind.
  • Unfinished Business: The bio stories for Quentin Smith and the Spirit suggests that the Entity finds and captures souls who die with a desperately-desired goal just out of reach.
  • Unusable Enemy Equipment: The Huntress can restock her throwing hatchets at any locker. There's no explanation why the survivors can't steal these hatchets for themselves.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses: Due to the fact that there is no way to communicate between survivors (beyond a pair of vague gestures added in a more recent update), the current "meta" for the game involves using various in-game actions to signal things to other players— for instance, wiggling on the hook a certain way signals that the killer is camping nearby. Needless to say, if you don't know this going into the game, you're going to have a bad time.
  • Violation of Common Sense: A survivor can get two generators, save all their teammates, escape and still lose a rank. It takes running around the killer getting points for boldness and other dangerous things to get enough points to level up their rank. An example is getting points for going into the basement of a map; there is usually a chest in them, but it's also a really bad idea to be down there, as there's only one way out and there are unbreakable hooks there.
  • Visual Pun: Look at the logo. There are four tally marks for the four survivors, and the traditional fifth is a slash, as in "slasher".
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: The Plague liberally vomits into anything she can see as a form of spreading her disease. A fully infected survivor will also puke all around at regular intervals in addition to becoming Broken, the implication being that they become an open bile faucet that pukes on anyone and anything that comes in contact with them.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: A number of the killers committed their initial murders either due to being in a desperate situation or simply because they finally snapped under the Trauma Conga Line that was their life. The Hillbilly and The Hag are standout examples.
  • You Don't Look Like You: The many crossover characters tend to run afoul of this trope, due to Behaviour often failing to secure the rights to use their movie actors' likeness in the game. Averted in the case of The Cannibal, The Shape, Bill, Ash, Steve and Nancy. Though Bill seems to have aged quite a bit since we last saw him in his home series.note 
  • You Have Researched Breathing: Survivors don't drop their items, regardless of how brutalized or maimed they are. Killers actually have to unlock a perk so they can make survivors drop their items when their weapon hits them. Only Leatherface starts with said perk by default, and the rest have to learn it from him. Furthermore, just unlocking the perk lets you only make them drop the item. You have to upgrade the perk if you want the item to also get damaged after being dropped.
    • On the survivors' side, the same principle applies to Throwing the Distraction (an Adam Francis perk), and resetting dropped pallets (a Yui Kimura perk).


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